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52 people believed dead after Siberia mining accident: reports. Nov 26, 2021 225
15 dead, 35 missing in Siberia coal mine. DARIA LITVINOVA newsdesk Nov 26, 2021 250
Up to 75 miners trapped 820ft underground after 'explosion' in airway; At least one miner has reportedly died after an explosion and fire in the Listvyazhnaya coal mine, in Russia's Kemerovo region, with at least five in a "serious" condition. By, Will Stewart & Matthew Dresch Nov 25, 2021 302
Russia mine explosion: Coal pit blast kills 52 and leaves survivors trapped 820ft down; Efforts to rescue the miners -trapped 820ft down in an air pocket beneath the fire at the Listvyazhnaya mine in Belovo, south western Siberia -have been halted. By, Stephen White Nov 25, 2021 352
Death toll in Russian mine tragedy jumps past 50. Reuters News Service Nov 25, 2021 297
Coal miners' fight for survival. Nov 18, 2021 440
Precautionary measures required for overcoming coal mine incidents. Nov 10, 2021 216
Mine's coal is not for burning up chimneys. Nov 9, 2021 234
Digging into the issue of Wales' continuing production of coal; Welsh affairs editor will.hayward Nov 8, 2021 1087
Mine's coal is not for traditional use; letters. Nov 6, 2021 206
Engro approves expansion of Thar Coal Block II Mine. Nov 2, 2021 562
Expansion of Thar coal Block II approved. Nov 2, 2021 276
Expansion of Thar coal mine to save $240 million forex annually. Oct 31, 2021 666
Govt plans 6.9m tonnes coal production in current FY. Oct 28, 2021 507
Two labourers die as coal mine caves in at Lakhra. Oct 26, 2021 191
Coal miners see improved results in Q3. Financial report Oct 25, 2021 735
Murad Ali Shah approves Rs15.8bn third expansion project of Thar coal. Oct 23, 2021 502
Murad approves expansion of Thar coal mining for $15.8b to reduce power tariff. Oct 23, 2021 219
Sindh approves Phase-III Coal Mine expansion project in Thar. Oct 23, 2021 668
CM Sindh approves expansion of Thar coal mining for $15.8 bn to reduce power tariff. Oct 23, 2021 609
CM Sindh approves Thar coal mining expansion for $15.8 bn to reduce power tariff. Oct 23, 2021 669
County Clerk offers additional mine information on website. SUBMITTED BY SANDY LEITHEISER MONTGOMERY COUNTY CLERK Oct 20, 2021 320
Vietnamese firms yet to benefit from world coal price fever. Oct 19, 2021 671
American Resources to restart Wyoming County Coal mining complex. Oct 19, 2021 233
Coal output hiked to address power shortfalls. Oct 14, 2021 479
Coal stocks enjoy sharp rise but expert sayA fluctuationsA remain. Oct 4, 2021 708
Amid power crunch, China orders miners to produce coal 'at all costs'. Oct 1, 2021 196
Study highlights unfair treatment to Tharis, inhuman conditions at coal mining sites. Sep 30, 2021 613
Sultan urges to ensure safety measures for coal miners. Sep 27, 2021 489
Sultan urges to ensure safety measures for coal miners. Sep 27, 2021 489
Sultan urges to take concrete steps to ensure safety measures for coal miners Dept.'s negligence costs 149 deaths, 250 injured in coal mines. Sep 24, 2021 488
Sultan urges to take concrete steps to ensure safety measures for coal miners. Sep 24, 2021 488
Sultan urges to take concrete steps to ensure safety measures for coal miners. Sep 24, 2021 487
Four miners die in coal mine explosion. Sep 22, 2021 190
Coal Reserves In TPP Warehouses Up By 15.5% To 852,600 Tons From September 1 to September 20, But They Are 2.5 Times Less Than Required - Ukrenergo. Sep 21, 2021 221
