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Architecture in the Lab: Neuroscience is illuminating old truths about our buildings and ourselves. Paletta, Anthony Jan 1, 2018 3538
There is no sensus divinitatis. van Eyghen, Hans Essay Dec 22, 2016 6690
Les categories juridiques et la qualification: une approche cognitive. Cum, Michelle; Gosselin, Frederic Dec 1, 2016 24428
Applying the science of faith: the cognitive science of religion and Christian practice. Edman, Laird R.O. Report Sep 22, 2015 8219
Artificial intelligence research in Switzerland. Dessimoz, Jean-Daniel; Koehler, Jana; Stadelmann, Thilo Report Jun 22, 2015 2187
Report on the 35th Annual Cognitive Science Conference. Belardinelli, Anna; Butz, Martin V. Conference news Jun 22, 2014 1236
What reading fiction has to do with doing well academically. Zunshine, Lisa Essay Mar 22, 2014 2248
"Thanks to All at Once and to Each One": Continuing the Conversation. Bancroft, Corinne; Rabinowitz, Peter J. Essay Mar 22, 2014 7701
Symbolic and cognitive theory in biology. Nuallain, Sean O. Report Jan 1, 2014 10582
Naturalistic foundations of the idea of the Holy: Darwinian roots of Rudolf Otto's theology. Turk, Mladen Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 6673
Error-patterns within "Next-Step-Guidance" in TP-based educational systems. Daroczy, Gabriella; Neuper, Walther Report Jun 1, 2013 8769
Recognition vs Reverse Engineering in Boolean Concepts Learning. Shafat, Gabriel; Levin, Ilya Abstract Oct 19, 2012 328
Average bears are pretty smart: tests reveal solitary species' ability to learn concepts. Milius, Susan Brief article Oct 6, 2012 297
Schema criticism: literature, cognitive science, and social change. Bracher, Mark Essay Sep 22, 2012 16387
The Knowledge-Learning-Instruction Framework: Bridging the Science-Practice Chasm to Enhance Robust Student Learning. Koedinger, Kenneth R.; Corbett, Albert T.; Perfetti, Charles Report Jan 1, 2012 251
Speaking prose. Carroll, Joseph Essay Jun 22, 2011 1077
Palmer's anti-cognitivist challenge. Hogan, Patrick Colm Jun 22, 2011 1980
Mind = mind + social mind?: a response to Alan Palmer's target essay. Jahn, Manfred Jun 22, 2011 2301
Intermental units from the perspective of the semiological model. Toker, Leona Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 1929
Autopoiesis as self-creation and the source of creation/Autopoiesis kaip savikura ir kurybos istakos. Kanisauskas, Saulius Essay Mar 1, 2011 3674
Conceptual Examination of Bereiter's Educational Notion. Talkhabi, Mahmoud; Karrazi, Kamal Abstract Jan 1, 2011 274
Narratology and cognitive science: a problematic relation. Ryan, Marie-Laure Dec 22, 2010 10965
Empirical idealism: a modern foundation for the science of the mind. Franks, V.T. Essay Sep 1, 2010 8896
Report on the IJCAI-09 Workshop on Learning Structural Knowledge from Observations (STRUCK-09). Kuter, Ugur; Munoz-Avila, Hector Conference news Mar 22, 2010 530
The missing brain. Helding, Lynn Column Sep 1, 2009 3406
Beyond the frame: cognitive science, common sense and fiction. Grishakova, Marina Critical essay May 1, 2009 5822
The philosophy and psychology of "contemplative science": the problems and possibilities for an emerging East-West Connection. Laumakis, Stephen J.; Robinson-Riegler, Gregory Report Jan 1, 2009 4468
The Effects of Cognitive Readiness in a Surface Warfare Simulation. Ayala, Donna Report Aug 1, 2008 502
Badly argued appeal. Critical essay May 1, 2008 696
A simple question. May 1, 2008 523
Stylistics meets Cognitive Science: studying style in fiction and readers' attention from an interdisciplinary perspective. Emmott, Catherine; Sanford, Anthony J.; Dawydiak, Eugene J. Jun 22, 2007 7965
Cognitonics as a new science and its significance for informatics and information society. Fomichov, Vladimir A.; Fomichova, Olga S. Dec 1, 2006 9891
Introduction: morsels and modules: on embodying cognition in Shakespeare's plays (1). Pandit, Lalita; Hogan, Patrick Colm Jan 1, 2006 5541
Cognitive science applied to Pauline metaphors in 1 Thessalonians: conceptual blending and the sleep and death motif. Ramey, Martin Jun 22, 2005 5803
Embodied communication in humans and machines. Wachsmuth, Ipke; Knoblich, Gunther Jun 22, 2005 981
Warrants for prescription: analytically and empirically based approaches to improving decision making. Lipshitz, Raanan; Cohen, Marvin S. Mar 22, 2005 13125
EFF Research Principle: An Approach to Assessment Based on Cognitive Science. EFF Research to Practice Note 4. Stites, Regie Author abstract Jan 1, 2005 188
"Little is left to tell": Beckett's theater of mind, Ohio Impromptu, and the new cognitive turn in analyzing drama. Popova, Yanna Dec 22, 2004 7629
Solutions follow perceptions: NBIC and the concept of health, medicine, disability and disease. Wolbring, Gregor Sep 22, 2004 3644
