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Acotec--Jurunature JV to manufacture Humidur products in Malaysia. Jun 16, 2022 321
AkzoNobel introduces mosquito-repellent coating. Jun 13, 2022 178
Design Analysis and Test Verification of Double-Layer Gradient Coating Reinforced Concrete Flexural Strength. Pei, Qiang; Xiang, Yihan; Hu, Shuncai; Bao, Yiwang; Li, Weihong Jun 6, 2022 7887
Jotun's new tool forecasts carbon intensity of vessel ops. Jun 2, 2022 668
Belgian group Acotec launches revolutionary coating solution. Jun 2, 2022 683
BMW Group uses sustainable coatings made from bio-waste. Jun 2, 2022 404
Getting fire-resistant using. Jun 2, 2022 532
Friction reducing coating. Jun 1, 2022 186
Challenges in Latin America Compound. Thurston, Charles W. Jun 1, 2022 2478
GLIDDEN Paint Brand By PPG Announces Entry Into Spray Paint Category With GLIDDEN MAX FLEX. Jun 1, 2022 398
British Coatings Federation Launches Trace VOC Globe. Jun 1, 2022 341
Predicting the Stability of Double Fortified Salt by Determining the Coating Quality of the Encapsulated Iron Premix. Siddiqui, Juveria; Modupe, Oluwasegun; Vatandoust, Azadeh; Diosady, Levente L. May 31, 2022 6097
Application of Supramolecular Polymer Nanoparticles in Controlled Release System of Anticancer Drugs. Ma, Zhichao; Qi, Jie May 30, 2022 6323
BRIN creates fruit coating solution from palm oil derivative products. May 30, 2022 294
BRIN creates fruit coating solution from palm oil derivative products. May 30, 2022 289
Study on Preparation and Properties of High-Strength Nano-Ceramic Coating on the Surface of Steel Structure Connectors. Wang, Hui Report May 29, 2022 5694
Investigation on the Effect of Butyl Acrylate (nBA) to Improve the Toughness Properties of Methacrylate-Based Waterproofing Adhesive Material (MMA) for the Steel Bridge Deck. Zhang, Mengya May 27, 2022 6060
BASF expands automotive coatings center in India. David Leggett May 25, 2022 264
Student company creates heat insulation coating. May 25, 2022 340
Nippon Paint Lanka accredited by Great Place to WorkA(r). May 20, 2022 661
BASF and BMW Group rely on renewable raw materials for automotive coatings. May 13, 2022 251
How much do veneers cost in Turkey? By: Times News Service May 11, 2022 1157
Belgian group Acotec launches revolutionary coating solution. May 10, 2022 463
Analysis of Physical, Ocular, and Aquaphobic Properties of Zirconium Oxide Nanofilms by Varying Sputtering Pressure. Kumar, Sujit; Dave, Vikramaditya; Krishnan, Muthamil Bala; Amudha, V.; Gomathi, S.; Soni, Sanjay; Je May 6, 2022 4850
Effect of Nanoparticles on Wire Surface Coating Using Viscoelastic Third-Grade Fluid as a Coating Polymer inside Permeable Covering Die with Variable Viscosity and Magnetic Field. Khan, Zeeshan; Khan, Ilyas; Ahammad, N. Ameer; Basha, D. Baba; Andualem, Mulugeta May 6, 2022 5649
Robbialac amongst the most loved brands in Sri Lanka. May 5, 2022 428
Robbialac amongst the most loved brands in Sri Lanka. Daily Financial Times May 5, 2022 439
Inside JCTR: Amphiphilic Marine Coating Systems and Anti-graffiti Coatings. May 1, 2022 234
TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS. Procopio, Leo Conference news May 1, 2022 4671
BIOBASED COATINGS Collaboration at the Intersection of Innovation, Ecology, and Economics. Gosselin, Cynthia A. May 1, 2022 4309
WATER BORNE RESINS for Industrial Wood Coatings. Carson, Terri; Morris, Laurie; Bohannon, Jim May 1, 2022 2428
Infrared Spectroscopy in the Analysis, Characterization, and Testing of Coatings. Cwalina, Colin May 1, 2022 622
BASF Opens New Auto Refinish Lab. May 1, 2022 307
PPG PITT-CHAR NX Coating System Awarded Independent Verification of Enhanced Durability. May 1, 2022 217
CLASSIFIEDS. May 1, 2022 2078
Effective parameters of dielectric absorption of polymeric insulation with semiconductor coatings of power high voltage cables. Bezprozvannych, G.V.; Grynyshyna, M.V. Report May 1, 2022 3834
Effect of Ti-Based Thin Solid Films on Tribological and Mechanical Properties of AL7075-T7351. Kim, Dohyeon; Kim, Hyunji; Im, Sunghoon; Jeong, Hyomin; Noh, Jungpil; Huh, Sunchul Apr 25, 2022 5423
Multiparametric Optimization on Influence of Ethanol and Biodiesel Blends on Nanocoated Engine by Full Factorial Design. Venkatesh, A. P.; Latchoumi, T. P.; Chezhian Babu, S.; Balamurugan, K.; Ganesan, S.; Ruban, M.; Mulu Apr 22, 2022 5655
