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Poly batch color and additive concentrates come in a range of colors and polymers. Multifunctional types combine pigments and additives in one product.

Polyblak carbon black concentrates contain different carbon black types at various loadings in such carriers as LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, PS, and ABS.


Offers 9911 Dis-Res dispersions for polyester resins, PUR, and epoxies.


Concentrates, powders, and pastes for vinyls, polyolefins, acrylics, and other thermoplastic compounds.



Supplies photoluminescent masterbatch that colors all-clear transparent plastics into glow-in-the-dark extruded or injection-molded products.


Color concentrates for acetal, acrylics, ABS, cellulosics, EEA, EVA, nitrile barrier resins, nylons, PC, TP polyesters, polyolefins, PS, TP urethane, PVC, SAN, and other thermoplastics. Matched custom colors or single-pigment concentrates. Cubes, pellets, or powders for all processes and applications, including special effects.


Color concentrates for LDPE, HDPE, PP, PBT, and most engineering thermoplastics in bottles, films, profiles, and coextrusions.


Color and additive concentrates include over 7000 standard and proprietary formulations on file. Specializes in concentrates for polyolefins, PS, and engineering thermoplastics. Pigment/additive multifunctional concentrates tailored for granular and pelletized polyolefins. Universal concentrates for engineering thermoplastics, as well as products actually carried in nylon and polyester. Applications include extrusion coating, blown and cast film, injection and blow molding, pipe, profile, sheet, and fiber.


Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Red 122, Violet 19, Yellow 24, Yellow 42, Yellow 62, Yellow 83, Yellow 119, Yellow 150, Yellow 151, Yellow 154, Yellow 155, Yellow 180, Yellow 183, Red 101, Red 170, Red 254, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Sulfate, Zinc Oxide


Color pigments include high-value Synergy pigments designed to reduce costs for formulators of industrial coatings; Meteor and Meteor Plus complex inorganic pigments for applications requiring heat resistance and exterior durability; Engeltone organic pigments in a wide spectrum of colors; Engeltone low-soluble cadmium pigments for uses requiring good heat and light stability; and Engeltone lead chromate and moly orange pigments for cost-effective coloring.

New mica-based Lumina special effect pigments feature increased chromaticity at the reflection angle, as well as higher color purity and clarity. A new generation of mica-based Santa Fe pigments features true two-quadrant color travel, an economical alternative to multi-quadrant effect pigments. New particle size distribution provides higher chroma, brightness and color purity, as well as a stronger flip-flop effect. Borosilicate-based Firemist special effect pigments create multicolored effects, depth and glitter, and are available in six reflection colors. Firemist pigments are highly transparent and approved for food contact.

Other pearlescent and iridescent pigments such as MagnaPearl and Dynacolor create lusters from soft satin to high brilliance, and particle textures from smooth to sparkly. Standard white pearl lusters, nonmetallic silver, gold, copper, bronze, russet and antique colors are inert, nontoxic, nontarnishing, and nonarcing. Available in powders for easy handling and blending and paste formulations. Other synthetic pearl pigments include exterior grades and natural pearl essence.


Vinyl, EVA, PE, TPU, PVDF, PP, FEP, PBT, ETFE, ECTFE, PFA, acrylic and engineered resin color concentrates for wire and cable, profile extrusion, injection and blow molding available pelletized or diced in any size lot. Custom color matching and additive concentrates available.



Manufacturing premium quality custom color concentrates and dry colors, additive packages and specialty colorants. Registered to ISO 14001/9001.


Inorganic pigments include ultramarine blue, violet and pink, titanium dioxide, manganese violet, synthetic iron oxide red, black and yellow, and chromium oxide green titanates.


Wide range of regular, medium, and high-col- or carbon blacks in fluffy and pellet forms.


Custom concentrates, dry and liquid colors for most thermoplastics, including engineering resins. Computer color-matching services and custom formulations can include uv stabilizers, antistats, and antioxidants.


CANADA COLORS & CHEMICALS LTD. Color concentrates for polyolefins, styrenes, and PVC for use in film and sheet extrusion, wire and cable, blow and injection molding. Also additive masterbatches, flexible PVC compounds and rigid PVC powder blends.


