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DYPHOX Asia Sets Up Regional HQ in Singapore. Jun 1, 2021 754
ACS addressing COVID in the aircraft cabin. May 24, 2021 609
Get decades of protection with Hempel's time-tested coatings. May 5, 2021 586
Antimicrobial elastomers. May 1, 2021 180
C[O.sub.2]-switchable materials for the rubber industry. Finn, Jim May 1, 2021 1192
Driving Innovation Through University-Industry Partnerships. Scarborough, Victoria May 1, 2021 504
VinTech Nano Materials Launches ARMOR GFC Coating. May 1, 2021 312
March JCTR Explores Coatings Developments. May 1, 2021 683
Senate Reintroduces IMAGINE Act for Rebuilding American Infrastructure. May 1, 2021 584
Washington State PaintCare Operations Commence. May 1, 2021 767
Biobased Coatings: Making Initial Inroads. Challener, Cynthia May 1, 2021 4271
PS4m container coating investment will help Swire cut its emissions. Apr 21, 2021 243
New nanotech destroys bacteria, fungal cells. Apr 15, 2021 206
Nanoksi Finland unveils self-disinfecting nanocoating technology that prevents the spread of COVID-19 virus. Apr 6, 2021 235
Nanoksi Finland unveils self-disinfecting nanocoating technology that prevents the spread of COVID-19 virus. Apr 6, 2021 236
Nanoksi Finland unveils self-disinfecting nanocoating technology that prevents the spread of COVID-19 virus. Apr 6, 2021 234
Best Strategies for Disinfecting Surfaces. Apr 1, 2021 341
Inside JCTR: Improved Anticorrosion Properties. Apr 1, 2021 652
Evolving Requirements for Accelerated Testing of Paints and Coatings. Challener, Cynthia Apr 1, 2021 2188
IGL Coatings Wins Coating Specialists Of the Year 2021. Apr 1, 2021 165
Pharma Paint Launches MP 55 Antiviral Paint. Apr 1, 2021 153
Coatings World Company Profile: SILTECH CORP: Coatings Word Editor, Kerry Pianoforte recently had the opportunity to interview Robert Ruckle, global marketing and sales director at Siltech Corp. Pianoforte, Kerry Company overview Apr 1, 2021 871
Clariant Inaugurates South African Pigments Lab. Apr 1, 2021 208
Brush Up on New Paint Training: This NHPA training is available to Premier members. Visit to learn more. Apr 1, 2021 182
A novel carbon nanotube nanopaper polyurethane coating for fiber reinforced composite substrates. Zhang, Dan; Cai, Kaiyu; Pan, Junjie; Lee, L. James; Castro, Jose M. Report Apr 1, 2021 3960
Coating Performance on Existing Steel Bridge Superstructures. Shuler, Lisa A. Mar 22, 2021 259
Applied Graphene Materials to present graphene dispersion technology at Corrosion 21 Conference & Expo. Conference news Mar 16, 2021 195
PCB and Component Coating Dewetting: As-supplied component residues are often the culprit. Mar 1, 2021 227
Liquid-Applied Sound Dampening Coatings Make a Real Impact. Challener, Cynthia Mar 1, 2021 980
NEW Additive to Eliminate Pinholes for Water-based Coating formulations. Reader, Jim; van Oosterwijk, Jos; Xu, Caixuan; Dai, Ye; Mertsch, Ruediger; McAuliffe, Shauna; Tang, Report Mar 1, 2021 2672
Carbon Nanotube-based Black Coatings for Optical and Infrared Applications Optical. Carnahan, D.; Morgan, T. Report Mar 1, 2021 2952
Are You Ready for Zero Net Energy? Scarborough, Victoria Mar 1, 2021 665
Elkem. Mar 1, 2021 370
Tennant Company Completes Sale of Coatings Business to Sherwin-Williams. Mar 1, 2021 203
Axalta Launches Wood Coatings Mobile App. Mar 1, 2021 258
IGL Coatings Launches Proprietary Self-Cleaning Coating. Mar 1, 2021 179
Nippon Paint Marine Launches Nano Antifouling Technology. Mar 1, 2021 291
Bullish Mexico Housing Market to Drive Architectural Demand. Thurston, Charles W. Mar 1, 2021 1283
Investigation of thermal comfort properties of electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane fiber coated knitted fabrics for wind-resistant clothing. Oglakcioglu, Nida; Akduman, Cigdem; Sari, Burak Report Mar 1, 2021 6416
Functionalization of Cellulose Paper by Coating Nano Metal-Organic Frameworks for Use as Photochromic Material. Qiang Yang, Wei Gong, Xiaowei Cui and Chunsheng Zhou Feb 28, 2021 2927
Perma-Pipe International wins contract valued at over USD5.0m. Feb 24, 2021 217
Sisecam gets approval for V-Block coating technology. Feb 23, 2021 729
Antiviral coating work could help stop spread. Feb 16, 2021 451
New coatings could help with Covid fight. Feb 16, 2021 325
Cortec unveils innovative water-based, micro-corrosion coatings. Feb 12, 2021 331
