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Gender, Family, Race, and the Colonial State in Early Nineteenth-Century Jamaica. Graham, Aaron Nov 18, 2021 10012
We saved Nigeria from digital colonialism-FG. Nov 12, 2021 285
Chinese envoy calls for taking stock of colonialism's scourge. Nov 8, 2021 397
Colonialism and the current climate crisis. Syed Mohammad Ali Oct 29, 2021 665
Pakistan calls India's occupation of Kashmir 'worst manifestation' of colonialism. Oct 22, 2021 740
Pak terms India's Kashmir occupation 'worst manifestation' of colonialism. Oct 22, 2021 741
Legacies of Colonialism, Patriarchy, Neoliberalism Impede Access to Food, Water, Health Care for World's Poor, Third Committee Hears as COVID 19 Exposes Gaps. Oct 21, 2021 5169
PM Shtayyeh at an olive picking site: The olive tree symbolizes resistance in the face of settler colonialism. Oct 20, 2021 379
Rise of settler colonialism in IIOJK biggest threat to Kashmiris: Kashmir Webinar. Oct 7, 2021 543
Tanzania's Gurnah, novelist of colonialism and refuge, wins 2021 Nobel. Reuters News Service Oct 7, 2021 629
Of colonialism and nationalism. Jawed Naqvi Oct 5, 2021 1019
Why History Matters. Ghussein, Mona Al Oct 1, 2021 1203
KIIR report exposes India's neo-colonialism policies in IIOJK. Sep 7, 2021 805
Writing the Hamatsa: Ethnography, Colonialism, and the Cannibal Dance. Sep 1, 2021 305
Unsettling: Not a Nation of Immigrants: Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy, and a History of Erasure and Exclusion. Ortiz, Roxanne Dunbar; Needham, Andrew Sep 1, 2021 1530
Ethno-Pornography: Sexuality, Colonialism, and Archival Knowledge. Ritt-Coulter, Edith Sep 1, 2021 896
'Obdurate': On Afghanistan, Exceptionalism and Colonialism. Aug 27, 2021 911
Egyptian artist Ibrahim Ahmed explores colonialism and identity in first solo exhibition. Rebecca Anne Proctor Aug 2, 2021 875
The Two-State Compromise Normalizes Israeli Colonialism. Jul 29, 2021 650
Graves in Canada reflect Catholic logic of Indigenous vanishment: COMMENTARY. Holscher, Kathleen Guest commentary Jul 9, 2021 1263
India's settler colonialism in Kashmir. Khalid Ranjha Jul 3, 2021 596
Settler Colonialism. Jul 1, 2021 345
Horrors of colonialism. Jun 28, 2021 312
Fracking in Pueblo and Dine Communities. Meyer, Melodie Jun 22, 2021 14653
Is Settler Colonialism Just Another Study of Whiteness? Fung, Amy Report Jun 22, 2021 7697
Toppling Colonialism: Historians, Genocide, and Missing Indigenous Children. Millions, Erin Jun 22, 2021 1536
Rex v. J. B. Smith (Calgary, 1902): Queer Carnal Acts and Heterosexual Settler Colonialism in Canada's Prairie Empire. Henderson, Jarett Jun 22, 2021 2959
Israeli Settler-Colonialism Protects US Interests, Hence the Unconditional Support. Jun 10, 2021 616
Oxford Uni students take down portrait of Queen because of colonialism; "it was decided that the room should be a welcoming, neutral place for all members regardless of background, demographic, or views.". By, Neil Shaw Jun 9, 2021 791
Oxford students vote to remove Queen portrait because she 'represents colonial history'; Education Secretary Gavin Williamson branded a reported move by Oxford University students to remove the Queen's picture from their common room, because she is a symbol of colonialism, as "simply absurd". By, Tess De La Mare & Danya Bazaraa Jun 8, 2021 659
US organizations to hold march in Washington DC protesting of Israel's settler-colonialism. May 28, 2021 434
Sykes-Picot Agreement: Western colonialism dividing Arab world. Daily News Egypt May 17, 2021 292
Covid crisis in India, the world's largest vaccine-maker, shows the impact of racism and residual colonialism - Dr Gwenetta Curry; As Scotland celebrates a day with just one unfortunate death from Covid-19 and the reopening of hospitality, things are quite different in India. Gwenetta Curry May 5, 2021 625