SMPC recognized for accelerated rehabilitation of South Panian mine. Sep 20, 2021 314
Coal Mining: Reps Urge Compliance With Devt Agreements In Kogi Communities. Sep 16, 2021 373
Study highlights unfair treatment to Tharis, inhuman conditions at coal mining sites. Sep 15, 2021 614
Hearing on opening of coal mine; IN BRIEF. Sep 8, 2021 211
Economic Watch: Smart coal mines dot China's energy industry. Sep 7, 2021 441
Coal Mines Policy would be formulated soon. Sep 7, 2021 240
PML-N urges Balochistan govt to protect lives of coal miners. Aug 29, 2021 303
3 coal miners gunned down in Balochistan. Aug 25, 2021 211
Three coal miners shot dead in Quetta. Aug 25, 2021 305
Four coal miners gunned down in Quetta. Aug 24, 2021 183
New deal with Chinese company likely to raise coal price for Barapukuria power plant. Aug 23, 2021 498
Building work starts on 169 new homes at historic former coal mine in Bedworth; The new housing development will be on an old coal mining site that opened in 1898. By, Morgan Johnson Aug 13, 2021 456
Vincelette's newest creation is a nod to southern Illinois coal mining Mural: Work is almost done on Civic Center art. HOLLY KEE Aug 13, 2021 223
Vincelette's newest creation is a nod to southern Illinois coal mining. HOLLY KEE Aug 13, 2021 223
Boris' coal mines remark slammed. Aug 7, 2021 457
Boris' coal mines remark slammed. Aug 7, 2021 457
Boris' coal mines remark slammed. Aug 7, 2021 457
FM and MS slam PM's 'crass' mines remark. FFION LEWIS Reporter Aug 7, 2021 751
Boris' coal mines remark slammed. Aug 7, 2021 457
Drakeford blasts PM's 'crass' coal mine comments. DAVID HUGHES Press Association reporter Aug 7, 2021 768
CRASS & OFFENSIVE; Drakeford blasts PM for 'celebrating' Thatcher's shutdown of coal mining. DAVID HUGHES and OWEN EVANS Aug 7, 2021 343
PM has a heart as black as any coal; MINERS PUT ON THE DOLE BY THATCHER BLAST BOJO 'JOKE' Johnson's laughter about Thatcher's destruction of the coal industry came as no surprise to the miners and their families whose livelihoods and towns were decimated by pit closures. ANNIE BROWN ASSOCIATE EDITOR Aug 7, 2021 1235
Boris' coal mines remark slammed. Aug 7, 2021 457
Boris' coal mines remark slammed. Aug 7, 2021 457
'Boris Johnson is not a loveable, bumbling cartoon but vicious and self-absorbed'; This Thatcher joke should help to make it clear what kind of person the country chose -closing the coal mines was devastating. By, Keir Mudie Aug 7, 2021 577
ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH? BLUNDERING TORY LEADER IS THE PITS Johnson sparks row as he jokes about Thatcher shutting down coal mines Out of touch PM rejects calls for drug consumption rooms that could save lives JOKING ABOUT THATCHER'S MINE CLOSURES 'BEGGARS BELIEF'. PAUL HUTCHEON Aug 6, 2021 321
Mark Drakeford slams Boris Johnson for 'celebrating' Margaret Thatcher's coal mine closures; Boris Johnson claims former PM Thatcher 'helped climate change'. By, Ffion Lewis Aug 6, 2021 645
A Case Study of Direct Current Resistivity Method for Disaster Water Source Detection in Coal Mining. Wang, Yangzhou; Yu, Jingcun; Feng, Xihui; Ma, Li; Gao, Qianhui; Su, Benyu; Xing, Xiuju Case study Aug 1, 2021 4106
Former coal mines could be renewable energy boost. ELLIE FORBES Jul 29, 2021 154
Top Australian coal mines are spewing more methane than rivals. S. Kamal Hayder Kazmi Jul 25, 2021 173
Coal stocks on an upswing thanks to rising prices. Jul 6, 2021 650
Director of AurAevik coal mine and mayor's advisor arrested in A1/2ivinice. Jul 2, 2021 206
