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Coffee: Grounds for Debate.


Coffee: Grounds for Debate asks how and why we have come to prefer the infused beverage as one of our most popular drinks and how our chief indulgence and symbol of "the good life" has become a source of full-bodied ethical, aesthetic and environmental philosophical debate.

This book is a compilation of essays from some of the industry's most well known personalities. In "Black Puddle Water or Panacea," Mark Pendergrast tells us that by the 17th century coffee had staked its claim within society as a powerful intellectual stimulant and alternative to beer.

In "Sage Advice from Ben's Morn," Scott E Parker teaches us that "doing philosophy" requires nothing more than a few good friends, the neutral territory of a cafe, a cup of joe, an open mind and a willingness to speak in the spirit of Socrates.

Featured writers include Mark Pendergrast, Ken Davids and the Coffee Bean Guys, James Kirkland and Dan Levy. Coffee insiders such as Matt Lounsbury of Stumptown Coffee (in an interview with editor Scott E Parker) and Donald Schoenholt, president at Gillies Coffee Company, offer insights into the pioneering spirit and background of coffee's "third wave" coffee movement. Essays cover broad ground such as the ethics of coffee agriculture, caffeine as a performance-enhancing drug, and the centrality of the coffee house to the public sphere.

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Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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