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Colloides Naturels Inc.

1140 US Highway 22, Suite 102

Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Tel: 800-872-1850, 908-707-9400

Fax: 908-707-9405



Key Personnel

Olivier Houalla -- CNI Global Sales Director

Patrick Finan -- North American Sales

Sebastien Baray -- Technical Manager

Company Description

CNI, Colloides Naturels International is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of acacia gum and other specialty hydrocolloids. Colloides Naturels, Inc., headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, is the U.S. subsidiary of Colloides Naturels International. For over 100 years, CNI has set the highest standards for product quality and led the industry in innovation. CNI was the innovator in spray drying acacia gum and the first to develop a commercial process for "instantizing" or agglomerating acacia gum for easier use. CNI currently operates the largest acacia gum manufacturing plant in the world. The combination of extensive manufacturing capacity with experienced raw material sourcing, delivers to customers a high degree of global supply assurance and traceability. Today, CNI has a major global presence with operations in over 75 countries, including its newest subsidiary in China.

Acacia gum is an all-natural hydrocolloid used in many food applications including beverages, emulsions, confectionery and nutritional products. Acacia gum provides technical functionality as an emulsifier, mouthfeel enhancer and film former while also providing an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber. CNI's acacia gum is FDA GRAS, GMO-free and is available with organic certification. CNI is basic in acacia gum and manages the entire acacia gum transformation process from harvesting of raw gum through to marketing of the finished gum, optimized for specific applications.

CNI has contributed to the development of new technologies, improving the functional performance of acacia gum, and continues to pursue new applications with added value such as its brand new Equacia[TM], an association of different fibers. CNI maintains a staff of hydrocolloids experts at its Global Research Center in Rouen, France and has invested in regional technical service labs including the new US lab in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Proprietary hydrocolloid blends also complement the CNI product line by combining the proven functionality of acacia gum with other hydrocolloids or other fibers.

FIBREGUM[TM] plays a key role in CNI's product portfolio of nutritional products.

* FIBREGUM[TM] is an all natural and highly functional source of soluble dietary fiber, offering a guaranteed minimum of 90% fiber (dry weight basis, AOAC method).

* FIBREGUM[TM] has bifidogenic properties proven through in-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies, and a high degree of tolerance in human diets.

* FIBREGUM[TM] provides multiple sources of value by combining nutritional fiber fortification with strong technical functionality.

Food formulators will find FIBREGUM[TM] an easy-to- use source of dietary fiber that supports fiber claims and enhances retail labels. FIBREGUM[TM] can be especially effective as a nutritional fiber ingredient in baked goods, sugar-free confectionery and fiber-fortified fruit beverages.

EQUACIA[TM] is the latest breakthrough in the company's products range of nutritional products.

* EQUACIA[TM] is a unique and nutritional texturizer

* EQUACIA[TM] is the new ideal fat replacer

* EQUACIA[TM] is a well-balanced association of Acacia fibers (soluble fiber) and wheat fibers (insoluble fiber)

* EQUACIA[TM] is made of all consumer friendly fibers and benefits of a clean labelling

CNI is ready to provide technical support to meet the market trends and dynamic needs of the nutritional products industry.

Major Markets

* Nutritional Bars, Drinks and Snacks

* Fiber Fortification

* Nutrient Granulation & Encapsulation

* Beverages & Flavor Emulsions

Major Products

* Acacia gum

* Hydrocolloid Blends

* Fiber blends

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