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Colorado Nurses Association District and Committee reports.

Membership and Marketing Committee

The Membership and Marketing Committee has set a goal in increasing membership by 10% in 2007-2008. We have studied trends in generational lifestyles and demographics and sought input from student nurses and nonmembers. Last year's initiative to offer an option for State Only Membership set the stage for a new wave of "out of the box" thinking.

This year we are pursuing several new initiatives. The first is to offer special interest nursing districts. A new district for Forensic nursing, initiated by Mary Pat DeWald was launched last fall. We are also investigating offering affiliate membership to members of other nursing specialty groups. The third area of growth focuses on special events. The would include such activities as Nurses Night at the Rockies and other entertainment venues, activist events focused on a cause or some form of relief work, and outings like hiking, snowshoeing where nurses can enjoy Colorado together.

We are also investigating hosting a "blog" for student nurses or new graduates to discuss issues like "what to look for in your first job" and "finding a mentor." The Membership and Marketing Committee has also been developing presentation materials like PowerPoint slide shows as potential tools for the districts to use.

We welcome input and ideas. We have been using a phone conference line to enable greater participation in our meetings to members that do not live in the Denver area. If you have ideas you would like to share with us, please contact Stacie Seaman at or call the CNA office at 303-757-7483.

CNAHCA Committee Report

Meetings--Meetings--Meetings!!!!!! We have been very busy since the Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform, known as the 208 Commission, selected the Colorado Nurses Association--endorsed Single Payer proposal as one of four models to be reviewed for submission to the Colorado General Assembly in January. A majority of Coloradans believe that access to health care is a basic human right. However, the means for achieving that end is a subject of much controversy.

We are pleased that nurses are very much at the forefront in this state wide dialogue. The following Colorado Nurses Association members have been invited to participate in Governor Ritter's state wide meetings for community leaders: Eve Hoygaard, Karen Zinc, Fran Ricker, Sara Jarrett, Vicki Carroll, Jane Koeckeritz and Carol Farina. Others may also have received invitations to these "Dialogues on Health Care Vision and Values."

Cody Belzley, Senior Policy Analyst for Governor Ritter presented on health care reform at the CNAHCA Committee meeting on December 4, 2007. We share the Governor's hope that by educating the public about the issues of the uninsured and underinsured, we are moving toward a solution in our state.

To that end, CNAHCA is joining forces with DNA 16 to offer a program with two excellent speakers on January 15, 2008 at St Joseph Hospital's Rainier Auditorium. Dr. Vince Markovchick, Director of Emergency Services at Denver Health gave an overview of the current crisis in health care delivery in the US. Dr Sara Jarrett provided an update of where we stand in Colorado with the proposals to be made to the Legislature and how nurses can influence the outcome of this bold initiative. The event was well attended.


DNA #3 is in the midst of a good year. Great members make the President's job much easier! The programs proposed and speakers obtained for include Care of Self; Generation Gap in Nursing; Magnet Hospital Update; Prison/Forensic Nursing; Jo Ruth's trip to Ecuador; Bariatric Surgery; brief update on CNA by Fran Ricker is scheduled for our May banquet, and we have one program to fill before year's end. We are participating in a 9Health Fair this year. We are proud of our three authors, Alice Murr, Mary Moorhouse, and Marilyn Doenges who presented on Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plans in Switzerland. Our fundraising project, selling 100 Poinsettias, went very well supplementing our budget. The Christmas party with the Christmas Ornament exchange is always an evening of laughter, celebration and giving. We had a large amount of underwear and toiletries brought in for the homeless in our community. Those will be distributed by Mary Moorhouse. DNA#3 wishes all of you a glorious 2008, not only in nursing, but in your personal lives too.

DNA 5: Postcards from the Edge

This year DNA 5 is trying an innovative approach to our monthly meetings. After seeing declining attendance at meetings over the past few years, this year we've decided to put a little fun into our business. Each month, two members have volunteered to plan a special event/location for our meeting.


September: Potluck picnic and sunset hike at the Colorado National Monument. We discussed the work of the 208 commission and governor's taskforce and made plans for convention.

November: Pizza Party at Mesa State College.

Our official navy VIP, Judy Goodhart, presented a slide show about her VIP tour of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Judy modeled her Navy gear before getting on the C-2 transport to fly to the carrier. Yes, she took off and landed safely!


December: Christmas potluck at Sherry Christenson's new home.

Each year we adopt a community project at Christmas time. This year we gathered personal hygiene product, handmade quilts and purchased clothing for Latimer House, our Domestic Violence shelter.

Spring, 2008

January 15, 2008: Angelo's Paint your own Pottery

We will be making special gifts for nurses in our community, enjoying appetizers, and exploring our creative talents.

February 5, 2008: Fun with Fondue (location to be determined)

Our fingers will get sticky with fondue finger food while we assist with preparations for the Western Slope Nightingale event (March 15, 2007). Our district is a major contributor to the planning of this event.

March 4, 2008: Nightingale Finale (location to be determined)

This meeting will be one last chance to put the finishing touches on our Nightingale silent auction items. Each year we raise ~$3000 for nursing scholarships. In addition, last year the Western Slope Nightingale event contributed an additional $6000 to our District 5 education fund.

