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Colleges Play Around With Spanish Marks.

What's in a nombre?

Marketers of all stripes have been directing more of their efforts toward the Hispanic market, mindful of population patterns and demographics in particular areas of the country. The U.S. Hispanic population is expected to grow from nearly 30 million people in 1998 to more than 41 millionin 2010, according to New Strategist Publications.

Collegiate Licensing Company says that a few of its university clients are considering or in the process of following the example of Baylor in designing a Spanish language logo. Baylor, whose team nickname is the Bears, last year unveiled a logo celebrating "Los Osos." A CLC spokesman says some schools are in the process of designing alternative Spanish logos.

The University of Miami has created a "Tumba La Casa" ("Bring Down The House") school mark for a football game next month, and plans to unveil a more permanent Hispanic-themed mark in the spring. Similarly, Texas Tech is slated to unveil a Hispanic mark within the next couple of months.

An NBA Properties executive says it has in the past discussed a similar tactic, though it's never gone beyond conversation. An NFL Properties executive says he's unaware of that league having ever discussed similar moves with its teams or logos.

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