Abbas Statements are Complicit with Israeli Settler-Colonialism. Apr 22, 2021 671
The US' Designation is Glossing over Colonialism in Palestine. Apr 6, 2021 598
April 1 marks 'landmark struggle' against colonialism, president says. Antigoni Pitta Apr 1, 2021 259
Rizal annotates Antonio de Morga, 2. Araneta, Gemma Cruz Mar 25, 2021 755
Palestine Solidarity Delivers Blow to JNF Colonialism. Mar 18, 2021 908
Zain's Steamer Point: Between Celebrating Colonialism and Anti-Colonial Voice. Alkodimi, Khaled Abkar Critical essay Mar 1, 2021 7173
Adwa Victory Lit Torchlight Against Colonialism: PM Abiy. Mar 1, 2021 367
Colonialism and male domestic service across the Asia Pacific. Bonus, Rick Mar 1, 2021 1010
Reverse colonialism and corporate takeovers. Feb 3, 2021 745
India, Israel are agents of colonialism: Hamid. Jan 19, 2021 248
From occupation to annexation: unfolding chronicles of Indian colonialism in Kashmir. Jan 6, 2021 1185
Scotland urged to disclaim Rockall to distance from UK's "last act of colonialism"; Scotland should abandon its claim on the remote island of Rockall and let the United Nations decide which nations have rights over the disputed territory, according to independent MSP Andy Wightman. Ilona Amos Jan 6, 2021 339
Can historic houses tell more stories than they have done? Despite recent complaints that organisations such as the National Trust are 'rewriting' history, the real challenge is how historic properties can present a fuller and more complex account of the past. Turner, Olivia Horsfall; Cox, Oliver Column Jan 1, 2021 1382
Giving by Taking Away: Big Tech, Data Colonialism, and the Reconfiguration of Social Good. Magalhaes, Joao Carlos; Couldry, Nick Jan 1, 2021 8874
'British Empire' won't be axed from honours system despite row over colonial past; This year's New Year honours list is the most diverse in history and the titles of the awards are not set to change despite critics slamming title's links to slavery and colonialism. By, Tess de la Mare & Nina Lloyd Awards list Dec 31, 2020 675
Military settlements in IoK reflect India's extending settler colonialism framework. Dec 22, 2020 270
'Honours system is offensive' MP with an OBE calls for shake-up to remove 'divisive' links with days of colonialism and empire. JOHN SCHEERHOUT @MENNEWSDESK Dec 13, 2020 399
Students produce multimedia exhibition on colonialism and education systems. Dec 9, 2020 756
NU-Q students produce multimedia projects on colonialism impact on education systems. Dec 9, 2020 678
Education is key to understanding our past; Edinburgh council leader Adam McVey is right to highlight the city's ignominious links to the slave trade. The city's newly-formed Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review Group, led by Scotland's first black professor Sir Geoff Palmer, is assessing statues and street names with links to slavery with a view towards explaining their origins. Dec 7, 2020 309
Caribbean-born Glasgow artist whose work has tackled slavery and colonialism to represent Scotland at Venice Biennale; A Caribbean-born Glasgow artist whose work has tackled the legacy of Scotland's colonial past and its links to the slave trade has been chosen to represent the country at the world's most prestigious exhibition. Brian Ferguson Dec 3, 2020 507
A Bounded Land: Reflections on Settler Colonialism in Canada. Book review Dec 1, 2020 151
Colonialismo interno y la tierra baldia en Serena, de Ron Rash. González Groba, Constante Critical essay Dec 1, 2020 9264
Stop blaming colonialism for everything. Shah, Kokil K. Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2020 309
'Settler Colonialism' in Kashmir and States' Responsibility. TOOBA KHURSHID Nov 30, 2020 1514
Looking at us. Nov 18, 2020 708
BEYOND European Colonialism: An Interview with Je Hooper and David Breeden. Thompson, Meredith Interview Nov 1, 2020 3061