Mian Aslam, PCA discuss coating industries problems. Feb 11, 2021 178
Kempinski Frankfurt offers highest possible protection against Covid-19. Feb 2, 2021 749
Perma-Pipe International wins contract for subsea insulated pipe from LLOG Exploration Offshore. Feb 2, 2021 236
Functionalising complex shaped optics: Dr Kristin Pfeiffer, Pallabi Paul, and Dr Adriana Szeghalmi have developed conformal coating processes for functionalising strongly curved optics. Pfeiffer, Kristin; Paul, Pallabi; Szeghalmi, Adriana Feb 1, 2021 1870
ASHLAND. Feb 1, 2021 935
Coating For Tiny Electrodes. Feb 1, 2021 410
Antimicrobial Coatings Are on the Front Lines. Feb 1, 2021 492
Sustainable phenolic thermosets coatings derived from urushiol. Xia, Jianrong; Xue, Hanyu; Gao, Renjin; Zhang, Yuchi; Lin, Qi Report Feb 1, 2021 3974
Particle-Size Distribution of Coating Pigments: JCTR EXPLORES THIS TOPIC AND MORE IN NOVEMBER 2020 ISSUE. Feb 1, 2021 469
ACA Submits Comments to EPA on Risk Assessments for Several Isothiazolinones. Feb 1, 2021 645
Proper Selection of Light Stabilizers Crucial to Long-Term Performance of Exterior Architectural Coatings. Feb 1, 2021 1205
The Intertwining of Color Selection and Pigment Technology Development. Challener, Cynthia Cover story Feb 1, 2021 4898
Silane-Modified Silicas as Functional Matting Agents. Clingerman, Daniel Feb 1, 2021 2294
Antimicrobial Protection. Feb 1, 2021 521
Teknos: Circular Economy Driving Coating Product Development. Feb 1, 2021 413
Nippon Paint Marine's NOA60HS Receives NORSOK Approval for Offshore Assets. Feb 1, 2021 297
PPG Aerospace Coatings Selected by Magnetic MRO for VIP Aircraft Repaint. Feb 1, 2021 168
Aluminum Pigments Market Expected to Reach $706 Million By 2027. Feb 1, 2021 614
Emulsion Polymers Market to Hit $66 Billion by 2027. Feb 1, 2021 425
AkzoNobel Expands Powder Coating Range. Feb 1, 2021 184
Conformal Coatings--A Profitable, High-growth Coating Technology. Stockhausen, Jim; Shawhan, Gary Feb 1, 2021 1367
HMG Decorative Coatings Develops Brewery Paint for Renovation Project. Feb 1, 2021 180
Axalta announces 'ElectroLight' as 2021 global automotive colour of the year. Anirban Bagchi Jan 13, 2021 440
SAM is a game-changer. Jan 4, 2021 513
Corrosion-resistant steels offer huge benefits for oil tankers. Jan 1, 2021 953
PPG Seeks EPA Approval for Antiviral Paint Containing Corning Technology. Jan 1, 2021 550
Aluminum Pigments Market Expected to Reach $706 Million By 2027: Transparency Market Research. Jan 1, 2021 628
Second Wave of Pandemic Halts Economic Recovery in Europe. Milmo, Sean Jan 1, 2021 1167
AkzoNobel Unlocks More Sustainable Future for Coatings After Biomass Breakthrough. Jan 1, 2021 408
Colors & Effects Unveils Lumina Royal Exterior Blue Russet S6903D. Jan 1, 2021 242
Canada Restores Use of OIT in Paint and Coatings Products. Jan 1, 2021 533
Analytical Series: Film Formation Process Monitoring of Coatings by Adaptive Speckle Imaging Interferometry. Saranillo, Antonio; Williams, Sherwin; Amin, Sarjak H.; Provder, Theodore; Lee, Allayna; Tasmeen, Na Report Jan 1, 2021 7028
Theoretical analysis of blade coating process using simplified Phan-Thien-Tanner fluid model: An analytical study. Khaliq, Sabeeh; Abbas, Zaheer Report Jan 1, 2021 3883
BARRIER COATING. Jan 1, 2021 181
Decreasing paint cost for sheet molding compound (SMC) compression molding. Cai, Kaiyu; Bhuyan, Mohammad S.K.; Zhang, Dan; Villarreal, Maria G.; Straus, Elliott J.; Lee, L. Jam Report Jan 1, 2021 5490
Nanostructured cigarette wrapper encapsulated PDMS-RGO sandwiched composite for high performance EMI shielding applications. De, Anurima; Bera, Ranadip; Paria, Sarbaranjan; Karan, Sumanta Kumar; Das, Amit Kumar; Maitra, Anirb Report Dec 1, 2020 9654
2020--A Year Like No Other. Pianoforte, Kerry Dec 1, 2020 330
CIN Launches Website for Industrial, Protective Coatings. Website overview Dec 1, 2020 227
PPG Seeks EPA Approval for Antiviral Paint Containing Corning Technology. Dec 1, 2020 370
Nippon Paint Marine Adopts Novel Solution for Diverless Hull Inspections. Dec 1, 2020 278
ICP Building Solutions Group Launches ProForMax by Zolatone. Dec 1, 2020 209
Nouryon Launches Expancel Line for Specialty Thin Coatings Applications. Dec 1, 2020 270
Coating Resins Market to Reach $52 Billion By 2027: Forencis Research. Dec 1, 2020 252
