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Coating challenges in cultural heritage conservation is focus of upcoming ACA Virtual Learning Conference.

Materials of historical significance are often conserved using a wide range of polymers including coatings. In an upcoming ACA Virtual Learning Conference (VLC), Stephanie Crete and Liisa Nasanen of Clemson University will discuss a variety of historical substrates and related conservation issues.

To be offered on February 23, the hour-long VLC will address current terminology, ethics, coatings, and processes. Aimed at bringing conservators and coating professionals closer for mutual benefit, discussion will emphasize the need for effective communication between the cultural heritage stakeholders, conservators, and the coating industry. A case study of outdoor metal conservation will be provided to illustrate key concepts.

The online course is designed to assist participants in understanding the challenges of conserving objects of cultural significance, and in learning about the different types of coatings and processes used in conservation. In addition, discussions will focus on the coating properties required when dealing with historical materials. The decision making process (including cost/benefit analysis) in choosing the right coating system will be detailed. During the presentation, the instructors will provide insight into the different considerations that need to be addressed in the area of metal conservation, including corrosion and lead issues. Finally, participants will learn the importance of effective communication, education, and planning to complete a successful project.

About the Instructors: Since 2008, Dr. Crette has served as a research scientist at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center at the Clemson University Restoration Institute in Charleston, SC. As a member of the Conservation Center team, she has implemented characterization of organic and inorganic materials for internal and external projects using analytical techniques such as SEM, X-ray microanalysis, XRF, and micro-Raman and micro-FTIR spectroscopy. An expert in high-pressure equipment techniques, in particular polymerization and separation in SC-0O2, she deveiciped the use of supercritical carbon dioxide drying processes to conserve various waterlogged organic materials belonging to different projects and institutions such as the H.L. Hunley Project (1864), Queen Anne's Revenge Project (1718), and the San Juan Project (1565). Her research interests include corrosion, fouling prevention and coatings in a marine environment, green chemistry, and nanocomposites. She has been an active member of the Professional Development Committee of the ACA since 2006.


Liisa Nasanen, also based at the Conservation Center, is a highly qualified conservator with a multidisciplinary approach and vision gained over 13 years of experience working and studying in a number of organizations in her native Finland, Ireland, the UK, and the U.S. She has held managerial positions with duties including administration of conservation laboratories, project and budget management, supervision of staff and interns, business development, as well as conservation bench-work and onsite work.

As part of Clemson University, Nasanen has coordinated an extensive collaborative project with the National Park Service, designing and applying new treatment approaches to historic outdoor objects at two major heritage sites. Concurrently, she has treated numerous artifacts for the Conservation department and has been part of the research team to advance groundbreaking research in sub-and super-critical fluid technologies. She will play an integral role in both the experimental and application phase of the project. In addition, she will provide material scientists at the Conservation Center with a conservator's approach to the ethical and deterioration issues associated with archaeological material.

Registration: The fee for registration for the VLC is $149 for ACA members and $249 for nonmembers.

For more details and online registra-tion, visit
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