Colonialism and Its Racial Imprint. Breman, Jan Reprint Nov 1, 2020 10262
Wealth and Power (PART I): Understanding Colonialism. Oct 16, 2020 1455
"Valli" at the border: Adivasi women de-link from settler colonialism paving re-enchantment of the forest commons. Kozhisseri, Deepa Report Oct 1, 2020 7464
An Ethical Policy for an Islamic People: The Colonial Policy of the Kuyper Cabinet (1901-1905) and the Challenge of Human Development. Heslam, Peter S. Sep 22, 2020 8426
Alexandre Dumas: why the French author is being celebrated today with a Google Doodle - and the books he wrote; Dumas faced discrimination related to his mixed-race ancestry across his career, and also penned works that addressed the issues of race and colonialism. Alex Nelson Aug 28, 2020 675
Is China's role in Africa a repeat of Western colonialism? Aug 22, 2020 1165
Ignoring colonialism. Muhammad Khudadad Chattha Aug 14, 2020 832
Saffron colonialism. Aug 11, 2020 1026
Relation Between Colonialism and South Asian Terrorism. Aug 10, 2020 1205
Fallism and restitution. Hicks, Dan; Mirzoeff, Nicholas Aug 1, 2020 720
The Complete Lives of Camp People: Colonialism, Fascism, Concentrated Memory by Rudolph Mrazek. Melendy, Brenda Aug 1, 2020 880
Masood pays tributes to IIOJK people for resisting colonialism, foreign occupation. Aug 1, 2020 941
Masood pays tributes to IIOJK people for resisting colonialism, foreign occupation. Aug 1, 2020 941
Masood pays tributes to IIOJK people for resisting colonialism, foreign occupation. Aug 1, 2020 919
AJK president pays tributes to IIOJ and K people for resisting colonialism. Jul 31, 2020 966
Games chief is conducting 'regular talks' about its links to colonialism. MARK CARDWELL Local Democracy Reporter Jul 17, 2020 265
Libyan Tribal Council chief says GNA resorted to Turkish 'colonialism'. Egypt Today staff Jul 17, 2020 534
Tech colonialism and data sovereignty. Shalini Verma Jul 14, 2020 749
Inquiring into the Coloniality of Knowledge, Power, and Being in EFL Textbooks /Indagar la colonialidad del saber, del ser y del poder en libros de texto de ingles. Pardo, Astrid Núñez Report Jul 1, 2020 8208
Why History Matters. Al Ghussein, Mona Jul 1, 2020 1204
Cancel the New York Times. Samuelson, Richard Essay Jun 22, 2020 3450
1,300 sign petition to put colonialism on the curriculum. Jun 20, 2020 485
Negative Cosmopolitanism: The Case of V. S. Naipaul. Tsang, Philip Critical essay Jun 1, 2020 8642
Pham Quynh, borrowed language, and the ambivalences of colonial discourse. Vu, Yen N. Jun 1, 2020 9583
Kashmir under Indian Colonialism. May 15, 2020 1052
Race, Caste, and Christianity: A Post-Colonial Analysis. Jeremiah, Anderson H.M. May 1, 2020 6190
Anthropology, Colonial Policy and the Decline of French Empire in Africa. Book review Apr 1, 2020 170
AN UPHILL TASK. Daileda, Colin Report Mar 22, 2020 2758
Editorial: Transnational communism and anti-colonialism. Edmonds, Daniel; Smith, Evan; Drachewych, Oleska Editorial Mar 22, 2020 2823
'Whether black or white--united in the fight!' Connecting the resistance against colonialism, racism, and fascism in the European metropoles, 1926-1936. Brasken, Kasper Mar 22, 2020 8088
Great disappointment, shifting opportunities: a glimpse into the Comintern, Western European parties and their colonial work in the Third Period. Drachewych, Oleksa Mar 22, 2020 8610
Fantasy Island: Colonialism, Exploitation, and the Betrayal of Puerto Rico. Robles, Johnathan Mar 22, 2020 710
Colonialism, Sexualities, and Culture: A Transnational Interrogation of Caribbean Subjectivities. Banisalamah, Ahmed Mar 22, 2020 10206
The echoes of colonialism Leoni Connah suggests that Kashmir's future remains uncertain following India's revocation of its self-rule. Connah, Leoni Mar 1, 2020 3052
Impact Of African Policies On Development Of Infrastructure Projects, Emergence Of Debt-Trap And Neo-Colonialism. Feb 26, 2020 1672
