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Adis ZaimoviA dies in the Breza coal mine accident, two other miners injured. Jan 14, 2021 170
25 thousand coal mine workers to be tested against Tuberculosis in Sindh: Syed Saleem. Jan 14, 2021 411
25 thousand coal mine workers to be tested against Tuberculosis in Sindh: Syed Saleem. Jan 14, 2021 411
Govt to make special security arrangements at Mach coal field. Jan 13, 2021 296
Hazaras bury slain coal miners after week-long Quetta sit-in. Jan 10, 2021 394
Funeral prayers for slain coal miners offered in Quetta. Jan 10, 2021 299
Coal miners laid to rest in Hazara Town. Jan 10, 2021 222
Montem Resources moves forward with plan to become coking coal supplier to global steel industry. Jan 9, 2021 680
'Will visit Quetta if the slain coal miners are buried, PM Imran. Jan 9, 2021 334
Murderers of Usama, coal miners must be brought to justice. Jan 9, 2021 159
Machh Tragedy: Protest enters 6th day as relatives refuse to bury coal miners till PM visits. Jan 9, 2021 293
Mourners buried slain coal miners of Machh massacre in Hazara graveyard. Jan 9, 2021 501
NEW PIT WAR; Deep coal mine a 'backwards step'. JEREMY ARMSTRONG Jan 8, 2021 163
Protests continue in Karachi, spread to other cities over massacre of coal miners. Jan 8, 2021 412
Cairn for our unsung heroes; PARKER'S WAY WE REVISIT DEREK PARKER'S RAMBLES THROUGH RENFREWSHIRE Mine of information. Jan 7, 2021 442
Machh tragedy: Protest enters 4th day as relatives refuse to bury coal miners till PM visits. Jan 7, 2021 443
Fears steam railway will run out of Welsh coal. wales news service Jan 5, 2021 512
Japan condemns killings of coal miners in Balochistan. Jan 5, 2021 211
Outcry over threat to steam engines' Welsh coal lifeline. WALES NEWS SERVICE Jan 5, 2021 513
India involved in killing of 11 Hazara coal miners: Rind. Jan 5, 2021 434
Senate body condemns killing of 11 coal miners. Jan 5, 2021 1225
Senate body condemns killing of 11 coal miners in Mach. Jan 5, 2021 1245
Civil society calls for compensation for families of slain coal miners. Jan 5, 2021 343
Compensation demanded for 11 slain coal miners. Jan 5, 2021 442
Siraj condemns killing of 11 innocent coal miners in Machh Balochistan. Jan 4, 2021 365
President condemns killings of coal miners in Mach. Jan 4, 2021 173
11 coal miners shot dead in Balochistan after being kidnapped No group claimed responsibility for killing. Jan 4, 2021 565
11 killed as armed men attack coal miners at Machh. Jan 4, 2021 478
CM Jam Kamal orders inquiry into killing of coal miners in Balochistan's Machh. Jan 4, 2021 196
'These boys came straight into the colliery... and you can't really hate anyone you work alongside for long' They gave blood, sweat, and tears to the Welsh coal industry after the ravages of war. Sian Burkitt tells the story of the immigrants who helped make Wales what it is today. Jan 4, 2021 1858
Gunmen slaughter 11 coal miners in Balochistan. Jan 4, 2021 866
Govt asked to take steps for safety of coal miners. Jan 4, 2021 391
President condemns killings of coal miners in Mach. Jan 4, 2021 173
11 coal mine workers killed, four injured in terror attack. Jan 4, 2021 389
PM Imran Khan condemns killing of innocent coal miners in Mach, expresses resolve to apprehend killers. Jan 4, 2021 257
Ten coal miners brutally massacred in Baluchistan. Jan 3, 2021 332
President condemns terrorist attack on coal miners in Mach. Jan 3, 2021 238
At least 11 coal miners kidnapped, killed in Machh. Jan 3, 2021 367
Ranai Coal Mines' owners, leaders condemn attack on security forces in Harnai. Dec 30, 2020 234
Heritage railways face coal blow. SUE AUSTIN Dec 29, 2020 348
Ranai Coal Mines' owners, leaders condemn attack on security forces in Harnai. Dec 29, 2020 242
Mining accidents. Dec 25, 2020 367
Six trapped mine workers rescued safely. Dec 24, 2020 170
Six trapped in coal mine; three hospitalised in Balochistan. Dec 23, 2020 223
Six coal mine workers trapped, three fainted in separate incidents. Dec 23, 2020 178
Victorious protesters celebrate coal mine rejection. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Dec 21, 2020 723
