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TikTok stranger's kindness to young Leeds woman goes viral after "heartwarming" donation for wheelchair; A young Leeds woman who suffers from a rare genetic condition said the kindness of a TikTok man to donate towards her new wheelchair was "the kindest thing a stranger has ever done" for her. Daniel Sheridan Jun 3, 2021 557
MiR-509-3p Suppresses Migration, Invasion, and Epithelial--Mesenchymal Transition in Melanoma Cells by Targeting Collagen Triple Helix Repeat Containing 1. Yuan, Keyu; Sun, Yi; Ji, Yu Jun 1, 2021 2812
ON A BUDGET; Anti-ageing and health must-haves Our top pick of the best beauty and health products to get your glow back and keep you looking youthful this summer without hitting your wallet By Punteha van Terheyden. May 30, 2021 966
Newtongrange woman's charity walk raises cash for charity close to her heart; A Newtongrange woman raised more than [pounds sterling]500 for a charity close to her heart by walking 27 miles from Falkirk to Edinburgh despite suffering from a rare condition. Kevin Quinn May 28, 2021 281
Orthocell higher on securing further Asian patent protection for CelGroà collagen rope. May 27, 2021 546
Entrepeneur who started business in lockdown to help mum's arthritis now turning over £3m; Mark Shephard, from Altrincham, is about to see his business launch in Australia and America and has seen sales skyrocket with 40,000 customers in less than a year. By, Adam Maidment May 23, 2021 787
Impact of constant light exposure during pregnancy on skin of neonatal New Zealand rabbits: structural and ultrastructural study. Elsaid, A.G.; Faheem, N.M. Report May 15, 2021 5554
The Role of LED Therapy In Skin Care Treatments. Geria, Navin May 1, 2021 1434
Investigation of in vitro Wound Healing Properties of Metformin and Coenzyme Q10. Altun, Ayse Sena; Bektas, Burak Mert; Gulgec, Ahmet Sadik; Guler, Eray Metin Apr 1, 2021 388
Comparison of efficacy of intralesional 5-Flourouracil plus triamcinolone acetonide verses intralesional triamcinolone acetonide alone in the treatment of keloids. Nadia Ali, Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Shahid, Kehkshan Tahir, Kalsoom Jawaid and Abid Hussain Mar 31, 2021 1989
hsa-miR-4443 inhibits myocardial fibroblast proliferation by targeting THBS1 to regulate TGF-[beta]1/ [alpha]-SMA/collagen signaling in atrial fibrillation. Xiao, Jingwen; Zhang, Yan; Tang, Yuan; Dai, Hengfen; OuYang, Yu; Li, Chuanchuan; Yu, Meiqin Mar 17, 2021 6491
Eye creams; Tried & tested Which of these effectively reduced our eye bags, dark circles and fine lines? Mar 7, 2021 441
5th birthday giveaway. Mar 2, 2021 342
To celebrate their 5th Birthday, [...]. Mar 2, 2021 340
5th BIRTHDAY Giveaway. Mar 2, 2021 325
MicroRNA-302b mitigates renal fibrosis via inhibiting TGF-[beta]/Smad pathway activation. Sun, Mengkui; Zhou, Wei; Yao, Fei; Song, Jianming; Xu, Yanan; Deng, Zhimei; Diao, Hongwang; Li, Shou Feb 19, 2021 5170
Orthocell granted key US divisional patent for CelGroA. Feb 16, 2021 497
Orthocell granted key US divisional patent for CelGroA. Feb 16, 2021 495
Want Better Skin? Consider Collagen Peptides: Collagen peptides are commonly used to support skin health. Cassady, Bridget Feb 1, 2021 426
Orthocell publishes case study focusing on CelGroA collagen and Ortho-ATIA for surgical repairs. Jan 29, 2021 594
Collagen Solutions heads for private ownership following RDI deal. Jan 16, 2021 445
Namaqualand hip dysplasia in South Africa: The molecular determinant elucidated. Agenbag, G.; Vorster, A.; Julius, S.; Ramesar, R.; Beighton, P. Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2021 3111
High strength and bioactivity polyvinyl alcohol/collagen composite hydrogel with tannic acid as cross-linker. Bai, Zhongxiang; Wang, Tianyou; Zheng, Xin; Huang, Yanping; Chen, Yining; Dan, Weihua Report Jan 1, 2021 4697
Mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate partial bladder outlet obstruction-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition type II independent of mast cell recruitment and degranulation. Kadam, Rutuja; Wiafe, Bridget; Metcalfe, Peter D. Report Jan 1, 2021 4043
