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Evaluation of Biochemical Parameters and Imaging Methods in the Management of Patients with Renal Colic. Akdemir, Zeynep; Ersoz, Cevper Report Apr 1, 2021 317
Filey mum's colic podcast attracts listeners from across the world; A Filey mum helping new mums by sharing her and other local parents' experiences is receiving interest from around the globe. Sarah Fitton Jan 25, 2021 404
Asda, Aldi and Sainsbury's shoppers issued salmonella warning over British Lion eggs; Packs of British Lion eggs sold at Asda, Aldi and Sainsbury's carry a risk of salmonella contamination -potentially leading to fever, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps -here are the affected batches and what you can do to stay safe. By, James Andrews Oct 30, 2020 496
Comparative Analysis of Intestinal Helminth Infections in Colic and Non-Colic Control Equine Patients. Gehlen, Heidrun; Wulke, Nadine; Ertelt, Antonia; Nielsen, Martin K.; Morelli, Simone; Traversa, Dona Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 7188
Retroperitoneal Ectopic Location of an Intrauterine Device Revealed by Renal Colic: An Exceptional Case. Ziani, Idriss; Boualaoui, Imad; Ibrahimi, Ahmed; Sayegh, Hachem El; Benslimane, Lounis; Nouini, Yass Aug 31, 2020 1834
Dad's stage four bowel cancer was missed by doctors because he was 'only 38'; Mark Newberry, from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, said he was told on multiple occasions he had an ulcer and colic -before he rushed himself to A&E and was given the shock diagnosis. By, Lynn Love & Ryan Merrifield Aug 14, 2020 549
Doctors missed dad-of-two's stage four bowel cancer 'because he was only 38'; Mark Newberry was originally told he had a stomach ulcer or colic before being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and being rushed for an operation. By, Lynn Love & Ryan Merrifield & Sarah Hughes Aug 14, 2020 509
Infantile Colic in Infants Aged One-Six Months and the Practices of Mothers for Colic. Didisen, Nurdan Akcay; Yavuz, Betul; Gerceker, Gulcin Ozalp; Albayrak, Tugba; Atak, Meryem; Basbakka Aug 1, 2020 4542
Colic in the UAE: Why won't my baby stop crying? Tabitha Barda, Baby & Child Editor Jul 5, 2020 1223
Clinical Effect of Preservation or Nonpreservation of Left Colic Artery in Total Mesorectal Excision under Laparoscopy: A Meta-analysis. Liu, Jiefeng; Gong, Yujing; He, Miao; Zeng, Xinyu; Liu, Yiping Jun 30, 2020 4773
Bilateral Renal Colic as an Initial Presentation of Erdheim-Chester Disease. Sarkis, Julien; Haddad, Fady; Nasr, Sarah; Hanna, Elie; Mroueh, Ahmad; Nemr, Elie Jan 1, 2020 1638
Probiotic Strain Shown to Reduce Symptoms of Infant Colic: Crying was reduced by half, and beneficial effects were seen in sleep duration and stool frequency/consistency. Jan 1, 2020 251
Colic: When baby's endless crying drives you up the wall. Oct 23, 2019 901
Mexico travel warning as British tourists are struck down by faeces parasite; The cyclospora parasite is spread by contaminated water and food and causes symptoms such as abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. Aug 3, 2019 379
Mothers, migraine, colic... and sleep. Wilkoff, William G. Aug 1, 2019 640
The Relationship between Infant Colic and Migraine as well as Tension-Type Headache: A Meta-Analysis. Zhang, Dongli; Zhang, Yuan; Sang, Yan; Zheng, Nuo; Liu, Xiaoming Jul 31, 2019 4529
CLASS FIGHTS FOR LIFE; Severe bout of colic ends Sea's career. Jul 8, 2019 281
CLASS FIGHTS FOR LIFE; Severe bout of colic ends Sea's career. Jul 8, 2019 286
Assessing Correlation of Fodder with Colic Incidence in Horses. Dedar, R.K.; Bala, P.A.; Singh, J.; Legha, R.A.; Tripathi, B.N. Jul 1, 2019 2235
Therapeutic Management of Impacted Colic - A Clinical Study of Five Horses. Suryawanshi, R.V.; Ulemale, A.H.; Mali, A.B.; Ghadge, R.S.; Jadhav, Y.B. Clinical report Jul 1, 2019 1753
Therapeutic Management of Colic due to Gastric Dilatation in a Pony. Pothiappan, P. Jul 1, 2019 935
A case of an absent gall bladder presenting as biliary colic in a tertiary care hospital in Karachi. Report May 31, 2019 1523
Colic is common in young babies, but it is temporary and rarely serious Children: Colic may be caused by sensitivity to food. Mar 11, 2019 619