Berger Paints' power coating now certified hazard-free. Nov 22, 2020 460
Yul Edochie signs brand ambassador deal with Paint Roxettes. Nov 21, 2020 509
Yul Edochie Clinches Endorsement As Brand Ambassador Of Raxettes Paint. Nov 19, 2020 402
Axalta Coating Systems prices offering of USD700m in aggregate principal amount of 3.375 percent Senior Notes due 2029. Nov 10, 2020 212
Machine Learning Model for Nutrient Release from Biopolymers Coated Controlled-Release Fertilizer. Irfan, Sayed Ameenuddin; Azeem, Babar; Irshad, Kashif; Algarni, Salem; KuShaari, KuZilati; Islam, Sa Nov 1, 2020 5921
BASF Releases 2020-2021 Automotive Color Trends. Nov 1, 2020 388
AkzoNobel Releases 100% UV Cured Wood Coatings. Nov 1, 2020 188
Exterior Architectural Coatings: Lockdowns and remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way people view their homes. Locicero, Anthony Cover story Nov 1, 2020 2575
Natural latex, coatings. Nov 1, 2020 271
A bright future for solar energy: Optical coatings are helping to improve the efficiency of solar cells. Stuart, David Nov 1, 2020 1442
Lubricant Coating Keeps PET Preforms Scratch-Free. Nov 1, 2020 288
JCTR September 2020 Issue Presents Cutting-Edge Research. Nov 1, 2020 746
PIGMENTS. Nov 1, 2020 830
RESINS. Nov 1, 2020 833
Paint killing marine life; fragile ecosystems being destroyed. CLARE AINSWORTH @clarejardine1 Oct 23, 2020 493
Axalta Coating reports Q3 adjusted EPS 59c, consensus 33c. Financial report Oct 21, 2020 224
PyroGenesis and HPQ Nano to add carbon coating to spherical nano silicon powders. Oct 15, 2020 557
Virus-killing coating introduced in fight against Covid-19. Oct 6, 2020 374
Coatings in fight against Covid-19. Oct 6, 2020 354
University of Houston's nanotech filter coating successfully tested in New York City against COVID-19. Oct 2, 2020 249
University of Houston's nanotech filter coating successfully tested in New York City against COVID-19. Oct 2, 2020 253
Cost-Efficient Metallic Colorants as an Alternative to Coating & Plating. Oct 1, 2020 257
PPG Coatings Help AMDA Foundation Limited, Aviat Global Restore Canberra Bomber A84-232 Aircraft. Oct 1, 2020 359
Antibacterial Property and Biocompatibility of Silver, Copper, and Zinc in Titanium Dioxide Layers Incorporated by One-Step Micro-Arc Oxidation: A Review. Shimabukuro, Masaya Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 7278
Investigation of Pectin-Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose-Coated Floating Beads for Pulsatile Release of Piroxicam/Pektin-Hidroksipropil Metilseluloz Kapli Yuzer Mikro Kureciklerin Piroksikamin Pulsatil Salimi Acisindan Arastirilmasi. Kamble, Dipali; Singhavi, Dilesh; Tapadia, Shrikant; Khan, Shagufta Report Oct 1, 2020 4308
Scientists Find Antimicrobial Mask Coating Deactivates 99% of SARS-CoV-2. Oct 1, 2020 285
Powder Coating Market Worth $20.1 Billion by 2027: Precedence Research. Oct 1, 2020 511
Smart Coatings, Smart Surfaces Revenues to Hit $1.3 Billion by 2025: ntech Research. Oct 1, 2020 311
New BYK Products Win Ringier Award. Oct 1, 2020 261
Hexion, D&R Start Commercial-Scale Production of VeoVa Silane Polymer. Oct 1, 2020 276
TCC's active adult communities treated with MicroShield 360 antimicrobial coating to protect from SARS CoV-2. Sep 29, 2020 212
TCC's active adult communities treated with MicroShield 360 antimicrobial coating to protect from SARS CoV-2. Sep 29, 2020 208
Altech Chemicals' technology has potential to be a game-changer in lithium-ion battery evolution. Sep 25, 2020 650
Ross Tiger set to get a new protective coat; steel decks and whaleback will also get new marine coatings. HANNAH CORKEN @hannahcgy Sep 22, 2020 251
United adds antimicrobial spray to cleaning measures. Sep 17, 2020 171
United Airlines adds antimicrobial spray to cabin-cleaning measures. Sep 16, 2020 185
United Adding New Antimicrobial Coating to Cleaning Procedures. Sep 16, 2020 339
United Adding New Antimicrobial Coating to Cleaning Procedures. Sep 16, 2020 339
Tests being done on surface coatings to kill virus; A team of physicists and virologists at the University of St Andrews is testing different surfaces and coatings for their effectiveness in killing the Covid-19 virus. Kevan Christie Sep 11, 2020 662
Polymer emulsion market to grow 8.6% to $38bn by 2025. Sep 8, 2020 503
Sherwin-Williams Extends Sustainable Powdura ECO Platform. Sep 1, 2020 193