Custom colorants include dry color, precolor compounds, liquid and pellet concentrates, rotational molding compounds and additive masterbatches. Specialty additive packages include medical and FDA-approved colorants, fluorescent, photochromatic, phosphorescent, flame retardant, thermochromatic, fragrance and additive masterbatches.

Company provides liquid colorant products and services through Riverdale Color, its alliance partner.


Color concentrates for all fluoropolymers.


Colorant fiber produced from cotton and rayon can add a new look to molded plastics. Colors are matched and finishes engineered for proper dispersion.


Organic pigments and polymer-soluble dyes include yellows and reds with sufficient heat stability to substitute for inorganic pigments. Comprehensive line of colorants FDA-approved for food contact packaging.

PV Fast pigments provide superior properties and include quinacridones, phthalocyanine blues and greens, and special azos. Graphtol pigments include diarylides, metal salt azo reds and other azo colors.

Dyes for polymers include Hostaperm, Hostasol, and Polysynthren lines. Leucopure and Hostalux are optical brighteners for use in polymers.


Wide range of high-performance color masterbatches includes Remafin masterbatches for olefins and Renol masterbatches for engineering resins, styrenics and PVC. Proprietary technology combines superior color dispersion with extremely high loading, optimizing performance while reducing usage levels and costs.

Enigma special-effects masterbatches combine color with appearance enhancing effects and additives to offer new dimensions of color creativity. Based on natural materials like flowers, RENOL-natur masterbatches complement the environmentally friendly biopolymers for "green" packaging and consumer goods applications. Custom masterbatches also available along with combibatches that combine colorants with selected additives.


Dry organic pigments include phthalo blues and greens, naphthols, carbazole violet, red lake C and other shades of red, yellow, and orange. Also synthetic and natural iron oxides, organic dyes for high-temperature polymers, and fluorescent, phosphorescent, invisible, and ultramarine pigments. Custom blending and packaging services for color matching or material-handling purposes.


High-performance solvent dyes used to color engineering resins such as ABS, acrylic, nylon, polyester and PC. Dyes offer unusual heat and light stability and are suitable for high-performance applications including automotive. Also yellow, oranges and reds for nylons and polyesters.


Specializes in highly concentrated, heavy-met-al-free liquid colorants for injection, extrusion, and batch blending. Vehicle systems designed for PE, PS, PP, ABS, PVC, PET, and TPR. Standard tints and opaque colors using FDA-acceptable pigment systems. Multifunctional concentrates containing antistats, blowing agents, mold releases, and uv stabilizers in combination with custom colors.


Color and additive concentrates for blown film, blow molding, injection molding, and extrusion including extrusion coating. Over 1000 standard concentrates available in addition to custom matches. Also polyolefin-based additives and color concentrates that meet specific regulations such as FDA approval, heavy metal-free (CONEG) compliance, and nondiarylide requirements.


Cadmolith colors are red and yellow litho-pone cadmium sulfides and selenides with good hiding power, good resistance to light and heat, inertness, and insolubility in organic media. Full-strength pure yellows, oranges, reds, and maroons recommended for use in color concentrates. Tinting strength and hiding power of the pure types are double those of lithopone types and recommended for coloring film and sheet when minimum pigment content and maximum opacity are needed. Certified as nonhazardous for disposal under current EPA regulations.


High-strength, economical black multi-use color concentrates in quantities from 50 lb and up.


Company offers FDA-compliant GloPrill GPF34 fluorescent colorant developed especially for use in PP and HDPE food contact applications. GPF34 fluorescent yellow may be used at loadings up to 1.0 % by mass in HDPE and PP resins in contact with all food types under conditions of use E-G defined in 21 CFR 176.170(c). When used as intended, GPF34 complies fully with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and all applicable regulations. Product offers continuous highspeed production, virtually eliminates blow pin and mold cavity plateout, and enables the formulator to simplify the product by removing expensive and hard-to-use additives. An expanded fluorescent color line may be achieved by combining GPF34 with other FDA-compliant pigments.


Wide range of inorganic and organic pigments including ultramarine blue, iron oxides, lead chromates, chrome oxides, pearlescents, phosphoroescents, luminescents, cadmium, mixed metal oxides, titanium dioxide and predispersed flush pigments, helicone and anticorrosives.


