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Colorado Nurses Foundation 2012 scholarships.

The Colorado Nurses Foundation (CNF) is pleased to announce that twenty scholarships were awarded to nursing students representing seven different nursing education programs from across Colorado Since 1999, CNF has awarded over 250 scholarships Scholarships include not only those funded through the annual Nightingale Event, but scholarships funded through a diverse variety of organizations and individuals These CNF Scholarship Recipients are outstanding students who show great potential as professional nurses both in the immediate future and for years to come.

In addition to these scholarships, which are awarded each December, CNF is committed to creating and supporting nursing excellence through the promotion of educational and scientific activities as well as community based projects CNF activities are supported through contributions, fundraising, activities and grants For additional information or to become a part of the CNF's Donor Honor Roll, please contact the CNF at www CNFound org, email "mail@ CNFound. org" or by calling 303-694-4728.

The Colorado Nurses Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable, not-for-profit organization established in 1987 to provide a means for nurses, other health care providers and consumers to work together on nursing and health care issues of mutual interest and concern The organization's mission is to advance nursing in Colorado through education, advocacy and recognition for nurses and the nursing profession CNF's vision is to assure that nursing, the largest group of health care providers, is recognized for its leadership role in creating a sustainable healthcare system in Colorado.

Our Scholarship Recipients represent a variety of programs and the degree in process. Planned graduation date is shown following the name of the college/university they attend Those whose names are followed by "RN" are currently licensed as Registered Nurses in Colorado Scholarship names reflect organization/individual donors; DNA Scholarships are donated by District Nurses Associations of the Colorado Nurses Associations Some scholarships require that applicants meet specific criteria in addition to evaluation of the application that each applicant submits

Congratulations to:

Sarah Branch-Boyle, University of ColoradoColorado Springs/BethEl, BSN 2013, received the 2013 Donor Alliance Nightingale Scholarship.

Christine Dishman, Colorado State University-Pueblo, BSN 2013, received the Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. Scholarship.

Richard Englebert, RN, Regis University, MSN 2015, received a Nightingale Scholarship.

Dawn Fetzko, RN, University of Northern Colorado, DNP 2014, received the Colorado Nurses Association Scholarship.

Jennifer Gaughan, RN, University of ColoradoDenver, MSN 2013, received The Children's Hospital Nightingale Scholarship.

Heather Hageman, RN, University of ColoradoDenver, MSN 2013, received the Lizzie Schaeffer Teichler Memorial Scholarship.

Dana Johnson, Regis University, BSN 2013, received the DNA-20 Scholarship.

Shannon Koch, Colorado Mesa University, BSN 2014, received the Lola Fehr Nightingale Scholarship.

Adenike Kotun, Metropolitan State University of Denver, BSN 2013, received a Nightingale Scholarship.

Hannah Marr, RN, Regis University, BSN 2013, received the Medical Center of the Rockies Nightingale Scholarship.

Mara Miller, University of Northern Colorado, BSN 2013, received the Rose Medical Center Nightingale Scholarship.

Abigail Montgomery, RN, Regis University, MSN 2012, received a Nightingale Scholarship.

Madeline Moore, University of Northern Colorado, BSN 2013, received the Triple B Nightingale Scholarship.

Armando Reyes, RN, Regis University, MSN 2013, received the Leslie Grey Public Health Nurses Scholarship.

Susan Roberts, RN, Regis University, MSN 2014, received the Poudre Valley Hospital Nightingale Scholarship.

Shana Sanderson, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs/ Beth-El, BSN 2013, received the DNA 3 Scholarship.

Veronica Shephard, University of Northern Colorado, BSN 2013, received the Colorado Nurses Association Virginia Paulson Scholarship.

Allison Tinker, Regis

University, BSN 2013, received the H M Muffly Memorial Scholarship.

Stacey Wall, RN, University of Colorado-Denver, DNP 2015, received the Roy Anderson Memorial Scholarship.

Joshua Zwahlen, Regis University, BSN 2014, received the DNA-16 Scholarship in Honor of Eleanor Bent.
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