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Critiquing Colonialism from Within: A Conversation with Helen Johnson & John Kinsella. Johnson, Michelle Interview Jan 1, 2019 2661
CONTINENTAL SCOPE AND ITS DISCONTENTS. Mukherjee, Ankhi Critical essay Sep 22, 2018 2249
Maori suicide rates--the high cost of historical trauma: High Maori suicide rates can be seen as a consequence of the negative effects of colonisation, which have persisted down the generations. Getz, Peter Sep 1, 2018 2560
The subversion of East and West in Orhan Pamuk's novel, The White Castle. Aslan, Adile Critical essay Jun 1, 2018 5970
The Global Push for Reparations: Don Rojas (Caricom News, February 8, 2018). Frith, Nicola Apr 1, 2018 934
The Coloniality of Migration and the "Refugee Crisis": On the Asylum-Migration Nexus, the Transatlantic White European Settler Colonialism-Migration and Racial Capitalism. Rodriguez, Encarnacion Gutierrez Essay Mar 22, 2018 10446
Land of Plenty and Freedom: The Changing Vision of America in the Early Colonial Period. Umunc, Himmet Essay Mar 10, 2018 4100
FANON: ABSORPTION AND COLONIALITY. Clover, Joshua Essay Jan 1, 2018 2331
Farida Karodia's A Shattering of Silence: Colonial Violence and the Politics of Female-Driven Sympathetic Pushback. Ngom, Mamadou Abdou Babou Critical essay Dec 1, 2017 9168
Mobilizing the past: creuseurs, precarity and the colonizing structure in the Congo Copperbelt. Makori, Timothy Essay Nov 1, 2017 13964
The Debate Over Columbus Day. Oct 9, 2017 651
An eco-critical cultural approach to Mars colonization. Calanchi, Alessandra; Farina, Almo; Barbanti, Roberto Critical essay Jun 1, 2017 4716
Servir en ville (post)coloniale : entre travail non libre et resistances par le bas au Maroc. Moujoud, Nasima Jan 1, 2017 8206
Indigenous Helpers and Renegade invaders: Ambivalent characters in biblical and cinematic conquest narratives. Hawk, L. Daniel Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 9622
Navigating the colonial discourse in Fenimore Cooper's The Last of The Mohicans. Gohar, Saddik M. Critical essay Sep 1, 2016 15252
'Maori must take their whakapapa with them'. Sep 1, 2016 491
Pourquoi, en Afrique, <> refuse-t-il toujours le pluralisme que le communautarisme induit? Le Roy, Etienne May 1, 2016 8664
Decolonizing childhood. Carleton, Sean Mar 22, 2016 371
The Hutterites come to Alberta. Evans, Simon M.; Peller, Peter Essay Sep 22, 2015 5391
Birth giving, the body, and the racialized other in Jean Rhys's Voyage in the Dark and Good Morning, Midnight. Kingsley, Erin M. Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 9410
Education, psychology and culture: towards synergetic practices. Macfarlane, Angus; Macfarlane, Sonja Mar 1, 2015 5602
Care bundle for ventilator-associated pneumonia in a medical intensive care unit in Northern Taiwan. Zeng, Wen-Ping; Su, Han; Chen, Chein-Wen; Cheng, Shu-Meng; Chang, Li-Fang; Tzeng, Wen-Chii; Tzeng, B Report Mar 1, 2015 3377
Ruptured bodies and invaded grains: biotechnology as bioviolence in indian science fiction. Banerjee, Suparno Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 7599
Permanent war: grids, boomerangs, and counterinsurgency. Dunlap, Alexander Essay Sep 22, 2014 9733
The occidental colonization of the mind: the dominance of "Western" management theories in South-East Asian business schools. Hunter, Murray Report Jun 1, 2014 8273
'I am Goan [not] Indian': postcolonial ruptures in the South Asian diaspora. Rajiva, Mythili; D'Sylva, Andrea Report Mar 22, 2014 10645
The anachronism of empire. Jones, Curt Jan 15, 2014 1105
To no avail: supporters and opponents of the Kimberley Scheme. Lawrence, Dashiel Jan 1, 2014 7775
Upholding Filipino nationhood: the debate over Mindanao in the Philippine Legislature, 1907-1913. Suzuki, Nobutaka Report Jun 1, 2013 12278
Repopulating the emptiness: a spatial critique of ruination in Israel/Palestine. Leshem, Noam Report May 1, 2013 9494
History writing as cultural and political critique, or the difficulty of writing the history of a (de)colonized society. Djerbal, Dabo Essay May 1, 2013 3900
Next Time You Get the Fruit. Duncan, Pearl Essay May 1, 2013 10788
