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College & university programs.

RELAX AND LET AV TAKE YOU on an environmental education tour of Canada. This complete cross-country list of environmental programs at universities and colleges is arranged by province from west to east, with colleges following universities. Individual programs are listed alphabetically under the institutions, along with the types of degrees, diplomas or certificates available. We encourage you to visit the institutions' websites to learn more about the available course offerings and make a fully informed decision about your own environmental education.

Co-op program

BC Universities

Capilano University

North Vancouver I Tourism Management (BTM)

Kwantlen University

Multiple Campuses I Plant Health (BSc Horticulture)--Langley Sustainable Agriculture (BASc)--Richmond

Urban Ecosystems (Bachelor of Horticultural Science)--Langley

Royal Roads University

Victoria I Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainability & International Business (BBA)

Environment & Management (MA, MSc)

Environmental Education & Communication (MA)

Environmental Management (BSc)

Environmental Practice (BA, BSc, MA, MSc)

Environmental Science (BSc-ES)

Global Tourism Management (BA)

Tourism Management (MA)

Simon Fraser University

Multiple Campuses I Biology: Ecology, Evolution, Conservation (BSc)--Burnaby

Earth Sciences (BSc)--Burnaby

Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD)--Burnaby

Environment One (BA, BSc)--Surrey

Environmental Science (BSc)--Burnaby

Environmental Toxicology (BSc, MET)--Burnaby

Geographic Information Science (BSc)--Burnaby

Geography (BA, BSc)--Burnaby

Marine Science (BSc) Bamfield

Resource & Environmental Management (MRM, PhD)--Burnaby

Resource & Environmental Management--Planning (MRM)--Burnaby

Thompson Rivers University

Kamloops I

Adventure Studies (BTM)

Biology (BSc)

Environmental Science (MSc)

Geography (BA)

Natural Resources Science (BNRS)

Tourism Management (BA)

Trinity Western University

Langley I

Biology (BSc)

Ecology (BSc)

Environmental Management & Planning (BA)

Environmental Studies (BA, BSc)

Geography (BSc) Natural & Applied Sciences (BSc)

Natural Systems & Resources (BSc)

University of British Columbia

Multiple Campuses I

Agricultural Economics (MSc)--Vancouver

Applied Plant & Soil Sciences (BSc)--Vancouver

Atmospheric Science (BSc)--Vancouver

Atmospheric Science (MSc, PhD)--Vancouver

Biology (BSc)--Vancouver

Biology (BSc)--Kelowna

Biology & Oceanography (BSc)--Vancouver

Botany (MSc, PhD)--Vancouver

Earth & Environmental Sciences (BSc)--Kelowna

Earth & Ocean Sciences (BSc)--Vancouver

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (BSc)--Kelowna O

Environmental Design (BEnDS)--Vancouver

Environmental Sciences (BSc)--Vancouver

Environmental Sciences (MSc, PhD)--Kelowna

Food & Environment (BSc--Applied Biology)--Vancouver

Food Market Analysis (BSc)--Vancouver

Food & Nutritional Sciences (BSc)--Vancouver

Food & Resource Economics (MFRE)--Vancouver

Food Science (BSc, MSc, MFS, PhD)--Vancouver

Forest Operations (BSc)--Vancouver

Forest Resources Management (BSc)--Vancouver

Forest Sciences (BSc)--Vancouver

Forestry (MASc, MSc, MSFM, MF, MIF)--Vancouver

Freshwater Science (BSc)--Kelowna

Geography (BA, MA, MSc, PhD)--Kelowna Geography, Environment & Sustainability (BA)--Vancouver

Geological Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Geophysics (BSc)--Vancouver

Global Resource Systems (BSc)--Vancouver Integrated Studies in Land & Food Systems (MSc, PhD)--Vancouver

Landscape Architecture (MLA, MASLA)--Vancouver

Master of Land & Water Systems (MLWS)--Vancouver

Natural Resources Conservation (BSc)--Vancouver

Oceanography (BSc, MSc, PhD)--Vancouver

Planning (MAP, MScP, PhD)--Vancouver

Plant Sciences (MSc, PhD)--Vancouver

Resource Mgmt & Environmental Studies (MA, MSc, PhD)--Vancouver

Soil Sciences (MSc, PhD)--Vancouver

Urban Design (MUD)--Vancouver

Urban Studies (BA)--Vancouver

Urban Studies (MA)--Kelowna

Wood Products Processing (BSc)--Vancouver

Zoology (BSc, MSc, PhD)--Vancouver

University of the Fraser Valley

Abbotsford I Agriculture Management (BBA)

Biology (BSc)

Geography (BA, BSc)

University of Northern BC

Prince George I

Biology (BSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Environmental Studies (MA)

Forest Ecology & Management (BSc)

Forestry (MSc)

Geography (BA, BSc)

Geography (MA, MSc) Global

Environmental Policy (MA)

Natural Resource Management (BSc)

Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (MA, MSc, MNRES, PhD)

Natural Resources Planning (BPI)

Nature-Based Tourism Management (BA)

Northern Studies (BA)

Outdoor Recreation & Conservation (BSc) Tourism (MA)

Wildlife & Fisheries (BSc)

University of Victoria

Victoria I

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Biology & Earth Sciences (BSc)

Chemistry & Earth Sciences (BSc)

Earth & Ocean Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Environmental Studies (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geography & Earth Sciences (BSc)

Geomatics (BEng)

