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Colorado Project includes Quarry Concerns.

According to the Boulder County News, the staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recommended approval of a hydropower licensing amendment that Denver Water needs in order to move forward with its planned expansion of Gross Reservoir, which would be the largest construction project in Boulder County, Colo., history.

Potential effects of the project are broad ranging. They relate to issues ranging from transportation and traffic, to quarrying, removal of wildlife habitat, recreational resources and air and water quality.

In issuing the recommendation for approval, the federal commission's staff stated the final environmental impact statement produced nearly five years ago had identified "adverse effects of Denver Water's proposed construction activities, including effects associated with quarrying of rock to supply material for increasing the height of Gross Dam," and that those would occur primarily during the four-year period of construction and refill.

However, it added, Denver Water's revised plans, calling for use of an onsite quarry at Osprey Point on the reservoir's south side "would result in reduction of those unavoidable adverse effects, although some effects would be more localized with the use of the new quarry location."

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