Future Uncertain for Coatings Companies Post-COVID-19. Milmo, Sean Sep 1, 2020 1182
EPA Proposes Retention of 2015 Ozone Standard. Sep 1, 2020 590
Formulating High-Performance Warerborne Acrylic: Direct-Metal Coatings Under 25 g/L VOC. Auld, Kathleen; Padaon, Matthew; Procopio, Leo Sep 1, 2020 5385
Thoughts on Formulating, Part 1. Schoff, Clifford K. Sep 1, 2020 1012
Raw Materials. Directory Sep 1, 2020 5112
Experimental Studies into the Analysis Required for the Durability Assessment of 7075 and 6061 Cold Spray Repairs to Military Aircraft. Jones, Rhys; Matthews, Neil; Peng, Daren; Raman, R.K. Singh; Phan, Nam Report Sep 1, 2020 6843
Platinum in silicone release coatings cut by half. Sep 1, 2020 230
Electrostrictive PVDF-TrFE Thin Film Actuators for the Control of Adaptive Thin Shell Reflectors. Wang, Kainan; Godfroid, Thomas; Robert, Damien; Preumont, Andre Sep 1, 2020 5733
Piezoelectric Thick Film Deposition via Powder/Granule Spray in Vacuum: A Review. Patil, Deepak Rajaram; Annapureddy, Venkateswarlu; Kaarthik, J.; Thakre, Atul; Akedo, Jun; Ryu, Jung Report Sep 1, 2020 10427
Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Tribocorrosion Performance of Laser Cladding Ni-65 WC Coating. Liu, Ze; Liu, Eryong; Du, Shuangming; Li, Congwei; Du, Huiling; Bai, Yaping Aug 31, 2020 4310
Effects of Laser Scanning Speed on Microstructure, Microhardness, and Corrosion Behavior of Laser Cladding Ni45 Coatings. Qiao, Yanxin; Huang, Jie; Huang, Ding; Chen, Jian; Liu, Wen; Wang, Zhengbin; Zhibin, Zheng Aug 31, 2020 6414
Investigation of Wire Coating Using Hydromagnetic Third-Grade Liquid for Coating along with Hall Current and Porous Medium. Khan, Zeeshan; Rasheed, Haroon Ur; Mashwani, Wali Khan; Tairan, Nasser; Shah, Habib; Shah, Qayyum; K Report Aug 31, 2020 4771
Investigation of Heat Stepping Process for Epoxy-Amine Binders. Stukhlyak, Petro; Mykytyshyn, Andrii; Chykhira, Ihor Aug 31, 2020 3045
Evaluation of New Film Based on Chitosan/Gold Nanocomposites on Antibacterial Property and Wound-Healing Efficacy. Wang, Kai; Wang, Haosheng; Pan, Su; Fu, Chuan; Chang, YuXin; Li, Hongru; Yang, Xiaoyu; Qi, Zhiping Aug 31, 2020 5353
Effects of Anodization-Assisted Electrodeposition Conditions on the Fabrication of CuO-[Cu.sub.2]O Coatings on Nanoporous Stainless Steel. Wang, Hefeng; Zhang, Jiaojiao; Jin, Xiaomin Aug 31, 2020 3753
Omani creates eco-friendly X-ray absorbent paint. Aug 29, 2020 561
Element shares expertise in energy seminar series. Aug 27, 2020 396
JAT Holdings' "Sayerlack Sathkaraya" dedicated to enhance the durability of wooden surfaces. Aug 20, 2020 641
Shepshed firm see sales of face mask rocket; Masks have an antiviral coating. Aug 12, 2020 445
Nippon Paint Marine Re-Coats Cargo Ship with NEOGUARD 100 GF. Aug 1, 2020 745
AkzoNobel Supplying Products for Liquid Natural Gas Project in Canada. Aug 1, 2020 321
National Science Foundation Awards Scops $225,000. Aug 1, 2020 307
AkzoNobel's Interpon Brand Launches 3D Visualization for Powder Coatings Customers. Aug 1, 2020 299
EPS Launches New Line of Resins for Industrial Wood Coatings. Aug 1, 2020 199
APV Engineered Coatings Used on Award-Winning Facade Restoration Project. Aug 1, 2020 259
July JCTR Issue Features Advances in Coatings Research. Aug 1, 2020 597
Anti-Scratch Additive for Water-Based Wood Coatings. Bauer, Michelle; Hunter, Tanya; Gomez, Yvette Aug 1, 2020 3407
Consumer Demands Drive Developments in DIY Paint Packaging: Homebound consumers are creating a bright spot in the DIY paint segment--and inspiring innovations in packaging. Challener, Cynthia Aug 1, 2020 3108
Collaborating with Evolution. Scarborough, Victoria Aug 1, 2020 525
Facile preparation of robust superhydrophobic surface based on multi-scales nanoparticle. Qi, Chunhong; Chen, He; Sun, Youyi; Shen, Luyan; Li, Xiaolin; Fu, Qiang; Liu, Yaqing Report Aug 1, 2020 5465
Advanced anticorrosion coatings prepared from polybenzoxazine/siloxane-containing epoxy resin. Sili, He; Yuntao, Li; Chunxia, Zhao; Jiaojiao, Wu; Hui, Li; Dong, Xiang Report Aug 1, 2020 5263
Hydrophilic Ti[O.sub.2] decorated carbon nanotubes/ sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) composite proton exchange membranes for fuel cells. Tsen, Wen-Chin Aug 1, 2020 6207
Biofilm Control Strategies: Engaging with the Public. Verran, Joanna; Jackson, Sarah; Scimone, Antony; Kelly, Peter; Redfern, James Aug 1, 2020 4213
