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Cold saw for cool sawing.

The Model C370SA cold saw is designed for sawing difficult materials, including exotic metals by giving the operator the ability to fine-tune both the infinitely-variable blade speed from 13 to 76 rpm and control the downfeed. The unit has a blade-powered rotary blade cleaning brush. The saw is designed for semi-automatic operation, with an air-over-hydraulic system. The machine can be operated in a conventional 90[degrees] cutoff mode, or swiveled to angles up to 45[degrees] left or 60[degrees] right for miter cutting. It features a full electronic Control/Information System for optimum operation, including blade drive amps during operation, blade life, cycle timer, piece counter, digital blade speed readout, and diagnostics. Additional features include an air vise supplying infinitely-variable clamping pressure, vertical column construction, a full coolant system, a 4 hp motor, and accepts blades from 12-1/2" to 14-1/2" in diameter. Kalamazoo Machine Tool

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Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:May 1, 2009
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