April 1, 2008: A Garden Party (at the home of Joan Falken)

Spring on the western slope means fruit blossoms and flowers. It's time to shed the sweaters and head back outside to enjoy the warm spring days in the garden. Hats and gloves are option.

May 6, 2008: Italian Night (Dolce Vita Restaurant)

This is our annual evaluation and planning meeting. We look forward to celebrating our year of renewal and creating new adventures for next year! Stay tuned.

DNA 6 Colorado Nurse's Association District 6

December 13, 2007

The Members of Colorado Nurses' Association, District 6 have been an active bunch this year. One of the highlights of the year was that the San Luis Valley hosted the Colorado Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic. Dr. Steve Schiffer, a local dentist worked very hard to bring this event to the valley, and had recruited nurses through our DNA to help with health screenings and sterilization activities. Charlotte Ledonne took the lead for us in terms of recruiting and scheduling volunteers. A total of 1407 people received dental care for over $628,000 worth of free dental care performed.

We were so proud that Charlotte Ledonne was selected as a Nightingale recipient in Denver. It is a well deserved award. Helen Lester also was recognized at the state level as the DNA Nurse of the Year. She continues to work hard for nursing and is a model for lifetime learning.

Our project for Nurses' Week is to develop an ethnography exhibit to be placed at the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center. Shawn Elliott ( is collecting photos of nurses in action, either on or off the job. Mable Cotton has a small collection of nursing caps to display.

DNA 6 members participated in the Pandemic Flu exercise held in October. Because of these volunteers, many Alamosa County residents received free flu shots in a short amount of time.

We continue to have an active "Nightingale Committee." The local event is scheduled for February 29. 2008. Our 2007 event was held at Adams State College and was deemed successful by the members and our community.

The "Nightingale Nomads" participated in the Relay for Life again this year. This event raised $45,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Several of our members continue to serve on the advisory boards for both schools of nursing in the San Luis Valley. We are strong advocates for these programs, and plan continued commitment to both.

Several members have been participating in the 208 commission hearings, as well as local meetings with the Governor's initiative for health care reform.

DNA 6 meetings will be changed to the first Wednesday of each month. Meetings are open to all nurses and are usually held at the Alamosa County Nursing Service. We typically meet at 7:30 am.

District 7

Four corners nurses met for a delicious brunch at the home of Sherrod Beall to celebrate the holidays, discuss nursing issues, home front and work news on December 8, 2007. Thanks to Sherrod's husband, Werner, for an incredible grilled salmon and to everyone else for other side dishes, desserts, etc. Recipes were exchanged, and new faces and names exchanged.


District 7: New School Based Health Center Opens

For the past five years, both Jaynee Fontecchio-Spradling, RN, and Sherrod Beall, PNP have worked hard to improve the health of your at risk and those living in poverty in southwest Colorado through improving access to health education and health services at school.

Durango School District 9-R is the largest public school district in La Plata County enrolling 4,837 students in eleven schools in southwest Colorado. In 2004, Janee Fontecchio-Spradling, RN, school nurse, successfully initiated a grant to fund the development of a Coordinated School Health model in the district. The Coordinated School Health model includes eight interactive school health components: health education, physical education, health services, nutrition services, counseling, psychological and social services, healthy school environment, health promotion for staff, and family and community involvement. In 2006, in response to a federal mandate, she implemented and now monitors a wellness policy focusing on healthy eating, more involvement, and tobacco and substance abuse reduction via positive youth development and wellness education of staff and students.

In conjunction with coordinated school health, the school district became interested in developing a school based health center at Durango High School (DHS-SBHC). Sherrod Beall, pediatric nurse practitioner, was hired in 2006 as a consultant to help write grants and guide that process. Her experience included working in a rural school based health center in Cortez, CO for the past five years. The health center was awarded the recognition of being the most outstanding school based health center in Colorado in 2006. Jaynee and Sherrod worked closely together to obtain grants from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to plan and implement the DHS_SBHC.

With strong support from the community and the involvement of many community agencies, the DHS_SBHC opened its doors on October 1, 2007 to provide basic primary services with a focus on prevention and education to uninsured/ underinsured students at the high school. Sherrod and Jaynee continue to work on increasing access to healthcare for more students and their families living in poverty in La Plata county.

Through the Colorado Association of School Based Health Care (CSABHC), Sherrod implemented a Rural Health Consortium this fall to bring together rural school based health centers in Colorado. Through face to face dialogue, the consortium hopes to provide support to those planning or implementing a rural SBHC and find out what factors are unique to rural SBHCs and which processes contribute to their success. That information will eventually be shared with the public through a published paper.


Hello from professional nurses in northern Colorado. At the October

meeting, Pam Kropp, President welcomed a number of University of Colorado nursing students as well as DNA 9 members. Gloria Boersch, a speaker for Colorado Health Care for All, gave an interesting presentation, delivered handouts with resource links, and urged all to contact their state representatives.

Elections were held. Carol Gilbert ( was elected President, and Pam Kropp, Vice President.