Colic is common in young babies, but it is temporary and rarely serious. Mar 11, 2019 619
Effect of Maternal Depression and Environmental Factors on Infantile Colic. Gungor, Sukru; Kink, Serkan; Ozkars, Mehmet Yasar; Korulmaz, Ali Report Mar 1, 2019 3417
Low FODMAP diet and infantile colic. Tester, Jodie Author abstract Dec 1, 2018 539
IV fluid and narcotics for renal colic. Paauw, Douglas S. Oct 15, 2018 710
Baby nearly dies three times after heart condition mistaken for colic; Tot's life-saving surgery to reconnect artery. Jul 23, 2018 346
Evaluation of Clinical, Hemato-Biochemical and Oxidative Stress Parameters in Equine Colic. Tripathi, A.K.; Pandey, R.P.; Sagar, Ram Jul 1, 2018 1556
Effect of Reflexology on Infantile Colic. Icke, S.; Gene, R. Author abstract Mar 22, 2018 241
Lidl has urgently recalled this product over Salmonella risk fear; Salmonella can lead to a fever, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps. Mar 19, 2018 143
Can a probiotic help ease colic in breast-fed babies? Feb 26, 2018 527
BioGaia's probiotic's effectiveness in infant colic confirmed in two new meta-analyses. Jan 11, 2018 317
BioGaia's probiotic's effectiveness in infant colic confirmed in two new meta-analyses. Jan 11, 2018 313
Extra-Anatomic Jump Graft from the Right Colic Vein: A Novel Technique to Manage Portal Vein Thrombosis in Liver Transplantation. Magistri, Paolo; Tarantino, Giuseppe; Olivieri, Tiziana; Pecchi, Annarita; Ballarin, Roberto; Benede Jan 1, 2018 2882
Acupuncture for Infantile Colic: A Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials. Lee, Dabin; Lee, Hojung; Kim, Jiwon; Kim, Taehun; Sung, Siyun; Leem, Jungtae; Kim, Tae-Hun Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 6983
Drinkwater devastated after colic claims chaser Tour Des Champs. Dec 7, 2017 502
Burping Babies. Brief article Oct 27, 2017 136
Herbal medicine. All, N; Jamil, A; Shah, S; Shah, I; Ahmed, G; Gunasekaran, R; Shaker, M; Mohd-Zin, S; Abdullah, A; A Report Sep 22, 2017 791
Star two-miler Well Chief dies of colic age of 18. Jun 2, 2017 296
Gallbladder Mucus Plug Mimicking Ascaris Worm: An Ambiguous Cause of Biliary Colic. Termos, Salah; Alali, Mohammad; Alkabbani, Majd; AlDuwaisan, Abdullah; Alsaleh, Ahmad; Alyatama, Kha Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1765
Cramps. Weston, Carol Brief article Dec 1, 2016 147
Comparison between chiropractic and lactobacillus in the reduction of crying time for infants with colic: Should chiropractic treatment be included in the treatment protocol of infant colic? Isaza, Adrian Report Jun 1, 2016 3176
The effects of Ramadan fasting on the number of renal colic visits to the emergency department. Clinical report Feb 29, 2016 2762
Infant colic relief. Wojcik, Lindsey Dec 1, 2015 142
Infantile colic: a homoeopathic solution. Medhurst, Robert Sep 1, 2015 1680
Aintree regular Swing Bill dies after colic bout. Aug 27, 2015 222
'Budapest Bullet' Overdose suffers fatal colic attack. Jul 3, 2015 938
Evaluation of oxidative stress tests in patients diagnosed with renal colic in the emergency department of Ankara Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, Turkey. Mar 31, 2015 2200
Probiotics for colic? A PURL update. Stulberg, Debra B.; Rowland, Kate Oct 1, 2014 414
Probiotics offer 'no benefit' to babies with colic. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 142
Wise Dan in colic surgery. May 17, 2014 253
Probiotic use for infant colic 'not effective in reducing symptoms'. Apr 21, 2014 215
Probiotics not helpful for tots with colic. Apr 2, 2014 206
Good germs 'useless' as a cure for colic. Apr 2, 2014 135
Searching for ways to treat colic. Feb 19, 2014 690
'Good' bacteria prevent colic symptoms in babies. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Feb 8, 2014 129
Y ddeilen gron i fendio'r colic? Jan 1, 2014 105
Clinical management of impaction and verminous colic in a donkey. Turkar, Sujata; Randhawa, C.S.; Singh, Harkirat Report Jan 1, 2014 847
Comparison of clinical efficacy of intravenous acetaminophen with intravenous morphine in acute renal colic: a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial. Masoumi, Kambiz; Forouzan, Arash; Darian, Ali Asgari; Feli, Maryam; Barzegari, Hassan; Khavanin, Ali Report Jan 1, 2014 3077