The Alkaline Resistance of Waterborne Acrylic Polymer/SiO[sub.2] Nanocomposite Coatings. Thuy, Hoang Thi Huong; Ha, Hoang Thu; Vuong, Nguyen Thien; Nguyen, Tuan Anh Apr 22, 2022 3427
Osteoblastic Cell Responses of Copper Nanoparticle Coatings on Ti-6Al-7Nb Alloy Using Electrophoretic Deposition Method. Hameed, Hanan Ali; Hasan, Haider Ali; Luddin, Norhayati; Husein, Adam; Ariffin, Azirrawani; Alam, Mo Report Apr 19, 2022 6602
Goldshield reports study findings showing its antimicrobial coating GS75 continuously kills COVID-19 and its variants on PPE and other materials. Apr 14, 2022 183
Preparation of self-healing hydrophobic coating and its anticorrosion property. Ma, Conghuan; Li, Jiahong; Wang, Jianyu; Bian, Da; Zhao, Yongwu Report Apr 1, 2022 4949
Current Trends in Interior Architectural Coatings: Industry Experts Weigh In on What is New and Now. Procopio, Leo J. Apr 1, 2022 4192
Diving Deeper into VOCs: Predicting Formulation Component GC-MS Response Factor Using Quantitative Structure-activity Relationships Coupled with Artificial Neural Networks. Lum, Jessica; Schultz, Madeline; Sapper, Erik Report Apr 1, 2022 4066
New Ways to Spray. Scarborough, Victoria Apr 1, 2022 541
PPG Polysiloxane Coatings Certified C4H for Corrosion Protection. Apr 1, 2022 262
Russian Coating Industry Braced for Impact of the Ukraine War. Apr 1, 2022 1471
A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis of Biomedical Mg Alloy and Surface Coatings in Orthopedic Application. Lu, XinYue; Cai, HongXin; Li, Yu Ru; Zheng, Xinru; Yun, Jiahao; Li, Wenhui; Geng, XiaoYu Report Mar 31, 2022 18703
Application of Machine Learning in the Reliability Evaluation of Pipelines for the External Anticorrosion Coating. Zhao, Zhifeng; Chen, Mingyuan; Fan, Heng; Zhang, Nailu Mar 24, 2022 4675
Lankem Robbialac launches Imperial White collection. Mar 24, 2022 360
U.S. Federal Agency Interests and Key Considerations for New Approach Methodologies for Nanomaterials. Petersen, Elijah J.; Ceger, Patricia; Allen, David G.; Coyle, Jayme; Derk, Raymond; Reyero, Natalia Mar 22, 2022 20757
Study on Lubrication-Photothermal Synergistic Deicing of CNT Coating on Wind Turbine Blades. He, Jianjun; Tian, Huanyu; Yang, Kaijun; Jie, Jun; Chen, Biao; Shu, Zhonghu; Bao, Jiangyong Mar 11, 2022 4621
Findings of probe into dust coating revealed. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR Mar 10, 2022 874
Technological advances propel paints market to reach $212bn. Mar 10, 2022 552
Fluoride Coatings on Magnesium Alloy Implants. Zhai, ChuanYao; Dai, Chun Yu; Lv, Xun; Shi, Biying; Li, Yu Ru; Yang, Yifan; Fan, Di Mar 7, 2022 11399
A Comprehensive Review of the Development of Carbohydrate Macromolecules and Copper Oxide Nanocomposite Films in Food Nanopackaging. Mesgari, Mohammad; Aalami, Amir Hossein; Sathyapalan, Thozhukat; Sahebkar, Amirhossein Mar 5, 2022 20976
Acotec unveils special one-layer protection coating for wind industry. Mar 5, 2022 320
Silicone coating extends life of PCB components. Mar 1, 2022 639
Does Different Application Procedures Effect Hardness of Self Adherable Materials?/Farkli Uygulama Prosedurleri Kendinden Baglanabilen Restoratif Materyallerin Sertligini Etkiler mi? Yazkan, Basak; Recen, Duygu Report Mar 1, 2022 3802
AMR: Coating Additives Market to Reach $15 Billion by 2030. Mar 1, 2022 455
AkzoNobel Launches Interpon Futura Powder Coating Collection. Mar 1, 2022 307
PPG PITT-CHAR NX Coating System Awarded Independent Verification of Enhanced Durability. Mar 1, 2022 217
Vietnamese Paint & Coating Industry. Singh, Yogender Mar 1, 2022 1243
Mankiewicz Coating Solutions and MAAS Aviation Created Special Bentley Livery for BBJ Owners. Mar 1, 2022 281
ELKEM SILICONES. Mar 1, 2022 432
SIEGWERK. Mar 1, 2022 556
Trackinq Developments from SCAQMD. McAuliffe, Heidi Mar 1, 2022 1811
Mar/Scratch Resistance: Part 2. Hegedus, Charlie Mar 1, 2022 886
Investigation of Various Coating Resins for Optimal Anticorrosion and Mechanical Properties of Mild Steel Surface in NaCl Solution. Gujjar, Sandeep V.; Nadar, Nandini; Choudhary, Kanaram; Hunashyal, Anand M.; Shahapurkar, Kiran; Muj Feb 28, 2022 4453