Council throws out opencast mine plan. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter @danhollandnews Dec 19, 2020 535
New equipment worth 51 million KM put into operation in BanoviAi Coal Mine. Dec 18, 2020 201
Novalic and Dzindic visit Banovici coal mine on Miners' Day. Dec 18, 2020 256
2020 was one of the best in terms of business for AurAevik Coal Mine. Dec 18, 2020 262
S&P/ASX 200 slips 0.37% as China confirms ban on importing Australian coal. Dec 16, 2020 832
Banner protest against mines. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Dec 16, 2020 367
Punjab lifts ban on grant, renewal of coal mining concessions. Dec 15, 2020 185
KP Rescue 1122 to provide service to mine workers during emergencies. Dec 11, 2020 261
MP wants to bring back coal mining to region. JONATHAN WALKER Political Reporter Dec 7, 2020 550
Coal industry sees fortunes decline during 1920s period. Dec 2, 2020 237
Erectile Dysfunction: The Canary in the Cardiovascular Coal Mine? The role of endothelial function on tumescence - and beyond. Zelfand, Erica Dec 1, 2020 2888
American Resources says its leased thermal coal mine in Kentucky has begun production. Nov 18, 2020 394
Mining volume of Thar-II Coal Mine Project reaches 117m tons. Nov 17, 2020 187
Mining volume of Thar II Coal Mine Project reached 117 million tons. Nov 17, 2020 231
Four labourers killed at Lakhra coal mines during excavation. Nov 12, 2020 176
32 Sentenced Over Coal Mine Blast In North China. Nov 7, 2020 192
Thar Coal Block II unearths 4 million tons black gold in one year. Nov 4, 2020 293
Thar Coal Block II unearths 4 million tonnes black gold. Nov 4, 2020 275
Thar Coal Block II unearths 4 million tons black gold in one year. Nov 3, 2020 250
Glencore maintains full year production guidance apart from coal. Oct 31, 2020 292
US weekly coal production totals 10.3 million st, down 22.9pc on year: EIA. Oct 25, 2020 362
Govt urged to ensure safety of mine workers. Oct 10, 2020 371
Marble mines tragedy. IFTIKHAR MIRZA - Islamabad Oct 3, 2020 239
Another 330 MW Thar Coal achieves financial close. Oct 2, 2020 477
330MW Thar coal-based project under CPEC achieves financial close. Fawad Yousafzai Oct 2, 2020 483
Exploration Disaster Source of Mine Water by Electromagnetic Radiation. Su, Benyu; Li, Zhixiong; Li, Rongyao; Rao, Rongfu; Yu, Jingcun Oct 1, 2020 3257
17 trapped in Chinese coal mine after carbon monoxide leak. Sep 27, 2020 211
Thar integrated coal mine power project completed. Sep 22, 2020 247
Coal mine plan blocked again; seven-year battle for community group ends in victory. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter Sep 10, 2020 711
Mining, coal burning cause global warming, climate change- Stakeholders. Sep 10, 2020 620
Centrenergo Starts Buying Coal From State Mines For UAH 1,650 Per Ton By 15.4% Lower Than Previous Price. Sep 9, 2020 215
Minister rejects plan for opencast coal mine near bay; Decision praised and criticised. TOM WILKINSON Sep 9, 2020 666
Government rejects planning application for coal mine. Sep 9, 2020 527
Centrenergo Starts Buying Coal From State Mines For UAH 1,650 Per Ton By 15.4% Lower Than Previous Price. Sep 8, 2020 215
DTEK Negotiating With SPF On Payment Of Debt For Lease Of DTEK Dobropilliavuhillia's Mines. Sep 4, 2020 256
Shmyhal Instructs Energy Ministry And SPF To Develop Model For Merging State Coal Mines With Centrenergo Within 2 Weeks. Sep 2, 2020 277
Carbon fiber stokes hope in dwindling coal industry. Best, Allen Sep 1, 2020 477
COMPARISON OF LUNG CANCER RISK IN BLACK-COAL MINERS BASED ON MORTALITY AND INCIDENCE. Tomaskova, Hana; Splichalova, Anna; Slachtova, Hana; Jirak, Zdenek Report Sep 1, 2020 3757
An Experimental Study on Coal Fines Migration during Single Phase Water Flow. Han, Wenlong; Wang, Yanbin; Fan, Jingjing; Li, Yong; Wu, Xiang; Yu, Yun Aug 31, 2020 6274
Study on the Fractal Characteristics of Coal Body Fissure Development and the Law of Coalbed Methane Migration of around the Stope. Yang, He; Liu, Zhen; Zhu, Danliang; Yang, Wenzhi; Zhao, Dawei; Wang, Wendi Aug 31, 2020 8738
A Cross-Sectional Epidemiological Survey of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Analysis of Its Influencing Factors among Coal Mine Workers in Xinjiang. Yong, Xianting; Li, Fuye; Ge, Hua; Sun, Xuemei; Ma, Xiaofan; Liu, Jiwen Report Aug 31, 2020 5991
