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Coating on wood and wood composites is subject of Advancements in Coatings Series in Seattle.

As part of its ongoing Advancements in Coatings Series, the FSCT will host "Coating Wood and Wood Composites: Designing for Durability." The three-day symposium, to be held July 23-25 at the Doubletree Seattle Airport in Seattle, WA, features a unique three-track program, bringing together all professionals who specify and use coatings on wood. Co-sponsored with the Journal of Architectural Coatings, the program includes presentations specifically for architects and will offer continuing education units certified by the American Institute of Architects.

Attendees will represent the entire supply chain, including coatings formulators, laboratory and field testers, architects, specifiers, building maintenance, painting contractors and applicators, raw material suppliers, and end users. The program will also feature tabletop exhibits and site visits to local mills.

The preliminary program includes the following:

Monday, July 23

To Design, First Know the Substrate

(morning session)

Plenary Lecture -- Bulletproof Wood Composites: Fact or Fiction? -- Fred Kamke, Oregon State University

Central Role of Wood Biology in Understanding the Durability of Wood Coating Interactions -- Alex Wiedenhoeft, Forest Products Laboratory

Effect of Manufacturing Wood Processes on Surface Properties -- Sam Williams, Forest Products Laboratory

Measuring Water Repellency in a Low-VOC World -- Victoria Scarborough, Sherwin-Williams Co.

Modifying the Effects of Water on Aqueous-Based Coatings for Exterior Wood Surfaces -- Jim Stephens, Michelman

Use of Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene Copolymers for Water Repellent Coatings for Wood -- Kathleen Rosar, Air Products Polymers, L.P.

Performance Products Application and Testing

(afternoon session)

Track 1 -- Application Testing and UV Coatings

The Right Choice: UV Testing or Xenon Arc -- Marla Marino, Q-Lab

A Simple Method to Measure the UV Transmittance of Coatings -- Rod Stirling, Fornitek Canada Corp.

Exterior Wood Coatings Based on UV-Curable Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions -- Aaron Lockhart, Bayer MaterialScience, LLC

Rheology of Coatings Applied to Building Products -- Greg Wascomb, Sherwin-Williams Co.

UV-Curable Polyurethane Acrylate Dispersions Compared with 100% Solids UV-Curable Urethane Acrylates -- Oscar Valdes-Aguilera, Cytec Industries, Inc.

Performance Capability of Waterborne UV-Curable Latexes for Wood Substrates -- Laurie Morris, Alberdingk-Boley

Track 2 -- Wood Protection and Stain Technology

Optimized Transparent Wood Protection by Combining Inorganic and Organic Light Stabilizers -- Thomas Rentschler, Sachtleben Chemie GmbH

Strategies for Minimizing Mold/Mildew Problems in Paint and Coatings -- Ander Larsson, YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry

Effects of Varnish and Impregnation Processes on Combustion Properties of Oriental Spruce -- Musa Atar, Gazi University

Solid Color Deck Stains: Trends, Substrates and Formulation Study -- Greg Monaghan, Rohm and Haas

Comparative Analysis of Semi-Transparent Stains Applied to Preservative-Treated Wood -- Mojgan Ahmadi-Nejad, University of Toronto

Latest Developments in Nanotechnology -- John Du, BYK-Chemie

Track 3 -- Architectural: Wood Specification and Exterior Maintenance

LEED Requirements, Wood Finishes -- TBD

Restoration/Preservation of Wood Substrates -- Duffy Hoffman, Hoffman Painting & Refinishing

Specifying Performance Standards for Coatings on Wood -- Allen Zielnik, Atlas Material Testing Technology, LLC

Coating Specialty Surfaces: Hardwoods and Composites -- Gregory Portincasa, Akzo Nobel, Sikkens Decorative Coatings

Inspects-Shield: New Dimension in Certified Spray Fire Retardants -- Robert Licata, Northeast Fireshield, Inc.

The Changing Nature of Exterior Substrates -- Doug Mall, The Dow Chemical Company


Tuesday, July 24

Designing for Durability

(morning session)

Plenary Lecture -- Failure Avoidance in Coating Exterior Wood Substrates -- Allen Zielnik, Atlas Material Testing, LLC

Track 1 -- Mold Resistance and Barrier Coatings

Surface Mold Prevention with Chlorothalonil/Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate Systems -- Joseph Burley, Sostram Corp.

Testing, Performance, and Construction of Water-resistive Barrier Coatings for Wood-based Wall Sheathing Substrates -- Terry Viness, Sto Corp.

Wood Polymer Penetrant Enhances Durability -- Anthony Berejka, Ionicorp.

Track 2 -- Coatings for Various Substrates and Low VOC

Development of a Durable Primer and Topcoat System for Fiber Cement Composite Siding -- Wallace Kesler, Sherwin-Williams Co.

Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings for Wood Floors -- The Next Generation--Peter Schmitt, Bayer Material-Science LLC

Novel Technology Tools for the Development of Low-VOC Interior and Exterior Coatings and Stains with Solvent-Like Application and Performance Characteristics -- Ronald Obie, Wood Coatings Research Group, Inc.

Track 3 -- Architectural

Esthetics of Wood and Wood Finishes on Interiors -- TBD

Mitigating Wood Damage from Moisture Problems Through Air Barrier Technology -- Kevin Knight, Retrospec Consultants

Taking the "Pain" Out of Painting Wood -- Barry Law, Master Painters Institute


Engineered Wood Composites

(afternoon session)

Plenary Lecture -- High Performance Envelopes for Wood -- Roger Rowell, Forest Products Laboratory

Track 1 -- Exterior Durability and Composite Boards

Ability of Transparent Coatings to Retard Leaching of Borates in a Weather-Ometer Test -- Paul Morris, Fornitek Canada Corp.

The What, Why and How to Powder Coatings on Wood--An Introduction to the Process of Powder Coating Products Made from Medium Density Fiberboard -- Jeff Hale, ITW Gema

Improving the Resistance of Wood-based Composites to Mold and Decay Fungi -- Jeff Morel, Oregon State University

Track 2 -- WPC Coatings

Impacts of Impregnation with Imersol-Aqua on Surface Glossiness and Adhesion Strength of Some Varnishes -- Musa Atar, Gazi University

Coating WPCs Using Co-Extrusion to Improve Durability -- Nicole Stark, USDA Forest Service

New Technology for Making Wood-Plastic Composites Paintable -- Kelly Williams, Inhance/Fluoro-Seal, Ltd.

Track 3 -- Architectural

Designing with Engineered Wood -- TBD

Case History: Coating Wood on a High Profile Seattle Project, (Long Painting) -- TBD


Wednesday, July 25

The Global Marketplace

(morning session)

Plenary Lecture -- Changing Needs for a Changing Market Place -- Bob Smith, Virginia Tech

Improving Strategies for Limiting Movement of Pests on Wood-Based Materials -- Christoph Schauwecker, Oregon State University

(afternoon session)

Site Visits -- Attendees will visit lumber mills in the Seattle area. A choice of three mills will be provided.


Tabletop exhibits will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest products and services that impact the design and protection of wood and wood composites. For additional information on exhibiting, contact: Lisa McGlashen, FSCT Exhibits Coordinator,

General Information

Registration details and rates will be available shortly on the FSCT website. To be added to the mailing list, contact FSCT, 492 Norristown Rd., Blue Bell, PA 19422-2350; voice: 610.940.0777; fax: 610.940.0292, or email:
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