Investigation on Hot Corrosion Behaviour of Inconel 625 and Incoloy 800H Superalloys with YSZ-Thermal Barrier Coating Under High-Temperature Environment for Bioreactor Applications. Kamatchi Hariharan, M.; Anderson, A.; Praveenkumar, T. R.; Mosisa, Endalkachew Feb 24, 2022 3966
Experimental study on removal of phenol formaldehyde resin coating from the abrasive disc and preparation of abrasive disc for polishing application. Sabarinathan, P.; Annamalai, V. E.; Vishal, K.; Nitin, M.S.; Natrayan, L.; Veeeman, Dhinakaran; Mamm Feb 23, 2022 4284
Microstructure, Mechanical, and Nanotribological Properties of Ni, Ni-TiN, and Ni[sub.90]Cu[sub.10]-TiN Films Processed by Reactive Magnetron Cosputtering. Kumar, Mukesh; Sharma, Ashutosh Feb 23, 2022 4233
Experimental Investigations on the Effect of Reinforcement Coating on Magnesium Composites for Automotive Brake Pad. Venugopal, S.; Karikalan, L.; Kumar, R. Feb 18, 2022 4977
An Investigation into the Evolution Law of Young's Modulus of Polyurethane Coatings with Diluent Contents by Microstructure-Based Tests. Xie, Chao; Lin, Xiaoxu; Wang, Qicai; Yu, Bentian; Li, Sheng Feb 18, 2022 5855
Enhanced Bioactivity of Pomegranate Peel Extract following Controlled Release from CaCO[sub.3] Nanocrystals. Baldassarre, Francesca; Vergaro, Viviana; De Castro, Federica; Biondo, Francesca; Suranna, Gian Paol Feb 12, 2022 12037
First Look at American Coatings Conference 2022. Conference news Feb 1, 2022 2834
Carbon Capture Coatings. Gosselin, Cynthia A. Feb 1, 2022 2367
Thermal Insulation Coatings: Controlling Heat Flow with a Functional Coating. Procopio, Leo J. Feb 1, 2022 5826
Waterborne Epoxy Coating: Lifting Performance for Tomorrow. Potts, Adrian Feb 1, 2022 2302
Automated Dynamic Testing for Drying, Hardness, and Adhesion of Paints, Coating, and Adhesives. Obie, Ronald I.; Anderson, Cameron R. Feb 1, 2022 7483
Coating Innovations for Electric Vehicles. Scarborough, Victoria Feb 1, 2022 511
Ashland: always solving. Feb 1, 2022 880
PPG Invests $10 Million to Expand Automotive OEM Coatings Production in Germany. Feb 1, 2022 279
Teknos Participates in Large Research Project To Develop Bio-Based Binders and Coatings. Feb 1, 2022 380
Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings Introduces Aircraft Color Visualizer Tool. Feb 1, 2022 307
Polychem Powder Releases 2022-2023 Color Trend Palettes. Feb 1, 2022 196
Overview of Indian Paint & Coating Industry in 2021. Singh, Yogender Feb 1, 2022 1111
AkzoNobel Offers Anti-Viral Coating for the South East & South Asia Market: Pamela Phua, Product Management Director, Decorative Paints, South East & South Asia, AkzoNobel speaks with Coatings World about their product offerings related to health and wellness. Pianoforte, Kerry Feb 1, 2022 1298
Get your coat: A look at the current market for optical coatings and some of the products and solutions available. Feb 1, 2022 1403
Application of Porcine Kidney-Derived Extracellular Matrix as Coating, Hydrogel, and Scaffold Material for Renal Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cell. Lee, Eun Hye; Chun, So Young; Yoon, Bo Hyun; Kim, Hyun Tae; Chung, Jae-Wook; Lee, Jun Nyung; Ha, Yun Report Jan 28, 2022 7385
Design, Preparation, and Evaluation of Enteric Coating Formulation of HPMC and Eudragit L100 on Carboxylated Agarose Hydrogel by Using Drug Tartrazine. Khan, Muhammad Junaid; Huang, Wen-Can; Akhlaq, Muhammad; Raza, Sajid; Hamadou, Alkassoumi Hassane; Y Report Jan 28, 2022 4166
Coating used for coastal defence; 'wonder material' applied to flood gates. COREENA FORD Business writer @@Scoopford Jan 18, 2022 369
The Tribological Behavior of Nanocrystalline TiO[sub.2] Coating Produced by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation. Abbasi, S.; Mahboob, A.; Bakhtiari Zamani, H.; Bilesan, M. R.; Repo, E.; Hakimi, A. Jan 17, 2022 5798
Study of Various Epoxy-Based Surface Coating Techniques for Anticorrosion Properties. Ramakrishnan, T; Raja Karthikeyan, K; Tamilselvan, V; Sivakumar, S; Gangodkar, Durgaprasad; Radha, H Jan 13, 2022 6029
UK weather: Met Office issues severe yellow weather warning as flights could be cancelled; There is a high risk of fog coating the country and causing disruption. By, Ryan Fahey & Beth Gulliver Jan 13, 2022 366
