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CollabNet introduces CollabNet Desktop, Eclipse Edition.

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CollabNet, a provider of collaborative software development solutions, announced on Thursday (31 May) that it is releasing Collabnet Desktop, Eclipse Edition, a development platform which enables distributed software development in a native Eclipse environment.

According to the company, the new solution enables software engineers to collaborate globally using CollabNet Enterprise Edition as a backbone to track and manage the lifecycle of all source code and project tasks and assets. As part of this offering, CollabNet is providing a free download of a complete Eclipse perspective for distributed software development, and commercial support subscriptions for its enterprise users.

CollabNet Desktop, Eclipse Edition reportedly features: the use of the Eclipse Mylar task-focused UI to update and synchronize project tasks, issues, or artifacts that are tracked and stored in the CollabNet development platform; the use of Subclipse to version and synchronize Subversion-based code hosted in the CollabNet environment; the ability to directly search on openCollabNet to find product extensions and community resources; direct integration within Eclipse to CollabNet Enterprise Edition; as well as a web interface for CollabNet's CUBiT global virtualization solution.

The solution is the first in a series of new free products to be rolled-out in 2007. The CollabNet Desktop and related plugins for Eclipse are freely available at or on the Eclipse website, the company claims.

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Date:Jun 1, 2007
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