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Coast Guard Service Day: financial management and homeland security highlighted.

The Coast Guard opened the 2004 Professional Development Institute (PDI) on Tuesday afternoon with brief remarks by Mr. Robert Horowitz, Chief Financial Officer of the Coast Guard, on the current state of Coast Guard financial issues.

Following Mr. Horowitz's remarks, Captain Larry White, Chief of the Office of Financial Policy and Systems, hosted an informal panel discussion. Panelists included Captain George Asseng, Chief of the Office of Resource Management; Mr. Richard Freethey, Chief of the Office of Procurement Management; and Captain Loren Tschol, Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard Finance Center. Discussion topics included the current and projected budget status, the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contract reporting requirements, and the status of the Coast Guard Financial Systems.

After the panel discussion, Commander Brian Bezio, from the Internal Controls and Asset Management Division, discussed the results of the 2003 Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act financial statement audit and provided insight on remediation efforts and plans for future audits. Commander Robert Smith, from the Office of Congressional Affairs, and Lieutenant Commander Sean MacKenzie, a U.S. Senate Fellow, provided a perspective of the Coast Guard as seen from Capitol Hill.

Following the afternoon events, attendees reconvened for a no-host social and dinner at Frank & Pauly's, a well-known Cleveland restaurant. Over 115 Coast Guard civilian and military members and guests from around the country attended, and everyone enjoyed lively conversations and authentic Italian cuisine.

Mr. Horowitz opened the Coast Guard Service Day on Wednesday morning with a warm welcome to the attendees. He briefly described the forthcoming PDI events and encouraged everyone to make the most of the outstanding training opportunities available at PDI.

Mr. Horowitz then introduced Vice Admiral Thad Allen, the Coast Guard Chief of Staff. Vice Admiral Allen spoke to the audience about the importance of the work performed by the Coast Guard financial management community in supporting the senior leaders of the Coast Guard and the DHS.

He explained the concept of the Coast Guard Enterprise Leadership Architecture and described how tools such as Activity Based Costing and a Uniformed Performance Logic Model enable the Coast Guard to fuse mission information and business information. This fusion creates the knowledge needed to make risk-based decisions and to reduce maritime security risks, ultimately enabling DHS, as a whole, to meet strategic goals.

After completing his presentation, Vice Admiral Allen introduced Mr. Andy Maner, the DHS Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Maner offered insight on the stand-up of the new Department, the complexities of bringing together the various agencies under one department, and his vision on how he thought resources and processes could be used to standardize and optimize all of the various agency functions.

Following a short break, Mr. Maner described the DHS eMerge2 project. This project will implement a DHS-wide enterprise solution for Accounting and Reporting, Acquisition and Grants Management, Asset Management, Cost and Revenue Management, and Budgeting, using a standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product for all agencies within the Department. The goal of this project is to increase efficiencies and effectiveness by optimizing the investments for all agencies.

Following the opening remarks, Mr. Maner, Vice Admiral Allen, and Mr. Horowitz presented the annual Chief Financial Officer Awards for Excellence to Coast Guard personnel who demonstrated exceptional service in financial management for 2003. The awardees included the following:

Senior Officer: Lieutenant Commander Tom Harker, Business Manager for the Assistant Commandant for Acquisitions

Junior Officer: Lieutenant Ben Berg, Chief Budget Section, Comptroller Division, Maintenance and Logistics Command Atlantic

Chief Warrant Officer: Chief Warrant Officer James Begonia, Supply Officer, Integrated Support Command, San Pedro, California

Enlisted: Storekeeper First Class Keith Spann, Office of Budget and Resources for the Assistant Commandant of Operations

GS-13 and above: Sheila Leonard, Comptroller Division, Maintenance and Logistics Command Pacific

GS-9--GS-12: Russell East, Office of Budget and Resources for the Assistant Commandant of Operations

GS-8 and below: Sylvia Carter, Aircraft Repair and Supply Center, Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Team: Aviation Training Vessel Contract Team, Chief Warrant Officer Ernest Watts, Air Station Miami, Florida

Following lunch, Lieutenant Commander Mike Sim, Lieutenant Ben Berg, and Lieutenant Ben Budovec gave a presentation on the status of the ongoing implementation of Activity Based Costing models at various Coast Guard units. Lieutenant Jim Sutton then provided an update on financial systems enhancements.

To obtain electronic versions of the Service Day presentations, contact Lieutenant Mark Haag in the Office of Financial Policy at (202) 267-6025 or

Robert Horowitz

Chief Financial Officer of the Coast Guard

Captain Larry White

Chief of the Office of Financial Policy and Systems

Commander Brian Bezio

Internal Controls and Asset Management Division

Vice Admiral Thad Allen

Coast Guard Chief of Staff

Andy Maner

Department of Homeland Security Chief Financial Officer
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