Physarum-Inspired Autonomous Optimized Routing Protocol for Coal Mine MANET. Jiang, Haifeng; Liu, Xiaoxiao; Xiao, Shuo; Tang, Chaogang; Chen, Wei Aug 31, 2020 8030
Experimental Study for Influence of Surfactants Chemical Microstructures on Wetting Effect about Coal Dust in Tongchuan Mining Area. Ma, Youying; Wang, Yuying; Zhang, Qingtao Report Aug 31, 2020 7135
Analysis of the Mechanical Characteristics of Bolts under Roof Separation Based on Exponential Function. Ding, Xiao; Gu, Shuan-Cheng Report Aug 31, 2020 4018
Multifield Coupled Dynamic Simulation of Coal Oxidation and Self-Heating in Longwall Coal Mine Gob. Song, Shuanglin; Wang, Shugang; Jiang, Shuang; Liang, Yuntao; Hu, Peiyu Report Aug 31, 2020 8790
Research on the Deformation Mechanism and Directional Blasting Roof Cutting Control Measures of a Deep Buried High-Stress Roadway. Yang, Xiaojie; S>, Chenkang Liu; Sun, Honglei; S), Songlin Yue; Ji, Yuguo; Zhang, Xingyu; Hou, Lin Aug 31, 2020 6549
The Properties of a Coal Body and Prediction of Compound Coal-Rock Dynamic Disasters. Dong, Guowei; Liang, Xuanming; Wang, Zhen Aug 31, 2020 6944
Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Water Content on the Mechanical Properties of Coal under Conventional Triaxial Compression. Zhang, Meichang; Nie, Rongshan Aug 31, 2020 5966
Overburden Migration and Failure Characteristics in Mining Shallow Buried Coal Seam with Thick Loose Layer. Xu, Zhuhe; Li, Quansheng; Li, Xiaobin Aug 31, 2020 6236
Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Dynamic Stress on the Rock Surrounding a Mine Roadway. Xue, Jun-hua; Zhan, Ke-liang; Du, Xuan-hong; Ma, Qian Aug 31, 2020 4745
Determining the Seepage Stability of Fractured Coal Rock in the Karst Collapse Pillar. Zhang, Tianjun; Pang, Mingkun; Zhang, Xiufeng; Pan, Hongyu Aug 31, 2020 6217
Analysis of Failure Characteristics and Strength Criterion of Coal-Rock Combined Body with Different Height Ratios. Wang, Tuo; Ma, Zhanguo; Gong, Peng; Li, Ning; Cheng, Shixing Aug 31, 2020 7786
Karst Water Pressure's Varying Rule and Its Response to Overlying Strata Movement in Coal Mine. Hao, Jian; Bian, Hua; Chen, Anfa; Lin, Jiahui; Xu, Dongjing Aug 31, 2020 3852
Study on the Rheological Failure Mechanism of Weakly Cemented Soft Rock Roadway during the Mining of Close-Distance Coal Seams: A Case Study. Ru, Wenkai; Hu, Shanchao; Ning, Jianguo; Wang, Jun; Gu, Qingheng; Guo, Yong; Zuo, Jing Case study Aug 31, 2020 8824
Enforcement of labour law sought to prevent coal mine deaths. Aug 29, 2020 401
Miners will not be allowed to cheat host communities - Mines Minister. Aug 28, 2020 385
DA3/4indiA: We have simplified the management scheme in the coal mines in FBiH. Aug 28, 2020 179
Coal Reserves At TPPs And CHPPs Up 2.9% To 3 Million Tons August 18-25. Aug 25, 2020 201
KP CM orders inquiry into coal miners' death. Aug 24, 2020 232
CM orders inquiry into coal miners' death. Aug 24, 2020 232
Govt decides to lay new railway track for supply of Thar coal. Aug 24, 2020 420
Rejection of expansion plan leads to mine closure. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Aug 19, 2020 456
A black day for coal. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Aug 18, 2020 473
One of England's last coal mines shuts as Tories accused of 'industrial sabotage'; EXCLUSIVE: 'Sabotage' as one of the last coal mines in England -Bradley surface mine at Leadgate, County Durham -shuts with firm blaming 'political games' by Tories. By, Lucy Thornton Aug 16, 2020 358
Contango Moves Towards Signing Coal Offtake Deal With South Mining. Aug 14, 2020 312
Coal firm's chief 'angry' as 250 jobs set to be cut. COREENA FORD Business writer @Scoopford Aug 13, 2020 661
India approves 41 coal mines amid environmental concerns. Sanjay Kumar Aug 11, 2020 898
Tourism the new coal mining with rich pickings too. Hilton Dawson Aug 11, 2020 865
Morupule mine to build stadium in Palapye. Aug 3, 2020 260
Glencore cuts full-year production guidance for nickel, coal. Aug 1, 2020 245
Reject coal mine plans, climate protesters urge. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Aug 1, 2020 527
