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New terrifying Halloween experience unleashed at Zip World Tower; Monsters of the Mine will be a spook-fest this October half term at the Welsh attraction. By, Ginette Davies Sep 23, 2022 557
Coal India Ltd to sign MoU with Three Major PSUs for Coal to Chemical Products. Sep 23, 2022 173
Power crisis looms as Cabinet cancels coal tender. Sep 23, 2022 175
KBank eyes ESG-friendly strategy. Sep 22, 2022 300
Mining firm wants nine months more at 'steel' coal site. ANTHONY LEWIS Local democracy reporter Sep 21, 2022 783
'That's stretching it a bit': Terraced pit village holiday let described as a 'cottage' attracts wry comments; The description has raised a few eyebrows. By, Joanne Welford Sep 21, 2022 519
EU eases sanctions on Russian coal. Sep 21, 2022 169
A Welsh village embraces its bond. Sep 20, 2022 775
Zim coal in high demand globally. Sep 19, 2022 678
Costs of Santa's mine and swims to rise this year. Sep 17, 2022 460
Coaches speak on coal mining town dividing fixture. Sep 16, 2022 604
Excavation from coal reserve in Paktika begins. Sep 15, 2022 284
Revised taxation on coal imports to hike power rates. Sep 13, 2022 747
How To Neutralize A Powerful Union. Sep 11, 2022 716
How To Neutralize A Powerful Union. Sep 10, 2022 716
Amit shares J&K's recent initiatives during National Mines Ministers' conference. Sep 10, 2022 349
The small section of the M4 that only got built after people were forced out of their houses and millions were spent building bridges, dodging coal mines and rivers; The man in charge of the project has been reminiscing about the challenges of building fourteen bridges, crossing a river and hitting a coal seam. By, Richard Youle Sep 10, 2022 1206
Research and Application of Prefilled Concrete Wall to Reduce the Size of Stopping Mining Coal Pillar. Zhang, Jiao; Sun, Shuwei; Wang, Zhiqiang; Li, Jingkai Sep 10, 2022 8292
Mine Personnel Positioning System Based on Dual-Wavelength Phase Unwrapping. Zhang, Hongwei; Zhang, Lin; Zhao, Zhixin Sep 10, 2022 4531
Hwange boosts coal production. Sep 9, 2022 634
Hwange Colliery ramps up production. Sep 9, 2022 669
Main Controlling Factors and Formation Mode of Geothermal Anomaly in Eastern Chenghe Mining Area of Weibei Coalfield. Peng, Tao; Liu, Kaixiang; Chen, Yue; Wang, Feng; Li, Bing Sep 7, 2022 6944
Can South Africa Kick Its Coal Addiction? admin Sep 7, 2022 925
'Coal Mongolia-2022' international conference being held. Conference news Sep 7, 2022 501
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Sep 5, 2022 11069
Normality Test for Influence Function of Mining Surface Subsidence Based on Network Observation Station. Li, Pengyu; Hu, Zhenqi; Fu, Yaokun; Li, Gensheng; Guo, Jiaxin; Yuan, Dongzhu Sep 5, 2022 6529
Study on Gas Migration Law of Mining Coal Seam under the Influence of Normal Fault. Kang, Xiangtao; Tang, Meng; Jiang, Mingquan; Zhou, Cunliu; Hu, Jinguo; Ren, Jiachi; Deng, Bozhi Sep 5, 2022 8333
Rich nations cheat the poor of fossil fuels. Sep 5, 2022 489
Rise In Coal Use Sparks Resurgence In Deadly Mining Practices In Mexico. admin Sep 5, 2022 793
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Sep 5, 2022 16309
How To Neutralize A Powerful Union. Sep 4, 2022 716
How To Neutralize A Powerful Union. Sep 3, 2022 716
Using local coal. Sep 1, 2022 342
Hwange coal company ordered to pay US$2.8m in damages. Sep 1, 2022 324
Major coal producer Shanxi speeds up green transformation. Sep 1, 2022 845
Briefly:. Aug 31, 2022 1004
Young Michael labored for a time in the coal mines. A newspaper described him as. Aug 31, 2022 287
Thar Coal Block-II Project-Thar Crying for Leadership: Shamsuddin A. Shaikh. M. Naeem Qureshi Aug 31, 2022 1934
Pakistan's coal crisis looms large amid pending payments to Chinese plants. Aug 31, 2022 629
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 31, 2022 14623
Govt Takes Steps to Develop Dinajpur Iron Ore Mine. Aug 31, 2022 245
Design and Application of Automatic Control System for Fully Mechanized Mining Face in Coal Mine. Yuan, Zhi; Chi, Huanlei; Cao, Yan Aug 31, 2022 6113