Physics & Earth Sciences: Geophysics (BSc)

Physics & Ocean Sciences: Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics (BSc)

Vancouver Island University

Nanaimo |

Biology (BA, BSc)

Fisheries & Aquaculture (BSc)

Geography (BA, BSc)

Geoscience (BSc)

Natural Resource Protection (BSc)

Sustainable Leisure Management (MA)

Tourism Management (BA)

BC Colleges BC Institute of Technology

Burnaby |

Ecological Restoration (BTech)

Geographic Information Systems (BTech, Advanced Diploma)

Geomatics (BTech)

Geomatics Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Renewable Resources: Fish, Wildlife & Recreation (Diploma)

Sustainable Energy Management (Certificate)

Sustainable Resource Management (Diploma)

Camosun College

Victoria |

Applied Chemistry & Biotechnology (Diploma) Internship

Biology (Associate Degree Internship)

Environmental Technology (Diploma Internship)

Horticulture Technician (Certificate Apprenticeship)

College of the Rockies

Cranbrook |

Adventure Tourism Business Operations (Diploma, Certificate)

Environmental Sciences (Associate of Science Degree)

Mountain Adventure Skills Training (Certificate)

Tourism & Recreation Management (Diploma, Certificate)

Douglas College

New Westminster |

Biology (Associate Degree)

Environmental Science (Associate Degree)

Environmental Studies (Associate Degree)

Geography (Associate Degree) O Geology (Associate Degree)

Langara College

Vancouver |

Applied Planning (Grad Diploma)

Biology (Associate Science Degree, Diploma)

Ecology (Associate Science Degree)

Environmental Studies (Associate Science/Art Degree, Diploma)

Geography (Associate Arts Degree)

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

Merritt |

Environmental Resources Technology (Diploma. Certificate)

North Island College

comox |

Adventure Guiding (Certificate)

Global Tourism (Advanced Diploma, Advanced Certificate)

Tourism (Advanced Diploma, Advanced Certificate)

Northwest Community College

Terrace |

Applied Coastal Ecology (Diploma, Certificate)

Applied Earth & Environmental Studies: Geosciences (Certificate)

Applied Earth & Environmental Studies: Geostudies (Certificate)

Environmental Geosciences (Associate Science Degree)

Sustainable Communities (Associate Arts Degree)

Sustainable Tourism (Certificate)

Okanagan College

Kelowna |

Advanced GIS (Certificate)

Biology (Associate Science Degree)

Environmental Science (Diploma)

Environmental Studies (Associate Arts Degree, Diploma)

Landscape Horticulture (Certificate)

Sustainable Construction Management Technology (Diploma)

Water Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Selkirk College

Castlegar |

Biology (Associate Science Degree)

Geographic Information Systems (BA, Advanced Diploma)

Geography (Associate of Arts Degree)

Geology (Associate of Science Degree)

Integrated Environmental Planning (Diploma)

Recreation, Fish, Wildlife Technician (Diploma)

Renewable Energy (Advanced Certificate)

Alberta Universities

Concordia University College of Alberta

Edmonton |

Biology (BSc)

Environmental Sciences (BSc)

Mount Royal Univeristy

Calgary |

Ecotourism & Outdoor Leadership (BHPE)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Geology (BSc)

King's University College

Edmonton |

Environmental Studies (BA, BSc)

University of Alberta

Edmonton |

Agricultural, Food & Nutrition Sciences (MAg, MEng, MSc, PhD)

Agriculture (BSc, MBA-MAg)

Agriculture & Resource Economics (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Agriculture: Food Business Management (BSc)

Animal Science (BSc, MAg, MEng, MSc, PhD)

Animal Science BSc (MEg, MEng, MSc, PhD)

Atmospheric Science (BSc)

Conservation Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

ConservationBiology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Crop Science (BSc)

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (MA, MSc, PhD)

Ecology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Enhanced Forest Management (MF, MBA-MF, PhD)

Environmental & Conservation Sciences (BSc)

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics (PhD)

Environmental Earth Science (BSc)

Environmental Earth Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Environmental Economics & Policy (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (MAg, MBA-MAg, PhD)

Food Science & Technology (BSc, MAg, MEng, MSc, PhD)

Forest Biology & Mgmt (MSc, PhD)

Forest Business Management (BSc)

Forest Economics (MSc, PhD)

Forestry (BSc, MF, MBA-MF, MSc, PhD)

Geology (BSc)

Human Dimensions of Environmental Management (BA)

Human Ecology (BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Human Geography (BA)

Land Reclamation (BSc)

Land Reclamation, Remediation & Restoration (MSc, PhD)

Nutrition & Food Sciences (BSc)

Planning (BA, BSc)

Plant Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Protected Areas & Wildlands Mgmt (MSc, PhD)

Rangeland & Wildlife Resources Management (BSc)

Rural (Environmental & Resource) Sociology (MSc, MAg, PhD)

Soil Science (MSc, PhD)

Wildlife Ecology & Management (MSc, PhD)

University of Calgary

Calgary |

Applied & Environmental Geology (BSc)

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)


Development Studies (BA)

Earth Sciences (BSc)

Ecology (BSc)

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (MSc, PhD)

Energy & Environmental Systems (MSc, PhD)

Energy & Environment (MEng, MSc, PhD)

Energy Management (Bcomm)

Environmental Design (MEDes, PhD)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Geography (BA, BSc)

