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Coalition in its death throes; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

I READ with interest the letter, "Is this the Mafia or government?" by Chhimed Wangpo (You Say, September 13).

He mentioned the Mafia and Machiavelli, and from there my mind strayed to the Borgias - who have resulted in some wonderfully entertaining historical films being made over the years.

The Borgia family in its quest for power had no time for the failures of idiots.

So according to history it was a farewell meal followed by the fatal drink of poisoned wine from a goblet.

Thinking of this failing Con-Dem Coalition Government, I'm not sure if that's the way to deal with them.

Perhaps if Guy Fawkes came back? It would certainly create jobs for wine tasters and security guards at Westminster and shorten the unemployment queues.

Nick Clegg's recent apology for his broken LibDem promises suggests this Westminster coalition is in its death throes.

Now is a good time for the public to make their feelings felt rather than swallowing the propaganda being fed to them.

But how do we tell them what we think? I am one who considers the pen to be mightier than the sword (or poison, or explosives).

And this has been vastly improved upon by computers and e-mails as far as protests are concerned.

This allows tremendous pressure to be put on MPs these days by such people's rights campaigning organisations as 38 Degrees.

The name 38 Degrees refers to the angle at which an avalanche happens.

This is a much better word than revolution, as it graphically depicts the powerful weight of public opinion for change.

My support for 38 Degrees has come from its campaigning against the Department of Work and Pensions benefits changes and the flawed Atos fitness for work examinations when there is no available work for disabled people anyway.

The 38 Degrees website is:

| Malcolm H Mort RNIB Cymru member and 38 Degrees member, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 24, 2012
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