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The attack was hell but I had to relive it in court. I felt like I was being stripped of who I was; SCOTLAND'S MOST SENIOR JUDGE CONDEMNS THE TREATMENT OF SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIM IN COURT Falsely accused of dealing drugs, subjected to inhumane questioning, quizzed about clothes, tortured with repetitive and irrelevant questions.. / Jennifer Hyland Jun 14, 2020 1249
Hamas Spokesman: Palestinian Prisoners Tortured, Brutally Interrogated in Saudi Jails. Oct 23, 2019 496
Rights Group: Palestinian Prisoner Severely Tortured by Israeli Interrogators. Sep 30, 2019 568
Israeli Forces Interrogate Palestinian Girl over Stone-Throwing Incident in Jerusalem Al-Quds. Sep 23, 2019 412
Tycoon who criticised Armed Forces interrogated by police for more than two hours. Aug 19, 2019 423
Atambayev says he will resist if police will try to force him to come to interrogation. Jul 10, 2019 183
Ex-Sabah state minister now suing army men for 'humiliating' interrogation on him and relatives. May 26, 2019 585
ARMY VET CLEARED OF TEEN'S TORTU RE; CHARGES AGAINST SON OF CLAN CHIEF NOT PROVEN Accused of'waterboarding' interrogation Army vet cleared. May 24, 2019 713
Tailoring Seibert's Intent Inquiry to Two-Step Counterterrorism Interrogations. Moy, Katherine Kaiser Jan 1, 2019 21416
Mum of schoolboy accused of waterboarding refugee classmate is a convicted racist; EXCLUSIVE: The woman was prosecuted after she spat at a chip shop owner and called him a "P**i' and "terrorist". Dec 1, 2018 683
Army cops quiz cadets on Sandhurst 'waterboarding'. Aug 19, 2018 162
Army cops quiz cadets on Sandhurst 'waterboarding'. Aug 19, 2018 163
'Waterboarding' probe at Sandhurst after cadet 'pinned down and tortured' at William and Harry's military college; Two cadets allegedly pinned down their fellow recruit and poured water over a cloth covering his face. Aug 18, 2018 397
Probe into 'waterboarding' of recruits by Army colleagues of Princes William and Harry at Sandhurst; EXCLUSIVE: Special police are investigating how Sandhurst recruit was allegedly waterboarded at the elite military academy. Aug 18, 2018 618
Military police investigate 'waterboarding' allegations against Sandhurst cadets; Sandhurst's Deputy Commandant said anyone "found to have fallen short" of behaviour standards would be dealt with "robustly". Aug 18, 2018 193
Cong insulting armed forces by questioning surgical strike: Parrikar. Jun 28, 2018 277
Detainee from Amari camp near Ramallah says he was tortured during interrogation. Jun 14, 2018 265
Palestinians Say They Were Severely Beaten During Arrest, Interrogation. Jun 13, 2018 265
Palestinians, including a minor, say they were severely beaten during arrest, interrogation. Jun 12, 2018 270
CIA nominee decries torture as an interrogation technique. May 10, 2018 960
Man Charged With Waterboarding Wife, Holding Her Captive In Their Home. May 1, 2018 421
Ahed Al-Tamimi abused during interrogations - Father. Apr 9, 2018 228
Ex-procurement head says he was forced out for questioning staffer's practices. Mar 21, 2018 1062
IHC summons SHO of I-9 police on Thursday for cross questioning in Tayyaba torture case. Feb 15, 2018 130
IHC summons SHO of I-9 police on Thursday for cross questioning in Tayyaba torture case. Feb 15, 2018 130
Detainees narrate how they were tortured during interrogation in Israeli centers. Jan 3, 2018 326
Police forced to stop interrogating suspect after he continually FARTS replies; Sean Sykes Jnr was being interviewed for intent to sell drugs and being in possession of a firearm in Kansas City, Missouri - but cops couldn't exactly get a straight answer from him. Nov 11, 2017 232