Geography (MA, MSc, MGIS, PhD)

Geology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Geophysics (BSc)

Geoscience (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Global Energy (EMBA)

Global Energy Management Sustainable Development (MBA)

Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law (LLM)

Natural Sciences (BSc)

Petroleum Land Management (Bcomm-PLMA)

Planning (MPlan)

Sustainable Energy Development (MSc)

Tourism (Bcomm-TOUR)

Tourism Management & Marketing (Bcomm)

Urban Studies (BA)

Zoology (BSc)

University of Lethbridge

Lethbridge |

Agricultural Biotechnology (BSc, MSc)

Agricultural Studies (BA, BSc, MA, MSc)

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Biosystems & Biodiversity PhD)

Earth, Space & Physical Science (PhD)

Environmental Science (BSc, MSc)

Evolution & Behaviour (PhD) Geographical Information Systems (MSc)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc)

Geography (PhD)

Geography & Archeology (BA, BSc)

Urban & Regional Studies (BA, MA)

Alberta Colleges

Keyano College

Fort McMurray |

Environmental Technology (Diploma)

Grande Prairie Regional College

Grande Prairie |

Agriculture (University Transfer)

Animal Health (University Transfer)

Animal Health Technology (Diploma)

Atmospheric Sciences (University Transfer)

Biology (University Transfer)

Commercial Beekeeping (Certificate)

Energy & the Environment (University Transfer)

Environmental & Conservation Sciences (University Transfer)

Environmental Earth Sciences (University Transfer)

Forestry (University Transfer)

Geology (University Transfer)

Human Ecology (University Transfer)

Natural Resources (University Transfer)

Nutrition & Food Science (University Transfer)

Lakeland College

Vermillion |

Agribusiness (Diploma)

Agricultural & Food Buisness Management (University Transfer)

Agricultural Management Agriculture (University Transfer)

Animal Health (University Transfer)

Animal Health Technology (Diploma)

Animal Science Technology (Diploma)

Conservation & Restoration Ecology (Diploma)

Crop Technology (Diploma)

Environmental & Conservation Sciences (University Transfer)

Environmental Conservation Reclamation (Diploma)

Environmental Management: Monitoring & Environmental Protection (BASc)

Environmental Management: Reclamation & Remediation (BASc)

Environmental Monitoring & Protection (Diploma)

General Agriculture: Crop (Certificate)

General Agriculture: Livestock (Certificate)

Human Ecology (University Transfer)

Nutrition/Food Science (University Transfer)

Renewable Energy & Conservation (Diploma, Certificate)

Wildlife & Fisheries (Diploma)

Lethbridge College

Lethbridge |

Agricultural & Heavy Equipment Technician (certificate)

Agriculture Science: Animal Science (Diploma, University Transfer)

Agriculture Science: Plant & Soil Science (Diploma, University Transfer)

Conservation Law Enforcement--Post-Diploma in Natural Resource Compliance (BASc)

Environmental Assessment & Restoration (Diploma)

Fashion Design & Sustainable Production (Diploma)

Fish & Wildlife Technology (Post-diploma/degree Certificate)

Geomatics Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Natural Resource Compliance (Diploma)

Renewable resource Management (Diploma)

Wind Turbine Technician (Certificate)

Medicine Hat College

Medicine Hat |

Ecotourism & Outdoor Leadership (Diploma, Applied Degree)

Environmental Reclamation Technician (Diploma)

Environmental Science (Diploma)

Old's College

Olds |

Aboriculture Technician (Certificate)

Agribusiness (BASc)

Agricultural Management (Diploma)

Animal Health Technology (Diploma)

Horticulture (BASc, Diploma, Certificate)

Land & Water Resources -- Environmental Stewardship & Rural Planning (Diploma)

Land & Water Resources -- Land Reclamation & Remediation (Diploma)

Land Agent (Diploma)

Land Analyst (Certificate)

Landscape Gardener (Apprenticeship)

Turfgrass Management (Certificate & Diploma)

Portage College

Lac Ia Biche |

Environmental Studies -- Various Specializations (Continuing Education)

Natural Resources Technician (Diploma, Certificate)

Red Deer College

Red Deer |

Agricultural Food Business Management (BSc)

University TransferAgriculture (BSc) University Transfer

Atmospheric Sciences! Environmental Earth Sciences (BSc)

University Transfer)

Biological Sciences (BSc)

University Transfer Environmental & Conservational Studies (BSc) University Transfer

Environmental Management (BSc) University Transfer

Environmental Science (BSc) University Transfer

Forest Business Management (BSc) University


Forestry (BSc) University Transfer

Geophysics (BSc) University Transfer

Human Ecology (BSc) University Transfer

Saskatchewan Universities

First Nations University of Canada

Regina |

Resource & Environmental Studies (BARES) College Transfer

University of Regina

Regina | ureginaca

G Biology (BSc, MSc)


Environmental Biology (BSc) College Transfer

Environmental Studies (BA)

e Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc)

Geography (PhD)

0 Geology (BSc. MSc)

Geology (PhD)

Geomatics (B.GlSc)

Pre-Agriculture & Bioresources (BSc) University Transfer

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon |

Agribusiness (BSc-Agbus, Diploma)

Agricultural Biology (BSA)

Agricultural Economics (BSA, Post-grad Diploma, MAgr, MSc, P, D)

Agronomy (BSA, Diploma)

Animal & Poultry Science (MAgr, MSc, PhD)