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 30, 2022 11656
In Poland, where coal is king, homeowners queue for days to buy fuel. Rachael Gillett Aug 30, 2022 683
Coal Wall Instability Evolution Law of Large Mining Height Face in Steeply Dipping Hard Roof Soft Coal Seam. Zhang, Hao; Wu, Yongping; Xie, Panshi Aug 29, 2022 7337
Study on the Support System Mechanism of Entry Roof with Roof Cutting Pressure Releasing Gob-Side Entry Retaining Technology. Ma, Xingen; Li, Guihe; Cao, Haitao; Wang, Haijun; Shi, Xiangyuan; Zhao, Qingquan; Han, Zhengcan Report Aug 29, 2022 9543
Blasting Law of Liquid CO[sub.2] Phase Change in Coal Mine Based on Numerical Simulation. Fang, Bo Aug 27, 2022 5634
Study on Thermodynamic Characteristics and Heat Transfer Method of Uncontrolled Fire in Coal Mine Gangue Mountain Spontaneous Combustion Based on System Dynamics. Bai, Guangxing Aug 26, 2022 9625
Back to black: What Afghanistan's new focus on coal tells us. Aug 26, 2022 1073
Pakistan's mines a precarious workplace. Aug 25, 2022 640
PCJCCI urges lignite coal export. Aug 25, 2022 167
Max Wesley Kendall of Harrisburg. Aug 24, 2022 280
Mining Stress Distribution and Gas Drainage Application of Coal Seam Group under Fault Influence. Tang, Meng; Kang, Xiangtao; Ren, Jiachi; Gao, Lin; Ma, Zhenqian; Kong, Dezhong Aug 23, 2022 11454
Prediction of the Height of Water Flowing Fractured Zone Based on the MPSO-BP Neural Network Model. Xu, Xing; Wang, Xingzhi; Li, Yuanzhi Aug 22, 2022 10009
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 22, 2022 10832
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 22, 2022 17303
Deserted town where an underground fire has been burning for more than 60 years; A subterranean fire in a once thriving American mining town has been dangerously raging on since 1962 and forced most of its inhabitants out -but five residents still remain. By, Steven White Aug 21, 2022 577
Barapukuria Coal Mine resumes production in full swing in Dinajpur. Aug 21, 2022 197
Vietnam to increase coal imports in 2025-2035 period: Ministry. Aug 21, 2022 251
DOE sets 'competitive challenge' for Mindanao coal contracts. Aug 21, 2022 395
A new green life for coal producers. Aug 18, 2022 701
Living in a 'critical state' -- The price of a South African town's dirty water. Reprint Aug 18, 2022 1813
Variation Pattern of the Stress-Strain Curve of Concrete under Multifactor Coupling. Xie, Haijian; Lv, Henglin Aug 18, 2022 4892
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 17, 2022 14431
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 17, 2022 20255
James W. Lynn, 93, Hillsboro, passes. Aug 17, 2022 156
Coal Consumption Was On The Rise Even Before The Ukraine War. admin Aug 16, 2022 689
Numerical Assessment on Unloading Disturbance and Gas Extraction in Remote Distance Protective Layer Mining. Yuan, Zhigang; Jiang, Zehua; Li, Shuqing; Zhao, Jintao; Huang, Fei Aug 16, 2022 8359
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 15, 2022 16043
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 15, 2022 10552
Viet Nam to increase coal imports in 2025-35: Ministry. Aug 15, 2022 257
Via>>t Nam to increase coal imports in 2025-35: Industry ministry. Aug 14, 2022 260
Coal-rich Poland faces winter of energy discontent. admin Aug 12, 2022 1126
Rainfall & Seismological Dump Slope Stability Analysis on Active Mine Waste Dump Slope with UAV. Layek, Shirshendu; Villuri, Vasanta Govind Kumar; Koner, Radhakanta; Chand, Kapoor Aug 12, 2022 5034
Fracture Characteristics and Disaster-Causing Mechanism of Rock Strata Based on Arch Mechanical Model of Plane Contact Block. Xin-chao, Zhang; Feng, Du; Jun-hua, Tang; Qin-ting, Wang; Fei-fei, Lu Aug 12, 2022 5152
Hwange Colliery placed under reconstruction again. Aug 11, 2022 429
Investigation on Pressure Relief and Roadway Protection Technology by Subsection Hydraulic Fracturing under Strong Mining Pressure in Fully Mechanized Mining. Liu, Yingjie Aug 11, 2022 5375
American Resources receives commitment of $4.9M in federal credits. Aug 9, 2022 412