Police to Interrogate Israel PM Netanyahu over Multiple Abuse of Power Charges. Oct 5, 2017 277
Gay dads in McCain ad abused by trolls. Sep 17, 2017 188
Israeli forces summon ex-prisoner for interrogation in Hebron. Aug 20, 2017 119
US Judge to Hear Lawsuit Challenging CIA Interrogation Techniques. Aug 8, 2017 516
Ex-Sinn Fein councillor gets 12yrs jail for torture and false imprisonment; Waterboarding thug and dad caged. Jun 2, 2017 448
Ex-Sinn Fein councillor jailed 12yrs for torture and false imprisonment; Waterboarding thug and dad caged. Jun 2, 2017 448
Israeli forces raid town, interrogate 14 young men. May 10, 2017 113
I'll chop you up and feed you to dogs; EX-SINN FEIN COUNCILLOR TORTURED HOSTAGE VICTIM Phone footage showed waterboarding ordeal in garage. Apr 29, 2017 1026
I'll chop you up & feed you to dogs.. EX-SINN FEIN CLLR TORTURED HOSTAGE; Phone footage showed waterboarding in garage. Apr 29, 2017 907
Ongoing Lawsuit Threatens Trump's Waterboarding Plan. Jan 20, 2017 674
Pence Not Ruling Out Waterboarding. Nov 20, 2016 573
Torture threat focused my mind; Yvonne Ridley, captured by the Taliban 15 years ago, has written a book questioning the use of torture in warfare. David Whetstone reports. Sep 10, 2016 1410
Will Resign If Asked To Resume Waterboarding, CIA Chief Says. Jul 14, 2016 466
Interrogation techniques used at overseas US detention facilities De-classified CIA report: Medical staff advises how to torture. Jun 18, 2016 1271
US willing to hear case against interrogation technique in CIA prison. Apr 22, 2016 294
On Torture, Trump is Consistent: 'I'd Bring Back a Hell of a Lot Worse Than Waterboarding'. Rosen, Armin Mar 25, 2016 180
Trump backs tougher border security, waterboarding after Brussels attacks (Updated). Mar 22, 2016 593
Israeli Forces Summon Six Palestinians for Interrogation. Feb 27, 2016 129
Palestinian Detainee Brutally Tortured during Interrogation. Feb 10, 2016 417
Reliability assessments as a condition for the admissibility of confessions in Tennessee. Selva, Lance H.; Shulman, William L.; Reid, Stephen Jan 1, 2016 15715
Trump Says Waterboarding Is OK. Nov 22, 2015 547
Israeli Interrogators Abuse Minor Palestinian Detainees during Interrogation. Aug 27, 2015 402
Ask questions to get leverage. Jeary, Tony Column Aug 1, 2015 278
Anti-torture measure passed. Brief article Jul 3, 2015 161
May I ask me a question? Perkins, Abby Column Jul 1, 2015 494
Israeli Forces Summon Four Palestinians for Interrogation. May 9, 2015 198
Torture as an absolute wrong: if waterboarding works, does that make it morally acceptable? Sullum, Jacob Column Feb 8, 2015 662
BLAIR AND STRAW IN TORTURE GRILLING; Pair face public interrogation over UK's role in CIA brutality. Dec 15, 2014 422
McCain: US Hanged Japanese Soldiers for Waterboarding American Prisoners. Dec 15, 2014 137
Torture has nothing to do with interrogation. It's simple, crude, immoral... and it doesn't work. Dec 13, 2014 1550
Torture has nothing to do with interrogation. It's simple, crude, immoral... and it doesn't work; US SPY'S VERDICT ON CIA'S SHAMEFUL CONFESSION; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 13, 2014 1526
Torture has nothing to do with interrogation. It's simple, crude, immoral... and it doesn't work; EXCLUSIVE; US SPY'S VERDICT ON CIA'S SHAMEFUL CONFESSION. Dec 13, 2014 1526
CIA "Torture" Report: The 54 Countries That Will Be Worried By Controversial Revelations. Brief article Dec 10, 2014 288
Some key findings from report on CIA interrogation techniques. Dec 10, 2014 387
The world reacts to Senate report on CIA interrogation methods. Dec 10, 2014 478
Senate report: CIA enhanced interrogation not effective, torture. Dec 9, 2014 638
Iraqi Forces Coalition Intends to interrogate al-Abadi about delay in legislating ( National Guard, amnesty and the Justice and Accountability laws. Nov 2, 2014 182