Clean Coal Technologies makes headway on coal dehydration tech by finishing fabrication on rotary kiln. Aug 1, 2020 159
Young demand new coal mine is rejected. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Jul 31, 2020 641
Thar Coal Block-II mine and power projects complete 1st year of successful operations. Jul 31, 2020 742
Deviatoric Stress Evolution Laws and Control in Surrounding Rock of Soft Coal and Soft Roof Roadway under Intense Mining Conditions. Chen, Dongdong; Ji, Chunwei; Xie, Shengrong; Wang, En; He, Fulian; Cheng, Qiong; Zhang, Qing Jul 31, 2020 10424
Signal Game Analysis on the Effectiveness of Coal Mine Safety Supervision Based on the Affective Events Theory. Yang, Xue; Tian, Yang; Feng, Kai; Yang, Juan; Zhang, Shu-hui; Wang, Shengnan Jul 31, 2020 6944
State Judgement Model of the Coal and Rock Medium and Its Engineering Application. Zhu, Chuanqi; Wang, Lei; Han, Xiangang Jul 31, 2020 6299
Effect of Coalbed Methane Well Fracturing on Slope Stability of Open-Pit Coal Mine: A Case Study of Shengli East No. 2 Open-Pit Coal Mine. Zhu, Qingzhong; Wang, Bo; Zhao, Xin; Liu, Chunchun; Yu, Qing; Zhang, Liwen; Hou, Tao; Sang, Guangjie Case study Jul 31, 2020 7739
Surface Subsidence Control during Deep Backfill Coal Mining: A Case Study. Li, Baiyi; Zhou, Nan; Qi, Wenyue; Li, Ailing; Cui, Zhizhong Case study Jul 31, 2020 6441
American Resources enters lease of one non-core mines with third-party operator. Jul 30, 2020 154
Protesting Gorano villagers ready to hold talks with coal mining firms. Jul 21, 2020 709
Rail critical to coal export. Jul 21, 2020 580
PNOC-EC to step up coal investments. Jul 19, 2020 438
Centre urged to design, generate JPCL plant II on thar coal. Jul 17, 2020 162
Imtiaz urges Centre to design JPCL -II on thar coal. Jul 17, 2020 233
Mine decision has 'given our jobs to the Russians'. KALI LINDSAY Reporter Jul 14, 2020 465
Opencast mine rejection 'hands jobs to Russians'. KALI LINDSAY Reporter Jul 14, 2020 482
Thar Coal BlockII mine power projects complete one year. Jul 14, 2020 576
Power generation at Thar Coal block II completes one year commercial operations. Jul 11, 2020 414
Thar Coal Block-II mine and power projects LAHORE: The PML- complete 1st year of successful operations. Jul 11, 2020 305
Thar Coal Block-II projects complete 1st year of successful operations. Jul 10, 2020 743
'Green' jobs boost at colliery; 'stunning' new country park and employment site lined up at old coal mine. TOM HOUGHTON Business Editor @tomashoughton Jul 3, 2020 430
MSHA Report: Update from the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Jul 1, 2020 2018
Evolutionary Stability Analysis of the Coal Mine Safety Management System Governed by Delay and Impulsive Differential Equations. Bai, Li; Wang, Xinhua; Lu, Rongwu; Yu, Hao; Li, Dan Jun 30, 2020 6506
Quantitative Calculation of Critical Depth in Typical Rockburst Mine. Rong, Hai; Yu, Shiqi; Zhang, Hongwei; Liang, Bing Jun 30, 2020 5657
Experimental Study on Strengthening and Sealing Materials and Their Application in Coal Mines. Zhang, Chao; Cheng, Ren-hui; Liu, Chao; Xue, Jun-hua; Liu, Hua; Jin, Gao-han; Chang, Jie; Yan, Jing; Jun 30, 2020 7826
Multivariate Prediction Model of Strength and Acoustic Emission Energy considering Parameter Correlation of Coal or Rock. Li, Shuncai; Li, Daquan; Zhang, Nong Jun 30, 2020 7053
Coal mining presents opportunities. Jun 28, 2020 297
Concerns grow as India's coal mining cuts through tiger reserves. Pamela Raghunath Jun 27, 2020 642
Work on Darra coal mines suspended as talks fail. Jun 27, 2020 495
Chinese company applies new measures to manage Thar coal mine. Jun 24, 2020 341
American Resources dramatically narrows losses in 1Q as it shifts from coal to mining carbon. Financial report Jun 19, 2020 732
Recovery of bodies from coal mine is unlikely; DISASTER. Jun 16, 2020 231
Coal mines safety. Engineer Imran Sadiq - Karachi Jun 16, 2020 273
Jobs threatened as climate fears block opencast coal mine licence. WALES NEWS SERVICE Jun 13, 2020 554
18 Feared Dead In Explosion At Afghan Coal Mine. Jun 10, 2020 273
Morupule Coal Mine donates game meat. Jun 10, 2020 189