The western media and the falsification of Africa: complications of value and evaluation. Asante, Molefi Kete Report Apr 1, 2013 5628
China's Xi Jinping Visits; Africa Asks, What Are We Getting Out Of This? Brief article Mar 27, 2013 207
Achebe's work, postcoloniality, and human rights. Njeng, Eric Sipyinyu Report Mar 1, 2013 5953
Still colonizing after all these years. Eberts, Mary Jan 1, 2013 18215
Territorial colonization in late imperial Russia: stages in the development of a concept. Masoero, Alberto Essay Jan 1, 2013 13620
Colony development and density-dependent processes in breeding Grey Herons. Shirai, Takeshi Report Jan 1, 2013 5620
Reciprocal colonization in the Irish fairy tales of Lord Dunsany. Sheley, Erin L. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 6287
A comparison of traditional Kaurna kinship patterns with those used in contemporary Nunga English. Amery, Rob; Buckskin, Vincent "Jack" Kanya Report Mar 22, 2012 8139
Mother tongues and captive identities: celebrating and "disappearing" the Gullah/Geechee coast. Hamilton, Kendra Essay Jan 1, 2012 6949
Strategic dilemmas of colonization: France and Morocco during the great war. Dean, William T., III Dec 22, 2011 6891
Representing the Waikato: photography and colonisation. Dench, Simon Critical essay Nov 1, 2011 6228
The 'workingman's paradise', white supremacy and utopianism: the New Australia movement and working-class racism. Mawson, Stephanie Essay Nov 1, 2011 8289
A model-based age estimate for Polynesian colonization of Hawai'i. Dye, Thomas S. Report Oct 1, 2011 7803
Diaper contents and infant intestinal development. Chapkin, Robert S.; Donovan, Sharon M. Jul 1, 2011 1095
Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Elizabeth I, and the Anglo-Spanish conflict. Probasco, Nate Jun 22, 2011 7140
Native American Women and Religion in the American colonies: textual and visual traces of an imagined community. Diaz, Monica Critical essay Jun 1, 2011 10104
Out to sea. Brief article Apr 23, 2011 101
Regimes of cannibality: a peripheral perspective on war, colonization and culture. Amaya, Adolfo C. Essay Mar 22, 2011 8828
Venezuela's Island of Treasures and Tragedies: the iridescent pearl played prominently in Cubagua's history and in the early years of discovery, conquest, and colonization in the Americas. Nov 1, 2010 1949
Africa at 50: still singing the blues: as we review the disappointments of 50 years of independence, finally facing the truth could benefit us enormously. Instead, there has been a tendency towards "singing the blues" as opposed to aiming not to repeat the blunders of the past. Essay Oct 1, 2010 545
The Island Princess; or the Generous Portugal: A Comedy. Critical essay Jun 30, 2010 3639
French colonists. Brief article Jun 22, 2010 178
Radiocarbon and linguistic dates for occupation of the South Wellesley Islands, Northern Australia. Ulm, Sean; Evans, Nicholas; Rosendahl, Daniel; Memmott, Paul; Petchey, Fiona Report Apr 1, 2010 3471
Namibia: from ox-wagon to modernity. Randall, Keith Essay Mar 22, 2010 3785
Where have all the aliens gone? The problem of sustainability may explain the absence of extraterrestrials. Haqq-Misra, Jacob; Baum, Seth D. Mar 1, 2010 538
Israel leading to "one-state solution", says Abbas. Feb 1, 2010 343
The spoils of Berlin: Osei boateng reports on the give-and-take diplomacy that finally led to the partition of Africa. by 1902, all of Africa, except Ethiopia and Liberia, were firmly under European colonial control. Boateng, Osei Feb 1, 2010 1061
The first rule of holes. Jun 22, 2009 564
Penser la citoyennete a l'aune des histoires coloniales: terrains avec les Maaori et les Tahitiens. Gagne, Natacha Essay May 1, 2009 10040
Edward Wynne's The Brittish India or A Compendious Discourse tending to Advancement (circa 1630-1631). Gaulton, Barry C.; Miller, Aaron F. Excerpt Mar 22, 2009 12552
The colonial in the global: where does the Third World fit in? Lazreg, Marnia Essay Mar 22, 2009 6235
Small arms of the Koninlijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger: Part 1--the Dutch Foreign Legion? One of the smallest nations in Europe once controlled one of the largest in Asia. This little-known force was its instrument. Scarlata, Paul Mar 20, 2009 3132