Islamic State: Brit Hostage John Cantlie Says Prisoners Who Attempt To Escape Punished With Waterboarding. Oct 27, 2014 371
'Innocence fraud' demands prosecutor vigilance. Collins, John M., Jr. Oct 1, 2014 2848
Police officer interrogated for power abuse. Sep 28, 2014 108
Salinas v. Texas: pre-Miranda silence can be used against a defendant. Gee, Harvey Sep 22, 2014 15531
James Foley Torture Involves CIA Waterboarding Technique. Aug 29, 2014 415
Fight lost over method of interrogation. Aug 1, 2014 411
the Israeli Forces give notice for interrogation for 4 Palestinian in the West Bank. Jun 7, 2014 115
Sarah Palin stands by her waterboarding baptism comment. Apr 29, 2014 127
Israeli Forces Summon Seven from Bethlehem for Interrogation. Apr 26, 2014 106
CIA's harsh interrogation techniques beyond legal -- US senate report. Apr 12, 2014 426
Harsh Interrogation Methods Did Not Help in Osama Bin Laden's Capture, Says US Senate Report. Report Apr 2, 2014 454
Report: Israel Increases Use of Torture in Interrogation Centers. Jan 18, 2014 176
Interrogation of surface roughness and bond force effect. Sauli, Zaliman Report Oct 30, 2013 2757
Interrogation of surface roughness and bond force effect. Sauli, Zaliman Report Oct 1, 2013 2757
Reverse-rhetorical entrapment: naming and shaming as a two-way street. Katzenstein, Suzanne Oct 1, 2013 9892
Case of suspected fatal torture by police reported. Sep 11, 2013 310
Near Impunity for IOF Soldiers who Kill Palestinians. Reprint Sep 4, 2013 1205
It's shocking that the U.K. should retreat from freedom of speech. Sep 3, 2013 1033
The taxman doesn't take a holiday. Aug 24, 2013 361
Man detained after suspected attempt to attack MHP headquarters. Aug 24, 2013 143
Confessions at Any Price: Patterns of Torture and Abuse by Israeli Officials. Aug 23, 2013 587
Christian convert gets max sentence of 10 years. Aug 16, 2013 256
Waterboarding: issues and lessons for judge advocates. Graham, Lindsey O.; Connolly, Paul R. Mar 22, 2013 13185
The limits of deception: an end to the use of lies and trickery in custodial interrogations to elicit the "truth"? Heyl, Dorothy Mar 22, 2013 9758
Interrogation first, Miranda warnings afterward: a critical analysis of the Supreme Court's approach to delayed Miranda warnings. Rodriguez, Joshua I. Mar 1, 2013 6172
Interrogation first, Miranda warnings afterward: a critical analysis of the Supreme Court's approach to delayed Miranda warnings. Rodriguez, Joshua I. Mar 1, 2013 16188
CIA Chief-in-Waiting John Brennan 'Knew of Waterboarding Interrogation Technique'. Jan 30, 2013 370
Senators Claim CIA Misled 'Zero Dark Thirty' Filmmakers About Waterboarding, Torture Techniques That Led To Bin Laden Capture. Jan 4, 2013 286
Coerced internalized false confessions and police interrogations: the power of coercion. Chapman, Frances E. Jan 1, 2013 13284
New book reveals 'horrifying' British interrogation methods of Nazi PoWs during WW II. Oct 27, 2012 318
Tortured reality; how media framing of waterboarding affects judicial independence. Book review Oct 1, 2012 241
The opinions by the Attorney General and the Office of Legal Counsel: how and why they are significant. Garrison, Arthur H. Sep 22, 2012 15739
The extraordinary questioning and detention powers of the Australian security intelligence organisation. Burton, Lisa; McGarrity, Nicola; Williams, George Aug 1, 2012 8467
The extraordinary questioning and detention powers of the Australian security intelligence organisation. Burton, Lisa; McGarrity, Nicola; Williams, George Aug 1, 2012 14630
Red shadow. Ortiz, Ximena Essay Jun 22, 2012 1054
40YRS ON..DEATH ROW ULSTERMAN IS CLEARED; 'Waterboarding victim' has conviction quashed. Jun 22, 2012 418
