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Coffee time: Pop posers.

1 Which album gave the band King Crimson a UK Top Ten hit in the 1969 album chart?

2 Which British band had a 2002 UK Top Twenty album with Original Pirate Material?

3 Strangeways Here We Come was a 1987 UK Top Ten album for which British band?

4 The re-issue of which 1977 UK Top Ten single gave the Sex Pistols a UK Top Twenty hit in 2002?

5 Silence Is Easy was a UK Top Ten hit for which British band?

6 Which British ska band had a 1981 UK Top Ten hit with the single, Shut Up?

7 Red River Valley was a 1977 UK No. 1 album for which US male vocalist?

8 What is the title of Robbie William's first UK No. 1 album ...?

9 ... And in which year was it No. 1 in the UK album chart?

10 The Return Of Bruno was a 1987 UK Top Ten album for which actor turned singer?


1 In The Court Of The Crimson King; 2 Streets; 3 Smiths; 4 God Save The Queen; 5 Starsailor; 6 Madness; 7 Slim Whitman; 8 Life Thru A Lens; 9 1997; 10 Bruce Willis.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 9, 2008
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