Color pigments include bismuth vanadate yellows, indanthrone blue, isoindoline yellow, monoazo, dairylide and benzimidazolone yellows and oranges, azo and quinacridone reds and maroons; DPP reds; carbazole violet; phthalo blues and greens. Organic pigments include easy-dispersing, heat-resistant, transparent and opaque grades. Also single-pigment concentrates and liquid dispersions.


Color concentrates for PP and PE. Also Eastobrite OB-1 and OB-3 optical brighteners for virgin and recycled PP, nylon, PET, PVC, and PS polymers and fibers.


Bone black pigment specialty products characterized by high masstone, easy dispersibility, low oil absorption, and low cost. Cosmic Black FCG-1 is applicable for indirect food contact.


Organic pigments supplied as dry-color, press-cakes, aqueous liquid dispersions, flushed-color dispersions; fluorescent pigments and dispersions; specialty varnishes; and acrylic-chip and polyolefin color concentrates.

Polyflo color concentrates for resins are high-strength (50%) pigment dispersions in low-density PE with reportedly excellent melt rheology. Compatible with a range of thermoplastics (LDPE, HDPE, ABS, PP, rubber, nylon, and polyester) for film extrusion, injection molding, and other applications. Come as a coarse granular or a uniform cryogenically ground nondusting powder. Base-color line includes phthalo blue, phthalo green, diarylide yellow, Red Lake C, permanent red 2B, quinacridone, carbazole violet and carbon black.


Offers special-effects pigments and additives designed to improve the appearance or performance of plastics, paint, papers and concretes and coatings.

Special-effects pigments include:

* Deco-Flake naturally colored mica. FDA compliant for food contact and cosmetic applications; four colors and six different sizes.

* Deco-Spex pigmented cellophane flakes create speckled effects without changing other colors. FDA compliant; seven colors and up to 6 sizes.

* Metal-Lyte metallic coated platelets designed to reduce the appearance of weld or flow lines in thermoplastic processes; three colors and 3 sizes. Specular pigmented mica, granite or speckled effect for many applications, FDA compliant; six colors and up to 6 sizes (175-5000 microns). Performance additives include:

* NanoPure line of bio-friendly fillers including nanosilica and biocide.

* Skid-Lyte polymer-based anti-skid aggre gates for non-slip coating applications; four colors (including afterglow luminescence) and four sizes (175-3000 microns). Common end-use applications include automotive, bathwares, housewares, toys, interior decorating and recreational items.



Polytrend EST paste dispersions color polyester SMC, BMC, and gel coats. Product is an unsaturated yet stable resin said to be completely reactive and compatible with polyesters. Pastes reportedly have minimal effects on physical properties of molded parts and permit latitude in use level for producing colors from pastels to deep tones. Can be used in epoxies, castable urethanes, RIM, rigid PVC, and polyolefins.

Line of furnace and lampblacks. Multiple products for applications such as color, uv stabilizing, tinting and conductivity. Printex G and Special Black 100 for tinting. Printex P or Printex 60 for uv stabilization. Printex L, L6 or XE2 for conductivity. FW1, FW18, Printex 85, or Special Black 4 for coloring.

Printex 31, 61 and 301 for easier dispersing in resin systems. Also Printex XPB090 for fiber applications where high purity is important.

High-performance Arospersc grades provide easy incorporation into plastic concentrates. Uses for Arosperse grades range from cable insulation to geosynthetics. Nonconductive Arosperse 15 thermal carbon black is recommended for low-voltage wire insulation.



Color concentrates and specialized compounds in pellet form for PP, PE PS (general-purpose, impact, and flame-retardant), and ABS (general-purpose, transparent, and flame-retardant), and many engineered resins. Concentrates available with property enhancing capacity, uv stabilizers, slip or anti-block agents, antistats, antioxidants, nucleating agents, and special lubricants. Products include Nimex, metallics, and other special effects concentrates such as wood grain, flow line reducing, and aluminum look.

Special modified thermoplastic/rubber compounds available in many colors.

Special purge compound compatible with most resins can be run at temperatures from 320 to 550 F. All ingredients are FDA-listed. All materials may run through hot-runner mold systems as well as extrusion systems.



Liquid and paste pigment dispersions for all thermoplastic and thermoset polymer systems.

