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Clinical significance of CoQ10 in periodontal health. Saini, Rajiv Report Jul 27, 2017 1263
The Combination of Physical Exercise with Muscle-Directed Antioxidants to Counteract Sarcopenia: A Biomedical Rationale for Pleiotropic Treatment with Creatine and Coenzyme Q10. Guescini, Michele; Tiano, Luca; Genova, Maria Luisa; Polidori, Emanuela; Silvestri, Sonia; Orlando, Report Jan 1, 2017 17142
Coenzyme [Q.sub.10] and Cardiovascular System. Mehtap, Bekir; Tasgin, Erdal; Lok, Sefa Report Jun 15, 2016 3325
Undetectable alanine aminotransferase during hospitalization. Mullins, Garrett R.; Caldwell, Stephen H.; Bruns, David E. Clinical report Mar 1, 2016 544
Trial finds benefit for ubiquinol in Parkinson's disease. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 242
qPCR detection of Rhodobacter sphaeroides phage in the Co[Q.sub.10] production. Li, Kejun; Wang, Haina; Zhang, Ruiping Report Sep 1, 2015 1881
Inhibition of coenzyme Qs accumulation in engineered Escherichia coli by high concentration of farnesyl diphosphate. Samoudi, Mojtaba; Yeganeh, Negar Omid; Zahiri, Hossein Shahbani; Shariati, Parvin; Hajhosseini, Reza Report Jul 1, 2015 5461
CoQ10 can reduce symptoms of Gulf War illness. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 260
Supplementing with CoQ10 reduces statin-related muscle pain. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 195
CoQ10 proven benefits in heart failure patients. Tompkins, Bradley Report Apr 1, 2014 5121
Tetrahydrobiopterin for autism spectrum disorders. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 227
Powerful Protection Against Cellular Aging. Downey, Michael Report Oct 1, 2012 3546
Supplementing a Mediterranean diet with coenzyme Q10 lowers inflammation. Dye, D. Brief article May 1, 2012 174
Generate fresh mitochondria with PQQ: Scientists discover the "other CoQ10". Marcone, Perry Report Feb 1, 2011 4510
Clinical trials for rare diseases: recruiting for a Phase 3 Trial of coenzyme Q10 in mitochondrial diseases. Stacpoole, Peter W. Feb 1, 2011 1519
Our aging mitochondria. Faloon, William Report Feb 1, 2011 4532
The effect of stocking density on stress related genes and telomeric length in broiler chickens. Beloor, J.; Kang, H.K.; Kim, Y.J.; Subramani, V.K.; Jang, I.S.; Sohn, S.H.; Moon, Y.S. Report Mar 11, 2010 3562
Are you getting enough vitamin B12? Singh, Bina Report Jan 1, 2010 2531
Eligen B12. Report Jan 1, 2010 2776
Coenzyme Q10 may alleviate pain. Dec 22, 2009 307
Nutrients for migraine prevention. Gaby, Alan R. Report Dec 1, 2009 945
New approach to prevent spinal cord damage. Nov 6, 2009 346
Pain free 1-2-3! Eliminating fibromyalgia pain. Teitelbaum, Jacob Clinical report Nov 1, 2009 5187
Cobalamin and arsenic metabolism. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 153
Influence of cobalamin on arsenic metabolism in Bangladesh. Hall, Megan N.; Liu, Xinhua; Slavkovich, Vesna; llievski, Vesna; Mi, Zhongyuan; Alam, Shafiul; Facto Report Nov 1, 2009 7128
Coenzyme Q10 Prevents Preeclampsia. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 166
Skeletal muscle benefits of endurance training: mitochondrial adaptations. Hoyt, Trey Report Sep 22, 2009 2247
Over-the-counter vitamin-like substance could slow down Parkinson's progression. Sep 22, 2009 373
Coenzyme QIO may offer a variety of health benefits: this supplement may help with heart health and statin side effects, but questions remain. Sep 1, 2009 467
How much folate is in Canadian fortified products 10 years after mandated fortification? Shakur, Yaseer A.; Rogenstein, Carly; Hartman-Craven, Brenda; Tarasuk, Valerie; O'Connor, Deborah L. Report Jul 1, 2009 3581
Japan's Asahi Kasei Pharma to Exit Coenzyme Q10 Food Additive Business. Jun 2, 2009 226
Those old standbys, diet and exercise, may help prevent or slow Parkinson's disease: doctors are also encouraged by research into coenzyme Q10 and dance therapy. Jun 1, 2009 722
The influence of vitamins on cerebrovascular disease. Werbach, Melvyn R. Jun 1, 2009 2042