Coal mine firm faces protest over worker's 'murder'. Jul 2, 2021 345
To Establish a Healthy Forest: Restoration of the Forest Herb Layer on a Reclaimed Mine Site. Brown, Sarah N.; Swab, Rebecca M. Jul 1, 2021 7121
Mine group will not be appealing rejection of plans. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Jun 29, 2021 478
Mine group won't fight to bring back plans. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter @danhollandnews Jun 29, 2021 505
Sindh Engro coal mining company completes its million-trees in Thar campaign to celebrate world environment day. Jun 27, 2021 409
Coal mine accidents routine in Pakistan: PCMLF-APLF. Jun 26, 2021 638
Miners' Angel: A century ago, Mother Jones faced bullets and long odds in her quest to better the lives of coal laborers working in New River Gorge and other West Virginia mines. Brulliard, Nicolas In memoriam Jun 22, 2021 1867
Czechs living near disputed Polish coal mine lose patience and water. Reuters News Service Jun 22, 2021 654
Registration of TB workers in coal mines in Shangla. Jun 20, 2021 335
Aberfan coal tip laws 'no longer fit for purpose'. RUTH MOSALSKI Political editor Jun 10, 2021 741
Coal tip laws 'outdated and no longer fit for purpose'. RUTH MOSALSKI Political editor Jun 9, 2021 723
Coal tip laws brought in after Aberfan are 'not fit for purpose'; A new body is being proposed to be responsible for all coal tips in the wake of a series of landslides. By, Ruth Mosalski Jun 9, 2021 718
Home scheme shelved due to coal mine fears. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Jun 7, 2021 298
Homes scheme shelved due to coal mine fears. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Jun 7, 2021 488
Homes plan rejected over mine fears. Jun 5, 2021 170
Publication of books on safety of miners another step of Sindh Govt: Minister. Jun 2, 2021 198
Publication of books on safety of miners another step of Sindh govt: Minister. Jun 2, 2021 155
Publication of books on safety of miners another step of Sindh Govt: Minister. Jun 2, 2021 198
Active Energy production of CoalSwitch pellet fuel begins in Maine. Jun 2, 2021 266
'0.3 mln coal miners working in Balochistan sans basic health facilities'. Jun 1, 2021 397
'0.3 mln coal miners working in Balochistan sans basic health facilities'. Jun 1, 2021 397
NEGATIVE-VALUE PROPERTY. Huber, Bruce R. Jun 1, 2021 27424
When the miner met the climate striker.. PITTED AGAINS NST EACH OTHER OVER COAL PLAN. CLAIRE DONNELLY and MARYAM QAISER May 28, 2021 1248
When the miner met the climate striker .. PITTED AGAINS NST EACH OTHER OVER COAL PLAN. CLAIRE DONNELLY and MARYAM QAISER May 28, 2021 1201
Registration of TB workers in coal mines in Shangla. May 24, 2021 324
Electromagnetic Environments and Wireless Channels for Through-the-Earth (TTE) Communications in an Underground Coal Mine: Modeling and Measurements. Zhou, Chenming; Damiano, Nicholas Report May 1, 2021 4011
Assessment of DNA damage and oxidative stress among traffic conductors and coal miners. Irfan Ullah, Muhammad Zahid, Muhammad Jawad and Aatik Arsh Apr 30, 2021 1819
Coal mining woes. Apr 30, 2021 1190
TOP NEWS: Glencore coal and oil production dips but copper output up. Apr 29, 2021 270
DA3/4indiA: We must not allow the shutdown of the most important coal mine in FBiH. Apr 27, 2021 258
Safety and rights of coalmine workers. Hussain Siddiqui-Islamabad Apr 27, 2021 672
Anglo American says coal production fell in first quarter and cuts its full-year output guidance. Apr 23, 2021 424