Collagen Matrix Acquires the Guidor Synthetic Bone Graft and Membrane Business from Sunstar. Dec 29, 2020 275
Collagen Matrix Acquires the Guidor Synthetic Bone Graft and Membrane Business from Sunstar. Dec 29, 2020 243
Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. Dec 1, 2020 528
Increased elastic modulus of the synovial membrane in a rat ACLT model of osteoarthritis revealed by atomic force microscopy. Dai, Shouqian; Liang, Ting; Fujii, Tadashi; He, Shuangjun; Zhang, Fan; Jiang, Huaye; Liu, Bo; Shi, X Nov 1, 2020 6354
Hybrid bacterial cellulose-collagen membranes production in culture media enriched with antioxidant compounds from plant extracts. de Andrade Arruda Fernandes, Isabela; Maciel, Giselle Maria; de Oliveira, Anna Lou Mucharski Strafit Report Nov 1, 2020 7950
Mending Mishaps: An examination of an orthopedic market not fueled by elective surgeries. Brusco, Sam Nov 1, 2020 3337
A Heterozygous Missense Variant in the COL5A2 in Holstein Cattle Resembling the Classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Jacinto, Joana G.P.; Hafliger, Irene M.; Veiga, Ines M.B.; Letko, Anna; Benazzi, Cinzia; Bolcato, Ma Nov 1, 2020 5398
The Effect of Dietary Rye Inclusion and Xylanase Supplementation on Structural Organization of Bone Constitutive Phases in Laying Hens Fed a Wheat- Corn Diet. Muszynski, Siemowit; Arczewska, Marta; Swiatkiewicz, Sylwester; Arczewska- Wlosek, Anna; Dobrowolski Nov 1, 2020 10194
Collagen Solutions says offer from Rosen's is now wholly unconditional. Oct 21, 2020 174
Scottish life sciences pioneer to disappear from stock market after US takeover; Collagen Solutions, the Glasgow-based life sciences firm, is set to become part of US-based Rosen's Diversified with its share listing disappearing around the middle of next month. Scott Reid Oct 20, 2020 443
Counterintuitive Discoveries About Immune-Like Characteristics Of Cells. Oct 19, 2020 487
Renal Amyloidosis Secondary to Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Case Report and Review of Literature. Atas, Dilek Barutcu; Aykent, Mahmut Basar; Arikan, Izzet Hakki; Asicioglu, Ebru; Velioglu, Arzu; Fil Oct 1, 2020 2292
Polyester Vascular Graft Material and Risk for Intracavitary Thoracic Vascular Graft Infection. Schweizer, Tiziano A.; Shambat, Srikanth Mairpady; Haunreiter, Vanina Dengler; Mestres, Carlos A.; W Oct 1, 2020 3134
Efficacy of topical application of a mixture of amniotic membrane stem cell metabolic products and vitamin C after microneedling treatment in patients with photoaging. Cita Rosita Sigit Prakoeswa, Zada Febrial Effendy, Nanny Herwanto, Evy Ervianty and Fedik A. Rantam Sep 30, 2020 2279
Drinking my way to good health. Sep 28, 2020 999
Collagen Solutions heads for private ownership following RDI deal. Sep 24, 2020 463
Korean beauty: Heart Evangelista swears by these 'forever young' rituals. Sep 18, 2020 477
Orthocell's collagen medical device CelGro hits 300-case milestone under TGA Special Access Scheme. Sep 15, 2020 524
Woman, 2ft 10in, welcomes baby with 6ft husband despite doctor's 'crushing' warning; Trisha and Michael Taylor decided to try for a baby despite their doctor's concerns, but suffered two heartbreaking miscarriages before welcoming their "perfect" little boy. By, Jamie Blue Mountain & Zoe Forsey Medical condition overview Sep 11, 2020 2384
Absolute Collagen expands with Telford office opening. Sep 8, 2020 237
A GROWING GLUT OF GLUTEN-FREE. Geria, Navin M. Sep 1, 2020 1826
Evaluation of In Vitro Efficacy of a Skin Care Active: Jiangsu JLand Biotech researchers evaluate skin cell proliferation following treatment with marine collagen and new collagen derived from Pichia yeast. Jianfeng, Zhao Sep 1, 2020 1151
Keeping Up with Collagen and Beauty: Experts discuss how collagen companies can best capitalize on 'active beauty' and other nutricosmetic trends. Montemarano, Mike Sep 1, 2020 1251
Formulation & Product Development Directory: This listing is designed to help companies source active ingredients for topical and ingestible beauty products. Directory Sep 1, 2020 2014
