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Cobia craziness.

Your "Openers" column in the March issue about the proposed cobia limit is right on the money. As an avid fisherman here in Southwest Florida I know that many of the regulations coming out of Washington and Tallahassee are not based on science but rather on the whims of bureaucrats far removed from the real world of fishing. I talk (and listen) to fishing veterans who are very interested in conservation and have a good handle on the true population of various fish species. If those making up regulations would do the same "before" they ask for comment on a specific proposed regulation, they would find that many of the regulations would not be needed.

George Pacharis

Ft. Myers Beach

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Title Annotation:LETTERS & EMAILS
Author:Pacharis, George
Publication:Florida Sportsman
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:May 1, 2011
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