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Function-dependent development in a colonial animal. Von Dassow, Michelangelo Aug 1, 2006 4031
Effect of zooid spacing on bryozoan feeding success: is competition or facilitation more important? Pratt, Marney C. Aug 1, 2004 7504
Current status of the evening bat, nycticeius humeralis, in Indiana. Gummer, Sherry L. Jul 29, 2003 3374
Using a geographic information system to address the "selfish herd" hypothesis in Gunnison's prairie dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni). (Collegiate Communications--Undergraduate). McEwen, Daniel C.; Stockrahm, Donna M. Bruns; Watters, Bryan K. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 760
A Morphological Study of Nonrandom Senescence in a Colonial Urochordate. LAUZON, ROBERT J.; RINKEVICH, BARUCH; PATTON, C. W.; WEISSMAN, IRVING L. Jun 1, 2000 6559
Behavior of Hemocytes in the Allorejection Reaction in Two Compound Ascidians, Botryllus scalaris and Symplegma reptans. Shirae, Maki; Hirose, Euichi; Saito, Yasunori Oct 1, 1999 3609
Conspecific reproductive success and breeding habitat selection: implications for the study of coloniality. Danchin, Etienne; Boulinier, Thierry; Massot, Manuel Oct 1, 1998 10339
Transplantation of Fu/HC-incompatible zooids in Botryllus schlosseri results in chimerism. Rinkevich, Baruch; Weissman, Irving; Tomaso, Anthony W. de Oct 1, 1998 5007
The distribution and abundance of coyotes: the effects of allochthonous food subsidies from the sea. Rose, Michael D.; Polis, Gary A. Apr 1, 1998 6747
Sexual modes in the colonial kamptozoan genus Barentsia. Wasson, Kerstin Oct 1, 1997 5102
Patterns and consequences of whole colony growth in the compound ascidian Polyclinum planum. Holyoak, Alan R. Feb 1, 1997 5800
Scale-dependent recolonization: the role of sediment stability in a dynamic sandflat habitat. Thrush, S.F.; Whitlatch, R.B.; Pridmore, R.D.; Hewitt, J.E.; Cummings, V.J.; Wilkinson, M.R. Dec 1, 1996 8438
Food of the big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus from maternity colonies in Indiana and Illinois. Whitaker, John O., Jr. Oct 1, 1995 3762
Resource consumption variance within and among individuals: on coloniality in spiders. Caraco, Thomas; Uetz, George W.; Gillespie, Rosemary G.; Giraldeau, Luc-Alain Jan 1, 1995 8027
Interannual variation in greater flamingo breeding success in relation to water levels. Cezilly, Frank; Boy, Vincent; Green, Rhys E. Jan 1, 1995 4810
Dynamics in subdivided populations of neotropical migratory birds in a fragmented temperate forest. Villard, Marc-Andre; Merriam, Gray Jan 1, 1995 9344

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