Evaluation of the Effect of Gabapentin on Tendon Healing in an Experimental Rat Model. Kilinc, Seyran; Egilmez, Hatice Reyhan; Pazarci, Ozhan; Altunisik, Muhammed Yasir Sep 1, 2020 3602
Studying the Effects of Collagenase (Type 1) on the Collagen in Woody Breast Meat. Morey, Amit; Johnson, Meredith Lane; Kataria, Jasmine; Gonzalez, John Michael Report Sep 1, 2020 2658
Keeping Up with Collagen and Beauty: Experts discuss how collagen companies can best capitalize on 'active beauty' and other nutricosmetic trends. Montemarano, Mike Sep 1, 2020 1251
Formulation & Product Development Directory: This listing is designed to help companies source active ingredients for topical and ingestible beauty products. Directory Sep 1, 2020 2012
The Effects of Tofacitinib-Mediated Janus Kinase/Signal Transducers and Activators of the Transcription Signal Pathway Inhibition on Collagen Biosynthesis in Hepatic and Skin Fibroblast Cell Culture. Sahin, Mehtap; Aydin, Huseyin; Altun, Ahmet; Derin, Mehmet Emin; ahin, Ali Sep 1, 2020 4302
HMGB1 Aggravates Pressure Overload-Induced Left Ventricular Dysfunction by Promoting Myocardial Fibrosis. Zhang, Lei; Yu, Ying; Yu, Peng; Wu, Jian; Sun, Aijun; Zou, Yunzeng; Su, Yangang; Jiang, Hong; Ge, Ju Aug 31, 2020 3290
Long-Term Effectiveness of Polymerized-Type I Collagen Intra-Articular Injections in Patients with Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis: Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation in a Cohort Study. Borja-Flores, Adrian; Macias-Hernandez, Salvador I.; Hernandez-Molina, Gabriela; Perez-Ortiz, Andric Aug 31, 2020 6384
Understanding the Lingual Frenulum: Histological Structure, Tissue Composition, and Implications for Tongue Tie Surgery. Mills, Nikki; Geddes, Donna T.; Amirapu, Satya; Mirjalili, S. Ali Aug 31, 2020 4746
The Role of CTHRC1 in Regulation of Multiple Signaling and Tumor Progression and Metastasis. Mei, Dan; Zhu, Yue; Zhang, Lingling; Wei, Wei Aug 31, 2020 11007
Exploring the Pathological Role of Collagen in Paravertebral Muscle in the Progression of Idiopathic Scoliosis. Peng, Haidong; Jin, Feng; Meng, Depeng; Li, Jun; Yu, Shuhan; Zhang, Shen; Zeng, Guigang Report Aug 31, 2020 6004
Uniaxial Static Strain Promotes Osteoblast Proliferation and Bone Matrix Formation in Distraction Osteogenesis In Vitro. Li, Zhengqiang; Zheng, Junfa; Wan, Di; Yang, Xiaoqin Report Aug 31, 2020 7045
Effects of Combined Supplementation of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Methionine Chromium, Betaine, and Cysteamine on Meat Tenderness of Rats. Yang, Lingyuan; Zhang, Lingmei; Huang, Xingguo; Yin, Yulong; Li, Tiejun; Chen, Jiashun Report Aug 31, 2020 8418
Transcriptomics Study to Determine the Molecular Mechanism by which sIL-13R[alpha]2-Fc Inhibits Caudal Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in Rats. Wang, Xin; Tan, Jianshi; Sun, Junhao; Fang, Pengzhong; Chen, Jinlei; Yuan, Wen; Chen, Huajiang; Liu, Report Aug 31, 2020 5791
Purified Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis Promotes Tissue Regeneration by Reducing Oxidative Stress and the Secretion of Collagen In Vitro and In Vivo. Chou, Hsin-Yu; Ma, Dik-Lung; Leung, Chung-Hang; Chiu, Chien-Chih; Hour, Tzyh-Chyuan; Wang, Hui-Min D Aug 31, 2020 6316
AdipoRon Protects against Tubular Injury in Diabetic Nephropathy by Inhibiting Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress. Xiong, Shan; Han, Yachun; Gao, Peng; Zhao, Hao; Jiang, Na; Sun, Lin Aug 31, 2020 7076
Mechanical Strain-Mediated Tenogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Is Regulated through Epithelial Sodium Channels. Nam, Hui Yin; Murali, Malliga Raman; Ahmad, Raja Elina; Pingguan-Murphy, Belinda; Raghavendran, Hanu Aug 31, 2020 7089
Dental Pulp Mesenchymal Stem Cells as a Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Older Adults. Hernandez-Monjaraz, Beatriz; Santiago-Osorio, Edelmiro; Ledesma-Martinez, Edgar; Aguiniga-Sanchez, I Aug 31, 2020 8882
Low Bone Turnover Markers in Young and Middle-Aged Male Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Liu, X.X.; Jiang, L.; Liu, Q.; Zhang, J.; Niu, W.; Liu, J.; Zhang, Q. Aug 31, 2020 6505
