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Coffee break: Weird World.

YELLOWSTONE MARS A "Yellowstone Park" on Mars has been discovered where hot springs and geysers may once have burst out of the planet's interior.

The site is an ideal place to search for evidence of present or past life, scientists at the American space agency Nasa believe.

One of Nasa's two Mars Exploration Rovers accidentally stumbled on the find after a wheel jammed.

TALKING RUBBISH A talking bin which thanks people for using it to recycle aluminium cans is to go on trial. The bin, which crushes cans before coming up with a recorded message such as "Yum, yum, feed me more", will shortly be piloted for three months in Norwich.

Three bins will be placed in the city for the project, which is being filmed as part of a BBC Panorama programme looking at attitudes towards recycling.

CUT IT OUT Cardboard cut-out nurses set up to ask hospital visitors to wash their hands have been sabotaged to play popular theme tunes from the A-Team, Top Cat and Mission Impossible, it was reported.

Cheeky staff at Lincoln County Hospital also allegedly rigged one of the 30 life-size cut-outs to shout "Boo" at unsuspecting visitors.

A spokesman for the Lincolnshire hospital confirmed the cut-outs were introduced at entrances to wards last week and were programmed to tell visitors: "Please clean your hands before entering the wards."

ARNOLD RESCUED Agiant dog which hates water was rescued from the incoming tide - by lifeboat.

It took six life boatmen and coastguards to carry the 15-stone St Bernard-mastiff cross in a green fishing net to the inshore craft, which ferried him to safety.

Elderly Arnold was being taken for a walk along the cliffs at Newquay, Cornwall, when he followed another animal down 130 steep steps on to Whipsiderry Beach. As the tide came in, Arnold could not make it back up the steps because of his age and infirmity.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 24, 2008
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