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Colonel John Butler.

We are proud of the activities of our Branch with more members being involved in the events. Some of our monthly meetings went over the one hundred-attendee mark and our Loyalist Burial Plaque unveiling ceremonies are drawing more and more people. We participated in Church services at St. Johns Anglican on Ridgemount Road in Fort Erie, arranged by Marguerite Hanratty UE, and at Stamford Presbyterian in Niagara Falls to celebrate their 225th Anniversary, arranged by Eugene Oatley UE. Loyalist Burial Plaques were unveiled in the cemeteries at both churches.

Noreen Stapley UE organized a special unveiling at Warner Cemetery in St. Davids with descendants and many Branch members in attendance. We were very pleased that Bob McBride UE and Grietje McBride UE were able to attend as he spoke about his Loyalist ancestor, McGregory Van Every UE, who is buried in Warner Cemetery. As well Butler Branch member, Gail Woodruff UE, spoke about her Loyalist ancestor, Joseph Clement UE, who is also buried in Warner Cemetery.

In July we participated in the Doan family reunion at Steele's Cemetery in Humberstone (Port Colborne), burial site of Loyalist Aaron Doan UE, organized by Jerry Fisher UE, one of his descendants. Attendees included representatives of the provincial, federal, regional and municipal governments and six members of the Lincoln Militia, piped in with the skirl of the bagpipes.

Member Elizabeth Oliver Malone and Ron Dale of Parks Canada organized the official opening of Colonel John Butler Homestead Park in Niagara-on-the-Lake and unveiling of the Colonel John Butler memorial cairn. There are four plaques on the cairn: (No. 1 ) tells the story of John Butler; (No. 2) tells the story of the Butler Homestead; (No. 3) tells about finding the homestead site and (No. 4) lists the contributors including Thompson/Okanagan Branch and Colonel John Butler Branch. A bust of John Butler will be mounted on top of the cairn later this summer. The many dignitaries present included Fred Hayward UE.

Our annual Loyalist Day flag-raising in Niagara-on-the-Lake was special this year with a large number of members attending and drawing tourists as we walked the street in costume. We then visited the Masonic Lodge, Niagara Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 2 G.R.C., around the corner and enjoyed a tour of the Lodge building. On view in the Lodge building was a document with the original signature of Col. John Butler. After the tour we enjoyed lunch at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club, arranged by member Bob Waugh.


We have also attended many local historical events at museums and the sites of the Battle of Chippawa and the Battle of Lundy's Lane. Some members have spoken to school children and other organizations that have requested information from a dedicated core of members.

By Eugene Oatley UE, Branch President

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Author:Oatley, Eugene
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Date:Sep 22, 2008
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