Extraction, Purification, Optimization, and Application of Galactomannan-Based Edible Coating Formulations for Guava Using Response Surface Methodology. Ainee, Ammara; Hussain, Sarfraz; Nadeem, Muhammad; Al-Hilphy, Asaad R.; Siddeeg, Azhari Jan 11, 2022 5814
American Coatings Conference 2022: Pre-conference Tutorials. Conference news Jan 1, 2022 943
Inside jCTR: Articles From the 2020 International Society of Coatings Science and Technology Conference. Jan 1, 2022 214
ACA Comments on EPA's Proposed Amendments to the National VOC Emission Standards for Aerosol Coatings. Jan 1, 2022 756
Nanotechnology in the World of Paints and Coatings. Gosselin, Cynthia A. Jan 1, 2022 1637
Perspectives on Paint and Coatings Research from Independent Laboratories. Procopio, Leo J. Discussion Jan 1, 2022 7449
How to Achieve Faster Dry Times and More with High-performance Catalysts in Low-VOC Alkyd Coating. Abbey, Allison; Rozek, Loulou; Shumba, Maxwell Jan 1, 2022 3604
Mar/Scratch Resistance: Part 1. Hegedus, Charlie Jan 1, 2022 753
Improving processability for in-mold coating formulations. Cai, Kaiyu; Zhang, Dan; Straus, Elliott J.; Villarreal, Maria G.; Castro, Jose M. Jan 1, 2022 5573
Quarantine Drives Growth for DIY Projects. Pianoforte, Kerry Jan 1, 2022 328
PPG Earns R&D 100 Recognition for Paint, Coatings Technologies. Jan 1, 2022 309
PPG Receives Two Prestigious Awards from British Coatings Federation. Jan 1, 2022 257
PPG Inaugurates Expanded Packaging Coatings Innovation Centre, Europe. Jan 1, 2022 374
ASTM Promotes Quality in Latin America. Thurston, Charles W. Jan 1, 2022 1149
Evonik Launches New Heat Stable Hardener. Jan 1, 2022 176
AkzoNobel Makes Marine Coatings Donation To Civilian Hospital Ship Africa Mercy At Dryclocking. Jan 1, 2022 205
Characterization of TiZrN and TaZrN Nanocomposite Multilayer Coating Deposited via RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering on AISI4140 Steel. Hariharan, R.; Raja, R.; Golden Renjith Nimal, R. J.; Refaai, Mohamad Reda A.; Ravi, S; Allasi, Hait Dec 22, 2021 5172
Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings introduces aircraft colour visualiser tool. Dec 18, 2021 324
Effect of Hafnium Coating on Osseointegration of Titanium Implants: A Split Mouth Animal Study. Rajaraman, Vaishnavi; Nallaswamy, Deepak; Ganapathy, Dhanraj; Rajeshkumar, S.; Ariga, Padma; Ganesh, Dec 15, 2021 5393
The Investigation of Mixed Ferrofluids Containing Iron Oxide nanoparticles and Microspheres. Ganachari, Sharanabasava V.; Patil, Veerabhadragouda B.; Banapurmath, Nagaraj R.; Soudagar, Manzoore Dec 9, 2021 5390
A market set to grow to $4.5bn by 2027. Dec 8, 2021 469
Cortec unveils anti-corrosion pills. Dec 8, 2021 576
Making waves in cosmic ripple detection: LIGO scientists have developed a new mirror coating that could dramatically increase the observatory's detection rate of gravitational waves. Dec 1, 2021 1246
Silicon coating optimises ultrafast laser optics. Dec 1, 2021 561
How a new spectroradiometer drastically improved filter quality: Together with partner CEC (Cutting-Edge-Coatings GmbH) Admesy helped to improve the accuracy of demanding filter coatings deposited by its ion beam sputtering machine by a large margin. Dec 1, 2021 717
Synergistic Effect of Methyl Cellulose and Carvacrol Coating on Physicochemical and Microbial Attributes of Mango (Mangifera indica) Fruit in Postharvest Storage. Minh, Nguyen Phuoc Dec 1, 2021 4828
Contract Services Cross Reference. Dec 1, 2021 1952
Evaluation of Freeze-Thaw Durability of Silica Fume Concrete with Spraying Inorganic Coating Using Ultrasonic Testing. Yan, Wujian; Niu, Fuhang; Tian, Xinxin Dec 1, 2021 7421
The wear of PVD coated elements in oscillation motion at high temperature. Report Dec 1, 2021 2900
AkzoNobel Pakistan launches Dulux Assurance Programme. Nov 12, 2021 333
Getting Back to Business. Pianoforte, Kenny Nov 1, 2021 344
Russia To Declare War on Counterfeit Coatings. Vorotnikov, Vladislav Nov 1, 2021 1541
DCL Corporation. Nov 1, 2021 384
Siltech Corporation. Nov 1, 2021 447
Sun Chemical. Nov 1, 2021 368
Distributors Regional Cross Reference. Nov 1, 2021 666
Update: Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) VOC Rulemakings. Nov 1, 2021 390
EPA Proposes Amendment Rulemaking for National VOC Emission Standards for Aerosol Coatings. Nov 1, 2021 463