SOS Serowe benefits from Morupule mine generosity. Jun 10, 2020 378
Edenville Energy soars as it inks Tanzanian coal mining deal. Jun 9, 2020 2463
Reopening of coal mines demanded. Jun 5, 2020 368
Hargreaves Services set to end coal mining operations in July. Jun 3, 2020 311
Time to remember D-Day and coal mining. Jun 3, 2020 884
Thar coal pollution will cause serious health risks. May 31, 2020 474
A Comparative Study on the Wettability of Two Coal Samples during Deep Burial Metamorphism. Yan, Guochao; Bai, Longjian; Feng, Jianping; Zhang, Zhiqiang Report May 31, 2020 4235
Attitude Optimization Control of Unmanned Helicopter in Coal Mine Using Membrane Computing. Xu, Jiachang; Huang, Yourui; Liu, Yu May 31, 2020 5354
A Laboratory and Numerical Simulation Study on Compression Characteristics of Coal Gangue Particles with Optimal Size Distribution Based on Shape Statistics. Cheng, Lichao; Qin, Yiling; Li, Xinwang; Zhao, Xinyuan May 31, 2020 6573
Hillsboro Deer Run Mine end of year map on county website. submitted by sandy leitheiser May 13, 2020 165
Morupule Mine avails transport for food distribution. May 6, 2020 202
Coal workers' pneumoconiosis and surveillance: A 5-year experience. Beyan, Ayse Coskun; Bahadir, Hande; Cimrin, Arif May 1, 2020 3736
Coal mining is very much alive in region. Apr 30, 2020 355
Effects of Metamorphic Degree of Coal on Coal Dust Wettability and Dust-Suppression Efficiency via Spraying. Wang, Pengfei; Han, Han; Liu, Ronghua; Li, Yongjun; Tan, Xuanhao Apr 30, 2020 9373
Dynamic Changes in Surface Damage Induced by High-Intensity Mining of Shallow, Thick Coal Seams in Gully Areas. Li, Jianwei; Li, Xintian; Liu, Changyou; Wu, Xiangye Apr 30, 2020 6986
Analysis of Similarities and Differences between Acoustic Emission and Charge Signal Based on Fractal Characteristics of Coal Fracture. Ding, Xin; Xiao, Xiao-Chun; Lv, Xiang-Feng; Wu, Di; Pan, Yishan Apr 30, 2020 6972
Glencore and South32 downgraded as weak oil prices expected to spill into coal. Apr 28, 2020 337
Jirga seeks resolution of coal mines income issue. Apr 26, 2020 243
We will still need coal. Apr 16, 2020 546
Consol Energy, Consol Coal announce Fork Mine to be temporarily idled. Apr 14, 2020 180
Minister due to make decision on bid to create mine. TOM WILKINSON Press Association Apr 1, 2020 328
Future of Thar Coal. Asif Ali Abro Mar 31, 2020 1282
Blast-Casting Mechanism and Parameter Optimization of a Benched Deep-Hole in an Opencast Coal Mine. Ma, Li; Lai, Xingping; Zhang, Jianguo; Xiao, Shuangshuang; Zhang, Leiming; Tu, Yuhang Mar 31, 2020 8545
Mine Pressure Behavior Characteristics and Control Methods of a Reused Entry that Was Formed by Roof Cutting: A Case Study. Wang, Yajun; Wang, Haosen; He, Manchao; Wang, Qi; Qiao, Yafei; Yang, Jun Case study Mar 31, 2020 8099
Reclaiming Subsidized Land: An Evaluation of Coal Gangue Interlayers. Gong, Yuling; Hu, Zhenqi; McSweeney, Kevin Mar 31, 2020 10583
Risk Assessments of Water Inrush from Coal Seam Floor during Deep Mining Using a Data Fusion Approach Based on Grey System Theory. Guo, Yaru; Dong, Shuning; Hao, Yonghong; Liu, Zaibin; Yeh, Tian-Chyi Jim; Wang, Wenke; Gao, Yaoquan; Mar 31, 2020 7208
A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Intelligent Discrimination between Coal and Rocks in Coal Mining Face. Si, Lei; Xiong, Xiangxiang; Wang, Zhongbin; Tan, Chao Mar 31, 2020 6736
Prediction of Mining Subsidence in Shallow Coal Seam. Li, Gang; Yang, Qinghe Mar 31, 2020 4940
Why it's so important that we preserve seat of mining history; The coal mining industry has long gone but its memory will never fade thanks to Durham Miners Hall, which was recently promised a PS7 million funding package for its refurbishment. MIKE KELLY took a tour of the historic building. Mar 28, 2020 2000
Seven die in explosion inside coal mine. Saleem Shahid Mar 23, 2020 259
Another coalmine accident. Mar 23, 2020 448
Anarchist Resistance in the German Hambach Forest: Localising Climate Justice. Kaufer, Ricardo; Lein, Paula Report Mar 22, 2020 8546
Bitter Limp Fruit. Cullen, Rob Poem Mar 22, 2020 686
Old mine fears as garden centre plan refused. Mar 17, 2020 306
Dighipara has 70.60cr tonnes of minable coal. Mar 10, 2020 409