Company launches collagen drink that helps boost immunity. Aug 24, 2020 620
Best scar treatments for 2020 to combat stretch marks, acne or surgery scarring; Minimise scar marks with these redness-reducing, soothing solutions. By, Ruth Doherty Aug 23, 2020 823
What you need to know about collagen and skincare. CM Guest Columnist Aug 17, 2020 606
Application of natural crosslinkers on tooth surface: an in-vitro comparative evaluation of resin-dentin bond strength. Khalid, Saira; Rafique, Muhammad Aamir; Khan, Abdul Samad Report Aug 14, 2020 4026
Collagen Solutions highlights order book of over [pounds]4mln in year to date. Aug 1, 2020 361
Carcass Characteristics, Physicochemical Properties, and Texture and Microstructure of the Meat and Internal Organs of Carrier and King Pigeons. Kokoszynski, Dariusz; Steczny, Kamil; Zochowska-Kujawska, Joanna; Sobczak, Malgorzata; Kotowicz, Mar Aug 1, 2020 8969
Retinol: Blend Repairs Aging Skin. Goldfaden, Robert; Goldfaden, Gary Aug 1, 2020 2143
Infective Endocarditis Cases Detected While Investigating the Etiology of Fever of Unknown Origin/Nedeni Bilinmeyen Ates Etyolojisi Arastirilirken Saptanan Infektif Endokardit Olgular. Aktug-Demir, Nazlim; Ural, Onur; Sumer, Sua; Kiratli, Hatice Esranur Report Aug 1, 2020 2174
Protective Effect of DPPD on Mercury Chloride-Induced Hepatorenal Toxicity in Rats. Nabil, Ahmed; Elshemy, Mohamed M.; Asem, Medhat; Gomaa, Heba F. Jul 31, 2020 5092
Photoaging Skin Therapy with PRP and ADSC: A Comparative Study. Charles-de-Sa, Luiz; Gontijo-de-Amorim, Natale; Sbarbati, Andrea; Benati, Donatella; Bernardi, Paolo Clinical report Jul 31, 2020 9304
Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulsation Stress Promotes the Angiogenesis of Tissue-Engineered Laminae. Li, Linli; He, Yiqun; Tang, Han; Mao, Wei; Ni, Haofei; Lyu, Feizhou; Dong, Youhai Jul 31, 2020 5443
Bafilomycin A1 Accelerates Chronic Refractory Wound Healing in db/db Mice. Wang, Fan; Zhang, Chao; Dai, Linna; Zhang, Yulu; Wang, Yongxue; Hao, Yongwei; Ji, Shenglu; Xu, Zhiha Report Jul 31, 2020 6729
Hirudin Ameliorates Renal Interstitial Fibrosis via Regulating TGF-[beta]1/Smad and NF-[kappa]B Signaling in UUO Rat Model. Yang, Kang; Fan, Boya; Zhao, Qingyun; Ji, Yue; Liu, Panying; Gao, Shan; Ren, Tong; Dou, Yitian; Pei, Jul 31, 2020 4751
Acidic Phospholipase A2-Peptide Derivative Modulates Oxidative Status and Microstructural Reorganization of Scar Tissue after Cutaneous Injury. Garcia, Estefanny Ruiz; Barros, Edvaldo; Stransky, Stephanie; Chavez-Olortegui, Carlos; Freitas, Mar Jul 31, 2020 8993
Are collagen supplements all hype? Here are 5 things to consider before jumping on this wellness trend. Jul 30, 2020 570
Collagen Solutions in "a strong position to deliver a successful financial year". Jul 22, 2020 282
Collagen Solutions inks key supply deal with long term customer. Jul 8, 2020 319
Collagen Solutions reschedules repayments on Norgine Ventures bonds. Jul 7, 2020 225
Collagen Solutions Inks Supply Arrangement With NovaBone. Jul 7, 2020 223
COLLAGEN: A DEEPER LOOK: Collagen is either a must for smooth skin and supple joints--or an unproven supplement that will waste your money. Wellbeing editor KATHRYN DRURY WAGNER went in search of answers. Wagner, Kathryn Drury Jul 1, 2020 1053
In Vitro Evaluation of Poly (Lactic Acid-co-Glycolic Acid)/ Atelocollagen/Fibrin Bioscaffold for Annulus Fibrosus Regeneration. Mohamad, Mohd Yusof; Amin, Muhammad Azri Ifwat Mohamed; Zulkifly, Ahmad Hafiz; Shaban, Munirah Jul 1, 2020 4451
Five-Year Long-Term Results of Standard Collagen Cross-Linking Therapy in Patients with Keratoconus. Tasci, Yelda Yildiz; Taslipinar, Guzin; Eyidogan, Demet; Sarac, Ozge; Cagil, Nurullah Jul 1, 2020 4085
Recent Advances in Chitosan-Based Metal Nanocomposites for Wound Healing Applications. Wang, Kai; Pan, Su; Qi, Zhiping; Xia, Peng; Xu, Haotian; Kong, Weijian; Li, Hongru; Xue, Pan; Yang, Jun 30, 2020 9532
DHA Supplementation Attenuates MI-Induced LV Matrix Remodeling and Dysfunction in Mice. Habicht, I.; Mohsen, G.; Eichhorn, L.; Frede, S.; Weisheit, C.; Hilbert, T.; Treede, H.; Guresir, E. Jun 30, 2020 7933