Informed commentary on the coatings industry: The Challenges of Using Artificial Intelligence in Coatings Development. Floyd, F. Louis Nov 1, 2021 1402
2022 COATINCSTECH BUYERS GUIDE. List Nov 1, 2021 3333
Axalta Coating reports Q3 adjusted EPS 39c, consensus 34c. Oct 25, 2021 202
Action to eliminate lead paint hazards in SA. Oct 25, 2021 561
Dow Thailand announces a 100% acrylic polymer for waterborne pavement markings that offers improved safety, durability, and ease of use. Oct 23, 2021 369
OP-ED: Hate-mongering with a religious coating. Oct 17, 2021 815
Polyurethane coating for wood application formulated from PET bottles. Oct 2, 2021 236
Improving processability for in-mold coating formulations: Part II: Two-reinforcement formulations. Cai, Kaiyu; Zhang, Dan; Straus, Elliott J.; Villarreal, Maria G.; Castro, Jose M. Report Oct 1, 2021 4245
A New Coatings Champion: Champion Painting Specialty Services is getting to work in Alaska. Anderson, Tasha Oct 1, 2021 1236
Inside JCTR: Oxazoline-based Crosslinking Reaction and Accelerated Test Method for Dirt Pick-up Resistance. Oct 1, 2021 196
The History and Benefits of Antimicrobial Coatings. Gosselin, Cynthia A. Oct 1, 2021 1138
RHEOLOGY MODIFIERS ROUNDTABLE Q&A. Discussion Oct 1, 2021 2543
A Biobased, Zero-VOC Coalescent for Architectural and Industrial Coatings. Donnelly, Zuzanna Oct 1, 2021 3909
Improving Coating Performance with Biobased Epoxy Resins Derived from. Oct 1, 2021 2604
New Products. Oct 1, 2021 519
Exploring Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: Part 2. Hegedus, Charlie Oct 1, 2021 691
Color of the Year 2022 Rolls with the Breeze for AkzoNobel Coil Coatings. Oct 1, 2021 262
Student of the Year and Coatings Care Finalists Announced by the British Coatings Federation. Oct 1, 2021 250
MIPA Takes Over Business Segment from Klumpp Coatings. Oct 1, 2021 346
Global Coating Additives Market Valued at $8 Billion in 2020: Fact.MR. Oct 1, 2021 189
Growing Oil and Gas Industry Creating Demand for Steel Pipe Coatings. Oct 1, 2021 262
MarketsandMarkets: Acrylic Resins Market Worth $21.9 Billion by 2025. Oct 1, 2021 344
PPG Introduces New SIGMA SAILADVANCE NX Marine Coating. Oct 1, 2021 437
TIGER Drylac Launches Six New Super Durable Polyester Colors. Oct 1, 2021 185
IFS Coatings Introduce PureClad Primers. Oct 1, 2021 240
South Korea--Hub of Marine Paint and Coatings. Singh, Yogender Oct 1, 2021 1253
Wheel Refurbishing Program Delivers Ideal Solution for Commercial Transport Vehicles: PPG's new powder coating-based system restores wheels to like-new condition. McQuillan, John Oct 1, 2021 691
CHINACOAT 2021 Offers In-Person and Online' Options. Pianoforte, Kerry Oct 1, 2021 722
Edward Cohen, web-coating expert, dies at 84. Obituary Oct 1, 2021 378
SUPERIOR TAPE & LABEL. Lamanna, Rock Oct 1, 2021 1768
UV FLEXO COATINGS. Oct 1, 2021 200
Axalta Coating withdraws FY21 guidance amid supply chain shortages. Sep 20, 2021 368
Axalta Coating to showcase coatings for electric vehicle batteries. Sep 7, 2021 260
Element expands its accreditation scope. Sep 5, 2021 318
Hempel launches Hempafire Pro. Sep 5, 2021 261
Element expands UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation. Sep 5, 2021 275
TIN WHISKERS Eliminated by Slight Alloying with Indium: The indium additive relieves stresses that drive whisker growth. Dutta, Indranath Sep 1, 2021 1162
Sika to Divest European Industrial Coatings Business to Sherwin-Williams. Sep 1, 2021 291
Shortlist Announced for the British Coatings Federation's 2021 Awards. Sep 1, 2021 179
Waterborne Chlorinated and Non-Chlorinated Modified Polyolefin Adhesion Promoters for TPO Roof Coatings. Andrade, Andrew E.; Dager, Priscilla Sep 1, 2021 809
PPG Products Used on 13, 35 and 5 Hudson Yards New York, NY. Sep 1, 2021 640
Linseed oil derived terpolymer/silica nanocomposite materials for anticorrosive coatings. Alam, Manawwer; Alandis, Naser M.; Zafar, Fahmina; Ghosal, Anujit; Ahmed, Mukhtar Report Sep 1, 2021 6139
Perspectives on the Continued Pursuit of Sustainable Solutions. Barrineau, Jacqui Sep 1, 2021 1295
Low VOC Topcoats Using Ultra High Solids Resins. Haldankar, Gautam; Pfendt, Niel Sep 1, 2021 2837