Electricity sector's coal consumption rose 60 percent in six years. Aug 9, 2022 310
Electricity sector's coal consumption rose 60 percent in six years. Aug 9, 2022 307
Mexico to use underwater drone in search for trapped miners. Aug 9, 2022 594
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 9, 2022 11723
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 8, 2022 15445
A Support Vector Machine Based Prediction on Sensitivity to Coal Ash Blast for Different Degrees of Deterioration. Zhang, Jing; Wang, Qingxia; Guo, Wannian; Li, Longlong Aug 8, 2022 7017
Research on the Characteristics of Coal Bump and Monitoring and Early Warning in Hujiahe Coal Mine. Yu, Fei; Zhang, Tong; Wei, Zhen Aug 8, 2022 5655
Effect of Fragmentation on Pore Structures and Fractal Characteristics of Intact Coal and Deformed Coal Based on Experiments. Li, Mingjie; Lu, Shouqing; Wang, Chengfeng; Liu, Jie; Shi, Jiang; Bei, Taibiao Aug 8, 2022 10150
Ministry proposes removing coal plants from energy plan. Aug 6, 2022 157
Coal miners' plight. Aug 6, 2022 181
9 Coal Miners Trapped After Collapse In Northern Mexico. Aug 5, 2022 220
Efforts intensify to reach trapped miners. ELIZABETH MONROY Associated Press Aug 5, 2022 366
QuaoPSng Ninh's unique craft: coal carving. Aug 4, 2022 815
Frantic rescue bid continues in Mexico for at least 11 miners trapped in flooded pit; A tunnel collapse in a Mexican mine has led to at least 11 workers being trapped in the flooded pit as soldiers work with specialist rescue teams to try and reach them. By, Tim Hanlon Aug 4, 2022 413
Minor coalminers' bleak future like black holes in coalfields. Aug 3, 2022 1035
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 2, 2022 15643
Covid forces suspension of production at Barapukuria Coal Mine for 15 more days. Aug 1, 2022 213
Coal Mining Without Regard for Safety; Three Coal Miners Die of Gas Poisoning in Northern Afghanistan. Aug 1, 2022 218
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 1, 2022 23443
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Aug 1, 2022 10191
Pay rises to match inflation: Coal Services members set up an NSWNMA branch, as 5.1 per cent pay increase flows to nurses. Aug 1, 2022 805
South Africa's poisonous mines spark acid crisis. Dutton, Jack Aug 1, 2022 1356
SECMC uses 11m tonnes of coal. Jul 31, 2022 197
SLUG: LOCALS' RIGHT- Thar coal block-2 project. M. Naeem Qureshi Jul 31, 2022 1462
China to build power plant prior to Hajigak mine extraction. Jul 31, 2022 181
Overburden Deformation Rule in Super High Seam Fully Mechanized Caving Mining of Thick Unconsolidated Stratum. Liu, Fei; Ma, Zhanguo; Han, Yongsheng Jul 31, 2022 7411
Quarterly coal concentrate output rises 44%. Jul 30, 2022 339
Coal dust casts a pall over children's health in Pakistan. Jul 29, 2022 1423
Quantitative Identification of Grouting Effect of Working Face Floor with Multifactor Set. Yang, Zhenwei; Yue, Junchao; Wang, Xinyi; Guo, Shuitao Jul 29, 2022 4771
Study on the Application of Gob-Side Entry Retaining via Roof Cutting under the Condition of a Hard Thick Roof. Zhu, Daoyong; Zhang, Huyue; Su, Yi Jul 28, 2022 7713
China's Xinjiang sustains stable industrial growth in H1. Jul 27, 2022 174
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 27, 2022 17453
Dendric Fractal Characteristics of Pores in Anthracite and Their Influences on Gas Adsorption Characteristics. Wen, Zhihui; Jia, Bingtao; Wang, Jianwei; Ren, Jiangang; Wang, Qi Jul 26, 2022 5848
Study on the Precursor Characteristics of Instability Failure of Gas-Bearing Coal Based on Stress and Gas Seepage Volume. Xie, Hui; Ma, Yankun; Liu, Xiaofei; Li, Jinduo; Gao, Ang; Du, Zinan Jul 25, 2022 7174
Water Inrush Mechanism of Karst Collapse Column in Coal Seam Floor Based on a Variable Mass Seepage Mechanical Model. Feng, Yang; Hai-xiao, Lin; Ling-yan, Shen; An-zhi, Yan; Yong-jiang, Wu Jul 25, 2022 6410
Hakimpur iron ore mine: BCMCL signs contract with DMT to conduct study. Jul 25, 2022 217
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 25, 2022 10029
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 25, 2022 15633
