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Articles from Colorlines Magazine (June 22, 2003)

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A journey home: in 1974, Lorenza Calpotura left the Philippines to work as a nurse's aide in the U.S. The remittances she sent back to her family began her son's journey to America. (To the Point). Calpotura, Francis 2518
Being between: can multiracial Americans form a cohesive anti-racist movement beyond identity politics and Tiger Woods chic? (Action). Welland, Sasha S. 2213
Buffalo soldiers: Glen Ford examines the U.S. military's track record of racial hostilities. (Enemies of the State). Ford, Glen 2299
Bush's winning hand: racial tokens in the administration. (Enemies of the State). Nguyen, Tram 836
Combating Coca-Cola and the global conquistadores: following a tradition of resistance that goes back to pre-Columbian days, indigenous youth organizers in southern Mexico take on transnationals and the free-trade invasion. (Action). Call, Wendy 2145
Culture-trafficking for the 21st century: meet the cross-cultural, postcolonial performer who takes on everyone from George W. to J-Lo. (Culture). Banks, Gabrielle 1835
Empty shops, empty promises for Coney Island Pakistanis. (Enemies of the State). Ryan, Oliver 950
Highly offensive: Karen Juanita Carrillo examines the ongoing currency of racist curios. (Culture). Carrillo, Karen Juanita 1295
Mulatto America: at the Crossroads of Black and White Culture; a Social History. (Books). Johnson, Lynne D. 470
Note from the editor. Nguyen, Tram 329
Note from the publisher. Sen, Rinku 205
Rallying around the flag: why some people of color support Bush's "War on Terror". Sen, Rinku 1481
Silencing dissent: the cases of three Palestinian activists targeted by FBI probes show how government agencies may use immigration and counterterrorism measures to crack down on political activity. (Enemies of the State). Green, Jordan 2753
Special registration; prophecy and protest: Bangladeshis added to fated list. (Enemies of the State). Sen, Rinku 1520
Staffing the homeland: the feds are avidly pursuing "diversity" hires, but what are the risks of representing at security and intelligence agencies? (Enemies of the State). Banks, Gabrielle 2372
The genetics of difference: what genetic discovery and the modern biology of "race" mean for communities of color fighting health inequities. Lee, Sandra Soo-Jin 2103
Undoing the dream: Iranians look for "somewhere civilized" to call home. (Enemies of the State). Ensha, Azadeh 440
War Talk. (Books). Vithayathil, Trina 713
Yo, Yao! What does the "Ming Dynasty" tell us about race and transnational diplomacy in the NBA? (Culture). Leonard, David 1910

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