Animal Bioscience (BSc)

Animal Science (BSA) Applied Plant Ecology (BSA)

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Crops Science (BSA)

Environment & Society (BA & BSc)

Environment & Sustainability (MES, MSEM, PhD)

Environmental Biology (BSc)

Environmental Earth Science (BSc)

Environmental Science (BAS)

Food & Bioproduct Sciences (BAS)

Food Science (BSc, MAgr, MSc, PhD)

Geography (BA, BSc)

Geography (MA, MSc, PhD)

Geology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Geophysics (BSc)

Horticultural Science (BSA)

Northern Studies (BA)

Paleobiology (BSc)

Plant Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Prairie Horticulture (Certificate)

Regional & Urban Planning (BA)

Renewable Resource Management (BSc)

Soil Science (BSA, MSc, PhD)

Sustainable Environmental Management (MSEM)

Toxicology (BSc)

Saskatchewan Colleges

Parkland College

Yorkton |

Agriculture & Bioresources (BSc)

University Transfer Geography (BA, BSc)

University Transfer Northern Studies: Environmental Impact Assessment (BA)

University Transfer Wildland Firefighter (Professional Qualification)

Environmental Technologies: GIS Specializations (Diploma)

Environmental Technologies: Land & Water Management (Diploma, University Transfer)

GIS (Advanced Diploma)

Horticulture Production (Certificate)

Prairie Horticulture (Certificate)

Sustainable Food Systems (Advanced Certificate)

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology (SIAST)

Saskatoon |

Forest Ecosystem Technology (Diploma)

Geographic Information Systems (Certificate)

Geomatics & Surveying Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Integrated Resource Management (Diploma)

Integrated Resource Management (Diploma)

Recreation & Tourism Management (Diploma)

Resource & Environmental Law (Graduate Diploma)

Vocational Forestry: Conventional Harvesting (Applied Certificate)

Vocational Forestry: Mechanical Harvesting (Applied Certificate)

Water & Waste water Technician (Certificate)

Water Resources Engineering Tech (Diploma)

Manitoba Universities

Brandon University

Brandon |

Biology (BSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Geography (BA, BSc)

Geology (BSc)

Rural & Community Studies (MRD, Grad Diploma)

Canadian Mennonite University

Winnipeg |

Geography (BA)

Pre-professional Program Agriculture (University Transfer)

Pre-professional Program Human Ecology (University Transfer)

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg |

Agribusiness (BSc)

Agribusiness & Agricultural Economics (MSc, PhD)

Agriculture (BSc, Diploma)

Agroecology (BSc)

Agronomy (BSc)

Animal Science (MSc, PhD)

Animal Systems (BSc)

Biodiversity, Ecological & Environmental Biology (MSc, PhD)

Biology (BSc)

City Planning (MCP, PhD)

Entomology (MSc, PhD)

Environment & Geography (MA, MSc, MEnv, PhD)

Environmental Design (BEnvD, PhD)

Environmental Science (BEnvSc)

Environmental Studies (BEnvSt)

Food Science (BSc)

Food Science (MSc, PhD)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, PhD) G

eological Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Geology (BSc)

Geophysics (BSc)

Landscape Architecture (MArch)

Natural Resources Management (MNRM, PhD)

Plant Biotechnology (BSc)

Plant Science (MSc, PhD)

Soil Science (MSc, PhD)

University of Winnipeg

Winnipeg |

Biology (BSc)

Bioscience, Technology, & Public Policty (MSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Environmental, Resource & Developrnental Economics (MA)

Geography (BA, BSc)

Manitoba Colleges

Assiniboine Community College

Brandon |

Agribusiness (Diploma)

Environmental Technologies: GIS Specializations (Diploma)

Environmental Technologies: Land & Water Management (Diploma)

GIS (Advanced Diploma)

Horticulture Production (Certificate)

Prairie Horticulture (Certificate)

Sustainable Food Systems (Advanced Certificate)

Red River College

Winnipeg |

Animal Health Technology (Diploma)

Applied Biology (Diploma, University Transfer)

Applied Environmental Studies (University Transfer)

Environmental Technology (Diploma)

Geographic Information Systems Technology (Post Grad Diploma)

Geomatics Technology (Diploma)

Greenspace Horticulture (Certificate)

Greenspace Management (Diploma)

Ontario Universities

Algoma University

Sault Ste. Marie I

Biology (BSc)

Geography (BA)

Brock University

St. Catharines |

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Earth Sciences (BSc)

Earth Sciences (MSc)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA)

Recreation & Leisure Studies: Outdoor Recreation (BRL)

Sustainability (MA)

Tourism & Environment (BA)

Carleton University

Ottawa |

Architectural Sustainability & Conservation Engineering (BEng)

Biology (BA, BSc)

Biology (MSc, PhD)

Chemical & Environmental Toxicology (MSc, PhD)

Earth Sciences (BSc)

Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation (MSc)

Environment & Health (BHSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Food Science & Nutrition (BSc)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geomatics (BA, BSc)

Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering (BEng)

Sustainable Development (Grad Diploma)

Sustainable Energy (MA, MSc, MEng)


Thunder Bay |

Biology (BSc, MSc)

Environmental Management (BEM)

Environmental Studies (BESc, BESc-BEd)

Environmental Studies: Nature-based Recreation & Tourism (MES)

Environmental Studies: Northern Environments & Culture (MNEC)