Study on Mechanism and Control Technology of Asymmetric Floor Heave in a Deep Soft Rock Main Roadway. He, Fulian; Zhai, Wenli; Xu, Xuhui; Song, Jiayu; Li, Liang; Lv, Kai Jul 23, 2022 6233
An Innovative Directional Blasting Technique for Coal Mine Exploration and Engineering Testing. Gao, Rui; Jiang, Ze; Lan, Bo; Lin, Yongqing; Dai, Xianglin Jul 22, 2022 5999
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 21, 2022 19898
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 20, 2022 16840
A musical history of coal mining; talk with Cheryl Trench. Submitted by the Herrin City Library The Herrin City Library presents a double offering in their Gue Jul 20, 2022 235
Forgotten Merseyside coal mine where many workers lost their lives; At least 42 men and children died at the mine which stood for over 160 years. By, Phoebe Barton Jul 20, 2022 829
PM Shehbaz orders coal iport from Afghanistan. Jul 19, 2022 281
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 19, 2022 18257
Review and Challenges in the Geophysical Mapping of Coal Mine Water Structure. Yu, Chuantao; Chen, Weiying; Zhang, Xi; Lei, Kangxin Jul 19, 2022 8071
Study on Failure Mechanism and Control Technology of Roadway Surrounding Rock under Complex Occurrence Coal Seam. Wu, Hai; Chen, Jiaren; Gao, Xu; Ling, Tao; Zhang, Xuan; Jia, Qian Jul 18, 2022 6108
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 18, 2022 12148
Govt increases compensation for heirs of miners to Rs1.5m. Jul 18, 2022 340
Afghan government, people in win-win situation as coal trade with Pakistan picks pace. Jul 18, 2022 756
Afghan government, people in win-win situation as coal trade with Pakistan picks pace. Jul 18, 2022 479
Govt raises compensation for heirs of coal miners. Jul 18, 2022 286
Afghan govt, people in win-win situation as coal trade with Pakistan picks pace. Jul 17, 2022 773
Compensation to families of expired miners increased. Jul 17, 2022 281
Sindh raises compensation for heirs of coal miners to Rs1.5m. Jul 17, 2022 286
Energy Minister Orders Establishment Of Rescue Centres At Coal Mining Sites. Jul 16, 2022 415
Sindh Energy Minister chairs meeting of the Sindh Lakhra Coal Mining Company's BoD. Jul 16, 2022 414
Abandoned coal mines could heat homes again; STUDY TO SEE IF WARM WATER FROM PITS COULD PROVIDE HEATING. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Jul 14, 2022 482
Peabody Energy sees Q2 revenue $1.31B-$1.34B, consensus $1.4B. Financial report Jul 14, 2022 173
Migration Characteristics and Restoration Mechanism of Grout Containing Aggregate in Overburden Fractures Based on CFD-DEM Coupling Model. Ren, Yulou; Du, Feng; Chen, Huanqi; Hong, Zijie; Ren, Ziyuan Jul 14, 2022 5835
Fully Mechanized Mining Technology and Practice of Water Conservation with Large Gravity Filling of Aeolian Sand-Like Paste. Liu, Pengliang Jul 14, 2022 6699
Deformation and Fracture Characteristics of Coal Gangue Interbedded Samples under Loading and Unloading Conditions. Xue, Jisheng; Zhao, Tielin Jul 14, 2022 6471
Ultrasonic Time-Frequency Response Characteristics for Damage Evolution of Back-Filling Concrete under Staged Loading Conditions. Gao, Xicai; Zhang, Xichen; Zhao, Cheng; Xia, Huan; Liu, Shuai; Ma, Tengfei; Yin, Jianhui Jul 14, 2022 5762
Numerical Simulation of Gas-Solid Coupling in Pressure-Relief Gas Drainage of Short-Distance and Underprotective Steeply Inclined Coal Seam Mining. Peng, Xinshan; Wang, Zhaofeng; Qi, Lingling Jul 13, 2022 7511
Study on Mechanical Evolution Characteristics of Overburden Rock in ?Knife Handle?-Type Fully Mechanized Top-Coal Caving Face. Li, Ruilin; Jia, Baoshan; Shen, Zhuo; Zhang, Maowei; Wang, Zhiwen; Liu, Linjie Report Jul 12, 2022 3916
Study on the Response of Staggered Floor Isolated Structures in Mountainous Areas under Three-Dimensional Earthquakes. Cheng, Shishan; Yang, Jie; Liu, Dewen; Chen, Lihao; Wan, Feng; Yang, Fan; Liu, Yang Report Jul 12, 2022 5505
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 12, 2022 16303
