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Cokeless cupola furnace reduces energy consumption, emissions.

A cokeless cupola turnace used in several European metalcasting facilities now is being introduced in the U.S. The furnace, by Duker GmbH and Co., Karlstadt, Germany, has been reported to use less energy and emit less carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide than typical coke-fired cupola furnaces. The furnace is best suited for producing ductile iron.

The energy source for cokeless cupola furnaces is natural gas, so neither an addition of sulphur nor desulphurization is necessary. The heating operation begins after the ceramic bedding of the furnace is fed onto a water-cooled grate. The empty furnace is preheated for 45 minutes and then loaded with metallic charge and slag-forming constituents. The hot flue of the burner, which runs on natural gas, flows through and overheats the layer of ceramic spheres, ensuring the charge column is thoroughly preheated. Afterward, the exhaust gas is cooled in a gas/air exchanger and cleaned through a dry filter. The charge material melts, overheats while in contact with the ceramic bedding and drips into the melting batch. The slag and iron are separated in a siphon.


The melting process begins while the furnace is being filled, so the first iron pours out of the siphon into the electrically heated superheater in 15 minutes. The desired iron temperature is regulated electronically, and the composition is adjusted by adding the appropriate alloy. Less slag results from melting with a gas-fired furnace, and the first slag does not flow until two hours after the melting process has begun. The slag can harden in slag pots or be granulated.

The cokeless cupola furnace has shown reductions of energy consumption and carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide expulsion in metalcasting facilities in Europe. Typical applications of the cokeless cupola furnace consume 48-52 cu.m gas per of natural gas per ton to melt the material and 104 KWh of electricity per ton for superheating and auxiliary equipment.

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Date:Dec 1, 2007
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