Contested ground: hinterland slavery in colonial New York. Williams-Myers, A.J. Report Jan 1, 2009 18037
Choctaw leadership in Oklahoma: the Allen Wright family and education in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Noley, Grayson; Smith, Joan K.; Vaughn, Courtney; Cesar, Dana Report Jan 1, 2009 6046
Land use and land conflicts on the volcanic ashes of Moungo (Cameroun)/Occupation du sol et conflits fonciers sur les cendres volcaniques du Moungo (Cameroun). Nkankeu, Francois Report Jun 22, 2008 8548
Splenetic ogres and heroic cannibals in Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal (1729). Chowdhury, Ahsan Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 11287
Commerce, cookbooks and colonialism: cross-cultural cuisine in the age of empire. Neill, Deborah Report Mar 22, 2008 4082
Materials from the Dutch colonial archives deposited by Reed L. Wadley in the Tun Jugah Foundation Archives, Kuching, Sarawak. Sather, Clifford Jan 1, 2008 955
A painful remembrance: Dr. Eulynda J. Toledo is working to bring attention to the "intergenerational trauma" of the Native American boarding school era. Pember, Mary Annette Cover story Nov 29, 2007 1571
Politics in the Canadian novel. Chalykoff, Lisa Sep 1, 2007 1659
Dismantling the history of slavery and colonization in the poetry of Mohamed Al-Fayturi and Langston Hughes. Gohar, Saddik Mohamed Critical essay Aug 1, 2007 10151
Post-cultural hospitality: settler-native-migrant encounters. Smith, Jo Mar 22, 2007 8191
Permission to rebel: Arab Bedouin women's changing negotiation of social roles. Queder, Sarab Abu-Rabia Mar 22, 2007 10177
Ghana's Golden Coast: this West African state was a focus of the slave trade for centuries, and the first African colony to win independence, exactly fifty years ago. Graham Gendall Norton finds lots of history to explore. Norton, Graham Gendall Mar 1, 2007 1432
Pretextes de l'empire americain aux Philippines: recontextualisation des histoires de la medicine imperiale. McElhinny, Bonnie Jan 1, 2007 564
The path home. Horn, Kahentinetha Jan 1, 2007 614
The violence of the letter: land claims and continuing colonial conquest in Canada. Kulchyski, Peter Jan 1, 2007 2291
Pathways to an ethic of struggle. Alfred, Taiaiake Jan 1, 2007 2837
Dystopic geographies of empire. Rajaram, Prem Kumar Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2006 13515
The Utopian imagination of Aboriginalism. Jorgensen, Darren Jan 1, 2006 5032
Mad, bad or sad? Ideology, distorted communication and child abuse prevention. Sinclair, Tom Sep 1, 2005 8075
Flying without licence. Ankomah, Baffour Column Jul 1, 2005 1788
Changes in Kanaka Maoli men's roles and health: healing the warrior self. Berry, Shaun P. Jun 22, 2005 7407
Having our say: African American women, diversity, and counseling. Bryant, Rhonda M.; Coker, Angela D.; Durodoye, Beth A.; McCollum, Vivian J.; Pack-Brown, Sherlon P.; Jun 22, 2005 5323
A Strange Death: Zichron Ya'akov, then and now. Halkin, Hillel Excerpt Jun 22, 2005 8379
Horizontal and vertical distribution of spiders (Araneae) in sunflowers. Pekar, Stano May 1, 2005 3151
Colonization as subtext in James Welch's Winter in the Blood. Larson, Sidner Jan 1, 2005 2875
Characterization of arthropod assemblage supported by the Chinese Tallow tree (Sapium sebiferum) in southeast Texas. Hartley, Maria K.; DeWalt, Saara; Rogers, William E.; Siemann, Evan Nov 1, 2004 5101
On infinite decolonization. Moreiras, Alberto Critical essay Jun 1, 2004 3316
No longer shall they kill our prophets ... (2): "the only way to express ourselves in the new world is being together. I don't like to be a colony. If we don't get together, we will disappear from world history"--Romani Prodi, president of the European Commission, speaking in London on 6 February 2001 on the need for European unity. Ankomah, Baffour Column Apr 1, 2004 1536
A different kind of coup: as Portugal seeks to build new partnerships with its former African colonies, we should not lose sight of the importance of the 25th April 1974 coup in Lisbon. It even speeded up the demise of Ian Smith's regime in Zimbabwe and apartheid in South Africa. de Figueiredo, Antonio Apr 1, 2004 1339