Novel Hydrolytically Stable Silane Additives for Improving the Performance of Waterborne Acrylic Roof Coatings. Sep 1, 2021 4483
The Utilization of Activated Carbon as an Antimicrobial Agent: Against Various Pathogens for Biomedical Applications. Klusman, Chloe; Gunter, Zoe; Broadhead, Heather Sep 1, 2021 1524
Silicone sponge gasket coating provides ESD protection. Sep 1, 2021 353
RELEASE COATING. Sep 1, 2021 218
A Well-Posed and Effective High-Order Impedance Boundary Condition for the Time-Harmonic Scattering Problem from a Multilayer Coated 3-D Object. Stupfel, Bruno; Payen, Pierre; Lafitte, Olivier Report Sep 1, 2021 5798
Investigation of Friction and Wear Performance of Diamond Coating under [Si.sub.3][N.sub.4] Friction Pair. Lu, Feng; Wang, Yueyao; Li, Huixin; Hao, Tianen; Fu, Zhengwei; Yan, Guangyu Sep 1, 2021 4081
Forward Roll Coating of a Williamson's Material onto a Moving Web: A Theoretical Study. Zahid, M.; Siddique, I.; Saleem, S.; Al-Zubaidi, A.; Rana, M. A.; Zafar, M. Aug 23, 2021 5179
Do I need to replace all of my galvanized pipes? Jeanne Huber Special To The Washington Post Aug 21, 2021 819
Biosafety of Nanoparticles Used in Orthodontics--A Literature Review. Mobeen, Nausheen; Kishore, Shreya; Gandhi, Rasiga; Duraisamy, Sangeetha; Ravi, K. Aug 9, 2021 5364
A new reutilization strategy of waste printed circuit board nonmetal powders for constructing superhydrophobic coatings. Liu, Wei; Hu, Dechao; Liu, Huaqing; Ma, Wenshi Report Aug 1, 2021 3401
Inside the JCTR: Failure Prediction of Waterborne Barrier Coatings and [CO.sub.2]-triggered WPUA. Aug 1, 2021 223
EPA to Initiate Amendment Rulemaking for National VOC Emission Standards for Aerosol Coatings. Aug 1, 2021 620
Facilitating Coatings Product Development with Artificial Intelligence. Aug 1, 2021 1422
Industry Advancements in Exterior Durability of Coatings. Challener, Cynthia Aug 1, 2021 2099
New Waterborne Coatings Formulations With Liquid EPDM Dispersion. Brust, Gregory J.; Jacquin, John D.; Elastomers, Lion Aug 1, 2021 4404
Exploring Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. Column Aug 1, 2021 713
Crystalline supermirrors to advance sensing and detecting: Researchers and industry partners have developed a low loss mid-infrared mirror using a crystalline coating technology. Aug 1, 2021 1300
Edge Encapsulation Boosts PLA Coating Speed. Aug 1, 2021 463
Zeolite Socony Mobil-Five Coating on Ti-24 Nb-4 Zr-7.9 Sn Promotes Biocompatibility and Osteogenesis In Vitro and In Vivo. Hang, Xiaodong; Liu, Xiaohan; Hu, Ying; Jiao, Yilai; Wu, Lin Report Jul 30, 2021 4347
Global epoxy resin market to hit $10.7bn in five years. Jul 25, 2021 181
Performance coating market to rise to $102bn. Jul 22, 2021 375
Nano coatings: most efficient technology. Jul 6, 2021 496
Improving Corrosion Resistance on Surface-Alloyed Butterfly Valves: A recent study explored how to improve cast surface-alloying to impart high local wear and corrosion resistance to less expensive, common industrial materials. Rane, Kaustubh; Beining, Michael; Behera, Swaroop; Kordijazi, Amir; P., Ajay Kumar; Rohatgi, Pradeep Jul 1, 2021 2356
Non-lsocyanate Coatings with Fast Return to Service and Excellent Appearance for Industrial Flooring Application. Brauer, Ulises; Tomes, Phillip; Haldankar, Gautam Jul 1, 2021 4533
PPG Supplies Rex Airlines with Coatings For Aircraft Livery Repaint. Jul 1, 2021 244
AkzoNobel and Partners On Verge of Breakthrough For Packaging Coatings. Jul 1, 2021 312
Greenkote Announces Advanced G5k Anti-corrosion Coating With Extended 5,000-hour Metal Protection. Jul 1, 2021 188
New Cutting-edge Coatings Available in Russia. Vorotnikov, Vladislav Jul 1, 2021 1421
A Growing Problem: How Marine Coatings Are Evolving To Tackle Biofouling. Jul 1, 2021 1285
Evonik, SI Coatings Develop Water-Based Primer for Polyamide Coatings. Jul 1, 2021 187
Synthesis and Applications of Polyacrylate based Water White Clear Polymeric Material Fortified with Carbon Nanotubes for Durable, Protective and Corrosion Resistance Coatings Used in Applied Automobile Industry. Sajjad Hassan, Mirza Nadeem Ahmad, Phool Shahzadi, Muhammad Naeem Khan, Muhammad Naveed Anjum and Mu Jun 30, 2021 2884
Nippon paint introduces VirusGuard+ to counter Covid19. Jun 25, 2021 420
Precision Coating. Jun 15, 2021 336