Differential Gender-Dependent Patterns of Cardiac Fibrosis and Fibroblast Phenotypes in Aging Mice. Achkar, Angela; Saliba, Youakim; Fares, Nassim Jun 30, 2020 5866
Luhong Formula Has a Cardioprotective Effect on Left Ventricular Remodeling in Pressure-Overloaded Rats. Liu, Qian; Qu, Hui-Yan; Zhou, Hua; Rong, Jing-Feng; Yang, Tian-Shu; Xu, Ji-Jie; Yang, Xiao-Li; Lan, Jun 30, 2020 7803
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Regulates Scleral Remodeling in a Guinea Pig Model of Form-Deprivation Myopia. Zhu, Chengcheng; Chen, Qingzhong; Yuan, Ying; Li, Min; Ke, Bilian Jun 30, 2020 4622
Pathophysiology and Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Bone Fragility. Eller-Vainicher, C.; Cairoli, E.; Grassi, G.; Grassi, F.; Catalano, A.; Merlotti, D.; Falchetti, A.; Jun 30, 2020 15170
Annexin A2 Expression in the Aerogenous Spread of Pulmonary Invasive Mucinous Adenocarcinoma with Gastric Lineage. Arai, Kazumori; Iwasaki, Tomohiro; Tsuchiya, Chinatsu; Sonoda, Akihiro Jun 30, 2020 4671
Retroperitoneal Fibrosis after Chronic Abscesses of Silicone Fluid Fillers in a Case of Gluteal Augmentation. Alahmari, Hana S.; Alarfaj, Abdurhaman S.; Aljohani, Tariq E. Jun 30, 2020 2154
Inflammation-Induced Tissue Damage Mimicking GvHD in Human Skin Models as Test Platform for Immunotherapeutics. Wallstabe, Julia; Bussemer, Lydia; Groeber-Becker, Florian; Freund, Lukas; Alb, Miriam; Dragan, Mari Jun 22, 2020 8673
Collagen Solutions highlights strong order book as it is granted account filing extension. Jun 16, 2020 502
Glasgow life sciences firm Collagen Solutions bullish as demand remains buoyant; Glasgow-based life sciences firm Collagen Solutions has reported no drop in demand for its products and services, despite a reduction in activity among its key end markets of orthopaedics, cardiovascular, wound care, and dental surgery. Emma Newlands Jun 15, 2020 488
Collagen Solutions mulls over potential sale but demand and order book remain strong. Jun 10, 2020 397
Effect of Vitamin C Supplementation on Colonic Anastomotic Healing in the Presence of Peritonitis- An Experimental Study in Rats. Kothiya, Pradeep Kumar; Sharma, Deepti B.; Solanki, Fanindra S.; Tiwari, Anil K.; Chandrakar, S.K. Jun 8, 2020 2408
GROW YOUR OWN COLLAGEN; It's vital for youthful skin and it starts draining away in your 20s - so how can you fight back? Here's what you need to know about rebooting your stocks. Jun 7, 2020 898
G How to ROW YOUR OWN COLLAGEN; It's vital for youthful skin and it starts draining away in your 20s - so how can you fight back? Here's what you need to know about rebooting your stocks. Jun 7, 2020 912
Cytotoxicity and Collagen Expression Effects of Tideglusib Administration on Human Periodontal Cells: An In-Vitro Study. Oncu, Buse; Yilmaz, Ayse Mine; Yilmaz, Betul Karademir; Altunok, Elif Cigdem; Kuru, Leyla; Agrali, O Report Jun 1, 2020 6556
Effects of Prolotherapy with Organic Silicon in Temporomandibular Joint in Rabbits. Yurttutan, Mehmet Emre; Gulsen, Ugur Jun 1, 2020 3095
Topical Collagen Helps Restore Youthful Skin. Goldfaden, Robert; Goldfaden, Gary Jun 1, 2020 1719
In Vitro Studies of Jatropha curcas L Latex Spray Formulation for Wound Healing Applications/Yara Iyilesmesine Yonelik In Vitro Jatropha curcas L Lateks Sprey Formulasyonu Calismalari. Tinpun, Kittiya; Nakpheng, Titpawan; Padmavathi, Alwar Ramanujam; Srichana, Teerapol Jun 1, 2020 6239
Potential applications include collagen vascular diseases. Brunk, Doug Jun 1, 2020 872
Efficacy of Cosmetic Formulation Containing Perilla frutescens Leaves Extract for Irritation and Aging Skin. Mungmai, Lapatrada; Preedalikit, Weeraya; Aunsri, Nattapol; Amornlerdpison, Doungporn Report Jun 1, 2020 4675
Fiber Metabolism, Procollagen and Collagen Type III Immunoreactivity in Broiler Pectoralis Major Affected by Muscle Abnormalities. Mazzoni, Maurizio; Soglia, Francesca; Petracci, Massimiliano; Sirri, Federico; Lattanzio, Giulia; Cl Jun 1, 2020 6283
Expression of Collagen (Types I, III, and V), HSP47, MMP-2, and TIMP-1 in Retrobulbar Adipose Tissue of Patients with Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy. Luo, Hongyang; Liu, Taixiang; Yang, Huasheng; Ye, Huijing; Luo, Xin May 31, 2020 3290