We try out Zip World's three storey obstacle course Tower Climber and this is what it was like; Warning, it's not for the faint-hearted. By, Angharad Thomas Jul 12, 2022 526
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 12, 2022 18407
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 11, 2022 13042
After Jhimper Tragedy, Govt Orders Closure Of Coal Mines. Jul 10, 2022 378
After Jhimpir tragedy, govt orders closure of coal mines. Jul 9, 2022 381
Sindh orders stopping coal mining amid heavy rains. Jul 9, 2022 383
Bodies of eight coal miners pulled out. Jul 8, 2022 188
Bodies of eight labourers retrieved from flooded mine near Sindh's Jhimpir. Jul 8, 2022 312
Bodies of eight labourers retrieved from flooded mine. Jul 8, 2022 312
The Northern Agenda: Why Levelling Up could disappear with Boris Johnson; What next for the Prime Minister's flagship agenda after he sacked the man responsible for it. By, Rob Parsons Jul 7, 2022 2549
The Northern Agenda: Why Levelling Up could disappear with Boris Johnson; What next for the Prime Minister's flagship agenda after he sacked the man responsible for it. By, Rob Parsons Jul 7, 2022 2549
8 colliers feared dead after flooding in Jhimpir coal mine. Jul 7, 2022 204
UK firm signs Zim coal deal. Jul 7, 2022 496
Deformation and Failure Law of Roadway along Goaf and Reserve Width of Section Coal Pillar. Chen, Yunsheng; Sun, Jian; Pang, Di; Zhang, Ruofei Jul 7, 2022 6604
Coal mine expansion to face High Court review. LAUREN PHILLIPS Business reporter Jul 6, 2022 524
Mine sealed over illegal excavation in Shangla. Jul 6, 2022 252
British buyers seek Zimbabwean coal to plug energy supply gaps. Jul 6, 2022 487
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 6, 2022 18403
Vision Zero seeks to end lung diseases in miners. Jul 5, 2022 419
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 4, 2022 13821
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jul 4, 2022 15768
Instability Mode and Control Technology of Surrounding Rock in Composite Roof Coal Roadway under Multiple Dynamic Pressure Disturbances. Wang, Peng; Zhang, Nong; Kan, Jiaguang; Xu, Xingliang; Cui, Guangzhen Jul 4, 2022 9163
Research on the Extraction Technology of Gas-Integrated Working-Face in Close Coal Seam Mining in Permafrost Area. Wu, Chao; Deng, Rongbin Jul 4, 2022 9210
QuaoPSng Ninh's unique craft: coal carving. Jul 3, 2022 833
Pollution of streams through mining activities worries CEJ. Jul 3, 2022 413
QuaoPSng Ninh's unique craft: coal carving. Jul 3, 2022 838
Amit visits Kalakote Mines and addresses workers' issues. Jul 2, 2022 484
US Supreme Court limits government powers to curb greenhouse gases. Jul 1, 2022 912
EBRD and EU to support transition to solar energy in North Macedonia. Jul 1, 2022 487
Core industries' output grows by 18.1% in May; cement, coal lead. Jul 1, 2022 226
SECMC unearths 11m tons of coal to generate 10.5 KWh energy. Jul 1, 2022 367
SECMC unearths 11m tons of coal to generate 10.5 KWh energy, saves $700 per annum. Jul 1, 2022 373
11m Tons Coal Supplied To Power Plants, CM Told. Jul 1, 2022 849
SECMC unearths 11m tons of coal to generate 10.5KWh energy. Jul 1, 2022 369
SECMC uses 11mn tonnes of coal. Jul 1, 2022 212
SECMC unearths 11m tons of coal to generate 10.5 KWh energy, saves $700m per annum. Jul 1, 2022 377
Numerical Simulation of Deformation and Failure of Drainage Boat Pond Caused by Underground Coal Mining-Induced Subsidence. Xie, Bin; Zhang, Jidang; Liu, Youchun; Li, Weiguo; Zhang, Wenhui; Liu, Huan Jul 1, 2022 6130
Spatial-Temporal Data Integration Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of Coal-Rock Dynamic Disasters. Kong, Yulei; Luo, Zhengshan; Wang, Xiaomin; Wang, Yuchen Jun 30, 2022 5161
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 30, 2022 19861
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 29, 2022 16869
Coal India Limited requires 1050 Management Trainees: Check eligibility, qualification, and how to apply. Jun 29, 2022 343
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Groundwater in Open-Pit Coal Mining: A Case Study from Baorixile Coal Mine, Hailaer Basin, China. Du, Wenfeng; Chen, Lei; He, Yunlan; Wang, Qiangmin; Gao, Peiqiang; Li, Quansheng Case study Jun 29, 2022 7438
