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College Park goes to school.

College Park goes to school

Enerplex, the technological landmark office buildings designed for sophisticated energy management, came under academic scrutiny recently when students from the Syracuse University School of Architecture visited College Park at Princeton Forrestal Center as part of an architectural research project.

The project, whose parameters involve extensive investigation and analysis of a significant commerical structure is designed to enable the future architects to gain understanding of actual office buildings and how they function in the workplace.

Enerplex was chosen for the study largely because of its innovative design that was undertaken at the height of the oil crisis of 1979 when alternate sources of energy were first being explored.

The Enerplex buildings, located at 2 and 4 Research Way, are regarded as pioneer commercial structures that integrated glass solar panels and an unusual cooling system into their energy management systems.

The Enerplex buildings are part of the 11 office buildings that comprise College Park at Princeton Forrestal Center.
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Title Annotation:architectural research project for Syracuse University architecture students
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Jun 19, 1991
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