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CodeMesh Releases Whitepaper on Java/C++ Interoperability.

In-process Integration Highlighted as a Fast, Secure and Reliable Alternative to Web Services and the Enterprise Service Bus

CARLISLE, Mass. -- CodeMesh, Inc., the leading provider of solutions for integrating programming languages, today announced the availability of a free whitepaper, "JunC++ion: Java[TM]/C++ Integration without Pain." The paper explores the strengths of in-process integration as an ideal solution for cross-language integration problems involving Java and C++.

In-process integration is a middleware alternative that doesn't require the external processes or servers that alternative approaches require. In some cases, in-process integration is a strategic alternative for certain integration situations.

"Integrating Java and C++ can be expensive and fraught with risk," said Alexander Krapf, president and co-founder of CodeMesh, Inc. "Today's integration toolbox contains a variety of tools. Web services and ESBs require inter-process communications to achieve integration. That's appropriate for distributed systems, but it is complete overkill for bridging programming language gaps. This whitepaper provides a detailed examination of in-process integration and explains why it as an ideal option for integrating Java and C++ quickly, securely and reliably."

CodeMesh's unique in-process integration technology makes it possible for customers to quickly and easily publish C++ or .NET versions of Java products. CodeMesh gives customers unprecedented agility to take advantage of service-oriented architectures (SOAs) by enabling easy and inexpensive mixing and matching of enterprise components. This lean integration approach results in improved security, less communication overhead and performance that is faster by orders of magnitude. CodeMesh is the only company to offer integration capabilities for Java to C++ and Java to .NET.

The whitepaper is immediately available at

About CodeMesh, Inc.

CodeMesh provides solutions for programming language integration. CodeMesh products allow businesses' programming environments to become more integrated and efficient without becoming more complicated. JunC++ion is part of a series of integration solutions designed to ease organizations' problems with integrating other technologies into the Java environment. Our growing customer list includes industry leading telecommunications, financial, manufacturing, defense, and medical corporations.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 28, 2006
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