TOP NEWS: Anglo American shaves coal guidance amid partial exit. Apr 22, 2021 352
Hillsboro Deer Run Mine map on now Montgomery County website. Submitted by Sandy Leitheiser Apr 21, 2021 167
TOP NEWS: BHP coal production hit by bad weather; projects progressing. Apr 21, 2021 458
LONDON MARKET PRE-OPEN: Anto holds outlook, BHP cuts coal guidance. Apr 21, 2021 1012
Special measures sought for safety of Shangla miners. Apr 17, 2021 408
Funeral prayers of slain coal miners offered. Apr 10, 2021 159
Chinese Bitcoin mining risks climate targets due to coal power usage. Apr 8, 2021 329
Assessment of safety leadership among senior managers in China's coal mining industry. Li, Guang Li; Dong, Zi Wen; Pi, Zi Kun; Luo, Chen Report Apr 1, 2021 5303
Coal mining companies asked for registration of miners. Mar 23, 2021 375
Coal mining companies asked for registration of miners. Mar 23, 2021 375
Coal miners' deaths. Mar 18, 2021 402
Public inquiry into coal mine plan. Mar 18, 2021 343
Seven coalminers burn to death after blast. Saleem Shahid Mar 17, 2021 332
Mining accidents. Mar 17, 2021 325
PCMLU protest against increasing mine accidents. Mar 17, 2021 375
Seven coal miners killed in Balochistan in second incident in one week. Mar 17, 2021 290
Seven die in Balochistan coal mining disaster. Mar 17, 2021 163
Seven killed in Balochistan coal mining accident official. Mar 16, 2021 248
Bodies of all seven colliers trapped in Harnai mine recovered. Mar 16, 2021 252
SMPC allots P4-B capex this year for coal mining, power generation ventures. Mar 15, 2021 363
Six coal miners killed in Balochistan blast. Mar 13, 2021 171
Six dead bodies, two injured were recovered from coal mine of Marwar. Mar 13, 2021 252
'Startling but welcome u-turn' over coal mine plan. Mar 13, 2021 160
China to cap annual coal output at 4.1 bln tonnes by 2025. Mar 9, 2021 175
A mechanical analysis of support instability risk along the strike of coalface in thick coal seam with large dip angle: a case study/Analisis mecanico del riesgo de inestabilidad en los apoyos de un frente de trabajo en un filon de carbon espeso con angulo de inmersion grande: estudio de caso. Zhang, Wei; Wang, Tianyi; Zhang, Dongsheng; Zhang, Yandong; Xu, Peng; Duan, Xu Mar 1, 2021 6247
Fault diagnosis mechanism of gears and bearings for coal mining equipment in a complex geological environment/Diagnostico de fallas de engranajes y cojinetes para equipos de mineria de carbon en entornos geologicos complejos. Wang, Shuilin; Liu, Songyong; Meng, Fanping Mar 1, 2021 5974
Consider project to access coking coal. Feb 26, 2021 162
Lloyd's Insurer Brit to Stop Insuring Australia's Adani Coal Mine. Feb 23, 2021 352
Plans for new mines rejected. Feb 19, 2021 204
Coal Reserves At TPPs And CHPPs Down 14.2% To 433,600 Tons On February 8-15, 2.4 Times Less Than Needed. Feb 16, 2021 251
Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC). Feb 15, 2021 659
4 mine workers lose lives. Feb 12, 2021 158
Four die as Jhimpir coal mine caves in. Feb 12, 2021 243
Two die in mine explosion. Feb 12, 2021 368
Trade union organization of Zenica coal mine enters hunger strike. Feb 10, 2021 243
Losing the moral high ground with deep coal mine. NADA FARHOUD Environment Journalist of the Year Feb 8, 2021 403
Balochistan coal miners relucant to work after Hazara killings. Feb 5, 2021 231
MC Mining Bags Mining Right For Mopane Coking Coal Project In Limpopo. Feb 4, 2021 169
Heritage railways facing coal dilemma. Feb 3, 2021 194
MC Mining Fourth Quarter Coal Production Hit As Pandemic Weighs. Jan 29, 2021 383