Colonialism lives. Aasim Sajjad Akhtar Feb 7, 2020 848
India will always remain grateful to Netaji for his bravery, indelible contribution to resisting colonialism: PM Modi. ANI Jan 23, 2020 274
Deconstructing the Gulf Crisis: Post-Colonialism and Competing 'Projects' in the Middle East. Chak, Farhan Mujahid Report Jan 1, 2020 10539
literary notes: Colonialism, Urdu criticism and Hali's three-dimensional literary career. Rauf Parekh Dec 30, 2019 932
Experts warn PHL, Asean of China's 'colonialism'. Dec 23, 2019 652
'Grave Mistake, Fault of France': Macron Blasts Colonialism as African Countries Walk Away from Paris-Backed Franc. Dec 22, 2019 413
Colonialism with benefits? Singaporean peoplehood and colonial contradiction. Holden, Philip Dec 1, 2019 6866
How colonial rule predisposed Africa to fragile authoritarianism. Nov 3, 2019 1318
The Jews' Indian: Colonialism, Pluralism, and Belonging in America. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 114
Salmon and Acorns Feed Our People: Colonialism, Nature, and Social Action. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 133
Salmon and Acorns Feed Our People: Colonialism, Nature, and Social Action. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 132
The Jews' Indian: Colonialism, Pluralism, and Belonging in America. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 113
Colonialism is Crime. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 117
Colonialism is Crime. Book review Nov 1, 2019 116
Governing Natives: Indirect Rule and Settler Colonialism in Australia's North. Rowse, Tim Nov 1, 2019 1915
Cocky Hahn and the Black Venus. Hayes, Patricia Oct 1, 2019 864
Banana Cowboys: The United Fruit Company and the Culture of Corporate Colonialism. Striffler, Steve Book review Sep 22, 2019 522
The African Theater of the Middle East Conflict: Studies in Arab Neo-Colonialism in Black Africa, 1952-1993. Book review Sep 1, 2019 150
Why Article 35 (A)-- a symbol of 'Kashmiri colonialism'-- must go. Aug 10, 2019 717
Why colonialism is such a big theme of Edinburgh festival -- Joyce McMillan. Aug 9, 2019 1084
DNA Evidence of a Croatian and Sephardic Jewish Setlement on the North Carolina Coast Dating from the Mid to Late 1500s. Hirschman, Elizabeth C.; Vance, James A.; Harris, Jesse D. Aug 1, 2019 8012
Building a new political reality on the ruins of colonialism: an update on the One Democratic State campaign. Jul 28, 2019 3060
Colonial Ignorance and World Construction: On Albert Wendt's Black Rainbow and The Adventures of Vela. Rieder, John Critical essay Jul 18, 2019 7968
Cuba Should Not Normalize with Israeli Settler Colonialism. Jul 16, 2019 1375
Medievalism: From Nationalist and Colonial Past to Global Future. D'Arcens, Louise Jul 1, 2019 1494
Asia Stands Up To 'Waste Colonialism'. Jun 25, 2019 828
Constrained Agency while Negotiating Spanish Colonialism: A Bioarchaeological, Isotopic, and Ancient DNA Study of the Vinchos Cave Mummies, Ayacucho, Peru. Jun 22, 2019 9241
The EU Should Be Calling out Israeli Colonialism for its Violence and Incitement. May 31, 2019 797
Colonialism in Yemen: Ottomans, British. May 27, 2019 766
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israeli occupation exploits the "Eurovision" to consolidate its colonialism. May 11, 2019 292
Foreign Ministry: Israel exploits Eurovision contest to consolidate its colonialism. May 11, 2019 299
Palestinian Foreign Ministry: Israel exploits Eurovision contest to consolidate its colonialism. May 11, 2019 303
Europe Holds No Moral High Ground in Protecting Israeli Colonialism. May 5, 2019 847
'White queens' and 'Nubian fiends': Early Italian American fiction and the problem of colonialism. Ciribuco, Andrea May 1, 2019 8653
Between Internal Colonialism And Modern Civilisation. Apr 19, 2019 1878
A literary Study of the Cultural and Religious Resistance of Africa and South Asia during Colonial Period. Mahmood, Rasib; Khan, Shaheen; Islam, Saif Ul Report Mar 31, 2019 5299
