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College/section day devoted to problem-solving.

The fourth college and section day, held prior to NZNO's annual conference, saw representatives from all NZNO's professional specialities coming together to share ideas and activities, and to familiarise themselves with the workings of the organisation. It was also a day for problem solving around the common issues of funding arrangements and membership management.

Delegates were welcomed by NZNO chief executive Geoff Annals, president Jane O'Malley and Te Runanga O Aotearoa NZNO chair Anne McNicol. Te Runanga member Rhoda Waitere was introduced as Te Runanga college and section liaison.

Following a short presentation on the PAUA (Progressively Acting in Unity and Aroha) project by policy analyst Maori Sharon Clair and one on documentation by professional nursing adviser (PNA) Chris Millar, reports from all sections and colleges were received. "It was great to hear everyone's ideas and the range of their activities," said college and section board of directors' representative Marion Guy. "Over the last few years, there has been a real growth in professional activities, like education programmes, study grants for post-graduate work, and the development of strategic plans and websites."

In the afternoon, NZNO business services manager Dragan Radic gave a presentation on the new funding arrangements, under which all sections and colleges have their core activities funded by NZNO. Radic also discussed membership record maintenance. "A number of sections and colleges reported similar problems adapting to the new funding arrangements," said Guy. "Not all sections and colleges have adopted the new arrangements or are still unsure of what they mean, while others are in a transition period." During an open forum on funding, a number of issues emerged, which will be worked on further by the PNAs and Radic. Some colleges and sections, eg the Perioperative Nurses' College, have noted an increase in their membership numbers as a result of the new arrangements.

The day included three workshops: one for sections who have regional, structures and issues around centralised financial reporting systems; another on managing meetings and AGMs; and a third on submissions and report writing.

Board representative Lorraine Borthwick said she found the day very helpful as it helped clarify for her and others her role as their representative at board level. "Some sections and colleges are not as clear about their relationship with NZNO as others. It was good to let them know that the board is interested in their activities and that what they do reflects on the organisation as a whole."
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