Environmental Sustainability (BASc)

Forest Sciences (PhD)

Forestry (BScF) (MScF)

Geography (BA, BES, BEd, BESc, BSc, BASc-Ed)

Geology (BSc, MSc)

Interdisciplinary Studies (BASc, BEd)

Natural Science (BSc, BEd)

Northern Studies (BA, BSc)

Outdoor Recreation, Parks, Tourism (BOR)

Resource & Environmental Ecomonics (BScREE)

Water Resource Science (BSc)

Laurentian University

Sudbury |

Biology (BSc, MSc)

Boreal Ecology (PhD)

Earth Sciences (BSc)

Ecology (BSc)

Environmental Geoscience (BSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Geography (BA)

Geology (MSc)

Natural Resources Engineering (PhD)

Outdoor Adventure Leadership (BPHE)

Restoration Biology (BSc)

Science Communication (Grad Diploma)

Zoology (BSc)

McMaster University

Hamilton |

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Biology & Environmental Sciences (BSc)

Earth & Environmental Sciences (BSc)

Earth & Environmental Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Ecology & Evolution (MSc, PhD)

Environmental Physiology (MSc, PhD)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geography & Environmental Sciences(BSc)

Micorbiology & Plant Biology (MSc, PhD)

Nipissing University

North Bay |

Biology (BSc)

Environment & Physical Geography (BSc)

Environmental Biology & Technolgy (BSc)

Environmental Geography (BA)

Environmental Science (MESc)

Environmental Studies (MES)

Geography (BA, BSc)

Queen's Universiity

Kingston |

Applied Sustainability (MASc, MEng)

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Earth Systems Science (BSc)

Environmental Biology (BSc)

Environmental Geology (BSc)

Environmental Life Sciences (BSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA, BSc, MES, PhD)

Environmental Toxicology (BSc)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geological Sciences (BA, BSc, MSc, PhD)

Plant Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Urban & Regional Planning (MPL)

Internship Redeemer University

College Ancaster | redeemer. ca

Biology (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA, BSc)

Ryerson University

Toronto |

Biology (BSc)

Environment & Urban Sustainability (BA)

Environmental Applied Science & Management (MASc, PhD)

Geographic Analysis (BA)

Spatial Analysis (MSA)

Urban & Regional Planning (BURP)

Urban Development (MPI)

Trent University

Peterborough |

Biology (BSc)

Ecological Restoration (BSc)

Environmental & Life Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Environmental & Resource Studies/Science (BA, BSc, BESS)

Geography (BA, BSc)

Indigenous Environmental Studies (BA, BSc)

Sustainability Studies (MA)

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems (BA, BSc)

Water & Aquatic Science (BSc)

University of Guelph

Guelph |

Agriculture (BScAgr)

Animal Biology (BSc)

Animal Science (BScAgr, MSc, PhD)

Biodiversity (BSc)

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Crop, Horticulture, Turfgrass Sciences (BSc)

Earth Surface Science (BSc)

Ecology (BScEnv)

Environment & Resource Management (BScEnv)

Environmental Biology (BSc)

Environmental Economics & Policy (BScEnv)

Environmental Geoscience & Geomatics (BSc)

Environmental Governance (BA)

Environmental Management (BBRM)

Environmental Sciences (BSc)

Environmental Sciences (MSc, Mes, PhD)

Food & Agricultural Business (Bcomm)

Food Science (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Food, Agriculture & Resource Economics (BA, MSc, PhD)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Marine & Freshwater Biology (BSc)

Organic Agriculture (BSc)

Plant Agriculture (MSc, PhD) Plant Science (BSc)

Rural Planning & Development (Mplan, MSc)

Rural Studies (PhD)

Water Resources Engineering (Beng)

Wildlife Biology & Conservation (BSc)

Zoology (BSc)

University of Ottawa

Ottawa |

Biology (BSc)

Biology (MSc, PhD)

Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Environmental Economics & Public Policy (BScoSci)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Environmental Sustainability (MA, MSc)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geology (BSc)

Geomatics & Spatial Analysis (BSc)

Global Sustainability & Environmental Law (JD)

University of Toronto

Toronto |

Biodiversity & Conservation Biology (BSc, MSc)

Bioethics (BA, MHS, PhD)

Biology (BSc)

Biophysical Interactions in Terrestrial & Acquatic Systems (MSc)

Climate Change(MSc)

Earth Science (BSc)

Ecology (MSc, PhD)

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (BSc, MSc, MES, PhD)

Energy & Environmental Engineering (BEng, Meng, MASc, PhD)

Environment & Health (BSc)

Environmental Biology (BSc)

Environmental Ethics (BA)

Environmental Geography (BA)

Environmental Management (BA)

Environmental Management (BA) Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Evolution (MSc, PhD)

Forest Biomaterials (BSc)

Forest Conservation (BA, BSc, MFC)

Forestry (MScF, PhD)

Geographic Information Systems (BSc)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geology (BSc, MSc, MASc, PhD)

Geophysics (BSc)

Geoscience (BSc)

Human Geography (BA)

Landscape Arcitechture (MLA)

Physical & Environmental Geography (BSc)

Planning (MScPI, PhD)

Planning (MSP, PhD)

Sustainability Management (MScSM)

Urban Design & Urban Studies (BA, MUDS)

University of Waterloo

Waterloo |

0 Biology (BSc)

Biology (MSc, PhD)

Climate Change (MCC)