Evaluation of Corrosion Behavior by Measuring Passivation Current Density of Dental Implant Coated with Bioceramic Materials. Hameed, Hanan Ali; Hasan, Haider Ali; Alam, Mohammad Khursheed Report Jun 11, 2021 3228
DON'T HAVE A MELTDOWN! Glas, Brad Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2021 337
Experimental observation and finite element method modeling on scratch-induced delamination of multilayer polymeric structures. Du, Shuoran; Zhu, Zewen; Liu, Cong; Zhang, Tan; Hossain, Mohammad Motaher; Sue, Hung-Jue Report Jun 1, 2021 6135
Sherwin-Williams Wins Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2021. Jun 1, 2021 223
PPG Invests $13 Million to Expand Capacity, Enhance R&D at Jiading Site. Jun 1, 2021 286
Sikkens Wood Coatings Launches CETOL WF 98xx Range. Jun 1, 2021 366
A Success Story of a High Value-added Specialty Coating Manufacturer--Coatings World Interviews Nycote Laboratories. Shawhan, Gary; Yundt, John Jun 1, 2021 1558
South East Asian Automotive Paint Industry--Impact of COVID-19. Singh, Yogender Jun 1, 2021 967
Clariant Launches Low-VOC Pigment Dispersions for Architectural Coatings. Jun 1, 2021 178
Effects of Aerosil on the properties of silicone rubber. Minister, Frank; Lifton, Victor; Pisula, Wojciech Jun 1, 2021 3140
TiAlN coatings tribology for textile machinery parts. Hussain, Abrar; Podgursky, Vitali; Goljandin, Dmitri; Antonov, Maksim Jun 1, 2021 3882
DYPHOX Asia Sets Up Regional HQ in Singapore. Jun 1, 2021 754
May Issue of JCTR Spotlights Coatings Advances. Jun 1, 2021 685
ACS addressing COVID in the aircraft cabin. May 24, 2021 609
Get decades of protection with Hempel's time-tested coatings. May 5, 2021 586
March JCTR Explores Coatings Developments. May 1, 2021 683
Senate Reintroduces IMAGINE Act for Rebuilding American Infrastructure. May 1, 2021 584
Washington State PaintCare Operations Commence. May 1, 2021 767
Biobased Coatings: Making Initial Inroads. Challener, Cynthia May 1, 2021 4271
Driving Innovation Through University-Industry Partnerships. Scarborough, Victoria May 1, 2021 504
VinTech Nano Materials Launches ARMOR GFC Coating. May 1, 2021 312
Flying the Pure Skies: Leveraging material, color and design, London's PriestmanGoode offers airlines a way to regain the trust of the flying public. Grace, Robert May 1, 2021 2659
C[O.sub.2]-switchable materials for the rubber industry. Finn, Jim May 1, 2021 1192
Antimicrobial elastomers. May 1, 2021 180
A Path Loss Model for Link Budget Analysis of Indoor Visible Light Communications. Miramirkhani, Farshad Report May 1, 2021 3853
Coating method paves way for large-scale perovskite solar cell production: The sulfolane-additive process yields easy fabrication, low-cost, top performance and long operating life. May 1, 2021 1060
PS4m container coating investment will help Swire cut its emissions. Apr 21, 2021 243
New nanotech destroys bacteria, fungal cells. Apr 15, 2021 206
Nanoksi Finland unveils self-disinfecting nanocoating technology that prevents the spread of COVID-19 virus. Apr 6, 2021 235
Nanoksi Finland unveils self-disinfecting nanocoating technology that prevents the spread of COVID-19 virus. Apr 6, 2021 236
Nanoksi Finland unveils self-disinfecting nanocoating technology that prevents the spread of COVID-19 virus. Apr 6, 2021 234
Best Strategies for Disinfecting Surfaces. Apr 1, 2021 341
Inside JCTR: Improved Anticorrosion Properties. Apr 1, 2021 652
Evolving Requirements for Accelerated Testing of Paints and Coatings. Challener, Cynthia Apr 1, 2021 2188
IGL Coatings Wins Coating Specialists Of the Year 2021. Apr 1, 2021 165
Pharma Paint Launches MP 55 Antiviral Paint. Apr 1, 2021 153
Coatings World Company Profile: SILTECH CORP: Coatings Word Editor, Kerry Pianoforte recently had the opportunity to interview Robert Ruckle, global marketing and sales director at Siltech Corp. Pianoforte, Kerry Company overview Apr 1, 2021 871
Clariant Inaugurates South African Pigments Lab. Apr 1, 2021 208
Brush Up on New Paint Training: This NHPA training is available to Premier members. Visit to learn more. Apr 1, 2021 182
A novel carbon nanotube nanopaper polyurethane coating for fiber reinforced composite substrates. Zhang, Dan; Cai, Kaiyu; Pan, Junjie; Lee, L. James; Castro, Jose M. Report Apr 1, 2021 3960
