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Collins Atlas of the Night Sky.

This collection of telescopic photos and illustrations by uranographer Wil Tirion and lunar cartographer Antonin Rukl covers all the objects visible in the northern and southern skies. AS such, it could become an essential reference for both amateur and professional astronomers. The first section of this oversize book contains 20 charts covering the whole sky and a master chart showing how the pieces fit together. The book's second section features the 88 constellations, each with its interesting objects further highlighted and detailed. The third section maps the features of the moon, and the final section covers the planets of the solar system and provides facts about the planets' positions and visibility throughout the next 5 years. An extensive index and a resource list are also included. Collins, 2005, 224 p., b&w and color illus., hardcover, $29.95.
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Publication:Science News
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Date:Dec 10, 2005
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