Earth Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Ecology & Environmental Biology (MSc, PhD)

Environment & Business (BES)

Environment & Business (MEB, MES, MAES)

Environment & Resource Studies (BES)

Environment & Resource Studies (MES, PhD)

Environmental Sciences (BES)

Geography & Aviation (BES)

Geography & Environmental Mgmt (BA, BSc, BES)

Geography & Environmental Mgmt (MA, MSc, MES, PhD)

Geomatics (BES)

Global Governance: Global Environment (MA, PhD)

Integrated Water Management (MES)

Knowledge Integration (BES)

Local Economic Development (MAES)

Planning (BES, MES, MA, PhD)

Social & Ecological Sustainability (MES, PhD)

Sustainability Management (MES)

Tourism & Parks Management (BHS)

Western University

London |

Biology (BSc) (MSc) (PhD)

Earth Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Environment & Sustainability (BA, BSc, MES)

Environmental Engineering with International Development (BeEng-BID)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geology (MSc, PhD)

Geophysics (MSc, PhD)

Green Process Engineering (BEng)

University of Windsor

Windsor |

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Wilfred Laurier University

Waterloo |

Biology (BA, BSc, MSc)

Biology & Physical Geography (BSc)

Biology: Environmental Science (BSc)

Chemistry: Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA, BES)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, MES, PhD)

Geography & Geomatics (BSc)

Geography & Environmental Studies (BA, MES, MA, PhD)

Geography & Environmental Science (BSc)

York University

Toronto |

Biology (BSc, iBSc, MSc, PhD)

Biophysical Processes (BSc)

Earth & Atmospheric Science Earth & Space Management (MSc, PhD)

Ecology & Evolution (MSc, PhD)

Ecosystem Management (BES)

Engineering & International Development Studies (BA, BEng)

Environment & Culture (BES)

Environmental Biology (BSc)

Environmental Management (BES)

Environmental Politics (BES)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies & Law (MES/JD)

Geography (BA, BSc, iBA, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geomatics Engineering (BASc)

Planning (MES)

Urban & Regional Environments (BES)

Urban Studies (BA, iBA)

Urban Sustainability (BES)

Ontario Colleges

Algonquin College Ottawa |

Environmental Management & Assessment (Grad Certificate)

Environmental Studies (Certificate)

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Forestry Technician (Diploma)

Geographic Information Systems (Grad Certificate)

Green Architecture (Grad Certificate)

Horticulture Industries (Diploma)

Outdoor Adventure (Diploma)

Outdoor Adventure Naturalist (Diploma)

Water & Waste Water Technician (Diploma)

Cambrian College

Sudbury |

Energy Systems Technology (Diploma)

Environmental Field Techniques (Certificate)

Environmental Monitoring & Impact Assessment (Grad Certificate)

Canadore College

North Bay |

Ecotourism Certificate Environmental Management (Grad Certificate)

Environmental Technician--Protection & Compliance (Diploma)

Geomatics (Grad Certificate)

Centennial College

Toronto |

Biotechnology (Advanced Diploma)

Energy Systems Engineering Technician (Diploma)

Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Envionmental Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Food Science Technology (Advanced Diploma)

College Boreal

Sudbury (french only) |

Fish & Wildlife Management Technologist (Advanced Diploma)

Forestry & Wildlife Mgt Technician (Diploma)

Forestry Techologist (Diploma)

Conestoga College

Kitchener |

Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Green Management (Grad Certificate)

Renewable Energy Techniques (Certificate)

Confederation College

Thunder Bay |

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Forest Ecosystem Management Technician (Diploma)

Mining Techniques (Certificate)

Tourism, Travel & Eco-Adventure (Diploma)

Durham College

Multiple Campuses |

Energy Management & Sustainable Building Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Environmental Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Horticulture--Food & Farming (Diploma)

Horticulture Technician (Diploma)

Renewable Energy Technician (Diploma)

Water Quality Technician (Diploma)

Fanshawe College

London |

Adventure Expeditions & Interpretive Leadership (Diploma)

Environmental Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Geographic Information Systems (Grad Certificate)

GIS & Urban Planning (Diploma)

Horticulture Technician (Diploma)

Landscape Design (Advanced Diploma)

Renewable Energy Technician (Diploma)

Fleming College

Peterborough |

Advanced Water Systems Operations & Management (Grad Certificate)

Aquaculture (Grad Certificate)

Internship Arborculture (Certificate)

Earth Resources Technician (Diploma)

Ecological Restoration (Diploma, University Transfer)

Ecosystem Management Technician (Diploma)

Ecosystem Management Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Environmental Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Environmental Visual Communication (Grad Certificate)

Fish & Wildlife Technician (Diploma)

Fish & Wildlife Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Forestry Technician (Diploma)

General Arts & Science: Environmental & Natural Resources (Certificate)

Geographic Information Systems: Application Specialist (Grad Certificate)

Geographic Information Systems: Cartographic Specialist (Grad Certificate)

Outdoor Adventure Skills (Certificate)

Outdoor & Adventure Education (Diploma)

Recreation & Leisure Services (Diploma)

Resource Mapping Technician (Diploma)

Sustainable Agri (Grad Certificate)

Sustainable Building Design & Construction (Certificate)

Tourism & Travel (Diploma)

Urban Forestry (Certificate)

Urban Forestry Technician (Degree, University Transfer)

Georgian College

Orangeville |

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Environmental Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Humber College