Foreign Ministry: Trump's position on occupied Golan Heights a boost to colonialism. Mar 23, 2019 265
Settler Colonialism and Labour Studies in Canada: A Preliminary Exploration. Camfield, David Essay Mar 22, 2019 12299
Settler Colonialism and Labour Studies in Canada: A Preliminary Exploration. Camfield, David Author abstract Mar 22, 2019 275
The Settler Order Framework: Rethinking Canadian Working-Class History. Burrill, Fred Author abstract Mar 22, 2019 282
Anti-Colonialism, Terrorism and the 'Politics of Friendship': Virendranath Chattopadhyaya and the European Anarchist Movement, 1910-1927. Laursen, Ole Birk Report Mar 22, 2019 6271
Monstrous Moroccan Women in French Women's Travel Narratives during the Protectorate. Bouamer, Siham Mar 22, 2019 9659
Western colonialism is history, China's oppression is ongoing. Mar 20, 2019 429
Tehran: Oil Industry Nationalization Landmark in Iranians' Fight against Colonialism. Mar 20, 2019 279
Colonialism and Male Domestic Service Across the Asia Pacific. Book review Mar 1, 2019 113
Introducing Economics and Social Sciences to UWI (1955-1962): W. Arthur Lewis's Influence. Persaud, Wilberne Essay Mar 1, 2019 13928
Al-Jaafari: An end must be put to colonialism in the world. Feb 21, 2019 106
Progressive New World: How Settler Colonialism and Transpacific Exchange Shaped American Reform. Book review Feb 1, 2019 166
Reflections on what could have been. Serumaga, Kalundi Column Jan 1, 2019 1249
Translingual Poetics: Writing Personhood Under Settler Colonialism. Book review Jan 1, 2019 124
Facing the Monumental: Confronting the Legacies of Colonialism. Walker, Ellyn Jan 1, 2019 2116
My Dialogue with Rod Bush on Internal Colonialism. Pinderhughes, Charles "Cappy", Jr. Essay Jan 1, 2019 4512
From Tensions in the American Dream to "As the World Turns": Lessons from Rod Bush's Last Projects. Bush, Melanie E.L. Essay Jan 1, 2019 10180
Colonization, resistance and popular culture. Harter, John-Henry Jan 1, 2019 762
The Rationale for Colonialism: 'Akbar's Dream'. Dec 31, 2018 1021
Disruptive Colonial Discourse and Spatial Disorientations: Misrepresentation of the American and Indian Territories in the British Fictional Narratives of Wars of Independence. Khan, Saleem Akhtar; Awan, Muhammad Safeer Critical essay Dec 31, 2018 4665
To Get Me a Servant: Robinson Crusoe as the First Anti-Slavery Novel. Grady, Wayne Critical essay Dec 22, 2018 2452
The Colonized Masculinity and Cultural Politics of Seediq Bale. Lin, Chin-ju Critical essay Dec 10, 2018 5507
Myth and Monstrosity: Teaching Indigenous Films. Derry, Ken Critical essay Dec 1, 2018 9819
Dialectics of Oppression: Fanon's Anticolonial Critique of Hegelian Dialectics. Ogungbure, Adebayo A. Critical essay Dec 1, 2018 6314
Zionism: Cycles of Trauma and Aggression in the Service of Settler Colonialism. Reprint Nov 29, 2018 1662
Mahathir's warning on 'new colonialism'. Nov 24, 2018 1053
World colonialism could not pull out love of Prophet (PBUH) from Muslims' hearts: Fazl. Nov 16, 2018 705
World colonialism could not pull out love of Prophet (PBUH) from Muslims' hearts: Fazl. Nov 15, 2018 705
Colonialism still destroys people and planet. Nov 9, 2018 2002
Post Colonialism, royal visits and the Commonwealth, time to make it meaningful. Nov 8, 2018 354
Colonialism and globalization, two sides of the same coin. Nov 5, 2018 549
Negritude in Anti-colonial African Literature Discourse. Galafa, Beaton Nov 1, 2018 5154
The Impact of Colonisation on the Ability to Make a Meaning of 'Black' South African Contemporary Dance in the 21st Century. Rani, Maxwell Xolani Nov 1, 2018 6522
Kingdom Urges UN to End All Forms of Colonialism. Oct 17, 2018 444
Saudi calls UN to end all forms of colonialism. Oct 17, 2018 443
UN urged to end all forms of colonialism. Oct 17, 2018 237