Exposure to Air Pollution Exacerbates Inflammation in Rats with Preexisting COPD. Wang, Jing; Li, Ya; Zhao, Peng; Tian, Yange; Liu, Xuefang; He, Huihui; Jia, Rui; Oliver, Brian G.; L May 31, 2020 7172
Oral Collagen Drink for Antiaging: Antioxidation, Facilitation of the Increase of Collagen Synthesis, and Improvement of Protein Folding and DNA Repair in Human Skin Fibroblasts. Lin, Ping; Hua, Nan; Hsu, Yu-Chen; Kan, Kai-Wen; Chen, Jia-Haur; Lin, Yung-Hao; Lin, Yung-Hsiang; Ku May 31, 2020 5214
Chemical Characterization and Wound Healing Property of Jacaranda decurrens Cham. Serra, Mariana B.; Barroso, Wermerson A.; Rocha, Claudia; Furtado, Pablo G.R.; Borges, Antonio C.R.; May 31, 2020 7211
Antiaging Activity of Peptide Identified from Fermented Trapa Japonica Fruit Extract in Human Dermal Fibroblasts. Jang, Jin Dong; Kim, Minkyung; Nam, Gun-He; Kim, Young-Min; Kang, Sang Moon; Lee, Kee-Young; Park, Y May 31, 2020 4709
Antiphotoaging Effects of 3,5-Dicaffeoyl-epi-quinic Acid via Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinases in UVB-Irradiated Human Keratinocytes. Oh, Jung Hwan; Lee, Jung Im; Karadeniz, Fatih; Park, So Young; Seo, Youngwan; Kong, Chang-Suk May 31, 2020 5331
The Effects of Age and Cell Isolation on Collagen II Synthesis by Articular Chondrocytes: Evidence for Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Regulation. Asopa, Vipin; Vincent, Tonia; Saklatvala, Jeremy May 31, 2020 6489
Isoniazid and Rifampicin Produce Hepatic Fibrosis through an Oxidative Stress-Dependent Mechanism. Biswas, Ayan; Santra, Suman; Bishnu, Debasree; Dhali, Gopal Krishna; Chowdhury, Abhijit; Santra, Ama May 31, 2020 6392
Effect of COL4A1 Expression on the Survival of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Breast Cancer Patients. Wang, Shin-Mae; Chen, Po-Ming; Sung, Yu-Wen; Huang, Wei-Chieh; Huang, Hung-Sen; Chu, Pei-Yi May 31, 2020 3936
Enriched LPS Staining within the Germinal Center of a Lymph Node from an HIV-Infected Long-Term Nonprogressor but Not from Progressors. Huang, Lei; Deng, Jianning; Lang, Ren; Liao, Guoyang; Jiang, Wei May 31, 2020 2487
Revitalise your skin from within and firm up. May 30, 2020 531
Revitalise your skin from within and firm up. May 30, 2020 531
Collagen Solutions says US and New Zealand units receive mix of loan and grant funding from governments' coronavirus support programmes. May 21, 2020 404
Collagen Solutions confirms it could be sold, broken up or refinanced. May 19, 2020 241
Collagen Gets Three Different Proposals Under Sale Process. May 18, 2020 186
Mum-of-two, 53, makes [pounds sterling]10million by boiling chicken feet to make age-dying soup; Maxine Laceby, from Wolverhampton, researched ways to look and feel younger and started brewing up her own broth made with chicken feet and pig trotters as they are rich in collagen. By, Stian Alexander & Lorraine King May 16, 2020 761
A 'Well'come Retreat: Wellness today offers more than just nutritional supplements--it's a way to maintain mind and body health during daily life. Meisel, Melissa May 1, 2020 2712
The In Vitro Inhibitory Effect of Sivelestat on Elastase Induced Collagen and Metallopeptidase Expression in Equine Endometrium. Amaral, Ana; Fernandes, Carina; Rebordao, Maria Rosa; Szostek-Mioduchowska, Anna; Lukasik, Karolina; May 1, 2020 9261
Portuguese Local Pig Breeds: Genotype Effects on Meat and Fat Quality Traits. Martins, Jose Manuel; Fialho, Rita; Albuquerque, Andre; Neves, Jose; Freitas, Amadeu; Nunes, Jose Ti May 1, 2020 8275
Gremlin in the Vitreous of Patients with Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy and the Downregulation of Gremlin in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells. Qin, Dong; Jiang, Yan-rong; Meng, Zijun Apr 30, 2020 3823
Wang-Bi Capsule Alleviates the Joint Inflammation and Bone Destruction in Mice with Collagen-Induced Arthritis. Cui, Hua; Shu, Haiyang; Fan, Dancai; Wang, Xinyu; Zhao, Ning; Lu, Cheng; Lu, Aiping; He, Xiaojuan Apr 30, 2020 3620
Photoaging Protective Effects of Ranunculus bulumei Methanol Extract. Hong, Yo Han; Kim, Ji Hye; Cho, Jae Youl Apr 30, 2020 6200
