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Coatings/adhesives. The company's brochure details a broad line of products available from its coatings raw materials and adhesives raw materials group. Among the applications for these products are automotive OEM, automotive refinishes, can and coil coatings, powder coatings, hot-melt adhesives, epoxy curatives and general industrial paints. The 28-page brochure includes an overview of the major product lines offered in the coatings raw materials and adhesives raw materials group, a detailed chart featuring technical data for the main products, and background information about the worldwide activities of the company in the area of coatings and adhesives. Among the product groups listed are Vestanat isocyanate/polyurethane raw materials, Vestamin diamines, Vesticoat blocked polyurethane systems, Vestagon powder coating raw materials, Dynapol saturated polyester resins and Dynacoll copolyesters for moisture-curable hot-melt adhesives. (Creanova)

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Aug 1, 2000
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