How Arab cinema is throwing off the shackles of cultural colonialism. Oct 2, 2018 1154
Colonialism, Culture, Whales: The Cetacean Quartet. Book review Oct 1, 2018 116
Shaping the Future on Haida Gwaii: Life Beyond Settler Colonialism. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 131
Traces of Racial Exception: Racializing Israel Settler Colonialism. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 273
The colonial ethnological line: Timor and the racial geography of the Malay Archipelago. Roque, Ricardo Report Oct 1, 2018 11126
Epigenetics and Politics in the Colonial Present. Murray, Karen Bridget Essay Sep 22, 2018 15499
The Last Vestige Of 'Colonialism'! Sep 22, 2018 949
Sex and Control: Venereal Disease, Colonial Physicians, and Indigenous Agency in German Colonialism, 1884-1914. Todd, Lisa M. Book review Sep 22, 2018 510
Decolonialism in the Profession: Reflections from WFOT. Dirette, Diane Powers-Foltz Sep 22, 2018 2605
What Do First-Year University Students in Ontario, Canada, Know about First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Peoples and Topics? Schaefli, Laura; Godlewska, Anne; Korteweg, Lisa; Coombs, Andrew; Morcom, Lindsay; Rose, John Report Sep 22, 2018 10166
Communist states and post-war Africa. Adi, Hakim Sep 22, 2018 1894
Colonialism in Africa: A Revisionist Perspective. Gueye, Mansour Sep 1, 2018 4972
V.S. Naipaul, author who mined colonialism through unsparing books. Aug 12, 2018 2735
Kenya's War of Independence: Mau Mau and Its Legacy of Resistance of Colonialism and Imperialism 1948-1990. Book review Aug 1, 2018 123
Black Panther and the Problem of the Black Radical. Mokoena, Dikeledi A. Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 3140
Getting to the Colonial Status through Sexuality: Lessons on Puerto Rico's Political Predicament from Women Writers. Lugo-Lugo, Carmen R. Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 9091
Wildness and colonialism in "The Story of Two Dogs" by Doris Lessing. Louw, Pat Report Jun 22, 2018 5865
Navigating Semi-Colonialism: Shipping, Sovereignty, and Nation-Building in China, 1860-1937. Book review Jun 1, 2018 102
Banana Cowboys: The United Fruit Company and the Culture of Corporate Colonialism. Book review Jun 1, 2018 177
Anthropological Approaches to Zooarchaeology: Complexity, Colonialism, and Animal Transformations (reprint, 2010). Book review Jun 1, 2018 180
Frantz Fanon's Engagement with Hegel's Master-Slave Dialectic. Hogan, Brandon Critical essay Jun 1, 2018 6839
Cheating at cricket is nothing new. Serumaga, Kalundi May 1, 2018 1314
"CONTEMPTORARY: DEEP-TIME CONSTRUCTION". Campbell, Andy Brief article May 1, 2018 159
Gender, Race and Justification: The Value of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) in Contemporary Settler Colonial Contexts. Hodes, Caroline Essay Apr 1, 2018 9639
Africa in the Colonial Ages of Empire: Slavery, Capitalism, Racism, Colonialism, Decolonialism, Independence as Recolonization, and Beyond. Book review Apr 1, 2018 192
The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in Seventeenth-Century North America and the Caribbean. Book review Apr 1, 2018 123
Statement of the National Executive Committee on the Occasion of the 106th Anniversary of the African National Congress. Essay Apr 1, 2018 6127
The Coloniality of Migration and the "Refugee Crisis": On the Asylum-Migration Nexus, the Transatlantic White European Settler Colonialism-Migration and Racial Capitalism. Rodriguez, Encarnacion Gutierrez Essay Mar 22, 2018 10446
Capital Accumulation and Debt Colonialism after Rosa Luxemburg. Morton, Stephen Report Mar 22, 2018 8436
Un-filtering the settler colonial archive: Indigenous community-based photographers in Australia and the United States--Ngarrindjeri and Shinnecock perspectives. Hughes, Karen; Smith, Cholena Report Mar 22, 2018 8430