The efficacy of intranasal desmopressin as an adjuvant in the acute renal colic pain management. Masoumi, Kambiz; Darian, Ali Asgari; Forouzan, Arash; Barzegari, Hassan; Rahim, Fakher; Feli, Maryam Report Jan 1, 2014 3163
Bowl hero Madison dies of colic. Dec 4, 2013 195
What is colic. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 140
Burping and colic-is there any relationship? Bharti, Bhavneet Nov 1, 2013 443
Pediatric insider. Benaroch, Roy Jul 1, 2013 2256
Colic linked to later migraines. Seppa, Nathan Brief article May 18, 2013 120
COLIC; 2 MINUTES ON.. May 13, 2013 311
COLIC; health focus. May 13, 2013 311
COLIC. May 13, 2013 310
Childhood migraine tied to infantile colic history. Moon, Mary Ann May 1, 2013 643
Prolific Fair Along dies of colic at the age of 11. Apr 3, 2013 279
Top-class mare Like-A-Butterfly dies of colic at age of 19. Feb 8, 2013 296
A practical guide to equine colic. Book review Feb 1, 2013 126
Infantile colic. Ratnapalan, Savithiri Disease/Disorder overview Nov 1, 2012 1039
Bloat and colic in horses experimentally induced by the ingestion of Panicum maximum cv. 'Mombaca'/Timpanismo e colica em equinos induzidos experimentalmente pela ingestao de Panicum maximum cv. 'Mombaca'. Cerqueira, Valiria Duarte; Riet-Correa, Gabriela; Duarte, Marcos Dutra; de Oliveira, Carlos Alberto; Nov 1, 2012 1971
Globetrotter and record-breaking earner Presvis dies of colic. Oct 20, 2012 378
Camelot undergoes colic operation. Oct 12, 2012 145
CAM'S COLIC SHOCK. Oct 12, 2012 166
Aromatherapy. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 317
Florida Pearl over bout of colic but concerns persist. May 4, 2012 203
Reflux, colic, vomiting and food allergies in young children. Tam, Jonathan S.; Grayson, Mitchell H. Report May 1, 2012 1628
Link found between migraines and a history of colic in infants. Mar 22, 2012 125
Akut renal kolik tedavisinde diklofenak sodyum, metilprednizolon ve alfa blokor tedavilerinin karsilastmlmast / Comparison of the therapeutic effects of diclofenac sodium, prednisolone and an alpha blocker for the treatment of renal colic. Stjmeri, Alpay; Kaynar, Mehmet; Topbas, Emrah; Hassan, Mustafa Aziz; Gurbuz, Recai Report Mar 1, 2012 3630
Babies' Colic Linked to Mothers' Migraines. Feb 21, 2012 531
THE WHERE BEAR BUNCH? EXCLUSIVE NO-SHOW PANDAS HAVE COLIC Disappointment as fans miss out on seeing zoo's biggest attraction. Jan 29, 2012 376
THE WHERE BEAR BUNCH? EXCLUSIVE NO-SHOW PANDAS HAVE COLIC Sick bears' absence disappoints fans of Edinburgh Zoo superstars. Jan 29, 2012 376
Breastfeeding and sleep. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 147
Determination of serum haptoglobin, ceruloplasmin, [[alpha].sub.1]-acid glycoprotein, transferrin and [[alpha].sub.1]-antitrypsin in colic horses/ Determinacao serica de haptoglobina, ceruloplasmina, [[alpha].sub.1]-glicoproteina acida, transferrina e [[alpha].sub.1]-antitripsina, em equinos com colica. Di Filippo, Paula Alessandra; Nogueira, Andressa Francisca da Silva; Santana, Aureo Evangelista Dec 1, 2011 4784
Renal colic and urolithiasis practice patterns in Canada: a survey of Canadian Urological Association members. Satkunasivam, Raj; Keays, Melise; Pace, Kenneth T. Report Oct 1, 2011 2357
Namibian career in doubt after serious bout of colic. Aug 28, 2011 336
Zoffany makes belated start to season after bout of colic. May 29, 2011 387
It's too soon to recommend probiotics for colic. Mommaerts, Jean-Luc; Devroey, Dirk Letter to the editor May 1, 2011 516
Champion Hurdle hero Beech Road dies of colic. Mar 8, 2011 499
Prospector shows bravery to gain victory after life-threatening colic; YARMOUTH. Sep 15, 2010 586
Doctors report increase in renal colic cases this month. Sep 5, 2010 564
Colic - more evidence that probiotics can help. Mitchell, Allen A. Report Sep 1, 2010 940
Homeopathic colic treatment dangers. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 227
Colic cause? Brief article May 1, 2010 161
Colic surgery rules Raven's Pass out of covering duties. Apr 22, 2010 188
Safety of homeopathic preparation for 'infantile colic' questioned. Thompson, June Abstract Apr 1, 2010 156
Colic claim ad 'misleading'. Jan 6, 2010 138
Baby with 'colic' dead 48hrs later; TRAGEDY. Oct 22, 2009 112
The Tatling runs tomorrow after recovering from colic. Sep 20, 2009 200