Evaluation of Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Properties of a Fluorinated Diamond-Like Carbon Coating for the Development of Antibacterial Medical Implants. Yonezawa, Katsutaka; Kawaguchi, Masahito; Kaneuji, Ayumi; Ichiseki, Toru; Iinuma, Yoshitsugu; Kawamu Aug 1, 2020 5970
Bisphenol A Removal through Low-Cost Kaolin-Based Ag@Ti[O.sub.2] Photocatalytic Hollow Fiber Membrane from the Liquid Media under Visible Light Irradiation. Shareef, Usman; Waqas, Muhammad Jul 31, 2020 7486
Polymer Blend Containing Mo[O.sub.3] Nanowires with Antibacterial Activity against Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC 12228. Centa, Urska Gradisar; Kocbek, Petra; Belcarz, Anna; Skapin, Sreco D.; Remskar, Maja Jul 31, 2020 7106
Maximum Sizes of Fluid-Occupied Pores within Hydrate-Bearing Porous Media Composed of Different Host Particles. Liu, Lele; Wu, Nengyou; Liu, Changling; Meng, Qingguo; Tian, Haitao; Wan, Yizhao; Sun, Jianye Jul 31, 2020 8261
The Effects of Edible Coatings on the Postharvest Quality of Citrus Fruits as Affected by Granulation. Kahramanoglu, Ibrahim; Chen, Chuying; Gan, Zengyu; Chen, Jinyin; Wan, Chunpeng Jul 31, 2020 6705
Deposition and Properties of Amorphous TiBN/AlCrYN Multilayer Coatings with Various Modulation Periods. Dai, Wei; Liu, Fan; Wang, Qimin Jul 31, 2020 3724
Periorbital Silicone Granulomatosis 30 Years after Acupuncture. Pirakitikulr, Nathan; Tran, Ann Q.; Garcia, Armando L.; Dubovy, Sander R.; Lee, Wendy W. Jul 31, 2020 2188
Cortec unveils EcoShield Barrier Coating. Jul 26, 2020 297
You know that bridge we'll never need to paint again? Coating on Forth crossing meant to last 25 years is starting to peel after nine. ANDY SHIPLEY Jul 21, 2020 235
Sherwin-Williams unveils passive fire protection coatings. Jul 14, 2020 561
Development of 15-dB Gain Conical Horn Antenna Using 3D Printing Technology. Karakoc, Murat Can; Sahin, Asaf Behzat Report Jul 14, 2020 2335
PaintExpo 2020 to take place in October. Jul 9, 2020 420
Tap into the Latest Research in Coatings Science with AC Virtual. Jul 1, 2020 163
Antiviral Coatings May Help Prevent Transmission of COVID-19. Jul 1, 2020 1116
AkzoNobel's Enhanced Powder Coating Emphasizes Hygiene. Jul 1, 2020 270
Sto Corp. Introduces StoTherm ci Mineral System. Jul 1, 2020 271
Tnemec Launches Three Endura-Shield Polyurethane Coatings. Jul 1, 2020 301
Can Automotive Coatings Save the Market? The automotive market could be a bright spot as China begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Wang, Arnold Jul 1, 2020 811
Evaluating High-Gloss, Direct-to-Metal, FEVE-Based Waterborne Coatings. Lawson, Donald C., III Jul 1, 2020 1693
Coating Resins Market Worth $48.8 billion by 2025: MarketsandMarkets. Jul 1, 2020 382
Epoxy Resin Market Worth $11.28 Billion By 2026: Polaris Market Research. Jul 1, 2020 417
Clariant 'Raises Bar' for Sustainable Coatings Solutions. Jul 1, 2020 389
PPG NOVAGUARD 810ER Coating First to Be Qualified by U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command for All Major Tank Lining Applications. Jul 1, 2020 290
Characterization of Thermal Sprayed HA+([Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]-Ti[O.sub.2]) and HA/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]+Ti[O.sub.2] Coatings on 316L SS Biomedical Implant Material. Walia, Bhupesh Jul 1, 2020 4550
Surface Modification of 316L Stainless Steel dental implants by Novel Bioinert Nano Zirconia coating. Mohandoss, S.; Ganeasan, M. Sundara; Manovasuki, J.; Sridhar, T.M. Jul 1, 2020 5077
Efficacy of Edible Coatings in Alleviating Shrivel and Maintaining Quality of Japanese Plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) during Export and Shelf Life Conditions. Fawole, Olaniyi Amos; Riva, Shannon Claudia; Opara, Umezuruike Linus Jul 1, 2020 11540
Effect of Hydrophobic Surface Treatment in Lowering Ionic Transport into Concrete. Kim, Ki Hwan; Kim, Min Jae; Kim, Hansol; Ann, Ki-Yong Jun 30, 2020 6870
Protective Cerium-Based Layered Double Hydroxides Thin Films Developed on Anodized AA6082. Iqbal, Muhammad Ahsan; Fedel, Michele Jun 30, 2020 7697
Behaviour of TiC Particles on the Co50-Based Coatings by Laser Cladding: Morphological Characteristics and Growth Mechanism. Pham, Nga Thi-Hong; Nguyen, Van-Thuc Jun 30, 2020 9950