Analysis of Energy Transmission and Deformation Characteristics of Coal-Rock Combined Bodies. Tuo, Wang; Fuzhou, Qi; Jucai, Chang Jun 28, 2022 6572
Cocompetitive Characteristics and Quantitative Design of Engineering Parameters for Coal Gas Predrainage Boreholes. Xia, Tong-qiang; He, Jiao-fei; Li, Zi-long; Sun, Xiao-yan; Sun, Dun-shuai; Lu, Jian-hang; Cui, Hao-j Jun 28, 2022 6632
PM Shehbaz orders coal import from Afghanistan. Jun 28, 2022 289
PM approves Afghan coal import in Pak rupee for low-cost power generation. Jun 28, 2022 231
PM approves import of Afghan coal in Pak currency. Jun 28, 2022 225
Leaders: Fully remove coal ash. JENNY WHIDDEN Jun 28, 2022 852
Leaders: Fully remove coal ash Coal: Report warned of possibility of contamination. JENNY WHIDDEN Jun 28, 2022 852
City, state representatives call for complete removal of coal ash from Waukegan power plant. JENNY WHIDDEN Jun 28, 2022 852
PM approves Afghan coal import in Pak rupee for low-cost power generation. Jun 28, 2022 231
Workers shut Darra mines for pay raise. Jun 27, 2022 202
Replacing coal with renewable energy could pay for itself. Jun 27, 2022 1125
Coal Ministry Receives 38 Bids for Auction of Coal Mines for Commercial Mining. Jun 27, 2022 208
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 27, 2022 16391
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 27, 2022 13320
Probe debunks abuse allegations by Chinese miners in Zimbabwe. Jun 23, 2022 1188
Signaling shift to coal, EU explores alternatives to Russian supplies. Jun 23, 2022 555
Leaders of Phu Yen, HCM City, State coal mine group to face disciplinary measures over wrongdoings. Jun 23, 2022 477
Roof-Breaking Characteristics and Ground Pressure Behavior in Deep Jurassic Coal Seams: A Thick-Plate Model and Field Measurements. Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Yandong; Zhang, Weisheng; Chen, Liang; Li, Fanjia; Xie, Kaidi Jun 23, 2022 6714
A Multiobjective Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Path Planning of Coal Mine Patrol Robot. Gao, Yongxin; Dai, Zhonglin; Yuan, Jing Jun 23, 2022 5204
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 22, 2022 16629
RI supports strategy in reducing coal-derived carbon gas emissions. Jun 22, 2022 457
Methane Math. Jun 22, 2022 347
Unjust Transition. McCoy, Crystal Jun 22, 2022 782
RI supports strategy in reducing coal-derived carbon gas emissions. Jun 22, 2022 441
Ensure full usage of Thar Coal. Jun 21, 2022 331
EU must not 'backslide' to coal-burning -- EU Commission. admin Jun 21, 2022 354
Coal mines turning into graveyard for miners. Jun 21, 2022 724
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 20, 2022 18983
An Improved Knothe Time Function Model in the Prediction of Ground Mining Subsidence by Using the Kalman Filter Method. Zhang, Shifang; Zhang, Jin Jun 20, 2022 5278
A Prediction Method for Floor Water Inrush Based on Chaotic Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm-Generalized Regression Neural Network. Zhu, Zhijie; Sun, Chen; Gao, Xicai; Liang, Zhuang Jun 20, 2022 6725
The Cause of Drop of the Water Level of Underground Quaternary Aquifer of a Mine under Mining Influence. Liu, Xianghong Jun 20, 2022 6475
New Insights into the Drill Cutting Characteristics and Fault Distribution in Gas-Containing Coal Seams. Zhang, Xinghua; Wang, Haifeng; Zhao, Dan; Shang, Zheng; Ren, Tianwei; Geng, Shuaikang; Hao, Xiaorui Jun 18, 2022 8193
The Eclipse has Ended- India's Coal Sector Witnessing Rays of Development. Jun 18, 2022 1070
Efficient Excavation and Support Cooperation Technology for Surrounding Rock of Deep Buried Long-Distance and Large Section Gob-Side Roadway: A Case Study. Yang, Houqiang; Han, Changliang; Zhang, Nong; Li, Xudong; Liu, Yitao; Liu, Wentao; Song, Kai Case study Jun 17, 2022 7309
Model Test of the Water and Sand Mixture Inrush in the Mining-Induced Caving Zone. Liang, Yankun; Zhang, Chaoli; Wang, Wenxue; Shen, Xiangyang; Jia, Minghui Jun 17, 2022 4183