Pigments dispersed in six standard vehicles compatible with thermoplastics, unsaturated polyesters, epoxies, urethanes, silicones, PVC and other resins. Also custom systems with specified vehicles. Pigments can include pearlescent and fluorescent systems. High pigment loadings (30 to 85%) provide high letdown ratios and maximum tinctorial strength. Multifunctional colorant packages can include antioxidants, uv stabilizers, lubricants, clarifiers, and other functional additives.

Single-pigment-base colors stocked for rapid custom color match blending. Computer matched colors for optimal batch-to-batch consistency.


Custom dry-color blends and color concentrates with uv protection, temperature stability, and nonreactivity for extrusion, rotomolding, blow and injection molding. Color computer ensures quality and batch-to-batch repeatability. JIT-compatible delivery programming and fast turnaround on orders as small as 5 lb and up to 80,000 lb.

Offers a universal concentrate for use in all resins, including styrenics, ABS, PE, and PP. Dry color is provided in standard and low-dusting versions. Fluorescent matches, high-gloss products, and other specialties.


Organic and inorganic pigments include complex inorganic color pigments, phthalocya-nine blues and greens, high-performance reds and yellows, diazos, diarylides, Red Lake C and strontium Red 2B.


Tioxide titanium dioxide pigments disperse easily in a variety of thermoplastics and give a high degree of whiteness, opacity, and tinting strength. Undertones range from blue to neutral.

RFC5 is siloxane-treated for low moisture content and ease of dispersion. TR25 and TR28 are dedicated to the masterbatch industry providing ease of dispersion and high throughput at high loading. TR23, TR93 and TR60 are for rigid PVC building products. TR23 and TR93 have NSF approval for use in PVC potable-water pipe. TR60 and TR93 are recommended for colored PVC siding, profiles, and polyester gel coats requiring high weathering resistance.


Supplier of carbon black masterbatch with a number of high quality PE masterbatches. IPBK001A is a 50% commodity carbon black masterbatch in a LLDPE carrier.

The product has been formulated to offer superior dispersion and lot to lot dispersion and MI consistency in a broad range of extrusion and molding applications.

IPBK002A is a 50% 55 nm carbon black dispersion in LLDPE.

The smaller particle size carbon black offers up to 20 percent higher jetness compared to IPBK001A.

Thin film and applications where higher jetness are required are the target markets. IPBK003A is a 35% FDA carbon black dispersion in LLDPE. IPBK005A is a 35% UV grade carbon black dispersion in LLDPE tar-getting use in geomembrane applications.


CoREZYN pigment paste concentrate for polyester or epoxy systems. Polyester vehicle is compatible with polyesters, epoxies, and vinyl esters. Recommended for polyester SMC/BMC.

Also Silmar colorants for composites, cast polymer and solid-surface markets.


Color masterbatches for PA, PC, PE, PR PS, PVC, SAN, ABS and TPE. Specializes in custom-color formulations with FDA, USP and EU compliancy for food, drug, medical and cosmetic packaging. Special effect formulations with EDA-compliant components. Extensive color palette with computerized matching for quick turnaround. Additive packages can include internal and surface lubricants, antistats, uv stabilizers, and antioxidants. Supplied in granular and pelletized form from 50 lb to truckload quantities.


High-pigment-loaded custom color concentrates dispersed in PS, CAB, CA, CAP, PE, ABS, SAN, acrylic, and vinyl. Supplied in chip (granular), pellet, or powder form.

Color-matched concentrates and precol-or compounds in thermoplastic elastomers, polyolefins and engineering resins. Additive concentrates on a custom basis. Can develop TPE proprietary compounds for appliance, consumer and automotive applications.

Company is registered to ISO 9001:2000.


Organic pigments include high-heat stable, FDA-approved high-performance pigments such as DPP reds, yellow 180 and 183, quinacridone violets, and phthalo blues and greens, as well as most other pigments used to color plastics.

Inorganic pigments include ultramarine blues, conventional and encapsulated lead chromates, mixed-metal oxides, aluminum pastes, titanium dioxide, specialty blacks, and chromium oxide green.