Physicochemical Characterization of Grewia ferruginea Hochst. ex A. Rich Mucilage for Potential Use as a Pharmaceutical Excipient. Haile, Tsadkan Gebremeskel; Sibhat, Gereziher Gebremedhin; Molla, Fantahun Jun 30, 2020 5950
Biofunctionalization of Microgroove Surfaces with Antibacterial Nanocoatings. Lai, Yingzhen; Xu, Zhiqiang; Chen, Jiang; Zhou, Renbin; Tian, Jumei; Cai, Yihuang Jun 30, 2020 6308
Preparation of Sol-Enhanced Ni-P-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] Nanocomposite Coating by Electrodeposition. Li, Yongfeng; Zhang, Kun; Zhang, Mingming; Zhang, Yaqi; Wu, Tingting; Zhao, Hongyuan; Su, Jianxiu; W Jun 30, 2020 5565
Nano-Titanium Dioxide Coating of Chinese Fir Treated by High-Temperature Steam to Improve the Anticorrosion and Surface Hydrophobicity. Cui, Hao; Li, Qingde Report Jun 22, 2020 4773
Axalta Coating reports April and May total net sales down 48% vs. last year. Financial report Jun 16, 2020 177
PaintExpo 2020 to take place in October. Jun 15, 2020 475
TRI gets approval for use of NCC 209 coating in US naval submarine fleet. Jun 10, 2020 155
Jotun coatings for drilling platform. Jun 8, 2020 668
Henkel expands recyclable packaging. Jun 8, 2020 895
Big surge predicted. Jun 8, 2020 1122
Nonisothermal analysis of a couple stress fluid in blade coating process. Mughees, Muhammad; Sajid, Muhammad; Ali, Nasir; Shahzad, Hasan Jun 1, 2020 3780
May JCTR Special Issue Spotlights Functional Coatings. Jun 1, 2020 615
Tpwards a Comprehensive Understanding of DIRT PICKUP RESISTANCE. Brown, Scoff C.; Diebold, Michael; Kraiter, Daniel; Velez, Carlos; Jernakoff, Peter Jun 1, 2020 8212
Morphological Changes in Exterior Surface Coatings After: Exposure to Cyclic Water Submersion and Ultraviolet Exposure. Burghart, Armin B.; Iyer, Sridhar G.; Rosano, William J. Jun 1, 2020 3847
The Use of Engineered Silica to Enhance Coatings. Reader, C. Jim; Nargiello, Maria Jun 1, 2020 4363
Taking Direct-to-Metal Coatings to the Next Level. Challener, Cynthia Jun 1, 2020 4961
Polyurethane Coatings. Jun 1, 2020 530
Antibacterial Properties of Nano-Ag Coating on Healing Abutment: An In Vitro and Clinical Study. Odatsu, Tetsurou; Kuroshima, Shinichiro; Sato, Mika; Takase, Kazuma; Valanezhad, Alireza; Naito, Mar Report Jun 1, 2020 4512
In-vitro anticandidial efficacy of tick egg wax from Hyalomma marginatum, Rhipicephalus bursa and Dermacentor marginatus. Bilgin, Nazli; Hacioglu, Mayram; Guzel, Cagla Bozkurt; Erdal, Berna; Kar, Sirri Jun 1, 2020 3970
Jotun Providing Odfjell Drilling Anti-fouling, Topside Coating Solution. Jun 1, 2020 436
Recovery in the Aftermath of COVID-19. Milmo, Sean Jun 1, 2020 1087
Understanding Chemical Resistance in Epoxy System. Zheng, Shiying; Lucas, Peter A. Jun 1, 2020 6111
Lubrizol Introduces Aptalon 8080HS. Jun 1, 2020 205
Simulated service test: The way to predict the expectation of thermal insulation coatings based on liquid silicone rubber. Vanecek, Roman Jun 1, 2020 2956
Temperature Effects on Polymer-Ceramic Pressure-Sensitive Paint as a Luminescent Pressure Sensor. Hayashi, Tatsunori; Sakaue, Hirotaka Report Jun 1, 2020 4751
Modeling of the Complex Modulus of Asphalt Mastic with Biochar Filler Based on the Homogenization and Random Aggregate Distribution Methods. Wu, Yushuai; Cao, Peng; Shi, Feiting; Liu, Ketong; Wang, Xuhao; Leng, Zhen; Tan, Zhifei; Zhou, Chang May 31, 2020 5931
German-Review-Monforts - Monforts reports success with its latest fully integrated MontexA(r)Coat finishing lines. May 31, 2020 744
Influence of Temperature-Dependent Tensile Strength on Gun Barrel Life Prediction. Geng, Xuehao; Zhou, Kedong; He, Lei May 31, 2020 5942
Altech Chemicals buoyed by tests showing 4N HPA is critical for lithium-ion battery safety. May 27, 2020 984
Corrosion Prevention and Control Videos. May 18, 2020 187
Polymeric Fasteners Gain Traction in Automotive: Plastics and composite clips and fasteners lower weight, cost, and corrosion, while increasing functionality in cars and trucks. Malnati, Peggy May 1, 2020 1528
Wood Coatings Technology Conference Issues Call for Papers. May 1, 2020 233
Novel Cashew Nutshell Liquid-based: Waterborne Curing Agents Designed for High-Performance and Low-VOC Protective Epoxy Coatings: A team of Cardolite scientists expands its research on Cashew Nutshell Liquid-based waterborne epoxy curing agents with two new agents in a range of direct-to-metal primer system formulations. Xu, Hong; Mauck, Joe; Tavares, Fernanda; Natesh, Anbu; Li, Jing Cover story May 1, 2020 5935
