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Coaching and Mentoring for Success: Supporting learners in the workplace.

Coaching and Mentoring for Success: Supporting learners in the workplace Ann Holloway and Jane Smith Wordsmiths ISBN-095488601-1 2 CDs and 32-page booklet 37.60[pounds sterling]

This audio package is designed to provide the knowledge and understanding to be a coach or mentor in the workplace. The package supports the NVQ accreditation in the coaching and mentoring units from the ENTO National Occupational Standards for Learning and Development. This does mean that, for those not familiar with NVQs, some of the terminology and processes referred to may be confusing. On the other hand, if you are doing the NVQ, this package could be a useful supplement as it clearly states which sections relate to which units.

For in-depth information on coaching and mentoring, you would need to look elsewhere but the package provides a reasonable introduction to the key areas. I didn't entirely agree with the definition of coaching used because it appeared to be limited to helping someone achieve formal qualifications. Although the package describes itself as helping people to support individuals trying to achieve workplace goals or qualifications, I found that the emphasis was more towards qualifications.

Each track starts with a summary of the previous one (useful if you are listening to it over a number of days) and then sets out what will be covered. The voices are clear and easy to listen to. At the end of each section is a self-review and the CD goes through each of these questions. The pace at which this is done does not really allow time for reflection and listeners would be better off reading them in the booklet. Some space in the booklet to write reflection notes would have been helpful.

The CD is interspersed with examples from learners which, on the whole, sound scripted; recordings from actual coaching and mentoring sessions would have provided more effective examples.

I discovered that I am not a great audio learner and my concentration drifted a lot, so having the supporting booklet was helpful. However, the booklet does not include everything referred to on the CD and this became confusing when trying to follow along in the booklet with the CD.

You do get access to a website with online resources. These include the script of the CD and also templates such as action plans which are referred to in the booklet. The templates are useful additions.

Personally I think 37[pounds sterling] is rather a lot, and there are many books on coaching and mentoring that are cheaper and more comprehensive. On the other hand, if you have someone who learns from listening rather than reading, or you are responsible for a group of people doing the NVQ, this could package could be of value.

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Author:Clayton-Smith, Alison
Publication:Training Journal
Article Type:Book review
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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