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Congratulations to DON HAUPTMAN who writes that this issue is the 10th anniversary of his contributions to Word Ways. "My first regular article (there was one prior) was February 1991 and I've never missed contributing a feature-length article over the ensuing decade."

He recently wrote an article on the quirks of the English language for The Altasphere, a site for enthusiasts of Ayn Rand's works. "Why Are Language Rules so Baffling" can be found at baffling.php.

Don also contributed the following pun. "You may have read the news about the financial problems of the legendary Chelsea Hotel in NYC. I've been following this topic for quite a while. My theory is that the long-troubled establishment will be placed under the aegis of a government bureaucrat ... whose official title will be the Chelsea Handler."

CHARLES SUHOR offers the following haiku.

    Puns take over the world haiku
   From Holy Rood to
   wholly rude-the change when punks
   take over the word 

DARRYL FRANCIS writes that "many (all?) of the entries in Anil's 'Acrostic Dictionary of Wordplay Terms' article in November's Word Ways ought to find their way into the list of apronyms at Conversely, there are many items in the apronyms website that could be used to supplement Anil's article.

He also wrote to JEFF GRANT that he "emailed the UK-Scrabble list with his Scrabble puzzle which appeared in November's Word Ways--highest score for first two moves without using AEIOU. Allan Simmons has used the query as the basis for his weekly Scrabble article in the November 27, 2010 The Times (of London). He's offering a target score of 171."

MARTIN GARDNER'S long awaited book Colossal Book of Word Play in collaboration with Jeopardy record-setter Ken Jennings is now available from Puzzle Wright Press (Sterling Co., Inc.).

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Publication:Word Ways
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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