Sanaullah Zehri says, Levies Force be interrogated in Shahzada case. Jun 18, 2012 421
Israeli Forces Hand Palestinian from Beit-Sahour Interrogation Notice. May 31, 2012 111
Blind Chinese activist Chen's relatives reveal brutal torture during interrogations. May 19, 2012 234
Israeli Forces Summon Youths from Jerusalem for Interrogation, Detain and Arrest others from Hebron,. Jan 2, 2012 272
U.S. intelligence in the wake of September 11: the rise of the spy commando and reorganized operational capabilities. Hitz, Frederick P. Jan 1, 2012 5358
The role of deception in confessions: Innocence Commission examines interrogation techniques in false confessions. Pudlow, Jan Jan 1, 2012 1559
Israeli Court Admits Torture when Interrogating Palestinians. Dec 4, 2011 353
Fayyad: PA will soon be debilitated if Israeli refuses to pay money owed--Norway says Israeli actions amount to" waterboarding an economy". Nov 25, 2011 317
Turning Miranda right side up: post-waiver invocations and the need to update the Miranda warnings. Hammack, Joshua I. Nov 1, 2011 17754
Prisoner Brutally Beaten by Israeli Interrogator to Admit Charges. Oct 10, 2011 155
Prisoner Brutally Beaten by Israeli Interrogator to Admit Charges. Oct 10, 2011 155
Former M15 head admits for first time 'illegal' water boarding technique worked. Sep 9, 2011 333
Locked up (for the FBI) abroad: the feds' secret program to have American citizens detained and interrogated by foreign governments. Baumann, Nick Sep 1, 2011 3410
Torture's comeback: Don't rush to credit waterboarding for catching bin Laden. Madar, Chase Jul 1, 2011 1634
McCain says waterboarding not a factor in tracking down bin Laden. May 13, 2011 196
McCain says Torture did Not Lead to Osama bin Laden. May 12, 2011 321
"Anything but Bush?": the Obama administration and Guantanamo Bay. Yin, Tung Mar 22, 2011 16007
Musharraf says UK gave tacit approval of its interrogation techniques on terror suspects, asks people to have confidence in Pakistan. Mar 15, 2011 353
Torture scene haunted actor; Waterboarding sparked star's panic attacks. Mar 13, 2011 594
Mohammed Jawad and the military commissions of Guantanamo. Frakt, David J.R. Mar 1, 2011 21700
Coercion's common threads: addressing vagueness in the federal criminal prohibitions on torture by looking to state domestic violence laws. St. Vincent, Sarah H. Mar 1, 2011 18252
Torture in the eyes of the beholder: the psychological difficulty of defining torture in law and policy. McDonnell, Mary-Hunter Morris; Nordgren, Loran F.; Loewenstein, George Jan 1, 2011 16858
Waterboarding claims based on 9/11 confessions. Nov 11, 2010 404
Bush: Using torture stopped UK attacks; INTERROGATION. Nov 9, 2010 216
Bush: Waterboarding saved British mives; Attacks on London thwarted. Nov 9, 2010 363
Bush book defends waterboarding. Nov 9, 2010 109
Bush: Waterboarding saved British lives. Nov 9, 2010 375
Waterboarding claims based on 9/11 confessions. Nov 9, 2010 404
UK military interrogation manuals reveal breach of international law. Oct 26, 2010 151
Miliband in dock for allowing interrogations in 'torture nations'. Sep 23, 2010 220
Talking Torture. Telushkin, Joseph Sep 16, 2010 443
Isolation: a Canadian professor's research into sensory deprivation and to disturbing new methods of interrogation. Rosner, Cecil Aug 1, 2010 4936
Doctors' role in interrogation. Brief article Jun 25, 2010 154
Illusions in truth seeking: the perils of interrogation and torture in the war on terror. Welch, Michael Jun 22, 2010 11199
Bush admits to waterboarding 9/11 mastermind, says would order it again. Jun 5, 2010 164
Israel uses illegal interrogation methods on Palestinian detainees --. May 23, 2010 135
TORTURE IS GOOD; Bush's Brain is 'proud' of US waterboarding. Mar 13, 2010 237