I've taken Coenzyme Q10 for years; Advertisement Feature. May 18, 2009 820
Worth the co$t? The lowdown on three expensive supplements: looking for ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses? Here's the bottom line on three pricey supplements. If you take--or are thinking about taking--any of them, don't reach for your credit card until you read this. Schardt, David May 1, 2009 2621
Naturally fluorescent molecule may act as cancer indicator. Apr 3, 2009 650
Vitamins contents of some commercially important fish species from South Caspian Sea. Ahmadnia, Ahmad; Sahari, Mohammad A.; Barzegar, Mohsen; Seyfabadi, Syyed J.; Abdollahi, Morteza Report Sep 1, 2008 4274
Association between the UGT1A1 TA-repeat polymorphism and bilirubin concentration in patients with intermittent claudication: results from the CAVASIC study. Rantner, Barbara; Kollerits, Barbara; Anderwald-Stadler, Marietta; Klein-Weigel, Peter; Gruber, Ingr Clinical report May 1, 2008 4784
Vitamins and minerals: what do women over 60 really need? Get enough of vitamins D and B12 and calcium to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp. Feb 1, 2008 766
Vitamin B12. Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 311
Nad bad at all. Jul 25, 2007 106
NAD A GOOD IDEA; SHOWBIZ EXCLUSIVE Girls Aloud singer goes on a crash diet before starting new US career. Jul 24, 2007 439
Riboflavin for migraine. Walsh, Nancy Jun 15, 2007 955
Plasma total coenzyme [Q.sub.9] (Co[Q.sub.9]) in the New Zealand population: reference interval and biological variation. Molyneux, Sarah; Lever, Michael; Florkowski, Christopher; George, Peter Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2007 1703
Haptocorrin (transcobalamin I) and cobalamin deficiencies. Carmel, Ralph Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2007 1667
How well do supplements work? Check this source. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 232
Markedly increased vitamin [B.sub.12] concentrations attributable to IgG-IgM-vitamin [B.sub.12] immune complexes. Bowen, Raffick A.R.; Drake, Steven K.; Vanjani, Rachna; Huey, Edward D.; Grafman, Jordan; Horne, McD Nov 1, 2006 4591
A multi plus Co[Q.sub.10] improves ventricular function and quality of life in patients with CHF. Austin, Steve Jun 1, 2006 492
Effect of vitamin {B.sub.12] treatment on haptocorrin. Morkbak, Anne L.; Hvas, Anne-Mette; Lloyd-Wright, Zoue; Sanders, Tom A.B.; Bleie, Oyvind; Refsum, He Jun 1, 2006 4997
Liquid chromatographic determination of [B.sub.2] vitamers in human plasma and whole blood. Hautem, Jean-Yves; Morel, Claire; Couderc, Remy; Moussa, Fathi Letter to the editor May 1, 2006 1229
Analysis of methylmalonic acid in plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Schmedes, Anne; Brandslund, Ivan Apr 1, 2006 2550
The cobalamin-binding proteins transcobalamin and haptocorrin in maternal and cord blood sera at birth. Obeid, Rima; Morkbak, Anne L.; Munz, Winfried; Nexo, Ebba; Herrmann, Wolfgang Feb 1, 2006 4705
Measurement of total vitamin [B.sub.12] and holotranscobalamin, singly and in combination, in screening for metabolic vitamin [B.sub.12] deficiency. Miller, Joshua W.; Garrod, Marjorie G.; Rockwood, Alan L.; Kushnir, Mark M.; Allen, Lindsay H.; Haan Clinical report Feb 1, 2006 6070
Holotranscobalamin and total transcobalamin in human plasma: determination, determinants, and reference values in healthy adults. Refsum, Helga; Johnston, Carole; Guttormsen, Anne Berit; Nexo, Ebba Clinical report Jan 1, 2006 6944
High measured cobalamin (vitamin [B.sub.12]) concentration attributable to an analytical problem in testing serum from a patient with pernicious anemia. Vlasveld, L. Thomas; van't Wout, Jan W.; Meeuwissen, Peter; Castel, Ad Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2006 1396
Increased osteoclast activity in the presence of increased homocysteine concentrations. Herrmann, Markus; Widmann, Thomas; Colaianni, Graziana; Colucci, Silvia; Zallone, Alberta; Herrmann, Clinical report Dec 1, 2005 4365