Study on Law of Overlying Strata Breakage and Migration in Downward Mining of Extremely Close Coal Seams by Physical Similarity Simulation. Li, Xiaobin; He, Wenrui; Xu, Zhuhe Report Mar 1, 2020 5821
Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of In Situ Cemented Paste Backfill Containing Coal Gangue and Fly Ash. Zhang, Xinguo; Zhang, Shichuan Mar 1, 2020 5938
Study on Failure Modes and Energy Evolution of Coal-Rock Combination under Cyclic Loading. Song, Shilin; Liu, Xuesheng; Tan, Yunliang; Fan, Deyuan; Ma, Qing; Wang, Honglei Mar 1, 2020 9249
Experimental Study and Application of LASC Foamed Concrete to Create Airtight Walls in Coal Mines. Zhang, Duo; Wang, Weifeng; Deng, Jun; Wen, Hu; Zhai, Xiaowei Report Mar 1, 2020 5273
Application of High-Strength Lightweight Concrete in Gob-Side Entry Retaining in Inclined Coal Seam. Zhu, Daoyong; Gong, Weili; Su, Yi; Guo, Aipeng Mar 1, 2020 8354
Study on the Permeability Evolution and Its Formation Mechanism of Xiaojihan Aquifer Coal Seam under Plastic Flow. Guo, Jingna; Liu, Jiangfeng; Li, Qiang; Chen, Zhanqing Mar 1, 2020 9524
Changes in Soil Physicochemical Properties and Maize Production Following Improvement of Salt-Affected Soils Using Coal Bio-Briquette Ash in Northeast China. Sakai, Yuji; Shimizu, Chie; Murata, Hironori; Seto, Hitomi; Fukushima, Ryosuke; Koga, Takashi; Wang, Mar 1, 2020 9183
Protesters at coal mine are branded 'privileged'. Feb 27, 2020 284
Oracle Power surges as Thar deal signed with China Coal, Sheikh Al Maktoum. Feb 20, 2020 343
Protests planned over bid to expand coal mine. KALI LINDSAY Reporter Feb 18, 2020 684
Greens in bid to halt coal mine. Karen Rockett Feb 16, 2020 172
World Commodities - Coal production in North Dakota dropped 8% in 2019. S. Kamal Hayder Kazmi Feb 16, 2020 193
Protest in Quetta against mine owners. Feb 15, 2020 303
Protest held against increasing accidents in mines. Saleem Shahid Feb 15, 2020 490
Resumption of work at Akhorwal coal mines in Darra demanded. Feb 14, 2020 445
Three brothers among four coal miners killed in Duki landslide. Feb 13, 2020 211
Protesters show their opposition to bid to extend opencast mine. KALI LINDSAY Reporter Feb 13, 2020 582
Pakistan had immense resources with gold, copper and coal reserves: PM Khan. Feb 13, 2020 317
Four workers killed in Duki mine. Saleem Shahid Feb 13, 2020 215
Rich seam of talent is mined for Coal sequel. Feb 7, 2020 440
Rich seam of talent is mined for Coal sequel. Feb 5, 2020 440
Two miners trapped in Mach coal mine accident. Feb 4, 2020 181
Three coal miners laid to rest in Shangla. Feb 3, 2020 238
India: coal production from captive mines raises 24pc output. Feb 2, 2020 183
Why do we import coal? Jan 31, 2020 163
330 MW Thar coal achieves financial closing. Jan 31, 2020 612
Coal mining in Balochistan. BANADI ALI - Turbat Jan 31, 2020 220
Thar coal based power generation project achieves financial close. Fawad Yousafzai Jan 31, 2020 463
American Resources hires Land Betterment to rehabilitate idled Gold Star coal mine in Indiana. Jan 29, 2020 342
Why import coal? We have plenty here. Jan 29, 2020 162
Coal miner killed in landslide in Duki. Jan 24, 2020 175
Coal miner killed in landslide in Duki. Jan 23, 2020 175
Anglo Pacific Group set to reap rewards from Kestrel mine ramp-up. Jan 21, 2020 582
India opens up coal mining further. Jan 19, 2020 219
Semirara to expand coal mine area in Antique. Jan 17, 2020 582
Stain on their history Extinction Rebellion UK turns Siemens into crime scene over Adani mine. Jan 16, 2020 1167
Rs 1.462 mln released to continue drilling activities in Badin coal field. Jan 16, 2020 450
Mining works suspended at coal deposit in Nookat district. Jan 15, 2020 178
Appraisal Rs 1.462 mln released to continue drilling activities in Badin coal field. Jan 15, 2020 391
Two victims of coal mine incidents buried. Jan 13, 2020 241
Siemens slammed after approving rail signal system for Australia mine. Jan 13, 2020 519
Siemens To Proceed With Rail Signalling System For Australia Coal Mine. Jan 13, 2020 835
Coal India's total production up 7.2pc. Jan 12, 2020 160
Royalty of coal reserves for Thar. Jan 11, 2020 793