Toronto |

Arboriculture--Urban Tree Care (Certificate)

Arborist Apprenticeship (Apprenticship Certificate)

Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship (Apprenticship Certificate)

Sustainable Energy & Building Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Lambton College

Sarnia |

Arborist Apprenticeship (Apprenticship Certificate)

Horticultural Apprenticeship (Apprenticship Certificate)

Loyalist College

Belleville |

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Environmental Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Mohawk College

Hamilton |

Energy Systems Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship (Apprenticship Certificate)

Urban & Regional Planning Technician--GIS (Diploma)

Niagara College

Niagara Falls |

Ecosystem Restoration (Grad Certificate)

Environmental Management & Assessment (Grad Certificate)

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Geographic Information Systems (Grad Certificate)

Greenhouse Technician (Diploma)

Horticulture Technician (Diploma)

Landscape Horticulture Techniques (Certificate)

Landscape Technician (Diploma)

Recreation & Leisure Services (Outdoor Recreation Setting (Diploma)

Renewable Energies Technician (Diploma)

Northern College

Timmins |

Environmental Technician--Water & Wastewater Systems (Diploma)

Geographic Information Systems: Application Specialist (Grad Certificate)

Geographic Information Systems: Cartographic Specialist (Grad Certificate)

St. Clair College

Windsor |

Landscape Horticulture (Diploma)

Sustainable Energy Technician (Diploma)

St. Lawrence College

Kingston |

Energy Systems Engineering Technician (Diploma)

Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Geographic Information Systems (Certificate)

Geothermal Engineering Technician (Diploma)

Landscape Gardening (Certificate)

Sustainable Local Food (Certificate)

Sault College

Sault Ste. Marie |

Adventure Recreation & Parks Technician (Diploma)

Fish & Wildlife Conservation Technician (Diploma)

Forest Conservation Technician (Diploma)

Forest Conservation Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Geographic Information Systems: Application Specialist (Grad Certificate)

Natural Resources! Environmental Law--Inspection & Enforcement (Grad Certificate)

Sheridan College

Oakville |

Environmental Control (Grad Certificate)

Environmental Technician (Diploma)

Quebec Universities

Bishop's University

Sherbrooke |

Biology (BA, BSc)

Environmental Sciences (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Geography (BA)

Concordia University

Montreal |

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Ecology (BSc)

Electrical Engineering: Power & Renewable Energy Option (BEng)

Environmental Assessment (MEnv)

Environmental Geography (BSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Geography, Urban & Environmental Studies (MSc)

Human Environment (BA)

Urban Planning & Urban Studies (BA)

McGill University

Montreal I

Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (BSc-Ag.Env.Sc)

Animal Science (BSc, MSc, MASc, PhD)

Atmospheric & Ocean Science (MSc, PhD Biology (BSc)

Earth & Planetary Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Earth Sciences (BSc)

Earth System Science (BSc)

Entomology (MSc, PhD)

Environment (BA, BSc, BSc-Ag.Env.Sc)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Law: Bioethics (LLM)

Law: Environment (LLM)

Natural Resources Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Natural Resources Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Plant Science (BSc, MSc, MASc, PhD)

Renewable Resouces (MSc)

Renewable Resources (MSc, PhD)

Sustainability, Science & Society (BA, BSc)

Urban Planning (MUP)

Urban Systems (BA)

Universite Laval

Quebec City (French Only) |

Agricultural Economics (BASc, MSc, PhD)

Agricultural Engineering (MSc)

Agronomy (BASc)

Architecture: Urban Design (MSc)

Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD) Environmental Biogeoscience (MSc)

Environmental Law, Sustainable Development & Food Security (LLM)

Forest Ecology & Management (BASc)

Forestry Operations (BASc)

Forest Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Geography (BSc, MSc. PhD)

Geo-Informatics (MSc) Geology (BSc)

Geomatics Engineering (BEng) Geomatics (BASc, MSc, PhD)

Natural & Built Environments (BASc)

Plant Biology (MSc, PhD)

Planning & Regional Development (MATDR, PhD)

Soil & Environment (BASc, MSc, PhD)

Oceanography (PhD)

Universite de Quebec a Montreal

Montreal (french only) |

Atmospheric Science (MSc)

Biology (MSc, PhD)

Earth & Atmospheric Science (PhD)

Earth & Atmospheric Science: Geology Concentration (BSc)

Earth & Atmospheric Science: Meteorology Concentration (BSc)

Earth Science (MSc)

Environmental Design (BA, MA)

Environmental Science (MSc, PhD)

Geography (BSc, MSc)

Science, Technology & Society (MA, PhD)

Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management (MASc)

Universite de Montreal

Montreal (french only) |

Biology ((BSc, MSc, PhD)

Demography & Geography (BSc)

Environmental Geography (BSc)

Geography (BASc, MSc, PhD)

Planning (MPI, PhD)

Urban Design (MASc)

Urbanism (BSc, MUrb)

Universite de Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke (french only) |

Biology: Concentration in international ecology (MSc, MEI)

Ecology (BSc)

Environmental Geomatics (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BEnv)

Geographic Sciences (MSc)

NB Universities

Mount Allison University

Sackville I

Biology (BSc, MSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Geography (BA)

St. Thomas University Fredericton I

Environment & Society (BA)

Universite de Moncton

Moncton (french only) I

Biology (BSc) (MSc)

Biology (MSc)

Environmental Studies (MEE, JD/MEE)

