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Color Digital Ortho Aerial Photography.

Tenders are invited for Color Digital Ortho Aerial Photography


The City of Conyers is soliciting proposals from qualified aerial mapping contractors for the

production of color digital ortho aerial photography.

Product Specifications

The product provided by the vendor will be color digital ortho aerial photography meeting the

following specifications:

a. Data Restrictions:

The City of Conyers will have all rights to this imagery with complete ownership.

b. Area Coverage:

It is desired that the extent of the imagery cover the entirety of the City of

Conyers with at least one tile past the city limits. (Attachment A)

All aerial photography shall be flown on clear, cloudless days at a time which will

minimize excessive glare or shadows. Photography will not be undertaken when

the ground is obscured by snow, haze, fog or dust, when streams are not within

their normal banks, or when the clouds shadows will appear on more than five

percent (5%) of the area in one photograph. The photographs shall not contain

objectionable shadows caused by relief or low solar altitude.

c. Photo date

Vertical natural color aerial photography shall be collected in winter 2015

(January-March 15th) when deciduous vegetation is minimal and during the time

of day when the sun angle is not less than 30 degrees.

Tender documents : T23738070.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 5, 2014
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