Bayplast chromatic organic pigments designed for easy dispersement demonstrate high heat resistance and good to excellent lightfast-ness. Line consists of quinacridones, perylenes and phthalos. Patented granular form offers advantages, which include low dusting for quicker cleanup and a positive environmental impact, higher bulk density for easier and cheaper storage, free flowing for ease of incorporation and use with automatic metering systems, and a better solubility for greater dispersibility and processing.

Macrolex and Ceres dyes have good transparency, high tinting strength and ease of use. Macrolex also supplied in microgranular form.

Bayferrox synthetic iron oxide pigments based on the Laux manufacturing process demonstrate superiorperformanee characteristics, particularly when used with polyolefins and are available in various shades of red, black and yellow as well as blended browns. Reds are temperature stable to about 1000 C.

Colortherm yellow iron oxides and zinc ferrites with improved temperature capabilities offer superior lightfastness, can be compounded in concentrate, and find applications in polyolefins and some engineering plastics.

Lightfast mixed metal oxide pigments offer high temperature stability, superior lightfastness and resin compatibility. Products, which are not blends, result from solid-state synthetic reactions that take place under calcination conditions; and include lemon yellows, blues, greens and black.


Liquid colorants for PUR include Reactint colorants, which are reactive, polymeric products for ether and ester urethanes. They are homogeneous, low-viscosity solutions said to be easier to use than pigments.

BondTint reactive, polymeric colorants for bonded urethane carpet underlay can be preblended or used with three-stream, blend on-the-fly equipment.

ClearTint transparent colorants for poly-olefins are pellet concentrates and reportedly bright, clear, nonbleeding, nonmigrating and nonnucleating.


Specializes in black concentrates for film, pipe, molding, compounding, sheet, wire and cable, geomembranes, and fiber. Also black concentrates based in nylons, PET, and PC; and line of FDA black concentrates for food contact applications. Conductive compounds produced for wire and cable, and antistatic packaging. Also white, slip, autiblock, filler, uv-stabilizer, antioxidant, and flame-retar-dant concentrates.


Custom color and additive concentrates, compounds, and dry colors for food, medical, and cosmetic packaging, displays, toys, leisure products, and household/consumer goods. Produced for injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, and extrusion.

Special-effects products include metallic, pearl, speckled, granite, and simulated marble. Formulations can include other additives. Color formulation database maintained for exact matches, along with necessary certification to ensure compliance with current regulations.


Largest manufacturer in the US. Solvent dyes for PS, ABS, polyacrylic, and rigid vinyl are fast to light and fast to bleeding. Standard packages of 100 lb or less. Special packaging for a moderate charge. Conforms to ISO standards.

PEACOCK COLORS, INC. Custom matched colorants and additives-include dust-free beads; high-load concentrates that work well in PE and PVC film and bottles; micro-fine dry colorants for rotational molding; and liquid colors for all applications. Also special-effect colors such as granite, speckles, and marble. Specialty dispersions and compounding.


Concentrated liquid and solid pigment dispersions and color concentrates for vinyl homopolymers and copolymers, plasticizers, nylon, cellulosics, acrylics, polyester, epoxy, urethane, PE, PP, ABS, and PS.


Paste pigment dispersions for polyester, urethane, vinyl, epoxy, and other resin systems; chemical thickeners; custom chemical dispersions of low profile additives, inhibitors, uv stabilizers and other additives.


Wide range of custom and standard colorants in dry, liquid and concentrate forms. Products compatible with most injection molding, extrusion, foam molding, blow molding, wire and cable coating, rotational molding, and other dispersion-critical applications for all thermoplastics. Available for all commodity resins and engineering resins such as nylon, PC, acetal, TPE, PBT, PETG, TPU, EVA, SAN, and TVC. Most available in heavy-metal-free formulations.

Dry colorants economically produced in small quantities, bulk containers, or pre-weighed packages and include a free-flow additive for use in color-metering equipment.

Concentrates in a wide spectrum of colors can incorporate uv stabilizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, and other performance additives. Custom formulations are available for pellet dimensions, letdown ratios, and FDA and CONEG certification as well as recycling requirements.

Custom concentrates for special visual effects include fluorescents, pearlescents, iridescents, phosphorescents, granites, marbles, and metallics. Performance concentrates include laser codeable, low plate-out, anti-stats, lubricants, uv inhibitors, antioxidants, blowing agents, slips and antiblocks. Most wire and cable concentrates based on Munsell color standards but are suitable for other applications.