Richard Osman's coal mine knowledge is the pits. PAUL ROUTLEDGE KEEP CALM.. WE CAN BEAT THIS Jan 28, 2021 292
17 coal mines closed due to lack of safety measures. Jan 22, 2021 290
Mitsui & Co Sells Stake In Mozambique Coal Assets To Brazil's Vale. Jan 21, 2021 324
Housing scheme submitted for old coal mining site; Care home included in proposal for area near country park. ALEX MOORE Local Democracy Reporter Jan 20, 2021 232
25 thousand coal mine workers to be tested against Tuberculosis in Sindh: Syed Saleem. Jan 14, 2021 411
25 thousand coal mine workers to be tested against Tuberculosis in Sindh: Syed Saleem. Jan 14, 2021 411
Adis ZaimoviA dies in the Breza coal mine accident, two other miners injured. Jan 14, 2021 170
Govt to make special security arrangements at Mach coal field. Jan 13, 2021 296
Hazaras bury slain coal miners after week-long Quetta sit-in. Jan 10, 2021 394
Funeral prayers for slain coal miners offered in Quetta. Jan 10, 2021 299
Coal miners laid to rest in Hazara Town. Jan 10, 2021 222
Montem Resources moves forward with plan to become coking coal supplier to global steel industry. Jan 9, 2021 680
'Will visit Quetta if the slain coal miners are buried, PM Imran. Jan 9, 2021 334
Murderers of Usama, coal miners must be brought to justice. Jan 9, 2021 159
Machh Tragedy: Protest enters 6th day as relatives refuse to bury coal miners till PM visits. Jan 9, 2021 293
Mourners buried slain coal miners of Machh massacre in Hazara graveyard. Jan 9, 2021 501
Protests continue in Karachi, spread to other cities over massacre of coal miners. Jan 8, 2021 412
NEW PIT WAR; Deep coal mine a 'backwards step'. JEREMY ARMSTRONG Jan 8, 2021 163
Cairn for our unsung heroes; PARKER'S WAY WE REVISIT DEREK PARKER'S RAMBLES THROUGH RENFREWSHIRE Mine of information. Jan 7, 2021 442
Machh tragedy: Protest enters 4th day as relatives refuse to bury coal miners till PM visits. Jan 7, 2021 443
Fears steam railway will run out of Welsh coal. wales news service Jan 5, 2021 512
Japan condemns killings of coal miners in Balochistan. Jan 5, 2021 211
Outcry over threat to steam engines' Welsh coal lifeline. WALES NEWS SERVICE Jan 5, 2021 513
India involved in killing of 11 Hazara coal miners: Rind. Jan 5, 2021 434
Senate body condemns killing of 11 coal miners. Jan 5, 2021 1225
Senate body condemns killing of 11 coal miners in Mach. Jan 5, 2021 1245
Civil society calls for compensation for families of slain coal miners. Jan 5, 2021 343
Compensation demanded for 11 slain coal miners. Jan 5, 2021 442
'These boys came straight into the colliery... and you can't really hate anyone you work alongside for long' They gave blood, sweat, and tears to the Welsh coal industry after the ravages of war. Sian Burkitt tells the story of the immigrants who helped make Wales what it is today. Jan 4, 2021 1858
Gunmen slaughter 11 coal miners in Balochistan. Jan 4, 2021 866
Govt asked to take steps for safety of coal miners. Jan 4, 2021 391
President condemns killings of coal miners in Mach. Jan 4, 2021 173
11 coal mine workers killed, four injured in terror attack. Jan 4, 2021 389
PM Imran Khan condemns killing of innocent coal miners in Mach, expresses resolve to apprehend killers. Jan 4, 2021 257
Siraj condemns killing of 11 innocent coal miners in Machh Balochistan. Jan 4, 2021 365
President condemns killings of coal miners in Mach. Jan 4, 2021 173
11 coal miners shot dead in Balochistan after being kidnapped No group claimed responsibility for killing. Jan 4, 2021 565
