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Coke and Pepsi battle it out in Mexico.

Coca-Cola Co. accused competitor PepsiCo Inc. of jeopardizing a proposal to resolve an antitrust dispute in Mexico, Coke's largest market outside the United States. PepsiCo and two independent Mexican bottlers have accused Coke of limiting competition in the Mexican market through the use of monopolistic practices, such as exclusivity contracts. Mexico's anti-monopoly watchdog Federal Competition Commission, which had been negotiating with Coke for several months, announced it would launch an official probe into the allegations following the failure to reach an agreement. Coke holds about a 68-percent share of the $5 billion carbonated soft drinks market in the Latin American nation.
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Comment:Coke and Pepsi battle it out in Mexico.
Publication:Food & Drink Weekly
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Date:Nov 6, 2000
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