GOP Senate candidate defends waterboarding; Brown attacks Coakley over civilian criminal terrorist trials. Jan 5, 2010 804
'TORTURED' PRISONER'S APPEAL BID; 'Waterboarding' claim made. Dec 24, 2009 388
Historical perspective on Guantanamo Bay: the arrival of the high value detainees. Davis, Morris D. Dec 22, 2009 4640
Civil liability of Bush, Cheney, et al. for torture, cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment and forced disappearance. Paust, Jordan J. Dec 22, 2009 18195
Prosecuting Guantanamo in Europe: can and shall the masterminds of the "torture memos" be held criminally responsible on the basis of universal jurisdiction? Ambos, Kai Dec 22, 2009 21868
The wrongheaded and dangerous campaign to criminalize good faith legal advice. Ku, Julian Dec 22, 2009 4447
Afghan teens accuse US interrogators of abuses. Dec 1, 2009 300
Pop stars do Gitmo bop. Johnson, Ted Oct 26, 2009 542
In the name of democracy: the new head of the CIA, director Leon Panetta, has his work cut out as he settles into the new job. Vesely, Milan Oct 1, 2009 1424
International law - prohibition on refoulement - remedies - Maher Arar v. John Ashcroft. Ryan, Daniel Sep 22, 2009 6803
Americans Divided on Investigating Bush-Era Interrogations; Forty-seven percent approve and 49% disapprove. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 4, 2009 578
Was it torture, or value-added questioning? Spivey, Ed, Jr. Aug 1, 2009 671
Interrogation enhanced: the American officer who cracked the Zarqawi network did so without stooping to the terrorists' level. Alexander, Matthew Aug 1, 2009 3954
Hoon may be questioned on troops' interrogation techniques in Iraq. Jul 15, 2009 298
Nothing sacred: what we talk about when we talk about torture. Whitt, Clayton Cover story Jul 1, 2009 3379
Torture probe: who's being protected under the searing bright light? Swanson, David Essay Jul 1, 2009 1977
Enhancing interrogation: advancing a new agenda. Wahlquist, John A. Report Jun 22, 2009 6378
CIA torture updates. Leopold, Jason Jun 22, 2009 1808
9/11 mastermind says torture made him lie during Gitmo interrogations. Jun 17, 2009 280
Police face probe over 'waterboarding' claims. Jun 11, 2009 155
Obama' Tortured Logic. Jones, David T. Jun 9, 2009 510
Cheney is 'a strong believer' in waterboarding. Jun 2, 2009 277
Philadelphia Newspapers' Tierney, Will Bunch Talk Yoo Controversy on Philly Radio. May 28, 2009 431
Pelosi Gets Poor Marks for Handling Interrogation Matter; More disapprove than approve of speaker's response. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 21, 2009 723
Waterboarding too dangerous, not used at S-21 prison, Duch says. May 4, 2009 206
Honesty is the best policy: a case for the limitation of deceptive police interrogation practices in the United States. Khasin, Irina May 1, 2009 13898
Interrogation's law. Levi, William Ranney May 1, 2009 21358
On 100th day, Obama denounces waterboarding. Apr 29, 2009 570
Slim Majority Wants Bush-Era Interrogations Investigated; Majority says use of harsh techniques on terrorism suspects was justified. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 27, 2009 937
US Democrats split on how to investigate Bush-era officials over interrogation tactics. Apr 25, 2009 919
Rice, Cheney approved CIA's use of waterboarding. Apr 24, 2009 653
Clinton mocks Cheney over his defence of waterboarding. Apr 23, 2009 333
Waterboarding used 183 times against September 11 mastermind. Apr 20, 2009 337
Harsh interrogation of Qaeda worked: ex-CIA chief. Apr 18, 2009 524
Harsh interrogation of Qaeda worked: CIA chief. Apr 18, 2009 524
No charges over CIA waterboarding. Apr 17, 2009 660
CIA interrogation methods are almost illegal, says lawyer. Apr 17, 2009 231