Reconstructing the Social Sciences and Humanities: Advancing the African Renaissance. Lebakeng, Teboho J. Essay Mar 1, 2018 8124
Place, Destabilized: Ambivalent Heritage, Community and Colonialism in the Marquesas Islands. Donaldson, Emily C. Essay Mar 1, 2018 11221
Victims of Colonialism in Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North. Baharvand, Peyman Amanolahi Critical essay Mar 1, 2018 6867
Settler Governance and Privacy: Canada's Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement and the Mediation of State-Based Violence. Fullenwieder, Lara; Molnar, Adam Report Mar 1, 2018 8970
Colonialism can work -- just look at Singapore. Jan 8, 2018 824
Native Space: Geographic Strategies to Unsettle Settler Colonialism. Book review Jan 1, 2018 159
Why We Must End Colonialism: Tinkering with the Indian Act is Not Enough. Monture, Patricia Jan 1, 2018 1768
The Representation of African Civil Wars in Australian and New Zealand Refugee Scholarship. Majavu, Mandisi Jan 1, 2018 6648
Settler Sounds: Music, Indigeneity, and Colonialism in the Americas. Jan 1, 2018 654
White Innocence: Paradoxes of Colonialism and Race. Forester, Jakki Book review Dec 22, 2017 397
Israel, the US and the PA Are Complicit in Normalizing Colonialism. Reprint Dec 16, 2017 713
Not Colonialism. Dec 10, 2017 305
Empire of the Senses: Sensory Practices of Colonialism in Early America. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 148
Sovereign Acts: Contesting Colonialism Across Indigenous Nations and Latinx America. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 122
Tlingipino Bingo, settler colonialism and other futures. Johnston, Caleb; Pratt, Geraldine Essay Dec 1, 2017 12895
Spaces of waiting: Politics of precarious recognition in the occupied West Bank. Joronen, Mikko Essay Dec 1, 2017 10286
A Critique of Julius Nyerere's Education for Self-Reliance Proposal. Muideen, Adeyanju Olanshile Critical essay Dec 1, 2017 3986
The Erasure of Arab Political Identity: Colonialism and Violence. Errichiello, Gennaro Book review Dec 1, 2017 1586
Africans held back by colonialism and slavery. Nov 27, 2017 1036
Dr. Saeb Erekat: "Nothing is More Shameful than Celebrating Colonialism". Nov 3, 2017 371
Dr. Saeb Erekat: [yen]/Nothing is More Shameful than Celebrating Colonialism[yen]O. Nov 3, 2017 378
Saeb Erekat: Nothing is more shameful than celebrating colonialism. Nov 2, 2017 376
New Urban Middle Classes in Colonial Java: Children of the Colonial State and Ancestors of a Future Nation. Nordholt, Henk Schulte Oct 1, 2017 801
Colonialism and its Socio-politico and Economic Impact: A Case study of the Colonized Congo. Sep 30, 2017 3967
Colonial Connections. Mendoza, Breny Essay Sep 22, 2017 3638
Tibet in International Politics--A Case of Onto-Epistemic Violence. Lama, Jigme Yeshe Sep 22, 2017 6895
The Castaway Medyett Goodridge's Unvarnished Tale of Shipwreck and Desolation: Print Culture and Settler Colonialism in Newfoundland. Crocker, Stephen Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 10525
Obeah as Conduit in Elizabeth Nunez's When Rocks Dance. Rodriques, Janelle Critical essay Sep 15, 2017 9143
Colonialism and Wall Resistance Committee rebuilds Jeb Al-Theeb School which was demolished by IOF. Sep 9, 2017 282
Palestinian settler-colonialism. Sep 4, 2017 107
Joan Crate, Indigenous Identity, and the Reach of Global Colonialism in Foreign Homes. Riegel, Christian Critical essay Sep 1, 2017 6854
Rhizomatic Writings on the Wall: Graffiti and Street Art in Cochabamba, Bolivia, as Nomadic Visual Politics. Palmer, Lucia Mulherin Essay Sep 1, 2017 8322
Anthropos into humanitas: civilizing violence, scientific forestry, and the 'Dorobo question' in eastern Africa. Cavanagh, Connor J. Essay Aug 1, 2017 10921
European colonialism redux? Wambu, Onyekachi Aug 1, 2017 765
Transculturality and German Discourse in the Age of European Colonialism. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 131