Fabrication of Zirconia by Co-Precipitation Method; Their Structural Phase Effects, Mechanical and Biological Evaluation for Biomedical Application. Priyadarshini, B.; Rama, M.; Latha, Srinivasan; Vijayalakshmi, U. Apr 1, 2021 3315
One-Pot Reducing Agent-Free Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles/Nitrocellulose Composite Surface Coating with Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Activities. Kumarasinghe, K. G. U. R.; Silva, W. C. H.; Fernando, M. D. A.; Palliyaguru, L.; Jayawardena, P. S.; Report Mar 28, 2021 8183
Coating Performance on Existing Steel Bridge Superstructures. Shuler, Lisa A. Mar 22, 2021 259
Applied Graphene Materials to present graphene dispersion technology at Corrosion 21 Conference & Expo. Conference news Mar 16, 2021 195
PCB and Component Coating Dewetting: As-supplied component residues are often the culprit. Mar 1, 2021 227
Liquid-Applied Sound Dampening Coatings Make a Real Impact. Challener, Cynthia Mar 1, 2021 980
NEW Additive to Eliminate Pinholes for Water-based Coating formulations. Reader, Jim; van Oosterwijk, Jos; Xu, Caixuan; Dai, Ye; Mertsch, Ruediger; McAuliffe, Shauna; Tang, Report Mar 1, 2021 2672
Carbon Nanotube-based Black Coatings for Optical and Infrared Applications Optical. Carnahan, D.; Morgan, T. Report Mar 1, 2021 2952
Are You Ready for Zero Net Energy? Scarborough, Victoria Mar 1, 2021 665
Elkem. Mar 1, 2021 370
Tennant Company Completes Sale of Coatings Business to Sherwin-Williams. Mar 1, 2021 203
Axalta Launches Wood Coatings Mobile App. Mar 1, 2021 258
IGL Coatings Launches Proprietary Self-Cleaning Coating. Mar 1, 2021 179
Nippon Paint Marine Launches Nano Antifouling Technology. Mar 1, 2021 291
Bullish Mexico Housing Market to Drive Architectural Demand. Thurston, Charles W. Mar 1, 2021 1283
Investigation of thermal comfort properties of electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane fiber coated knitted fabrics for wind-resistant clothing. Oglakcioglu, Nida; Akduman, Cigdem; Sari, Burak Report Mar 1, 2021 6416
Functionalization of Cellulose Paper by Coating Nano Metal-Organic Frameworks for Use as Photochromic Material. Qiang Yang, Wei Gong, Xiaowei Cui and Chunsheng Zhou Feb 28, 2021 2927
Perma-Pipe International wins contract valued at over USD5.0m. Feb 24, 2021 217
Sisecam gets approval for V-Block coating technology. Feb 23, 2021 729
Antiviral coating work could help stop spread. Feb 16, 2021 451
New coatings could help with Covid fight. Feb 16, 2021 325
Cortec unveils innovative water-based, micro-corrosion coatings. Feb 12, 2021 331
Mian Aslam, PCA discuss coating industries problems. Feb 11, 2021 178
Kempinski Frankfurt offers highest possible protection against Covid-19. Feb 2, 2021 749
Perma-Pipe International wins contract for subsea insulated pipe from LLOG Exploration Offshore. Feb 2, 2021 236
Functionalising complex shaped optics: Dr Kristin Pfeiffer, Pallabi Paul, and Dr Adriana Szeghalmi have developed conformal coating processes for functionalising strongly curved optics. Pfeiffer, Kristin; Paul, Pallabi; Szeghalmi, Adriana Feb 1, 2021 1870
ASHLAND. Feb 1, 2021 935
Particle-Size Distribution of Coating Pigments: JCTR EXPLORES THIS TOPIC AND MORE IN NOVEMBER 2020 ISSUE. Feb 1, 2021 469
ACA Submits Comments to EPA on Risk Assessments for Several Isothiazolinones. Feb 1, 2021 645
Proper Selection of Light Stabilizers Crucial to Long-Term Performance of Exterior Architectural Coatings. Feb 1, 2021 1205
The Intertwining of Color Selection and Pigment Technology Development. Challener, Cynthia Cover story Feb 1, 2021 4898
Silane-Modified Silicas as Functional Matting Agents. Clingerman, Daniel Feb 1, 2021 2294
Antimicrobial Protection. Feb 1, 2021 521
Teknos: Circular Economy Driving Coating Product Development. Feb 1, 2021 413
Nippon Paint Marine's NOA60HS Receives NORSOK Approval for Offshore Assets. Feb 1, 2021 297
PPG Aerospace Coatings Selected by Magnetic MRO for VIP Aircraft Repaint. Feb 1, 2021 168
Aluminum Pigments Market Expected to Reach $706 Million By 2027. Feb 1, 2021 614
Emulsion Polymers Market to Hit $66 Billion by 2027. Feb 1, 2021 425
AkzoNobel Expands Powder Coating Range. Feb 1, 2021 184

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