Australia Remains Committed To Coal. Palash Ghosh Jan 10, 2020 637
Nookat district residents demand to stop coal mining. Jan 8, 2020 239
Cabinet approves ordinance to amend Mines and Minerals Act, 2015. ANI Jan 8, 2020 141
Cabinet approves ordinance to amend Mines and Minerals Act, boost domestic coal production. ANI Jan 8, 2020 296
For achieving financial closure worth 1.3 billion for mega projects in the coal mining and power generation sectors in Thar. Jan 6, 2020 296
Tharis to start getting royalty on coal reserves in June, says CM. Jan 5, 2020 712
CM promises new homes for people displaced by coal mining projects. Jan 5, 2020 580
Tharis to get due royalties of coal reserves: CM. Jan 5, 2020 963
SECMC Achieves Financial Close of Phase II of Mining and Power Projects in Thar Block-2 - Press Release issued by Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company. Jan 1, 2020 628
SECMC Achieves Financial Close of Phase II of Mining and Power Projects in Thar Block-2 - Press Release issued by Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company. Jan 1, 2020 628
American Resources Corp provides environmental update, puts focus on reclaiming irrational thermal coal mines. Jan 1, 2020 482
Game Modelling and Strategy Research on Trilateral Evolution for Coal-Mine Operational Safety Production System: A Simulation Approach. Li, Yan; Zhang, Yan; Dai, Haifeng; Zhao, Ziyan Jan 1, 2020 9950
Modeling Rock Fracture Propagation and Water Inrush Mechanisms in Underground Coal Mine. Zhang, Shichuan; Shen, Baotang; Li, Yangyang; Zhou, Shengfan Jan 1, 2020 8077
Experimental Investigation of Water-Inrush Risk Based on Permeability Evolution in Coal Mine and Backfill Prevention Discussion. Li, Meng; Zhang, Jixiong; Zhang, Weiqing; Li, Ailing; Yin, Wei Jan 1, 2020 4581
Performance of Coal Gangue-Based Cemented Backfill Material Modified by Water-Reducing Agents. Guo, Yuxia; Wang, Peng; Feng, Guorui; Qi, Tingye; Liu, Guoyan; Ren, Ang Jan 1, 2020 6637
Roof Movement and Failure Behavior When Mining Extra-Thick Coal Seams Using Upward Slicing Longwall-Roadway Cemented Backfill Technology. Deng, Xuejie; Yuan, Zongxuan; Lan, Lixin; de Wit, Benjamin; Zhang, Junwen Jan 1, 2020 7944
Optimization and Hydration Mechanism of Composite Cementing Material for Paste Filling in Coal Mines. Liu, Jinxiao; Li, Wenxin; Zhang, Feng; Zhang, Xinguo; Chen, Lianjun; Liu, Yongle Dec 31, 2019 7427
Deflection Mechanism and Safety Analysis of Coal Mine Shaft in Deep Soil Strata. Han, Jihuan; Zou, Jiuqun; Hu, Chenchen; Yang, Weihao Dec 31, 2019 5552
Research on the Reasonable Width of the Waterproof Coal Pillar during the Mining of a Shallow Coal Seam Located Close to a Reservoir. Hu, Mengling; Zhao, Wenlong; Ren, Zheng Lu Jianxi; Miao, Yanping Dec 31, 2019 9723
Failure Mechanism of a Coal-Rock Combined Body with Inclinations of Structural Planes and a Calculation Model for Impact Energy. Zhao, Yi-Chao; Gao, Ming-Shi; He, Yong-Liang; Xu, Dong Dec 31, 2019 8760
An Experimental Study of the Uniaxial Failure Behaviour of Rock-Coal Composite Samples with Pre-existing Cracks in the Coal. Chen, Shaojie; Ge, Yao; Yin, Dawei; Yang, Huisan Report Dec 31, 2019 5632
Evolution Law of Overburden Longitudinal Connected Fissures in a Shallowly Buried Coal Face with Thin Bedrock. Jia, Housheng; Pan, Kun; Wang, Luyao; Liu, Shaowei; Fu, Mengxiong; Ji, Xiang Dec 31, 2019 6932
Evaluation on the Stability of Vertical Mine Shafts below Thick Loose Strata Based on the Comprehensive Weight Method and a Fuzzy Matter-Element Analysis Model. Zhang, Wenquan; Wang, Zaiyong; Shao, Jianli; Zhu, Xianxiang; Li, Wei; Wu, Xintao Dec 31, 2019 10925
Experimental Study on Comprehensive Real-Time Methods to Determine Geological Condition of Rock Mass along the Boreholes while Drilling in Underground Coal Mines. Niu, Ganggang; Zhang, Kai; Yu, Bosong; Chen, Yanlong; Wu, Yu; Liu, Jiangfeng Report Dec 31, 2019 7148
A Preliminary Study on the Design Method for Large-Diameter Deep-Hole Presplit Blasting and Its Vibration-Isolation Effect. Xiao, Shuangshuang; Wang, Hongsheng; Dong, Guowei Dec 31, 2019 6990