Simulation of Vulnerability to Geological Disaster in Coal Mine Based on System Dynamics. Li, Lei; Zhi, Mei; Li, Ruihan; Wang, Siwei; Cao, Lirong Jun 16, 2022 5789
Study on Failure Characteristics and Reasonable Mining Parameters of Upward Mining of Integrated Coal Mine. Wu, Fengfeng; Lv, Bo; Zhang, Jian; Gao, Zhiqiang; Liu, Shibao; Zhou, Qingcong Jun 16, 2022 6922
BHP to retain NSWEC, wind down thermal coal mine after failing to find buyer. Jun 16, 2022 154
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 16, 2022 19968
Study on Zonal Cooperative Control Technology of Surrounding Rock of Super Large Section Soft Rock Chamber Group Connected by Deep Vertical Shaft. Xie, Shengrong; Jiang, Zaisheng; Chen, Dongdong; Wang, En Jun 14, 2022 7821
Coal supply under threat amid viability challenges. Jun 13, 2022 506
Thach Khe iron ore mining project needs careful consideration: PM. Jun 11, 2022 184
We went to the restaurant where you have to book weeks in advance and eat off shovels; The quality of its food has been described as "second to none and belly busting". By, Robert Dalling Jun 11, 2022 1012
Thach Khe iron ore mining project needs careful consideration: PM. Jun 11, 2022 184
Thao!ch Khe iron ore mining project needs careful consideration: Prime Minister. Jun 11, 2022 185
Time out EXTRA. Jun 10, 2022 307
Consol Energy releases 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report. Report Jun 10, 2022 182
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 9, 2022 20110
China ban on foreign coal investment leaves Zimbabwe scrambling. Jun 9, 2022 153
Makomo resumes coal production. Jun 9, 2022 599
Cabinet Expects Formation Of Coal Reserves Of 2-3 Million Tons In TPP Warehouses By Heating Season Start. Jun 8, 2022 227
Russia claims advances in Ukraine amid barrages, troop boost. JOHN LEICESTER and HANNA ARHIROVA Associated Press Jun 8, 2022 916
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 8, 2022 16565
Global rail test hub is all set for 2025 completion. LAUREN PHILLIPS Business reporter Jun 8, 2022 1078
Two colliers perish in Dukki landslide. Jun 8, 2022 268
Russia Claims Advances In Ukraine Amid Fierce Fighting. Jun 7, 2022 771
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 7, 2022 17069
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 7, 2022 13606
Russia Claims Advances in Ukraine amid Fierce Fighting. Asharq Al-Awsat Jun 7, 2022 822
Evolution Mechanism of Water-Conducting Fissures in Overlying Rock Strata with Karst Caves under the Influence of Coal Mining. Wang, Wenqiang; Li, Zhenhua; Xu, Jie; Wang, Yue; Fan, Xuan; Li, Songtao Jun 6, 2022 5273
Engineer Mhatiwa appointed Hwange Colliery acting MD. Jun 6, 2022 343
Death of the industry that built St Helens; The town's economy was built on two key industries. By, Aaron Curran Jun 5, 2022 455
Mining boom excites Mat North. Jun 4, 2022 565
Former coal merchant wins big on Postcode Lottery a year after narrowly escaping death; Former coal merchant David John Price, from Rhymney, Wales, had been hit hard by the cost of living crisis and almost died last year until he won £185,000 on the Postcode Lottery. By, Jonathon Hill & Ed McConnell Jun 4, 2022 949
Enugu underground fire sign of shallow gas from coal bed - FG. Jun 3, 2022 497
Nigeria's coal mining sector slump, oil refining contracts as economy rise 3.1%. Jun 2, 2022 428
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 1, 2022 17453
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 1, 2022 16505
At least two killed in Balochistan landmine explosion. Jun 1, 2022 205
14 miners trapped in Colombian coal mine. Jun 1, 2022 194
14 miners trapped by Colombian coal mine explosion. Jun 1, 2022 159
Big boost for power generation. Jun 1, 2022 735
Application of Artificial Intelligence Models to Predict the Tensile Strength of Glass Fiber-Modified Cemented Backfill Materials during the Mine Backfill Process. Zhu, Lei; Gu, Wenzhe; Liu, Zhicheng; Qiu, Fengqi Report Jun 1, 2022 4910
Improvement on the Key Element of Flexible U-Shaped Steel Support and Its Field Applications. Su, Zhili; Jing, Shengguo; Xie, Wenbing; Tang, Qingteng; Wang, Xingkai Jun 1, 2022 6282
