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Colorectal cancer screening.

The CLIA-waived Hemosure[R] Immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood Test (iFOBT) offers a notable consideration in that there are no drug or diet restrictions. It is a rapid, convenient, and odorless test for the determination of human hemoglobin in feces, typically used for colorectal cancer screening. The one-step immunological fecal occult blood test is a qualitative, sandwich dye conjugate immunoassay and employs a unique combination of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to selectively identify hemoglobin in test samples with a high degree of sensitivity. In less than five minutes, elevated levels of human hemoglobin as low as 50 ng hHB/ mL can be detected and positive results for high levels of hemoglobin can be seen in the test as early as one or two minutes.

Hemosure, Inc.


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Publication:Medical Laboratory Observer
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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