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Colombia & Drugs.


Militarization of the U.S. Drug Control Program, by Gina Amatangelo (May 2001)

U.S. Drug Policy: Failure at Home, by Eric Sterling (May 2001)

"Free Trade" and Medicines in the Americas, by Robert Weissman (April 2001)

Free Trade Area of the Americas, by Karen Hansen-Kuhn (April 2001)

Coca Eradication, by Phillip Coffin (March 2001)

Drug Certification, by Bill Spencer with Gina Amatangelo (March 2001)

Ugly American Problem in Colombia, by Frida Berrigan (Feb. 2001)

Rules of the Game, by Winifred Tate (Feb. 2001)

Bush's Foreign Policy in Latin America: Colombia and U.S. Drug Policy, By Coletta Youngers (Jan. 2001)

Bolivia: Eradicating Democracy, by George Ann Potter and Linda Farthing (Oct. 2000)

Into the Quagmire: Colombia and the War on Drugs, by Coletta Youngers (May 2000)

Colombia in Crisis, by Carlos Salinas (March 2000)

Colombia's Role in International Drug Industry, by Winifred Tate (Nov. 1999)

Colombia, by Carlos Salinas (Nov. 1997)

Citizen Agendas:

Drug Policy Reform (March 2001)

Halting U.S. Military Involvement in Colombia (March 2001)

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Publication:Foreign Policy in Focus
Date:May 31, 2001
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