No charges over CIA waterboarding. Apr 16, 2009 631
Alien Tort Claims Act. Apr 1, 2009 1219
Show of support for least developed countries. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 137
Keeping doctors out of the interrogation room: a new ethical obligation that requires the backing of the law. Bahnassi, Ayham Mar 22, 2009 17836
Cheney admits detainee-abuse role. Leopold, Jason Mar 22, 2009 1497
CIA interrogation called 'torture'. Mar 17, 2009 552
U.S. attorney general rejects "waterboarding". Mar 1, 2009 673
U.S. attorney general ruled out "waterboarding". Mar 1, 2009 675
US attorney general rules out waterboarding. Mar 1, 2009 675
Obama pick rejects waterboarding. Jan 18, 2009 390
Obama pick rejects waterboarding. Jan 17, 2009 390
Obama pick rejects waterboarding. Jan 16, 2009 390
Obama pick rejects waterboarding. Jan 15, 2009 390
Detention and interrogation in the post-9/11 world? Roosevelt, Kermit, III Dec 22, 2008 20626
Cheney defends waterboarding use. Dec 17, 2008 491
Cheney defends waterboarding use. Dec 16, 2008 491
Torture doesn't work - ex-US interrogator. Dec 14, 2008 688
Bush administration gave nod for CIA waterboarding: report. Oct 15, 2008 432
AN ABUSE OF POWER; McCain rocked by inquiry verdict on Palin. Oct 12, 2008 440
AN ABUSE OF POWER; McCain rocked by inquiry verdict on Palin. Oct 12, 2008 441
Psychologists OK anti-torture policy. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 119
Guantanamo interrogations based on communist Chinese methods. Brief article Aug 4, 2008 200
Torture warrants and the rule of law. Parry, John T. Jun 22, 2008 11492
Waterboarding 'is torture'. May 1, 2008 404
2003 Justice Department memo authorized military torture. Apr 28, 2008 338
Comment on Torturing Ourselves over Torture. Berlind, Alan Apr 22, 2008 390
McCain switches torture vote (a satire). Monkerud, Don Apr 1, 2008 812
White House declares that waterboarding is not torture. Brief article Mar 3, 2008 274
Student perception of coercion to participate in psychological research. Miller, Wanda E.; Kreiner, David S. Survey Mar 1, 2008 4899
The siren song of interrogational torture: evaluating the U.S. implementation of the U.N. Convention Against Torture. Linnartz, Isaac A. Mar 1, 2008 12722
Waterboarding washout. Johnson, Todd Letter to the editor Feb 4, 2008 270
No torture. No exceptions. Cover story Jan 1, 2008 19949
Mukasey, waterboarding, and torture. Nov 26, 2007 334
Bush defends harsh interrogation techniques. McManus, John F. Nov 12, 2007 85
LETTERS: Noncombat Deaths in Iraq, Waterboarding and Circulation Numbers. Staff, E&P Nov 9, 2007 661
'AJC': Top U.S. General Backs Waterboarding. Staff, E&P Brief article Nov 5, 2007 227
I dreamed Iran tortured Bush. Schroth, Raymond A. Oct 5, 2007 1094
Proximate cause in constitutional torts: holding interrogators liable for Fifth Amendment violations at trial. Flaxman, Joel May 1, 2007 12012
INTERROGATED LIKE SPIES; Torture fear as Iranians claim Brits are spooks. Mar 25, 2007 337
Jamais encore. Brief article Feb 1, 2007 158
Interview and Interrogation Techniques. Bergevin, Dan Feb 1, 2007 498
China should 'eliminate torture,' says official. Nov 27, 2006 254
Making torture official. Editorial Oct 27, 2006 582
Interrogation of detainees: overview of the McCain amendment. Garcia, Michael John Oct 1, 2006 4929
Should coercive interrogation be legal? Posner, Eric A.; Vermeule, Adrian Feb 1, 2006 18762
Hypocrisy will kill the west: the frightening manner in which the US is now stalking the world, capturing people like in the days of the old slave trade, makes the flesh creep, writes Cameron Duodu. And they call it "rendition". Welcome to the brave new world. Duodu, Cameron Jan 1, 2006 2943

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