The Holiday Tea for retired and current nurses was held on November 11th at the home of Janie Arndt. This is always a warm gathering of caring nurses from the 1940's to the present.

On December 12th, Vicki Carroll and Jane Koeckeritz participated in the Governor's Dialogue on Health Care Vision and Values meeting held at Colorado State University. We are all interested in working towards a stronger, healthier future for Colorado. At future DNA 9 meetings, attendees will be encouraged to bring canned food items for the Larimer County Food Bank.

DNA 16 Report--Metro Denver

Congratulations to Carol Brautigam, she was voted DNA-16 Nurse of the Year at Convention this past September. Carol is also new first time grandmother so will be dividing some of her free time between here and Iowa. She was our hostess with the "mostest" for our December Christmas party held recently. Money and clothes were collected for the Samaritan House. Mary Kershner will deliver these items soon. Mary has been a volunteer there for many years and says they really appreciate any and all item donated especially at this time of year.

For those of you who were not able to attend Convention this year was in Pueblo this past September and those who attended had a grand time. DNA'S FROM Pueblo and Colorado Springs joined forces and did an excellent job. The educational day was outstanding as usual with a number of dynamic speakers to include our own Sara Jarrett.

October was our big planning meeting for the year, as usual we are co-sponsoring with DNA-20 the 8th Annual Legislative Dinner to be held on March 6th from 5-8 pm. More to follow but as with the past years a great time to meet and greet your legislators and give them a run down on what nurses think about our current health care policies. Speaking of health care C.J. Cullinan has been a member of the Governors Task Force on Nurse Workforce and Patient Safety. We should be hearing more about the outcome of this taskforce in the near future. Word has it the nurses did a dynamic job. C.J an active member of 16, works at Craig Hospital.Besides assisting on the task force and working hard she helped to spear head a joint collaboration with the Rehab Nurses, Nurses from the American Association of Neurological Nurses with support of CNA/DNA-16 who presented an educational opportunity on "Spinal Cord Injury, Bowel and Bladder Hygiene" this past November. Great job.

January presented another educational opportunity at Exempla St. Joe's. in conjunction with the Colorado Nurses Access to Health Care for All committee of CNA. This is about health care reform in Colorado. Chris Schmidt helped to organize this along with CNEs through CNA. Presenters were Sara Jarret and Dr. Vince Markovchick who is director of Emergency Medical Services at Denver Health.

The rest of the year will be somewhat anti-climatic but we are saving the best for last. We are again sponsoring a Nurses Night at the Rockies along with Market and Membership group. So save this date in bold letters, May 6th at Coor's Field a grand way to start of Nurses Week. Mary Kershner is helping to organize this. She has an in with management of sorts so come along, you might get to dance with Dinger in the 7th inning stretch.

For further information on DNA 16 activities contact Mary Lambert at 303-750-7095 or email at

DNA 20--West Metro Area

DNA 20 members who knew Dorothy Babcock were saddened by her passing in October. A DNA 20 scholarship honoring her contributions to nursing education will be awarded through the Colorado Nurses Foundation in 2008. (See obituary elsewhere in this edition of the Colorado Nurse).

In January, DNA 20 member Linda Krebs' presentation on "Promoting the Profession of Nursing and Your Professional Organization" to Front Range College Nursing students was well received. After the presentation, DNA 20 members had an opportunity to share their benefits of being a member of CNA with the students. Through a drawing, four tickets to the Legislative Connection Dinner were given to students in attendance. At our February meeting, toiletries, non-perishable food items, and new socks and underwear were collected and distributed to the Jeffco Action Center.

DNA 20 has been busy planning the Eight Annual Legislative Connection Dinner, to be held March 6, 2008 at the Scottish Masonic Rite. DNA 20 members and their legislators should be well represented, giving nurses an opportunity to provide input to their legislators on health care reform, workforce and advance practice nurse legislation.

DNA 20 will meet on the third Wednesday of the month March through May. For more information, please contact Norma Tubman, President, at 33.988.4131, or e-mail her at

DNA 30 Report

Marty Spangler RN, NP-C DNA 30 secretary

DNA 30, the Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses of CNA, has been working closely with CNA with the opening of the 2008 legislative session and the introduction by CNA of the three bills that will affect all advanced practice nurses in Colorado. Each APN is encouraged to dialog with their legislator regarding these three issues/ bills. Information is available on the DNA 30 legislative website ( for members for assistance with talking points and information. CNA has also produced a video that is available to share with your legislator! It is imperative that APNs be actively involved in these legislative processes to protect our practice act's future. If you have not already signed up for the APN legislative list serve to stay up to date on the legislature and be notified when special help is needed, please do so at If you are unfamiliar with who your legislators are, you can find them by zip code at

Other DNA 30 projects center on fundraising events that include hosting a continuing education day in the Fall of 2008 for advanced practice education. If you have any ideas or issues that would benefit your practice, or are a speaker that would share your expertise, please contact us. Watch the DNA 30 website for further developments.

DNA 30 general member meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month with a dinner and speaker program. Check the website at for more information.
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