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Coast Guard Service Day.

Mr. Robert Horowitz Chief Financial Officer of the Coast Guard

Captain George Asseng Chief of Financial Management

Captain Larry White Chief of the Office of Financial Systems

Mr. Richard Freethey Chief of the Office of Procurement Management

Captain Loren Tschol Commanding Officer of the Finance Center

Captain Robert Palumbo (MLCPAC) Maintenance and Logistics Command Finance Officer

Captain Patricia Bruck (MLCLANT) Maintenance and Logistics Command Finance Officer

Commander Mark Rose Chief of the Office of Exchange and Morale

The Coast Guard opened PDI 2003 Tuesday afternoon with an informal panel discussion headed by Mr. Robert Horowitz, Chief Financial Officer of the Coast Guard. Mr. Horowitz was joined by Captain George Asseng, Chief of Financial Management; Captain Larry White, Chief of the Office of Financial Systems; Mr. Richard Freethey, Chief of the Office of Procurement Management; Captain Loren Tschol, Commanding Officer of the Finance Center; Captain Robert Palumbo (MLCPAC) and Captain Patricia Bruck (MLCLANT), Maintenance and Logistics Command Finance Officers; and Commander Mark Rose, Chief of the Office of Exchange and Morale.

The topics of discussion included financial systems, the new CG-8 organization, competitive sourcing, and Theater Integrated Logistics Architecture (TILA).

Following the panel discussion, a no-host social and dinner was held at Mulate's Restaurant. Over 100 Coast Guard civilian and military members from around the country attended, and everyone enjoyed authentic Cajun cuisine and atmosphere.

Wednesday started early as Mr. Horowitz opened Coast Guard Service Day with a warm welcome to the attendees. He provided a brief description of the week's events and encouraged everyone to make the most of the outstanding training opportunities available at PDI.

Mr. Horowitz then introduced Vice Admiral Thad Allen, the Coast Guard Chief of Staff. Vice Admiral Allen spoke at length about the 3 Ds: Deepwater, Direction, and the new Department. He explained what he expected from the financial management community in regard to the 3 Ds and how the financial management community fits into the Commandant's and the Department's new direction.

Following Vice Admiral Allen's comments, Mr. Horowitz presented the annual Chief Financial Officer Awards for Excellence to Coast Guard personnel demonstrating exceptional service in financial management for 2002. The awardees included the following:

Senior Officer: Lieutenant Commander Gavin Wente, comptroller, Integrated Support Command, Portsmouth, Virginia

Junior Officer: Lieutenant Marc Knowlton, financial analyst, Office of Financial Management

Chief Warrant Officer: Chief Warrant Officer Emmett Johnson, Office of Budget and Resources for the Assistant Commandant of Operations

Enlisted: Storekeeper Second Class Miranda Frascella, Research and Development Center, Groton, Connecticut

GS-13 and above: Carol Santana, accounting officer, Maintenance and Logistics Command Atlantic

GS-9-GS-12: Ms. Marian Leahy, budget analyst, Planning and Budget Branch, First Coast Guard District

GS-8 and below: Ms. Judy Ogata, secretary, Integrated Support Command, Honolulu, Hawaii

Team: Finance Center CFO Team: Jennifer E. Coston, Addie Wicker, Dale Morgan, Jackie Hamilton, and Sharon Armstrong

Additional recognition was made to the Coast Guard ASMC National Awards


Accounting and Finance Category (Meritorious Award): Chief Warrant Officer Ken Longo, Finance Center, Chesapeake, Virginia

Comptroller Category (Meritorious Award): Commander Mike Leonard, Engineering Logistics Command, Baltimore, Maryland

Following the awards ceremony Mr. William Wissman provided an update on the Coast Guard competitive sourcing program, advising the attendees on the current status of studies and program direction.

Following lunch, the Coast Guard conducted presentations on the Coast Guard Rescue 21 project, the Exchange System, and the Coast Guard's Deepwater project. Both the Coast Guard Rescue 21 and the Deepwater presentations were taped in their entirety and will soon be available for viewing via the Internet. If you are interested in either of these presentations, check the ASMC PDI Web site at development/pdi.shtml for more information.

Electronic versions of the Service Day presentations may be obtained by contacting Lieutenant Mark Haag in the Office of Financial Management at (202) 267-1478 or
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