Oleanolic Acid Attenuates Renal Fibrosis through TGF-[beta]/Smad Pathway in a Rat Model of Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction. Zhao, Dapeng; Luan, Zhongqiu Apr 30, 2020 3544
Efficacy of Curcumin with Iontophoretic Application on Paw Edema and Hematological Responses in Collagen-Induced Arthritis Rat Models. Alghadir, Ahmad; Miraj, Mohammad; Ali, Sharique Report Apr 30, 2020 7822
Wasp Venom Possesses Potential Therapeutic Effect in Experimental Models of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Gao, Yuan; Yu, Wan-Xin; Duan, Xiao-Mei; Ni, Lian-Li; Liu, Heng; Zhao, Hai-Rong; Xiao, Huai; Zhang, C Apr 30, 2020 6047
Resveratrol Plays Protective Roles on Kidney of Uremic Rats via Activating HSP70 Expression. Feng, Shandan; Wang, Jianjie; Teng, Jian; Fang, Zhan; Lin, Chongting Apr 30, 2020 4424
Effects of Nintedanib in an Animal Model of Liver Fibrosis. Wollin, Lutz; Togbe, Dieudonnee; Ryffel, Bernhard Apr 30, 2020 4149
CXXC5 Attenuates Pulmonary Fibrosis in a Bleomycin-Induced Mouse Model and MLFs by Suppression of the CD40/CD40L Pathway. Cheng, Wei; Wang, Fangfang; Feng, Airan; Li, Xiaodan; Yu, Wencheng Apr 30, 2020 4999
Superoxide Dismutase Mimic, MnTE-2-PyP Enhances Rectal Anastomotic Strength in Rats after Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy. Yang, Yu; Wang, Qi; Luo, Jiajun; Jiang, Yue; Zhou, Rui; Tong, Shilun; Wang, Zhihua; Tong, Qiang Apr 30, 2020 6113
Label-Free Identification of Early Stages of Breast Ductal Carcinoma via Multiphoton Microscopy. Chen, Zhong; Guo, Wenhui; Kang, Deyong; Wang, Shu; Zheng, Liqin; Xi, Gangqin; Lian, Yuane; Wang, Chu Apr 30, 2020 5334
Collagen Solutions highlights positive revenue momentum across business categories despite coronavirus. Apr 24, 2020 405
Collagen Solutions confirms interest from a "number of parties" as it kick starts process to potentially sell the business. Apr 17, 2020 239
Small Cap Wrap - Collagen Solutions; Kodal Minerals and more... Apr 17, 2020 1612
Proactive news snapshot: Clinigen, Europa Metals, Collagen Solutions, Base Resources ... Apr 17, 2020 2090
COLLAGEN PEPTIDES Reverse Skin Aging from the Inside. Downey, Michael Apr 1, 2020 2088
Biofabrication. Corneliussen, Roger Apr 1, 2020 226
Effectiveness of Chitosan versus Collagen Membrane for Wound Healing in Maxillofacial Soft Tissue Defects: A Comparative Clinical Study. Haque, Ahmed Elham; Ranganath, K.; Prasad, Kavitha; Munoyath, Sejal Kumarpal; Lalitha, R.M. Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 4380
Undenatured Type II Collagen (UC-II) in Joint Health and Disease: A Review on the Current Knowledge of Companion Animals. Gencoglu, Hasan; Orhan, Cemal; Sahin, Emre; Sahin, Kazim Apr 1, 2020 12340
SURFACTANT PROTEIN D LEVELS WITH OBESITY AND TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS. Hend Alkwai, Shimaa Mohammad Aboelnaga, Rania Abdeen Hussain and Fahmida Khatoon Mar 31, 2020 2481
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Collagen Solutions warns of bigger loss due to increased costs from a development and manufacturing contract, flags coronavirus concerns. Mar 19, 2020 429
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Collagen Solutions' tissue business builds momentum. Feb 19, 2020 327
New Strategy for Expression of Recombinant Human Prolyl-4-Hydroxylase in Pichia pastoris. Yating Cheng, Wenlong Shi, Xue Xiao, Qirong Zhang, Qihao Zhang, Zhijian Su, Qi Xiang and Yadong Huan Feb 14, 2020 5853
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Worst Collagen-Destroying Foods You Should Avoid. Jan Cortes Jan 23, 2020 401
AURA Nutrition and Remedy Cafe bring collagen-boosted coffee drinks to Edmonton. Jan 20, 2020 368
This mum's 'white witch' broth set up a [pounds sterling]10 million business in just three years; Maxine Laceby came up trumps when she concocted a brew that boosts the production of collagen. Amardeep Bassey Jan 19, 2020 1434
This mum's 'white witch' broth set up a [pounds sterling]10 million business in just three years; Maxine Laceby came up trumps when she concocted a brew that boosts the production of collagen. Amardeep Bassey Jan 19, 2020 1434