Colic syndrome in military horses: risk factors multivariable analysis/Sindrome colica em equinos de uso militar: analise multivariavel de fatores de risco. Laranjeira, Paula Vieira Evans Hossell; Almeida, Fernando Queiroz de; Lopes, Marco Aurelio Ferreira; Sep 1, 2009 3644
Colic hope for babies; INFANTS. Jul 27, 2009 83
Profile and distribution of equine colic syndrome in three military units in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Perfil e distribuicao da sindrome colica em equinos em tres unidades militares do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Laranjeira, Paula Vieira Evans Hossell; de Almeida, Fernando Queiroz; Pereira, Maria Julia Salim; Lo Report Jul 1, 2009 5257
Commanche Court put down after colic attack. May 27, 2009 569
Commanche Court put down after colic attack. May 27, 2009 495
'The General' loses battle with colic; BLOODSTOCK WORLD. Jan 27, 2009 264
A girl with severe hand swelling and abdominal cramps. Borzutzky, Arturo; Schneider, Lynda C.; Geha, Raif S. Oct 1, 2008 3170
Galileo on the mend after emergency colic surgery. Sep 20, 2008 186
Colic claims life of Grade 1 heroine Tomisue's Delight; BLOODSTOCK WORLD. Jul 21, 2008 235
Probiotic effective for infantile colic. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 266
Horse Racing: Dual 2,000 Guineas winner Tirol dies of colic in India aged 20; BLOODSTOCK DESK. Sep 6, 2007 425
Horse Racing: Colic claims Jilbab; BLOODSTOCK DESK. Jul 26, 2007 117
Tot's pain is crying shame; Family casebook COLIC. May 27, 2007 148
Horse Racing: Former sprint ace Evening dies after colic operation; BLOODSTOCK DESK. May 15, 2007 453
Colic attack claims life of Hunting Lion; BLOODSTOCK DESK. Apr 13, 2007 198
What is the best treatment for infants with colic? Crotteau, Charles A.; Wright, Sarah Towner Jul 1, 2006 1339
Can maternal diet cause colic? Apr 1, 2005 384
Maternal smoking and infantile colic. Shenassa, Edmond D.; Brown, Mary Jean Oct 1, 2004 396
Evaluating colic treatments. Aug 1, 2004 370
Local heat decreases renal colic pain. Page, Cristen; Newton, Warren Nov 1, 2003 707
FDA advises against consuming star anise tea: purported colic cure. Mahoney, Diana Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 267
Colic and breast-feeding. Sagall, Richard J. Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 205
'Colic clinic' takes multidisciplinary approach. (Empathy, Parental Support not Enough). McNamara, Damian Feb 1, 2003 1011
Look for gastroesophageal reflux to manage colic. (Excessive Crying was Reason for Visit). McNamara, Damian Jan 1, 2003 940
Pediatric Management Problems. Belkengren, Richard; Sapala, Shirley Sep 1, 2002 2142
Apple juice may worsen colic. (Journal Scan). Splete, Heidi Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 140
Colic and fruit juice. Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 290
Colic and asthma. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 148
Colic might be typical of normal infant behavior: 24% sucrose soothes newborns. (Behavioral Pediatrics). Brunk, Doug Aug 1, 2001 629
Danish study links colic with smoking. Brief Article Mar 6, 2001 116
Key Issues to Address With Bottle-Feeding. Panel Discussion Jan 1, 2001 2072
Infantile Spasm Often Mistaken for Colic or Missed. JANCIN, BRUCE Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 304
Expert advice on Health and Fitness. Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 661
Does Mom's Diet Affect Colic? Sep 22, 1996 82
The big bellyache. Looney, Andrea Jun 1, 1995 2269
The curse of colic. Dec 1, 1994 339
Helping mothers help their crybabies. Brief Article Sep 24, 1994 358
Treatment for colic. May 1, 1994 161
Controlling colic. Oct 1, 1993 263
Infant overfeeding. Pata, Becky May 1, 1993 1354
The treatment of colic. Pellman, Harry May 1, 1993 779
Infantile colic, is it the call of the wild? Pellman, Harry Apr 1, 1993 803
Cow's milk may be hazardous for babies. Mar 22, 1993 376
Colic: learning how to deal with your baby's crying. Pamphlet Jan 1, 1993 761
Colic and fiber. Dec 1, 1991 150
Cow antibodies suspected as a cause of colic. Gibbons, Wendy Apr 6, 1991 634
Colic: another non-cause. Oct 1, 1990 181
Milk not to blame. Sagall, Richard J. May 1, 1988 202

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