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Cognex Corporation.


One Vision Drive Natick, MA 01760

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In today's highly competitive marketplace, increasing demands are being placed on manufacturers to improve quality, increase productivity and certify defect-free products. The Cognex SmartView[R] Nonwovens web inspection system helps you to meet these goals by providing comprehensive inspection with accurate defect detection, reliable identification and photo-quality images of each defect. Additionally, it features a scalable architecture that allows users to add to the system's capabilities incrementally, as their needs increase.

Cognex web inspection offers nonwovens producers a clear advantage to help increase sales and revenue in today's excess-capacity market. We have been successfully inspecting nonwovens for almost a decade. In fact, Cognex created a new standard for visual inspection of nonwovens, and our systems inspect more than 250 million square meters of nonwoven fabrics every day. We have vast experience in nonwovens applications ranging from spunbond to spunlace to carded. More companies guarantee their product quality with Cognex systems than with any other web inspection system. Our SmartView Nonwovens web inspection system can help you reduce overall operational costs and optimize processes.

Additionally, the SmartView Nonwovens system helps you to:

* Improve product quality

* Maximize yield

* Detect, identify and visualize defects before value-added processes

* Minimize the need for manual inspections

* Generate inspection reports

* Ensure more thorough grading of materials

* Decrease the number of customer returns

* Gain competitive advantage for increased sales and revenue

When manufacturing nonwovens, it is crucial to detect defects early in the process. The sooner you find the problems, the sooner you can fix them. For example, early detection of eyebrows in spunbond allows you to fix the machine and recycle the bad material. Additionally, it keeps you from passing bad material onto value-added processes, thus reducing scrap and increasing yield. Similarly, early detection of defects in SMS allows you to reject and recycle the material before passing it along to your customer. This also leads to less scrap, greater yield, fewer customer returns and better efficiency in converting operations.

Just as it is critical for you to find defects in the first stages of manufacturing nonwoven materials, it is also critical that the front-end processing of a web inspection system is optimized to provide accurate and useful information, so that the back-end processing, such as defect identification, visualization and reporting, will provide you the most accurate, complete, and reliable information.

Cognex uses processing technology that is scalable and uniquely tailored to detecting defects on your product. We emphasize the quality of the defect images gathered by the SmartView Nonwovens system, and the speed in which we process those images. This is why Cognex uses cameras and hardware specially designed for web inspection.

What does all this mean to your company? It means that you SAVE MONEY! It means that you can expect a RAPID RETURN ON INVESTMENT!

Your company will start seeing cost savings immediately upon implementing the Cognex SmartView Nonwovens system. It's that simple. Let Cognex guide you through your next phase of quality improvement and ensure your success.
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Date:May 1, 2004
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