Accounting information systems research opportunities using personality type theory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Wheeler, Patrick R.; Hunton, James E.; Bryant, Stephanie M. Mar 22, 2004 10314
The social problem of depression: a multi-theoretical analysis. Bender, Kimberly Sep 1, 2003 5154
Apostrophe in life and in Romantic art: everyday discourse, overhearing, and poetic address. Richardson, Alan Sep 22, 2002 10408
Identifying Metaphor in Language: a cognitive approach. Steen, Gerard J. Sep 22, 2002 9839
On Turing's carnal error: some guidelines for a contextual inquiry into the embodied mind. (Research Paper). Neuman, Yair Nov 1, 2001 4666
Capturing knowledge and knowing through improvisation: what managers can learn from the thoracic surgery board certification process. King, Adelaide Wilcox; Ranft, Annette L. May 1, 2001 11483
PLATO's METHOD MEETS COGNITIVE SCIENCE. Stich, Stephen P. Mar 22, 2001 2848
METAPHORS, MINDS, AND THE FATE OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY. Dacey, Austin Interview Mar 22, 2001 2710
Teaching Acute Care Nurses Cognitive Assessment Using LOCFAS: What's the Best Method? Flannery, Jeanne; Land, Kathryn Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 5652
Language, Vision, and Music. Mc Kevitt, Paul; Mulvihill, Conn; O Nuallain, Sean Dec 22, 2000 2043
The Development of Systems Thinking in Southern Africa: A Contribution. Strumpfer, Johan; Ryan, Tom Jul 1, 2000 494
Where a Blind Man Ends: Five Comments on Context, Artifacts and the Boundaries of the Mind. Neuman, Yair; Bekerman, Zvi May 1, 2000 2895
Contending with Complexity: Developing and Using a Scaled World in Applied Cognitive Research. Ehret, Brian D.; Gray, Wayne D.; Kirschenbaum, Susan S. Mar 22, 2000 7612
There Is More to Monitoring a Nuclear Power Plant than Meets the Eye. Mumaw, Randall J.; Roth, Emilie M.; Vicente, Kim J.; Burns, Catherine M. Mar 22, 2000 12449
Factors Influencing Analysis of Complex Cognitive Tasks: A Framework and Example from Industrial Process Control. Prietula, Michael J.; Feltovich, Paul J.; Marchak, Frank Mar 22, 2000 9703
Cognitive Task Analysis and Innovation of Training: The Case of Structured Troubleshooting. Schaafstal, Alma; Schraagen, Jan Maarten; Berlo, Marcel van Mar 22, 2000 7502
A Framework for Epistemological Analysis in Empirical (Laboratory and Field) Studies. Xiao, Yan; Vicente, Kim J. Mar 22, 2000 8543
Measuring Team Knowledge. Cooke, Nancy J.; Salas, Eduardo; Cannon-Bowers, Janis A.; Stout, Renee J. Mar 22, 2000 13469
Face-to-face versus telephone interviews: using cognitive methods to assess alcohol survey questions. Midanik, Lorraine T.; Rogers, John D.; Greenfield, Thomas K.; Hines, Alice M. Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 1999 6467
Brain Mechanisms and Intelligence. Psychometric g and Executive Function. CRINELLA, FRANCIS M.; YU, JEN Dec 1, 1999 15290
A Review Essay: Recent Literature on Cognitive Science. L. TANG, PAUL C. Critical Essay Oct 1, 1999 6346
Report on The Eighth Ireland Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS-97). Mc Kevitt, Paul Dec 22, 1998 3407
Competence and the classical cascade: a reply to Franks. Patterson, Sarah Dec 1, 1998 5291
On some aspects of cognitive graphics application for systems thinking and systems practice. Pogodin, Victor A. Jul 1, 1998 7558
Mental causation. Jackson, Frank Jul 1, 1996 16704
The relationship between channel conflict and information processing. Hunt, Kenneth A. Dec 22, 1995 8769
On explanation in the cognitive sciences: competence, idealization, and the failure of the classical cascade. Franks, Bradley Dec 1, 1995 11312
Erstwhile vindicationism. Scott-Kakures, Dion Jul 1, 1995 12964
Beliefs, functionally discrete states, and connectionist networks: a comment on Ramsey, Stich, and Garon. Botterill, George Sep 1, 1994 3189
Wide computationalism. Wilson, Robert A. Jul 1, 1994 9881
Connectionism and the language of thought. Rowlands, Mark Jun 1, 1994 8301
Phenomena and representation. Nelkin, Norton Jun 1, 1994 10523
Darwinian functionalism: a cognitive science paradigm. Knight, Mike Mar 22, 1994 6557
Cognitive neuropsychology and the philosophy of mind. Stone, Tony; Davies, Martin Dec 1, 1993 14751
Stimulus equivalence and connectionism: implications for behavior analysis and cognitive science. Barnes, Dermot; Hampson, Peter John Sep 22, 1993 7366
Parallel architectures and mental computation. Wells, Andrew Sep 1, 1993 5509
Mental content. Allen, Colin Dec 1, 1992 7596
Rethinking the mind; cognitive science faces a philosophical challenge. Bower, Bruce Oct 17, 1992 1982
Consciousness raising. Bower, Bruce Oct 10, 1992 3628
The Creative Technologies Project: will training in 2D/3D graphics enhance kids' cognitive skills? Merickel, Mark L. Dec 1, 1990 2177
Undebuggability and cognitive science. Cherniak, Christopher Apr 1, 1988 7392

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