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Col. David Hackworth's 75th Birthday Marked by Gift to Troops.

WASHINGTON -- Roger Charles, President of Soldiers For The Truth (SFTT), today announced a special living history project: COMMO HOME: THE VOICE OF AMERICA'S GRUNTS to mark Col. David H. Hackworth's 75th Birthday on November 11, Veteran's Day.

"Hack dedicated his life to protecting the low-rankers on the military-brass totem pole who do the heavy-lifting and corresponded regularly with them, often receiving 500 emails per day. We wanted to celebrate Hack's birthday, six months after his death, with something meaningful to him and the grunts he loved," said Charles. "COMMO HOME will carry on Hack's work by putting us all in closer touch with these brave soldiers who dedicate their lives to serving our country."

For 230 years America's warriors have defended our nation. With the help of modern information technology, COMMO HOME will honor Hack's special bond to these hitherto unknown soldiers with an instantly accessible internet exhibit as well as a single-site permanent archive eventually housed at an appropriate museum, aggregating authenticated e-mail and letters into an archive that bears witness to the reality of standing tall and defending America.

"While the initial focus will be on collecting electronic communications from today's Grunts," said Charles, "all media from the killing fields and supporting duty stations -- covering all of our nation's military campaigns since 1775 -- will be sought."

From the cold, primitive huts of Valley Forge to sweltering Operating Bases along the Tigris and Euphrates to SpecOps observation posts in Afghanistan, SFTT will showcase American grunts' commo home -- their personal communications to their loved ones revealing what it's like to be constantly "on the front line" out at the tip of the bloody spear.

Highlights of this unsanitized living history will include:

--the challenges faced, including triumphs and frustrations;

--the emotions recorded, which will, in many cases, include last thoughts;

--the unfiltered realities of life on the battlefield, such as being forced to wear inferior body protection or ride in vehicles with less than best-available armoring -- or as Hack protested to General Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower, to eating spam every day for every meal.

Hopefully COMMO HOME will reconnect America's Grunts and their loved ones to their fellow citizens, a connection that existed in World War II which has significantly atrophied.

Queries concerning COMMO HOME should be sent to either COMMOHOME@AOL.COM or


c/o SFTT Foundation

PO Box 5436

Irvine, CA 92619-4365

SFTT is a non-profit organization founded by America's great battlefield leader, the highly decorated Colonel David H. (Hack) Hackworth, Infantry, US Army (Retired) and his wife Eilhys England Hackworth (SFTT Chair) to educate our country's citizens on the need to give a voice to our serving sons and daughters and to demand that they receive the right equipment, training and leadership.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 10, 2005
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