Plans revealed for 110,000 tonnes of coal which could be mined from Carmarthenshire site; Bryn Bach Coal Ltd has submitted plans to remove the coal from an eight-hectare site at Glan Lash, near Llandybie. Richard Youle Dec 30, 2019 586
New law on mines regulation in KP finds no takers among workers. Zulfiqar Ali Dec 29, 2019 906
Semirara allowed to resume operations in Antique coal mine. Dec 28, 2019 272
NMDC allocated two coal blocks in Jharkhand. ANI Dec 19, 2019 274
Shaukat, Eng. Meraj discuss coal mine rescue operation. Dec 18, 2019 101
Blast at Southwest China Mine Leaves at Least 14 Miners Dead. Dec 17, 2019 221
China mine flooding: 14 trapped miners located. ANI Dec 15, 2019 197
Coal Ministry to set up sustainable development cell for environmental mitigation measures. ANI Dec 15, 2019 300
Flooding at coal mine in China leaves 3 dead, 15 missing. ANI Dec 14, 2019 125
Oracle Power rockets 150% as it confirms discussions for agreement to develop Pakistan coal mine. Dec 13, 2019 191
Just 25% for burning in coal plans - mining boss. RICHARD YOULE Local democracy reporter Dec 13, 2019 511
New electric truck fleet to boost mine efficiency at Conuma Coal Resources Limited. Dec 12, 2019 719
Australian Aspire and Sinosteel develop Mongolian coking coal project. Dec 10, 2019 379
Coal production in India up by 164.58 mt in 5 years. Dec 8, 2019 168
Senate panel concerned over plight of coal miners. Dec 7, 2019 175
Standing Committee on Petroleum inspects Quetta's mines places. Dec 6, 2019 327
Coal industry seeing fortunes decline. Dec 4, 2019 237
Canadian National Wins Coal Contract From Canadian Pacific. FreightWaves Dec 4, 2019 630
Strawberry Field earns prestige tourism award They were up against the National Coal Mining LIVERPOOL; THE PAGE YOU WRITE ... EVERY DAY IN YOUR FAVOURITE PAPER ECHO LIVERPOOL. Dec 3, 2019 440
I Hot Water: Abandoned coal mines contain a precious resource in the warm water they hold within. Dec 1, 2019 508
Hundreds of Climate Activists Invade German Coal Mines in Protest. Dec 1, 2019 329
CIL Investing in 66 Projects to Boost Coal Production. Dec 1, 2019 266
Bill to Protect Coal Miner Pension Heads to Trump for Signature. Dec 1, 2019 397
India Imports More Coal From US and Canada. Das, Ajoy K. Dec 1, 2019 510
Polish Coal Mine Ignites Dispute. Dec 1, 2019 302
Indonesia Reviewing Domestic Market Coal Obligation Rules. Dec 1, 2019 183
Effect of Underground Coal Mining on Slope Morphology and Soil Erosion. Ning, Liu; Xiao-Guang, Zhao; Shi-Jie, Song; Wen-Fu, Zhou Nov 30, 2019 7594
Path Correction of the Boom Road-Header in Coal Mining Based on State Estimation. Qu, Yuanyuan; Cheng, Xin; Zhang, Minjun; Fu, Shichen; Wu, Miao Correction notice Nov 30, 2019 7669
Mechanical Modeling of Roof Fracture Instability Mechanism and Its Control in Top-Coal Caving Mining under Thin Topsoil of Shallow Coal Seam. Gong, Peilin; Zhao, Tong; Yetilmezsoy, Kaan; Yi, Kang Nov 30, 2019 5340
Explosion-Induced Stress Wave Propagation in Interacting Fault System: Numerical Modeling and Implications for Chaoyang Coal Mine. Feng, Xiaojun; Zhang, Qiming; Ali, Muhammad Nov 30, 2019 7271
Dynamic Response Analysis of the Coal Gangue-like Elastic Rock Sphere Impact on the Massless Tail Beam Based on Contact-Structure Theory and FEM. Yang, Yang; Wan, Lirong; Xin, Zhengyuan Nov 30, 2019 13215
Study on the Relationship between Stress and Charge of Coal Mass under Uniaxial Compression. Wang, Gang; Pan, Yishan; Xiao, Xiaochun; Wu, Di; Zhao, Hongrui; Wang, Aiwen; Ding, Xin Nov 30, 2019 6784
Pakistan looks into possibilities of diesel production from coal. Nov 25, 2019 287
FG To Revive Enugu Coal Mines -Minister. Nov 23, 2019 337
FG Moves To Revive Enugu Coal Mines a Minister. Nov 22, 2019 338
Semirara Mining files MR at DOE on coal-trading order. Nov 22, 2019 388
15 killed in north China coal mine blast. Nov 19, 2019 102
Shoukat inspects rescue operation to evacuate trap coal miners. Nov 19, 2019 135
Kyrgyzstan exports coal to China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Nov 19, 2019 121
29yo worker dies in work accident at Kara-Keche coal mine. Nov 18, 2019 132
Man dead in Kara-Keche coal mine having been trapped between trucks. Nov 16, 2019 112

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