11 killed as armed men attack coal miners at Machh. Jan 4, 2021 478
CM Jam Kamal orders inquiry into killing of coal miners in Balochistan's Machh. Jan 4, 2021 196
Ten coal miners brutally massacred in Baluchistan. Jan 3, 2021 332
President condemns terrorist attack on coal miners in Mach. Jan 3, 2021 238
At least 11 coal miners kidnapped, killed in Machh. Jan 3, 2021 367
Sedimentary Environments and Coal Accumulation of the Middle Xishanyao Formation, Jurassic, in the Western Dananhu Coalfield, Turpan-Hami Basin. Yan, Zhiming; Wang, Jinlong; Wang, Xuetian Jan 1, 2021 5332
Accurate Perception of Rock Strata Movement for Environmental Protection in Coal Mining: Taking Thick and Hard Roof Cooperative Control as an Example. Zhao, Tong; Liu, Changyou; Yetilmezsoy, Kaan; Bahramian, Majid; Gong, Peilin Jan 1, 2021 5937
Characterization of Cleaning Potential of Khokhar-Bala, Punjab (Pakistan) Coal and Simulation-Based Study for Identification of Best Strategy for its Cleaning. Shahzad, Muhammad; Arshad, Syed Mahmood; Ali, Zulfiqar; Ali, Rana Ahmad; Shabeer, Hamza Report Jan 1, 2021 3905
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An Image Preprocessing Model of Coal and Gangue in High Dust and Low Light Conditions Based on the Joint Enhancement Algorithm. Li, Na; Gong, Xingyu Jan 1, 2021 4613
A Knowledge Graph System for the Maintenance of Coal Mine Equipment. Zhang, Guozhen; Cao, Xiangang; Zhang, Mengyuan Jan 1, 2021 6944
Numerical Simulation of the Stress Field in Repeated Mining of Coal Seams Based on In Situ Stress Measurement. Yang, Donghui; Yang, Bohu; Lv, Zhaoheng; Li, Yongming; Cheng, Hongming; Ning, Zhangxuan Report Jan 1, 2021 7275
Optimization of Barrier Pillar Design in Longwall Mining with Top Coal Caving in Spontaneous Combustion Coal Seam. Fu, Qiang; Yang, Ke; Liu, Qinjie; Liu, Shuai; He, Xiang; Lyu, Xin Jan 1, 2021 8904
The Failure Mechanism and Stability of the End Slope of Inclined Composite Coal Seam. Li, Haoran; Du, Han; Bai, Runcai; Liu, Guangwei; Zhao, Mingyuan; Liu, Rongzheng Jan 1, 2021 7407
Analysis of the Influence of Upper Protective Layer Mining on the Effect of Pressure Relief and Protection of Coal and Rock Masses between the Lower Overburden Layers. Dang, Jiaxin; Tu, Min; Zhang, Xiangyang; Bu, Qingwei Jan 1, 2021 7187
Quantitative Identification of the Water Resistance Capacity of Composite Strata in Mining Coal Seam Floors. Wang, Xinyi; Li, Fang; Wang, Qi; Chen, Bo; Zou, Yu; Zhang, Bo Jan 1, 2021 7563
Research on Mechanism and Control Technology of Rib Spalling in Soft Coal Seam of Deep Coal Mine. Li, Shaobo; Wang, Lei; Zhu, Chuanqi; Ren, Qihan Jan 1, 2021 4445
Research Progress of Coal Damage under Unsteady Load in China. Chen, Xi; Ma, Guoliang; Fan, Chaonan; Ge, Shaocheng Jan 1, 2021 8992
Influence of Mine Earthquake Disturbance on the Principal Stress of the Main Roadway near the Goaf and Its Prevention and Control Measures. Guo, Penghui; Li, Jiazhuo; Hao, Xiqing; Cui, Heng; Tian, Lihua; Xie, Wenhao; Chu, Jiaqi Jan 1, 2021 7312
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Study on Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Overlying Strata in the Deep Coal Mining Process. Zhang, Bang'an; Yang, Yushun; Zhang, Dongming Report Jan 1, 2021 6381
A Novel Evaluation Method of Hydrogen Production from Coal Based on AHP and GRA-TOPSIS. Zhong, Shuheng; Yang, Kangdi; Wang, Yongji Jan 1, 2021 4784
Investigation on Rock Strata Fracture Regulation and Rock Burst Prevention in Junde Coal Mine. Wang, Fengnian; Li, Gan; Liu, Chi Report Jan 1, 2021 4314
