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Coil your band saw blade.

Store band saw blades with maximum convenience by coiling them into three smaller loops. Give this technique a try and don't blame me if you keep coiling and re-coiling it just for fun. But be careful not to lose your grip--the teeth are sharp!

Wearing safety glasses and a pair of gloves, grip the upper end of the blade in your right hand, palm up and teeth pointing away from your body. Firmly press the lower end down on the floor with the tip of your shoe. Now push down on the blade with your right hand to flatten the oval, continuing to flatten it as you turn the blade to the left. The blade will begin to coil. Rotate your wrist to the left, still pressing downward. When your wrist completes a three-quarter rotation, bring in your left hand to secure the now triple-coiled blade.

The secret is a firm grip and a smooth rotation with continuous j downward pressure from your arm. After a few tries, you'll be a master. Thanks to Becky Pfluger for this well-rounded tip.


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Title Annotation:Workshop Tips
Author:Wiebe, Bruce
Publication:The Family Handyman
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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