Mission without history? Some ideas for decolonizing mission. Sebastian, Mrinalini Jan 1, 2004 11116
Negotiating mission: a Canadian stance. Legge, Marilyn J. Jan 1, 2004 6612
Decolonizing the Choctaws: teaching LeAnne Howe's Shell Shaker. Hollrah, Patrice Jan 1, 2004 4273
Decolonizing the 1862 death marches. Wilson, Waziyatawin Angela Jan 1, 2004 12072
Colonised men, de-colonised sex. de Burgh, Helene Critical essay Jan 1, 2004 6457
Recipes for peace. Oct 1, 2003 955
Cosmopolitanism and the colonizing imagination in ancient Rome. Fogel, Jerise Sep 22, 2003 7573
Uganda: a British love affair; while the British and their allies have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe, they continue to support Uganda which has a worse democratic and human rights record than Zimbabwe. (Guest Column). Apira, Josephine A. Brief Article May 1, 2003 671
Robert Mugabe: Sinner or sinned against? (Cover Story: The Case For). Shire, George Cover Story Apr 1, 2003 3322
Exploring the Atlantic World: an experiment in teaching an emerging paradigm. Laing, Annette Mar 22, 2003 5079
What about the women? (Lest We Forget). Figueiredo, Antonio de Jan 1, 2003 1566
What kind of abuse at residential schools? (News in Brief: Canada). Jan 1, 2003 417
Pathologizing populations and colonizing minds: international psychosocial programs in Kosovo. Pupavac, Vanessa Oct 1, 2002 8963
A plague of despair: Davis Inlet and Sheshatshiu are villages in Labrador, populated almost entirely by Innu. Until 1993, only a few hundred people had ever heard of them. That was when a videotape surfaced. It showed a group of Innu adolescents screaming that they wanted to die. They were strung out after sniffing gasoline. (Native People--The Innu Of Labrador). Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 2156
Nation to nation. (Native People--The Cree Of Northern Quebec). Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 1357
Being the change. (The Buzz). Manji, Irshad Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 918
A heavenly visitation: Larry Gragg recounts the reasons for the visit of the Quaker George Fox to Barbados in 1671, and the significance of his presence there. Gragg, Larry Feb 1, 2002 3761
Barbados: British empire in miniature. Norton, Graham Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 743
Amalia Schoppe's Die Colonisten and the "menace of mimicry". Wilson, Judith Topic Overview Jan 1, 2002 9470
Post-colonial meddling: when the European colonizers were the world's superpowers they messed up the internal affairs of most African nations and earned the loathing of many African people. Dec 1, 2001 2639
State and Ethnicity in precolonial Northern Nigeria. King, Lamont Dehaven Nov 1, 2001 9698
The brothers up North and the sisters down South: The Mackay family and the Frontier. Allen, Margaret Oct 1, 2001 10940
The forlorn hope: Bennelong and Yemmerrawannie go to England. Brook, Jack Mar 22, 2001 8331
Twenty-one Steps - The Colonization of Alta California. Branson, Branley Allan; Branson, Mary Lou Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 283
European technology and the New Zealand Maori economy: 1769-1840. Schaniel, William C. Jan 1, 2001 5164
Continent noir. Book Review Jan 1, 2001 948
ASIA. Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 973
4 Humans and the sea. Oct 1, 2000 38360
Weaving and the Construction of a Gender Division of Labor in Early Colonial Peru. GRAUBART, KAREN B. Sep 22, 2000 11202
The Minas Gerais: a high point of miscegenation. Bennassar, Bartolome Sep 22, 2000 4297
From orality to writing: the reality of a conversion through the work of the Jesuit Father Jose de Anchieta (1534-1597). Laborie, Jean-Claude Sep 22, 2000 10050
Constructing new pronominal systems from the Atlantic to the Pacific(1). BAKER, PHILIP; HUBER, MAGNUS Sep 1, 2000 13261
In the Belly of a Laughing God: Reading Humor and Irony in the Poetry of Joy Harjo. ANDREWS, JENNIFER Mar 22, 2000 8200
Kettle on a Slow Boil: Batavia's Threat Perceptions in the Indies' Outer Islands, 1870-1910. TAGLIACOZZO, ERIC Mar 1, 2000 18410
