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Coherent Communications ahead with G.168 Echo Canceller compliance.

LEESBURG,Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 1997--Coherent Communications Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:CCSC) has announced its full compliance with the newly approved G.168 Recommendation, an enhanced recommendation for echo cancellers, adopted on April 8, 1997 by the International Telecommunication Union during their most recent meeting in Geneva. Coherent's industry-leading echo cancellers have been designed in anticipation of and are already fully compliant with the new G.168 Recommendation. As an active ITU member, Coherent contributed to the recommendation, and is a participant in the technical debate. "Coherent was instrumental in encouraging the ITU to raise the standards" states Dr. Charles Gritton, Vice President of Engineering. "We continue to maintain our edge in the industry by staying ahead of industry standards."

For the telecommunications industry, the growth of digital cellular networks, and increased transmission of combined voice and data has dramatically changed the requirements for echo cancellation due to increasingly sophisticated network technology. G.168 raises the former standards and dramatically improves the range of tests required for an echo canceller to meet ITU approval.

Echo cancellation, one of the key technologies responsible for high voice quality in long distance and wireless telecommunications, has been covered by ITU Recommendation G.165 for a number of years, providing an industry benchmark criteria for product performance. The new standard G.168 defines and refines test procedures previously used to ensure that echo cancellation equipment continues to meet real world conditions. The standard states: "This Recommendation...defines tests that insure that echo canceller performance is adequate under wider network conditions than specified in G.165 [the former standard], such as performance on voice, fax, residual acoustic echo signals and mobile networks."

Jerry Skene, Coherent's Vice President of International Standards, commented: "Today's telephone network has evolved considerably from the one in place when the original G.165 Recommendation was developed. The ITU participants responsible for drafting G.168, consisting of experts from both operating companies and echo canceller manufacturers, have done an excellent job of ensuring that the new standard addresses today's more complex networks. Network operators committed to improving speech quality for their customers are expected to begin using this new standard immediately in their network planning."

Within the ITU, G.168 has undergone four years of research in order to establish more comprehensive tests that help ensure echo cancellation meets the changing needs of the telecommunications industry. G.165, the previous standard, was based on older, analog based equipment, focusing on a limited range of network applications. Digital echo cancellation technology and the networks on which it is used have advanced rapidly in the last few years, requiring an improvement in relevant ITU Recommendations. For a detailed description of the differences between G.168 and the older G.165 Recommendation, see

The new G.168 Recommendation will provide operators confidence that a compliant canceller will perform optimally in today's complex networks. By selecting echo cancellation equipment that is compliant with the new higher standard, carriers and operators insure they will get a superior product, capable of maintaining the integrity of the voice quality within their networks. For telecommunications carriers, a higher standard means a higher quality service to the consumer.

Coherent Communications Systems Corporation is a worldwide leader in state of the art voice enhancement technology, spanning echo cancellation platforms and associated network software. The Company's products are used globally by major wireless and wireline telecommunications companies and network operators, including AT&T Wireless, British Telecom, Cable & Wireless, Cellular One, Cisco Systems, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Mercury, Nokia, NORTEL, Telia, and Telmex among the extensive list. Coherent is a fully accredited ISO 9001 company, dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards at every level.

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Date:May 29, 1997
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