Prevention of Water Inrushes in Deep Coal Mining over the Ordovician Aquifer: A Case Study in the Wutongzhuang Coal Mine of China. Yin, Huichao; Xu, Bin; Yin, Shangxian; Tian, Wuzi; Yao, Hui; Meng, Haopeng Case study Jan 1, 2021 7720
Mechanical Mechanism of Water Injection to Enhance the Stability of Soft Coal. Zhu, Chuanqi; Fan, Hao; Liu, Wanrong; Li, Shaobo Jan 1, 2021 5532
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Study on Numerical Simulation of Fire Danger Area Division in Mine Roadway. Wen, Hu; Liu, Yin; Guo, Jun; Zhang, Ze; Liu, Mingyang; Cai, Guobin Report Jan 1, 2021 8896
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Phase Planning for Open Pit Coal Mines through Nested Pit Generation and Dynamic Programming. Gu, Xiaowei; Wang, Qing; Xu, Xiaochuan; Ma, Xiaoqian Jan 1, 2021 5760
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Prevention and Control of Hydrogen Sulphide Accidents in Mining Extremely Thick Coal Seam: A Case Study in Wudong Coal Mine. Huang, Xuchao; Wang, Enmao; Wang, Gang; Fan, Jiuyuan Case study Jan 1, 2021 6912
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Modeling the Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Stress during Multiworking Face Mining in Close Distance Coal Seams. Zhang, Yong; Yang, Jinkun; Zhang, Jiaxuan; Sun, Xiaoming; Chen, Chen; Zheng, Xiaoyu; Xu, Huichen Jan 1, 2021 5825
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Width Design of Small Coal Pillar of Gob-Side Entry Driving in Soft Rock Working Face and Its Application of Zaoquan Coal Mine. Chen, Ai Jan 1, 2021 5577
Fracture Propagation and Hydraulic Properties of a Coal Floor Subjected to Thick-Seam Longwalling above a Highly Confined Aquifer. Li, Shaodong; Fan, Gangwei; Zhang, Dongsheng; Zhang, Shizhong; Chen, Liang; Ren, Shang; Fan, Yibo Jan 1, 2021 6063
Design and Research of Intelligent Safety Monitoring Robot for Coal Mine Shaft Construction. Fu, Wenjun; Xu, Ying; Liu, Liangping; Zhang, Liang Jan 1, 2021 10360
Study on the Lagging Support Mechanism of Anchor Cable in Coal Roadway Based on FLAC[sup.3D] Modified Model. Wang, Xiangyu; Wang, Guanghui; Wu, Bowen; Liu, Shuaigang Jan 1, 2021 5801
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Seismic Response Analysis of Deep Underground Roadways and Coal Pillars under the Influence of the Adjacent Goaf. Cao, Xu; Cao, Xiaoshan; Han, Tielin Jan 1, 2021 7519
Experimental Investigation on the Mixture Ratio and Diffusion Performance of Grouting Materials for Water Bursting Prevention in Coal Mines. Lian, Huiqing; Yi, Haiyang; Dai, Zhenxue; Yang, Junwen; Ji, Zhenxing; Han, Ruigang; Meng, Lu Jan 1, 2021 5748
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Distribution Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Surface Crack Induced by Extrathick Near Horizontal Seam Mining: An Example from the Datong Coal Field, China. Yan, Yueguan; Yan, Weitao; Dai, Huayang; Guo, Junting Jan 1, 2021 4501
Grouting Technique for Gob-Side Entry Retaining in Deep Mines. Yu, Xianyang; Sun, Zhihong; Deng, Min; Xin, Jinlin Jan 1, 2021 4942
Ranai Coal Mines' owners, leaders condemn attack on security forces in Harnai. Dec 30, 2020 234
Heritage railways face coal blow. SUE AUSTIN Dec 29, 2020 348
Ranai Coal Mines' owners, leaders condemn attack on security forces in Harnai. Dec 29, 2020 242
Mining accidents. Dec 25, 2020 367
Six trapped mine workers rescued safely. Dec 24, 2020 170

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