Determination of coenzyme [Q.sub.10] status in blood mononuclear cells, skeletal muscle, and plasma by HPLC with di-propoxy-coenzyme [Q.sub.10] as an internal standard. Duncan, Andrew J.; Heales, Simon J.R.; Mills, Kevin; Eaton, Simon; Land, John M.; Hargreaves, Iain P Dec 1, 2005 2546
Automated assay for the determination of methylmalonic acid, total homocysteine, and related amino acids in human serum or plasma by means of methylchloroformate derivatization and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Windelberg, Amrei; Arseth, Ove; Kvalheim, Gry; Ueland, Per Magne Nov 1, 2005 5089
Automated spectrophotometric analysis of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex enzyme activities in cultured skin fibroblasts. Kramer, Karen A.; Oglesbee, Devin; Hartman, Stacy J.; Huey, Joe; Anderson, Bambi; Magera, Mark J.; M Clinical report Nov 1, 2005 5506
Biological variation of vitamins in blood of healthy individuals. Talwar, Dinesh K.; Azharuddin, Mohammed K.; Williamson, Cathy; Teoh, Yee Ping; McMillan, Donald C.; Nov 1, 2005 4677
Nonradioactive vitamin [B.sub.12] absorption test evaluated in controls and in patients with inherited malabsorption of vitamin [B.sub.12]. Bor, Mustafa Vakur; Cetin, Mualla; Aytac, Selin; Altay, Cigdem; Nexo, Ebba Nov 1, 2005 3012
Multianalyte quantification of vitamin [B.sub.6] and [B.sub.2] species in the nanomolar range in human plasma by liquid chromatography--tandem mass spectrometry. Midttun, Oivind; Hustad, Steinar; Solheim, Einar; Schneede, Jorn; Ueland, Per M. Jul 1, 2005 7168
Pilot study: coenzyme [Q.sub.10] relieved statin-induced pain. Jun 1, 2005 415
Coenzyme [Q.sub.10] eased statin-induced muscle pain. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 294
Age-related variations in acylcarnitine and free carnitine concentrations measured by tandem mass spectrometry. Cavedon, Catia Testa; Bourdoux, Pierre; Mertens, Karl; Van Thi, Hong Vien; Herremans, Nadine; de Lae Apr 1, 2005 6399
Effects of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy on markers of cobalamin status. Riedel, Bettina; Monsen, Anne-Lise Bjorke; Ueland, Per Magne; Schneede, Jorn Apr 1, 2005 2408
Biological variation of coenzyme [Q.sub.10]. Molyneux, Sarah L.; Florkowski, Christopher M.; Lever, Michael; George, Peter M. Feb 1, 2005 2385
Development and validation of an automated chemiluminometric immunoassay for human intrinsic factor antibodies in serum. Gomez, Elizabeth A.; Ehresmann, Daniel D.; Ledebuhr, Lisa K.; Eastvold, Mary L.; Singh, Ravinder J.; Jan 1, 2005 2253
Another use of coenzyme Q10: migraine prevention. Maurer, Richard Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 246
Urinary methylmalonic acid test may have greater value than the total homocysteine assay for screening elderly individuals for cobalamin deficiency. Norman, Eric J. Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2004 822
Holo-transcobalamin concentration and transcobalamin saturation reflect recent vitamin [B.sub.12] absorption better than does serum vitamin [B.sub.12]. Bor, Mustafa Vakur; Nexo, Ebba; Hvas, Anne-Mette Clinical report Jun 1, 2004 4246
Facts and recommendations about total homocysteine determinations: an expert opinion. Refsum, Helga; Smith, A. David; Ueland, Per M.; Nexo, Ebba; Clarke, Robert; McPartlin, Joseph; Johns Jan 1, 2004 21379
Cobalamin status and its biochemical markers methylmalonic acid and homocysteine in different age groups from 4 days to 19 years. Monsen, Anne-Lise Bjorke; Refsum, Helga; Markestad, Trond; Ueland, Per Magne Dec 1, 2003 5791
Mild transcobalamin I (haptocorrin) deficiency and low serum cobalamin concentrations. Carmel, Ralph Clinical report Aug 1, 2003 6115
Cobalamin status (holo-transcobalamin, methylmalonic acid) and folate as determinants of homocysteine concentration. Obeid, Rima; Jouma, Muhidien; Herrmann, Wolfgang Nov 1, 2002 1767
Holo-transcobalamin is an early marker of changes in cobalamin homeostasis. A randomized placebo-controlled study. Nexo, Ebba; Hvas, Anne-Mette; Bleie, Oyvind; Refsum, Helga; Fedosov, Sergey N.; Vollset, Stein Emil; Clinical report Oct 1, 2002 2139