Engineered Polysaccharides: A Novel Biomaterial Additive with Multifunctional Properties. Raper, Stephen; Harris, Sara; Corrigan, Doug; Kim, Kyle; Lenges, Christian May 1, 2020 6426
Challenging Preservation Options: Towards Biocide-free Waterborne Coatings via Innovative Binders and Additives. Levin, Jessica; Wang, Wenqin; Brownell, Stan; Conley, Tara; Frankel, Erica; Rabasco, John; Graves, D May 1, 2020 3295
Effects of surface coating on the flexural strength of fluoridereleasing restorative materials after water aging for one year. Ugurlu, Muhittin May 1, 2020 5071
Not all spider silks are antimicrobial. Alicea-Serrano, Angela M.; Bender, Katey; Jurestovsky, Derek May 1, 2020 3930
PPG Donates Anti-bacterial Coatings to Shanghai Hospital. May 1, 2020 300
Nippon Paint, Corning Inc. Develop Antivirus Surface Coating. May 1, 2020 337
Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Research into the Mechanical Properties of Al-Ti-Al Symmetrical Laminated Plate. Yang, Xia; Ma, Yingchao; He, Dongsheng; Du, Xiaozhong; Wang, Rongjun Apr 30, 2020 6000
Facile Preparation and Properties Study of CL-20/TATB/VitonA Composite Microspheres by a Spray-Drying Process. Hou, Conghua; Li, Congcong; Jia, Xinlei; Zhang, Yuanping; Zhang, Shimin Apr 30, 2020 3834
Edible Coating Based on Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Mucilage Applied to Soursop Fruits in Postharvest Storage. De los Santos-Santos, Miguel Angel; Balois-Morales, Rosendo; Jimenez-Zurita, Jose Orlando; Alia-Teja Apr 30, 2020 9279
Effect of Ce[O.sub.2] on High-Temperature Oxidation Performance of Electron Beam Cladding NiCoCrAlY Coating on Ni-Based Alloy. Liu, Hailang; Huang, Yiping; Wang, Xiaoyu; Lu, Ruxue Apr 30, 2020 4390
Scientists say new antiviral coating can protect surfaces for 90 days. Reuters News Service Apr 27, 2020 400
ACA Releases Industry Market Analyses Surveying U.S., Global Paints and Coatings Markets, Offering Forecasts Through 2024. Apr 1, 2020 556
Low-Emissivity Topcoats for the Reduction of Thermal Infrared Emissions From Military Platforms. Kelly, Lance C. Cover story Apr 1, 2020 10429
Coatings World Covid-19 Survey. Apr 1, 2020 224
Evonik's Coatings Additives Line Introduces SPHERILEX. Apr 1, 2020 278
CLEANING AND DRYING before Conformal Coating: The steps involved in manual and automated contamination removal. Peck, Emily Apr 1, 2020 1289
AD On Cessna 210 Fleet, ITDM Pilots Get a Chance. Anglisano, Larry Apr 1, 2020 589
Self-Healing Materials. Corneliussen, Roger Apr 1, 2020 196
Effect of Silver Ion Surface Coating on Antimicrobial and Cutting Efficiencies of Nickel-titanium Rotary Files/Gumusyon Yuzey Kaplamasinin Nikel-titanyum Doner Egelerin Antimikrobiyal ve Kesme Etkinligi Uzerine Etkisi. Cora, Sabri; Er, Kursat; Tasdemir, Tamer; Kiraz, Nadir; Becer, Burcu; Felek, Rasih; Er, Hakan Apr 1, 2020 4315
Use of Aloe Vera Gel-Based Edible Coating with Natural Anti-Browning and Anti-Oxidant Additives to Improve Post-Harvest Quality of Fresh-Cut 'Fuji' Apple. Farina, Vittorio; Passafiume, Roberta; Tinebra, Ilenia; Palazzolo, Eristanna; Sortino, Giuseppe Apr 1, 2020 11388
Path Planning for Laser Cladding Robot on Artificial Joint Surface Based on Topology Reconstruction. Li, Yuanjin; Chen, Tao; Liu, Defu Report Apr 1, 2020 7310
Influence of Hydroxyapatite Coating for the Prevention of Bone Mineral Density Loss and Bone Metabolism after Total Hip Arthroplasty: Assessment Using [sup.18]F-Fluoride Positron Emission Tomography and Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry by Randomized Controlled Trial. Tezuka, Taro; Kobayashi, Naomi; Hyonmin, Choe; Oba, Masatoshi; Miyamae, Yushi; Morita, Akira; Inaba, Mar 31, 2020 5245
Effect of Laser Shock Processing and Aluminizing on Microstructure and High-Temperature Creep Properties of 321 Stainless Steel for Solar Thermal Power Generation. Li, Wei; Huang, Huang; Xu, Dongliang; Chen, Jian; Zuo, Lu; Ma, Guozhi; He, Jianjun; Li, Cong; Peng, Mar 31, 2020 6409
Postharvest Application of Aloe vera Gel-Based Edible Coating to Improve the Quality and Storage Stability of Fresh-Cut Papaya. Farina, Vittorio; Passafiume, Roberta; Tinebra, Ilenia; Scuderi, Dario; Saletta, Filippo; Gugliuzza, Mar 31, 2020 6776