Red, white and Bluefields. Marriott, Edward Feb 1, 2000 3354
AFRICA: BEYOND 2000. Versi, Anver; Nevin, Tom Jan 1, 2000 7861
Rethinking the Discourse of Colonialism in Economic Terms: Shakespeare's The Tempest, Captain John Smith's Virginia Narratives, and the English Response to Vagrancy. CEFALU, PAUL A. Jan 1, 2000 14446
The Great Albatross Philippine Expedition and Its Fishes. SMITH, DAVID G.; WILLIAMS, JEFFREY T. Sep 22, 1999 7935
The Australian National University--Vanuatu Cultural Centre Archaeology Project, 1994-97: Aims and Results. Bedford, Stuart; Spriggs, Matthew; Regenvanu, Ralph Sep 1, 1999 5404
Has Liberation Theology Died? de Oliveira Ribeiro, Claudio Jul 1, 1999 5941
Balasuriya: Restitution for colonial era is due. MacEOIN, GARY Jan 22, 1999 1487
Preface. Fall, Yoro K. Dec 22, 1998 910
'Finnegans Wake,' colonial nonsense, and postcolonial history. Mays, Michael Sep 22, 1998 7425
Colonialism and the economic demise and transformation of northern Nigeria's slave fundamental extractors from 1903 to the 1920s. Ferdnance, Tyrone Aug 1, 1998 7039
Internal colonization. Ayres, Ed May 1, 1998 1158
Reflections d'outre-mer on French colonialism. Schalk, David L. Mar 1, 1998 8524
Les Temps modernes and the French war in Indochina. Drake, David Mar 1, 1998 7278
Questions of decolonization and post-colonialism in the ideology of the French extreme right. Flood, Christopher; Frey, Hugo Mar 1, 1998 8905
French colonial and post-colonial hybridity: condition metisse. Sherzer, Dina Mar 1, 1998 8395
Orientalism: from unveiling to hyperveiling. Macmaster, Neil; Lewis, Toni Mar 1, 1998 6832
The story of two paintings. Beckett, Gloria; Kearney, Julie Oct 1, 1997 1474
The European conscience and the black slave trade: an ambiguous protest. Benot, Yves; Gage, Jennifer Curtiss Sep 22, 1997 6473
'The Lincoln Colony': Aaron Columbus Burr's proposed colonization of British Honduras. Coryell, Janet L. Mar 1, 1997 6029
Extinction-recolonization dynamics in the mycophagous beetle Phalacrus substriatus. Ingvarsson, Par K.; Olsson, Katarina; Ericson, Lars Feb 1, 1997 6548
Democratization and peace in Africa. Kieh, George Klay, Jr. Jun 1, 1996 5397
Effects of localized disturbance on macroinvertebrate community structure in relation to mode of colonization and season. Moser, David C.; Minshall, G. Wayne Jan 1, 1996 2971
'White Skins', 'Real People' and 'Chines' in some spatial transformations of the Western Province, PNG. Wood, Mike Sep 1, 1995 18091
Decolonization as disintegration: the disestablishment of the state in Chad. Miles, William F.S. Jun 1, 1995 4933
Direct European immigrant transmission of Old World pathogens to Numic Indians during the nineteenth century. Stoffle, Richard W.; Jones, Kristine L.; Dobyns, Henry F. Mar 22, 1995 10364
The children of Columbus. Vargas Llosa, Mario Jan 1, 1995 4041
Decolonization and the Pergau Dam affair. Hack, Karl Nov 1, 1994 2235
Lismahago's captivity: transculturation in 'Humphry Clinker.' (novel by Tobias Smollett) Sussman, Charlotte Sep 22, 1994 9039
Colonial dreams of the French right wing, 1881-1914. Roshwald, Aviel Sep 22, 1994 7095
Who is the colonist: writing in New Zealand and the South Pacific. Martin, Murray S. Jun 22, 1994 3946
Postcoloniality and the boundaries of identity. Radhakrishnan, R. Sep 22, 1993 10407
The heart of whiteness. Appadurai, Arjun Sep 22, 1993 6797
Colonialism and its aftermath: the crisis of knowledge production. Taiwo, Olufemi Sep 22, 1993 10230
Cold hearts and (foreign) tongues: recitation and the reclamation of the female body in the works of Erna Brodber and Jamaica Kincaid. Tiffin, Helen Sep 22, 1993 6687
Conquest and discovery: subversion of the Fall in 'El Carnero.' Herman, Susan Mar 1, 1993 7687
The truth about the first Thanksgiving. Loewen, James W. Nov 1, 1992 4565
The tragedy of Tibet. Ingram, Paul Sep 1, 1992 1927
Aboriginal people and imperialism in the Western hemisphere. Ortiz, Rozanne Dunbar Sep 1, 1992 3524
Shakespeare and the subaltern. Rubinstein, Annette Sep 1, 1992 331
Korea and the Philippines: a century of U.S. intervention. Schirmer, Daniel B. May 1, 1991 4287

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