Riboflavin, flavin mononucleotide, and flavin adenine dinucleotide in human plasma and erythrocytes at baseline and after low-dose riboflavin supplementation. Hustad, Steinar; McKinley, Michelle C.; McNulty, Helene; Schneede, Jorn; Strain, J.J.; Scott, John M Clinical report Sep 1, 2002 4955
Highly sensitive cholesterol assay with enzymatic cycling applied to measurement of remnant lipoprotein-cholesterol in serum. Kishi, Koji; Ochiai, Koji; Ohta, Yohsuke; Uemura, Yahiro; Kanatani, Kazushi; Nakajima, Katsuyuki; Na May 1, 2002 2297
Measuring and interpreting holo-transcobalamin (holo-transcobalamin II). Carmel, Ralph Mar 1, 2002 1997
Direct assay for cobalamin bound to transcobalamin (holo-transcobalamin) in serum. Ulleland, Marius; Eilertsen, Ingar; Quadros, Edward V.; Rothenberg, Sheldon P.; Fedosov, Sergey N.; Mar 1, 2002 4543
HPLC analysis of reduced and oxidized coenzyme [Q.sub.10] in human plasma. Tang, Peter H.; Miles, Michael V.; Degrauw, Antonius; Hershey, Andrew; Pesce, Amadeo Feb 1, 2001 8004
Failure of assay to identify low cobalamin concentrations. Carmel, Ralph; Brar, Shabneet; Agrawal, Atul; Penha, P. Daniel; Emancipator, Ken; Mansbach, Lillian; Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2000 2177
Evaluation of indicators of cobalamin deficiency defined as cobalamin-induced reduction in increased serum methylmalonic acid. Bolann, Bjorn J.; Solli, Jan Dag; Schneede, Jorn; Grottum, Kjell A.; Loraas, Arne; Stokkeland, Morga Nov 1, 2000 5222
Measurement of transcobalamin by ELISA. Nexo, Ebba; Christensen, Anna-Lisa; Petersen, Torben E.; Fedosov, Sergey N. Oct 1, 2000 4393
Riboflavin as a determinant of plasma total homocysteine: effect modification by the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T polymorphism. Hustad, Steinar; Ueland, Per Magne; Vollset, Stein Emil; Zhang, Ying; Bjorke-Monsen, Anne Lise; Schn Aug 1, 2000 4562
Cobalamin and folate evaluation: measurement of methylmalonic acid and homocysteine vs vitamin [B.sub.12] and folate. Klee, George G. Aug 1, 2000 5389
Comparison of serum and plasma methylmalonic acid measurements in l3 laboratories: an international study. Pfeiffer, Christine M.; Smith, S. Jay; Miller, Dayton T.; Gunter, Elaine W. Dec 1, 1999 4360
Quantification of riboflavin, flavin mononucleotide, and flavin adenine dinucleotide in human plasma by capillary electrophoresis and laser-induced fluorescence detection. Hustad, Steinar; Ueland, Per Magne; Schneede, Jorn Jun 1, 1999 4915
Cobalamin deficiency in general practice. Assessment of the diagnostic utility and cost-benefit analysis of methylmalonic acid determination in relation to current diagnostic strategies. Holleland, Geir; Schneede, Jorn; Ueland, Per Magne; Lund, Per Kristian; Refsum, Helga; Sandberg, Sve Feb 1, 1999 6412
Correlation between total homocysteine and cyclosporine concentrations in cardiac transplant recipients. Cole, David E.C.; Ross, Heather J.; Evrovski, Jovan; Langman, Loralie J.; Miner, Steven E.S.; Daly, Report Nov 1, 1998 3928
A microassay to assess the oxidative resistance of low-density lipoproteins. Ujhelyi, Laszlo; Balla, Jozsef; Muszbek, Laszlo; Kakuk, Gyorgy; Belcher, John; Jacob, Harry S.; Verc Aug 1, 1998 1786
Determination of D-lactate by enzymatic methods in biological fluids: study of interferences. Marti, Ramon; Varela, Encarna; Segura, Rosa M.; Alegre, Jose; Surinach, Jose M.; Pascual, Carles Jun 1, 1997 3608
Population screening for the common G985 mutation causing medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency with Eu-labeled oligonucleotides and the DELFIA system. Seddon, Helen R.; Gray, George; Pollitt, Rodney J.; Iitia, Antti; Green, Anne Mar 1, 1997 4527
Origins of life: keys to an early chemical. Liplin, Richard Brief Article Mar 4, 1995 470
Beyond vitamin. Schmidt, Stephen Mar 1, 1995 1302
Coenzyme structure. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 168
Coenzyme A. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 135
Acetylcoenzyme A. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 118
Coenzyme. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 300

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