Liquid dispersions custom formulated for most thermoplastic resins in all typical molding applications.

Black and white concentrates for LDPE, LLDPE, PP and PS. Specific grades for film, sheet, profiles, pipe, and injection molding.

Company recently launched a new line of colorants and additives for use in biodegradable polymers. These include the OnColor Bio Colorants and OnCap Bio Additives, which are said to be highly suited for end-use applications ranging from shopping and garbage bags, food and beverage packaging, and bottles and caps.


Ebony FDA approved channel black concentrates available in a variety of polymer carrier resins. Superior dispersion concentrate intense jetness in food contact applications.


Custom-colored masterbatch and heat stabilizer concentrates for injection molding, blown film, blow molding and extrusion applications. Specialty effects concentrates for metallics, pearlescents, light-interface colors and fluorescents formulated to customer specifications. FDA-approved food-contact packaging colors. Specializes in quick turnaround from initial match to production for commodity and engineering resins.


Heavy-metal-free color concentrates, liquid colorants, and dry powder colorants with diverse colorant-loading levels and additive packages. Products used in building and construction, decorative ribbon, housewares, automotive interiors and exteriors, injection molding, blow molding, and rotomolding. Specializes in colorants for ABS, olefins, styrenics, nylons, PC, PVC, PET and various alloys.

Specialty colorants for various thermoplastics including fluorescent, pearlescent, metallic, phosphorescent, granite, and speckled pigments. Also available with uv inhibitors, antioxidants, and clarifiers.


Custom-matched liquid colorants for most thermoplastics. Liquid products supplied in 5-gal pails, 30-gal drums, or returnable tote bins.

MacBeth computer system for matching and color development work. Colorants formulated with high performance organic and inorganic pigments, or dyes in a universally compatible vehicle system, which meets FDA requirements. Fluorescent, pearlescent, photochromatic, and granite (speckled) specialty pigments.

Multifunctional dispersion produced in liquid form.


Manufacturer and processor of pigments that include high-strength red, yellow and black synthetic iron oxides as well as transparent iron oxides, cadmium pigments, lead and chrome-free pigments, complex inorganic and high heat-stable pigments. Other products include FDA-approved color pigments, chromium oxide greens and cobalt blues.


Econo-Blak general-purpose black concentrate has 50% carbon black in LDPE. Pelletized concentrate compatible with polyolefins and PS.


Color-Max pourable liquid dispersions of pigments in DINP, other plasticizers, or solvents reportedly blend quickly with PVC plastisols and organosols. Suitable for liquid-color metering in injection molding and extrusion. Custom color matching available.


FD&C and D&C lake pigments include technical grades and low-moisture products in all hues and a range of concentrations. Custom and stock pigment blends, along with custom batch packaging.

Also line of uncertified natural colorants, such as annatto, carmine, tumeric, titanium dioxide, grape-skin extract, and natural beta carotene.


Complex inorganic color pigments include cobalt aluminate blues, cobalt chrome aluminate turquoises, cobalt titanate greens, nickel titanate yellows, chrome titanate buffs, iron titanate browns, iron-free titanate browns, copper chromite blacks, IR reflective blacks, cobalt violets, and manganese violets, all supplied as dry powder. Produced by high-temperature calcination process, pigments are nonbleeding, chemically inert, lightfast, weather-resistant, and heat stable. Typical applications are in extrusion and powder coat systems for thermoplastics and thermosets including rigid and flexible PVC, vinyl, PE, PP, PS, PUR, PVDF, nylon, ABS, PC, and other engineering resins and reinforced plastics.

Complete color range of Arctic infrared reflecting pigments available. Starlight special effect pigments available in a range of particle sizes. These silver-coated glass flakes and microspheres provide a dazzling sparkle and reflectivity. May be processed in single- and twin-screw equipment without influence on reflectivity.


Silvex aluminum flake pigments range from very fine particle size for a satin metallic appearance to larger-sized particles for a sparkle effect. Give metallic appearance when combined with transparent pigments. Products consist of aluminum flakes enveloped by a suitable plasticizer or mineral oil to minimize hazards of dust, contamination, and fire. Sparkle Silvex series has small flakes that can give the brightness of coarse flakes and produce the same effects as metallic paint coatings. Very large aluminum flakes also available to produce a glitter effect.