Forest Science (BFSc) (MFSc)

Geography (BA)

University of New Brunswick

=redericton, Saint John |

Biology (BA)--Saint John

Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD--Fredericton

Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD)--Saint John

Environmental Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)--Saint John

Environmental Management (BSc)--Fredericton

Forestry & Environmental Management (MScF, MF, MScFE, MFE, MEM, PhD)--Fredericton

Foresty (BScF)--Fredericton

Geology (BSc)--Saint John

Geomatics (BSc)--Fredericton

Marine Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD--Fredericton

Terrestial Biology (MSc, PhD)--Fredericton

Water Resource Management(BSc)--Fredericton

Wildlife Conservation (BSc)--Fredericton

NB Colleges

NB Community College

Freclericton I

Aquaculture Technician (Certificate)

Electrical Engineering Technology: Alternate Energy Systems (Diploma)

Energy Systems Technology (Diploma)

Environmental Technology (Diploma)

Landscape (Certificate)

Maritime College of Forest Technology

Fredericton I

Forest & Fish & Wildlife Tech (Advanced Diploma)

Forest Technology (Diploma)

Nova Scotia Universities Acadia University Wolfville I

Biology (BSc, MSc)

Environmental Science (BSc, MSc )

Environmental Geoscience (BSc Geology (BSc, MSc)

Applied Geomatices (MSc)

Environmental & Sustainability Studies (BA)

Cape Breton University

Cape Breton |

Biology (BSc)

Community Economic Development (MBA)

Community Studies (BACS)

Engineering Technology: Environmental Studies (BET)

Hospitality & Tourism Management (BHTM)

Dalhousie University

Halifax |

Agriculture (MSc)

Animal Science(BSc, MSc)

Aquaculture (BSc)

Biology (BSc) (MSc, PhD)

Earth Sciences (BSc)

Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD)

Environment, Sustainability & Society (BA, BSc, BCSc, BCD, BMgmt, Binf, BJH)

Environmental Design Studies (BEDS)

Environmental Design Studies (MEDS, MArch)

Environmental Landscape Horticulture (BTech)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Environmental Studies (MES)

Integrated Environmental Management (BSc)

International Food Business (BBA, BAgIFB)

Marine Biology (BSc)

Ocean Sciences (BSc)

Oceanography (MSc, PhD)

Physics & Atmospheric Science (BSc)

Physics & Atmospheric Science (MSc, PhD)

Planning (BCD, MPlan, MPS)

Plant Science (BSc)

Sustainable Resources & the Environment (BMgmt)

St. Francis Xavier University

Antigonish I Aquatic Resources (BA, BSc)

Biology (BSc)

Biology (MSc)

Earth Sciences (BSc, MSc)

Environmental Science (BSc)

Saint Mary's University

Halifax I Biology (BSc, MASc)

Environmental Science (BSc, MASc)

Environmental Studies (BES)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MASc)

Geology (BSc) (MASc)

Nova Scotia Colleges

Nova Scotia Community College

Sydney |

Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Geographic Sciences (Diploma, Advanced Diploma)

Geomatics Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Horticulture & Landscape Technology (Diploma)

Marine Geomatics (Advanced Diploma)

Natural Resources Environmental Technology (Diploma)

Ocean Resources Technology: Fisheries & Aquaculture (Diploma)

Oceans Technology (Advanced Diploma)

Newfoundland Universities

Memorial University

St. John's I

Biology (BSc)

Biology (MSc)(PhD)

Earth Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Environmental Science (BSc, MSc, MEnvSci)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Food Science (MSc, PhD)

Geography (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD)

Geology (MSc, PhD)

Geophysics (MSc, PhD)

Marine Biology (MSc, PhD)

Maritime Studies (BMS, BTech, MMS, MTech, MMM)

Ocean Sciences (BSc, MSc)

Physical Oceanography (MSc, PhD)

Sustainable Resource Management (BRB)

Newfoundland Colleges

College of the North Atlantic

Stephenville I

Fish & Wildlife Technician (Diploma)

Forest Resources Technician (Diploma)

Geomatics/Surveying Engineering Technology (Diploma)

GIS Applications Specialist (Post Diploma)

PEI Universities

University of PEI

Charlottetown I Biology (BSc)

Environmental Science (MSc, PhD)

Environmental Studies (BA. BSc)

Island Studies (BA, MAIS)

Wildlife Conservation (BWC)

PEI Colleges

Holland College

Charlottetown I Conservation Enforcement (Certificate)

Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Environmental Applied Science Technology (Diploma)

Wildlife Conservation Technology (Diploma)

Territorial Colleges

Nunavut Arctic College

Multiple Campuses I Environmental Monitor Training Program: Research Specialization

Environmental Technology Program (Diploma)

Aurora College

Multiple Campuses I

Environmental & Natural Resources Technology Program (Diploma)

Environmental Monitor Training Program

Yukon College

Whitehorse I Circumpolar Studies (Arts Degree)

Geological Technology (Certificate, Diploma)

Northern Environmental & Conservation Sciences (BSc-University Transfer)

Northern Outdoor & Environmental Studies (Diploma)

Northern Science (Certificate, Diploma, BSc-University Transfer)

Renewable Resource Management (Diploma)

Water & Wastewater Operator Program (Certificate)

Yukon Fisheries Field Assistant (Certificate)

To access additional college listings, an interactive coast-to-coast map and to search by province or degree, check out the online version of the education guide at
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