Barapukuria Coal Mine Workers Stage Demo. May 31, 2022 171
At least two killed in Balochistan landmine explosion. May 31, 2022 210
Shanghai Electric provides ration to 700 families. May 31, 2022 191
Secretary Mining reviews working of J&K Minerals Corporation. May 31, 2022 291
Secretary Mining reviews working of J&K Minerals Corporation. May 31, 2022 293
Museum display hails work of the North pit ponies. DANIEL HALL Reporter May 31, 2022 602
Simple devotion of my Granny to the Royal Family. Hilton Dawson May 31, 2022 858
SMPC remits P5.9-B royalty to gov't. May 30, 2022 360
Morupule Coal Mine sees opportunities in Europe energy crunch. May 30, 2022 539
Coal mining stirs women's protest in Benue community. May 30, 2022 2151
How a Russian billionaire shielded assets from European sanctions. Reuters News Service May 30, 2022 1474
Firm moving from coal to recycling and wind. TOM KEIGHLEY Business writer May 30, 2022 680
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 30, 2022 18938
Comprehensive Monitoring Research on the Effect of Roof Cutting and Pressure Release: A Case Study of the Jiulishan Coal Mine in China. Huang, Lei; Yang, Shengli; Xu, Yanchun; Luo, Yaqi; Yuan, Hongzhi Case study May 29, 2022 8629
Assessment of Risk Tendency of Coal Bursting Pressure in Deep Outburst Seam. Gu, Beifang; Wang, Longkang; Zhang, Minbo May 29, 2022 5443
Colliery flood claimed 26 lives. May 29, 2022 378
Two killed in Darra clash over coal ownership. May 29, 2022 227
Pit disaster which killed 92 devastated community. May 28, 2022 677
Govt working on low cost power generation: Sindh energy minister. May 28, 2022 198
Govt working on low cost power generation, says Minister. May 28, 2022 196
Northumberland museum hosts new display to celebrate pit ponies; The Work, Rest and Play exhibition explores three stages of the hard working animals' lives. By, Daniel Hall May 28, 2022 689
Interrelation of Zinc and Cadmium in the Biological Samples of Indoor and Outdoor Workers of Five Zonal Areas of Coal Mining Field. Hassan Imran Afridi, Qutubuddin Solangi, Tasneem Gul Kazi, Farah Naz Talpur, Jameel Ahmed Baig, Ghul May 28, 2022 6766
ILO urges measures to mitigate impact of coal phaseout on jobs. May 28, 2022 302
The Gwendraeth colliery tragedy that killed 26 men and boys and took months to recover their bodies; The number of people who died could have been far higher, a report suggests. By, Liz Perkins May 27, 2022 673
Safety Technology Risks and Countermeasures in the Intelligent Construction of Coal Mines. Bai, Jinyan; Zheng, Dezhi; Jia, Chen May 26, 2022 5108
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 25, 2022 16766
Mhatiwa appointed HCCL acting managing director. May 25, 2022 281
Gas Poisoning Kills Two Coal Miners in Samangan Province. May 25, 2022 190
A dark day in Tyneside history: How 92 men and boys were killed at Felling Colliery; It's 210 years since a devastating explosion ripped through Felling Colliery, killing 92 men and boys out of the 128 who worked there. By, David Morton May 25, 2022 649
Former Mineral Resources DDG, Gupta associates in court. May 25, 2022 409
South Africa: Anglo American coal spinoff Thungela faces emissions criticism ahead of AGM. May 24, 2022 521
HCCL mulls power generation. May 24, 2022 431
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 24, 2022 17061
A Study on Insulation Monitoring Technology of High-Voltage Cables in Underground Coal Mines Based on Decision Tree. Fu, Wenjun; Xu, Ying; Gao, Yan May 23, 2022 8831
Failure Characteristics and Deformation Control Methods of the Bottom Drum of Roadways during Repeated Mining of Multiple Coal Seams. Zhao, Changzheng; Cao, Shenggen; Du, Shuyu; Che, Chiyuan; Wang, Xingyao May 23, 2022 6128
Study on Pressure Relief Zone Formed Inside Roadway Rib by Rotary Cutting with Pressurized Water Jet for Preventing Rock Burst. Yang, Zeng-Qiang; Liu, Chang; Jin, Hui-Wu May 23, 2022 10332
Legacy debts weigh on Hwange Colliery profits. May 23, 2022 547

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