Livestock mobility and the territorial state: South-Western Niger (1890-1920). Turner, Matthew D. Report Aug 1, 2017 14382
Tensions, contradictions, and uneasiness of stories, and the resurgence of indigenous societies. McGuire, Patricia D.; Kishebakabaykwe Aug 1, 2017 1019
The stories nations tell: sites of pedagogy, historical consciousness, and national narratives. Anderson, Stephanie Report Jul 1, 2017 10157
CPEC won't lead to new colonialism in Pakistan: Chinese paper. Jun 13, 2017 306
South African Politician Faces Penalty for Colonialism Tweets. Jun 3, 2017 185
Editorial foreword. Aung-Thwin, Maitrii Editorial Jun 1, 2017 1626
Exile in the homeland? Anti-colonialism, subaltern geographies and the politics of friendship in early twentieth century Pondicherry, India. Davies, Andrew Report Jun 1, 2017 10128
Street dogs at the intersection of colonialism and informality: 'subaltern animism' as a posthuman critique of Indian cities. Narayanan, Yamini Report Jun 1, 2017 10889
The Indian Empire and its colonial practices in South Asia. Aryal, Yubraj Essay Jun 1, 2017 6917
Introduction to Kota's "Anthropomorphism and Landscapes". Fujii, Jim Essay Jun 1, 2017 590
Early Lessons in Colonialism. Gardner, Angela Poem May 1, 2017 446
Colonial Redux: When Re-naming Silences--Antonio Lopez y Lopez and Nelson Mandela. Azarmandi, Mahdis; Hernandez, Roberto D. Essay May 1, 2017 11208
Colonialism and contested membership: Shifting sense of belonging and postcolonial division in Korea. Kang, Jin-Yeon Report Apr 1, 2017 9232
"Our new arrangement of the world": Anna Leonowens, Francis George Shaw, and anti-colonial Fourierist dissent in The Blithedale Romance. Hunt, Bill Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 9612
West African women and the development question in the post-World War II economy: The experience of Nigeria's Benin province in the oil palm industry. Ayokhai, Fred Ekpe F.; Rufai, Bwashi Report Mar 22, 2017 9476
Obeah to Rastafari: Jamaica as a colony of ridicule, oppression and violence, 1865-1939. Barima, Kofi Boukman Report Mar 1, 2017 9573
Drunken poets and new women: consuming tradition and modernity in colonial Vietnam. Sasges, Gerard Report Feb 1, 2017 14632
Sic utere tuo ut alienam non laedas. From wanton destruction of timber forests to environmentalism: The rise of colonial environmental and 'sustainability' practices in colonial Zimbabwe, 1938-1961. Musemwa, Muchaparara Report Nov 1, 2016 17058
Reconciliation in the context of settler-colonial gender violence: "how do we reconcile with an abuser?". Kaye, Julie Essay Nov 1, 2016 3050
Mediating the space between: voices of indigenous youth and voices of educators in service of reconciliation. Dion, Susan D. Nov 1, 2016 2370
New European-Southeast Asian research on the region: conclusions of the SEATIDE project on "integration in Southeast Asia, trajectories of inclusion, dynamics of exclusion". Hardy, Andrew Report Nov 1, 2016 12254
We feel you on colonialism, EU tells Yasay. Oct 30, 2016 210
Scent of colonialism. Oct 27, 2016 313
Army Brigade Vows to Fight New Italian Colonialism in Libya. Oct 22, 2016 646
Cultural precedents for the repatriation of legacy song records to communities of origin. Treloyn, Sally; Martin, Matthew Dembal; Charles, Rona Googninda Report Sep 22, 2016 6284
Bronze. Gibb, Robert Poem Sep 22, 2016 140
Word and deed: Koyo Kouoh on art institutions in Dakar. Kouoh, Koyo Sep 1, 2016 1672
Is Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne the new face of colonialism in Canada? Nahwegahbow, Barb Cover story Aug 1, 2016 899
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University of Zimbabwe and the struggle for humanising philosophy: 1980 to present. Madambi, Munyaradzi; Mangena, Fainos Report Apr 1, 2016 4901
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