Silvet pelletized aluminum pigment concentrate with 80% aluminum flakes in a polymeric carrier offers safety, cleanliness, ease of handling, compatibility with most resins, and stability.

Silcroma metal flake pigments are nonaluminum, black flakes, which are composed of high purity iron and provide a random, black-speckled appearance in white- and pastel-colored polymer matrixes. Metal flake exhibits heat stability to 300 F. Product, which is 90% metal flake in a polymer carrier, is available in dry flake or granular form.


Color concentrates for fibers and film. Singlepigment, custom color-matched, and additive dispersions in PE, PP, nylons, and polyesters in any quantity.


Color concentrates for extrusion coating, cast and blown film, fibers, injection molding, sheet, and profiles. Products can be formulated for nonheavy metal and FDA applications.

Wide range of liquid and color concentrates include new high-strength concentrates for a broad array of plastics including polyolefins, nylon, ABS, PET, PBT, PBT/ABS blends and ABS/PC blends. AccelMax SC "super concentrates" utilize advanced carrier resins from DuPont to provide broader compatibility with polar and nonpolar resins than carriers based on PE or acrylate copolymers. They have loading up to 90% and boast excellent dispersion, shear and thermal properties.



Color concentrates for PS, PE, PP, ABS, SAN, TPE, TPR, EVA, nylon, PC, acrylic, and flexible and rigid PVC. Standard and custom colors. Specialty products include granite/speckled and sparkle/glitter color effects, FDA-sanctioned ingredients, fluorescents, pearlescents, and edge-glow/neon colors.

Color Crystals line of highly loaded, super-concentrates for PE, PP, TPE, EVA, and flexible PVC. Color Spheres line of super-concentrates in 0.03-in. mini bead with pigment additives to 80%. S series formulated for use in PS, ABS and K-resin. P series for use in PE, PP, EVA and TPE. Ultracolor line of super concentrates with pigment additives as high as 80% formulated especially for PS, ABS, K-resin, and SAN.

Wire and cable and profile colors available for PVC, PE and XLPE. Typical letdown ratios are 100:1 and 50:1.

Instex micropulverized PVC color concentrates are single-pigment dispersions or composite colors. Recommended for compounders and processors of PVC dryblends in extrusion and calendering.

Dry color line for rotational molding includes color, stat-free additives, fluorescent colors, granite effects, fragrances, etc. Conventional line for injection molders, blow molders, sheet extruders, and calendering films.


Tronox titanium dioxide opaque white pigments include Tronox CR-800 (NSF approved) for general use with a leas blue undertone than other Tronox grades; Tronox CR-800PG (NSF approved) general-use pigment with blue undertone; Tronox CR-822 blue undertone pigment for products requiring outdoor durability; Tronox CR-834 high-tinting, blue-undertone pigment with good heat resistance, suitable for PVC and ABS; and Tronox CR-837 low-treatment pigment with high tint strength and blue undertone for thin films.


CAS-20-4 anhydrous calcium sulfate (gypsum) recommended as a low-cost Ti02 extender. With a 4-micron average particle size, it has high brightness, good opacity, low abrasion, and food-contact approval.


Concentrates and dry colorants in stock or custom colors for most thermoplastics. Special color concentrates for food packaging, toys, and cutlery. Computerized QC and color matching.


Pigments include full color range of high-heat, nonbleeding, no-plateout fluorescents; 6SSU Natural and GSS color series phosphorescent pigments; high brightness and extended afterglow LumiNova phosphorescent pigments; cadmium pigments for special engineering resins in a range of yellows, oranges, reds and maroons in both CP and lithopone forms; organic pigments such as Red Lake C, Red 2B, lithol rubines, diarylide yellows, and phthalocyanine blue and green.


Range of concentrates formulated to customer specifications.


Metallic pigment colorants include Premior bronze powders and pastes, Pellex aluminum pellets, Premial aluminum pastes. Also manufactures high-quality, high-strength, oil- and water-based carbon black dispersions for plastisol/PVC, thermoplastics and thermosets.
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