This mum's 'white witch' broth set up a [pounds sterling]10 million business in just three years; Maxine Laceby came up trumps when she concocted a brew that boosts the production of collagen. Amardeep Bassey Jan 19, 2020 1434
This mum's 'white witch' broth set up a [pounds sterling]10 million business in just three years; Maxine Laceby came up trumps when she concocted a brew that boosts the production of collagen. Amardeep Bassey Jan 19, 2020 1434
This mum's 'white witch' broth set up a [pounds sterling]10 million business in just three years; Maxine Laceby came up trumps when she concocted a brew that boosts the production of collagen. Amardeep Bassey Jan 19, 2020 1434
This mum's 'white witch' broth set up a [pounds sterling]10 million business in just three years; Maxine Laceby came up trumps when she concocted a brew that boosts the production of collagen. Amardeep Bassey Jan 19, 2020 1434
Collagen Solutions Plc, Product Pipeline Analysis, 2019 Update - Operations in the UK, US, South Korea & New Zealand. Jan 16, 2020 821
Revive Launches New CBD Oil with Collagen for Wrinkles and Anti-Aging. Jan 14, 2020 400
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Include Collagen In Your Diet To Secure Younger-Looking Skin. Jan Cortes Jan 7, 2020 359
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Collagen Solutions says it is investing in "people, capabilities and technology". Dec 4, 2019 362
Collagen Solutions reports strong growth in its tissue business in first half. Dec 4, 2019 124
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Collagen Solutions slims board of directors down to six. Nov 14, 2019 310
SHOULD YOU SWALLOW YOUR SKINCARE? Ingestible beauty is big - but which of the supplements promising younger, healthier skin are worth spending money on? Nov 3, 2019 1063
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Global Collagen Casings Market Analysis and Forecasts Report 2019-2027: A Shift in the Demand Towards Chicken and Fish Based Organic Sausages. Report Oct 25, 2019 796
Collagen Solutions released financial number showing more strong sales numbers. Oct 24, 2019 118
Collagen Solutions hails third successive half of double-digit revenue growth. Oct 23, 2019 249
Proactive snapshot: Collagen, Haydale Graphene, Arecor. Oct 23, 2019 511
Global Collagen (Gelatin & Collagen Peptide) Market Set to be Worth $5.6 Billion by 2025. Oct 22, 2019 978
Vital Proteins Coffee Creamer, Collagen Bars. Oct 1, 2019 295
Collagen powder 'noninferior' to primary closure of punch biopsy. Franki, Lucas Oct 1, 2019 344
Modelling the Influence of Protein Expression Levels on the Mechanical Properties of Femur Bone. Gautam, Diplesh; Rao, Venkatesh K.P. Oct 1, 2019 5170
Horizontal Ridge Augmentation and Contextual Implant Placement with a Resorbable Membrane and Particulated Anorganic Bovine Bone-Derived Mineral. Attanasio, Ferdinando; Pacifici, Andrea; Giudice, Amerigo; Polimeni, Antonella; Pacifici, Luciano Sep 30, 2019 3709
Superficial Morphea: Clinicopathological Characteristics and a Novel Therapeutic Outcome to Excimer Light Therapy. Mosbeh, Al-Sadat; Aboeldahab, Soha; Khalawany, Mohamed El- Sep 30, 2019 3505
Clinical and Ultrastructural Studies of Gelatinous Drop-Like Corneal Dystrophy (GDLD) of a Patient with TACSTD2 Gene Mutation. Masmali, Ali; Alkanaan, Aljoharah; Alkatan, Hind M.; Almutairi, Omar KiraAbdullah Ayidh; Almubrad, T Sep 30, 2019 3774
Comparison of Rapidly Proliferating, Multipotent Aortic Valve-Derived Stromal Cells and Valve Interstitial Cells in the Human Aortic Valve. Huang, Yuming; Xu, Kang; Zhou, Tingwen; Zhu, Peng; Dong, Nianguo; Shi, Jiawei Sep 30, 2019 4729
Danhong Injection Alleviates Postoperative Intra-abdominal Adhesion in a Rat Model. Wu, Yunhua; Wei, Guangbing; Yu, Junhui; Chen, Zilu; Xu, Zhengshui; Shen, Rui; Liang, Ting; Zheng; Wa Sep 30, 2019 5738
Protective Effect of Fat Extract on UVB-Induced Photoaging In Vitro and In Vivo. Deng, Mingwu; Xu, Yuda; Yu, Ziyou; Wang, Xiangsheng; Cai, Yizuo; Zheng, Hongjie; Li, Wei; Zhang, Wen Sep 30, 2019 5126

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