Applied Graphene expects more product launches as awareness grows. Mar 27, 2020 645
Toyota Develops New Paint Atomizer with Over 95 percent Coating Efficiency, Highest in the World*. Press Release Mar 26, 2020 440
Airlines join hands in coping with COVID-19. Mar 25, 2020 865
Sherwin-Williams Wins 3 SSPC Structure Awards. Mar 1, 2020 1238
Billy Budd's Speedway Bike Features HMG Paints' Coatings. Mar 1, 2020 207
Paints, Coatings Fillers Market to Register 5% CAGR Between 2019-2027: Transparency Market Research. Mar 1, 2020 589
Henkel Offers New REACh Compliant Bonderite Products. Mar 1, 2020 644
Reorganization of Supply Chains Cause for Concern. Milmo, Sean Mar 1, 2020 1117
More Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes to Hit Global Market. Vorotnikov, Vladislav Mar 1, 2020 1389
Orion Opens NJ Technical Service Applications Lab. Mar 1, 2020 182
Pre-Conference Tutorials Offered at ACC 2020. Conference news Mar 1, 2020 909
March JCTR Published: ISSUE FEATURES 22 HIGH-LEVEL ARTICLES. Mar 1, 2020 541
Maintaining the Fun at Amusement and Theme Parks with Protective Coatings. Mar 1, 2020 630
New Product Blueprinting: How to Avoid Commercial Risk in New Product Development. Adams, Dan Mar 1, 2020 2165
Fine-Tuning Coating Surface Control Through the Use of Modified Siloxanes. Meier, Ingrid K.; Hamous, Fadia; Peck, K. Michael; Reinartz, Roger Mar 1, 2020 5118
Coatings and Radiation. Schoff, Clifford K. Mar 1, 2020 900
Preparation and Property Study of Organosilicon Antisticking Coatings. Zhu, Yongfu; Cao, Bojun; Zhang, Jitang; Zhai, Xiaojie; Guan, Dongbo Mar 1, 2020 4657
Study on Properties of Cold-Sprayed Al-Zn Coating on S135 Drill Pipe Steel. Lv, Dongli; Zhang, Tao; Gong, Feiyang Mar 1, 2020 4808
Degraded Hyaluronic Acid-Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles. Nie, Wan; Zhang, Baolin; Yan, Xianjia; Su, Lichao; Wang, Sheng; Han, Guihua; Han, Dong Mar 1, 2020 3640
In Vitro Toxic Effect of Biomaterials Coated with Silver Tungstate or Silver Molybdate Microcrystals. Pellissari, Claudia Viviane Guimaraes; Vergani, Carlos Eduardo; Longo, Elson; Pavarina, Ana Claudia; Mar 1, 2020 6419
Effects of Boron Nitride Coatings at High Temperatures and Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Properties of Carbon Fiber-Based Magnetic Materials. Sun, Qilong; Ye, Wei; Cheng, Jiahao; Long, Xiaoyun Mar 1, 2020 6505
Preparation and Characterization of a Novel Terbium Complex Coordinated with 10-Undecenoic Acid for UV-Cured Coatings. Jiao, Chenjie; Zhong, Rong; Zhou, Yanfang; Zhang, Hongfei Mar 1, 2020 5128
DELTA MODTECH. Mar 1, 2020 370
ELKEM SILICONES. Mar 1, 2020 477
Effective Amendments on Cadmium, Arsenic, Chromium and Lead Contaminated Paddy Soil for Rice Safety. Ullah, Aman; Ma, Yibing; Li, Jumei; Tahir, Nazia; Hussain, Babar Mar 1, 2020 11557
New Eco-Friendly Polymeric-Coated Urea Fertilizers Enhanced Crop Yield in Wheat. Gil-Ortiz, Ricardo; Naranjo, Miguel Angel; Ruiz-Navarro, Antonio; Caballero-Molada, Marcos; Atares, Mar 1, 2020 9151
New advances drive strong demand. Mar 1, 2020 838
Optimising painting of plastic workpieces. Mar 1, 2020 956
Dubai metallurgy forum to feature experts. Mar 1, 2020 184
Finnester Coatings offers Hybridred. Mar 1, 2020 486
Dubai metallurgy forum to feature global experts. Feb 27, 2020 181
Grauer and Weil (India) launches Geomet coating at 2020 Auto Expo. Feb 12, 2020 156
Applied Graphene to hit the road to publicise its coatings technology. Feb 7, 2020 179
Extreme temperature advanced materials. Feb 1, 2020 235
Preparation of Self-Healing Acrylic Copolymer Composite Coatings for Application in Protection of Paper Cultural Relics. Xu, Jicheng; Zhang, Tao; Jiang, Yan; Yang, Dongya; Qiu, Fengxian; Chen, Qian; Yu, Zongping Feb 1, 2020 6340
January JCTR Features 2019 Mattiello Lecture Review Paper. Feb 1, 2020 648
BASF Expands Polyurethane Dispersion Business in Europe. Feb 1, 2020 207
New York Finalizes AIM Coatings Rule. Feb 1, 2020 305
Coatings Participate in the Superconducting Realm. Feb 1, 2020 1063
Increasing the Functionality of Interior Architectural Coatings. Feb 1, 2020 3049
BASF: White Still Dominates 2019 Automotive Color Distribution Analysis. Feb 1, 2020 956
PMR: Powder Polyester Resins Market Report. Feb 1, 2020 179
Paints & Coating Fillers Market. Feb 1, 2020 467

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