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Articles from Colorlines Magazine (September 22, 2002)

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"Saved" by the system: why are so many kids of color taken into the child welfare system? Akiba Solomon finds out what happened to one family. (Child Welfare). Solomon, Akiba 2526
A century of child-saving: Marisa Castuera traces the child protection movement to a time when child abuse was seen as a depravity of the immigrant poor. (Child Welfare). Castuera, Marisa 1305
A place at the table: the United Nations established a historic new forum for indigenous issues. What will it mean for Native peoples around the world? (Action). Veran, Cristina 1389
And now they come for the students...: from computerized tracking to fee hikes, the government is cracking down on America's immigrant students. (Report). Sen, Chaiti 1823
Bearing the burden: why are communities of color facing obesity and diabetes at epidemic levels? (Report). Talvi, Silja J.A. 2065
Colored White: Transcending the Racial Past. (Book Reviews). Sen, Chaiti Book Review 199
Ethnic media grows up: will increasing mainstream attention alter the ethnic media landscape? (Report). Hsu, Hua 1960
Hard labor: one company's exploits in day labor reveal what's wrong with the temp industry. (To the Point). Hurd, Gordon 2115
How Race is Lived in America. Sen, Chaiti Book Review 212
Letter to the editor. 486
Locking away profits: capitalizing on immigrant detentions has turned into a booming business for Lehman Brothers. (Action). Carrillo, Karen Juanita 1950
Losing the funding game: African refugee groups are scrapping for resources in San Diego. What does their situation say about immigrant communities and the foundation world? (To the Point). Chanse, Samantha 2274
Note from the editor. Nguyen, Tram Brief Article 302
Note from the publisher. Sen, Rinku Brief Article 286
One nation under Allah: Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, but it still fits the profile of the "other". (To the Point). Gonzaga, Khaliq 2215
Politics of poetry. (Culture). Betts, Tara 1736
Portrait of the assimilartist: Nikki S. Lee has transformed herself into a black hip-hop groupie, a Latina, and a white midwesterner--but insists it's not about race. (Culture). Lee, Chisun 1249
Racefile. Hurd, Gordon Brief Article 670
Racial harm: Dorothy Roberts explains how racism works in the child welfare system. (Child Welfare). Roberts, Dorothy 1467
The Lost Children of Wilder. (Book Reviews). Sen, Chaiti Book Review 328

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