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College Using "Greener" Cooking Oil/Diesel Fuel For Maintenance Equipment.

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. -- Smell french fries? At Merrimack College, the scent is coming from a tail pipe, not the cafeteria. The college is using a more eco-friendly blended fuel (cooking oil/diesel) to run a fleet of maintenance vehicles to help the environment and save money for the college.

While watching a TV program on the use of eco-friendly fuel, the director of the Physical Plant Department at Merrimack, Robert Coppola, had a "eureka" moment. "If they can do it, why can't Merrimack?" Now, the blended fuel is being used in all of Merrimack's diesel run vehicles - over 20 pieces of machinery, both small and large.


For Merrimack College, the use of a "greener" blended fuel holds a variety of benefits - environmental, financial, and educational. Typically, the used cooking oil from the college food services is waste - now it's a reusable resource.

* The blended cooking oil/diesel fuel cuts down on emissions - the college will consume 20% less diesel a year through this project;

* Merrimack's food service uses 1200 gallons of vegetable oil annually - rather than disposing of the used cooking oil (a costly service), the oil is filtered, then mixed with diesel fuel;

* The college is saving on the cost of diesel (usually 5800 gallons a year), and the fee for waste oil pick-up which equals several thousand dollars a year;

* Most importantly, the use of blended fuel has the campus working together for a global cause - Food services and Physical Plant worked hand-in-hand for months on this project;

MEDIA CONTACT: To arrange interviews with the director of Physical Plant, or other involved parties, contact Heather Notaro in the Public Relations Department (978) 837-5195 or
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Date:Apr 10, 2008
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