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Cold pasteurized foods.

If you don't want to eat foods that have been irradiated, perhaps you'd feel more comfortable eating hamburgers that have been "cold pasteurized." Well, don't get too comfortable. "Cold pasteurized" is just another name the FDA is using for irradiated foods. Seems like as soon as consumers become savvy about a potential danger in our food supply, the terminology is changed to fool us into thinking all is safe.

Well, not in the case of irradiated or cold pasteurized foods. The Center for Food Safety reviewed studies on food irradiation published in scientific journals. More than one-third of them found that irradiation caused mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. This is not a good thing!

Food irradiation ... or cold pasteurization ... lowers, but doesn't eliminate, harmful bacteria. Handling food properly has the same effect without any dangers of side effects down the road. Whether you decide to eat irradiated food or not is your choice. But it should be a choice based on knowledge. Hiding behind "cold pasteurization" is a dishonest way of informing us about what's being done to our food supply.

Klotter, Julie. "Irradiation," Townsend Letter for Doctors, December 2003.
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Date:May 1, 2005
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